How Long Does it Take for a Flea Collar to Work

How Long Does it Take for a Flea Collar to Work

Flea collars are ideal for preventing and treating flea infestations on pets such as dogs and cats. Even though popular, some people question their performance. Others question their ability to treat heavy infestations without harming pets. Fortunately, some of the best flea collars available on the Internet work well. However, their speed and their effectiveness depend on a plethora of factors that most people often ignore. They include:


Are you considering buying a flea collar for your dog or cat? For the best experience, check the type of the product you want to buy before reaching for your wallet. This has a direct impact on the effectiveness of flea collars in many ways. First, reputable brands of flea collars are effective. They also deliver noticeable results in a matter of days to weeks. Instead of buying any cheap brand to save money, look for a reputable product that delivers good results. They rarely disappoint.

The composition of your flea collar of choice is also important. What types of insecticides does it use? Powerful yet pet-safe ones deliver fast and lasting results. Second, is it a residual product? These are perfect because of their speed and ability to kill developmental stages such as eggs and larvae.


Did you know that the effectiveness of a dog collar depends on how well you use it? Because of their naivety, many pet owners fail to read manufacturer’s instructions for collars with poor results. Do not make the same mistake. Exposing a non-waterproof collar to water, for instance, will reduce its effectiveness. Second, make sure your dog collar of choice fit your dog well. Most brands consist of chemical impregnated belts that require contact to work well. Ill-fitting ones distribute less pesticide on dogs. This compromises their effectiveness.


Reinfection is one of the major reasons why most pet collars fail to work as required. To get rid of fleas from your dog first, this should be one of your major priorities. If you have chosen the best flea collar for your dog and used it appropriately, remember to keep your dog clean. Wash it with soap or shampoo occasionally to speed up the killing process. You should also get rid of the fleas on your floor or your pet’s beddings to prevent re-infection. Vacuum your floors as often as possible. You should also treat soft furnishings and sprinkle baking powder on your carpets to keep fleas out.


How long do flea collars take to work? Most brands claim that their products work on contact. Others advise people to give their products a few days or weeks to clear infestations. Honestly speaking, most of these estimates are often incorrect. However, you can do a few things to boost the performance of your product of choice. First, go for trusted brands. They work faster and safely than cheap ones. Second, use your flea collar correctly. Incorrect use of flea collars often causes the delays that frustrate people. Finally, keep your pet and home clean.

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