Earth Day Resources for Classrooms

Earth Day Resources for Classrooms

Earth day is celebrated on April 22 every year and it is a day to express our concern for the environment and show support for environment protection initiatives. It is a great opportunity to create awareness among children in schools and sensitize them towards the environment as they are going to be the future citizens taking important policy decisions.

Here are some learning resources that could be used in classrooms during Earth Day.

  • Engineering for Good

It is a learning module aimed at developing solutions to the plastic menace and the threat it poses on our environment. The students study the engineering design process, brainstorm solutions and develop prototypes and then make videos about their solutions which is shared with others

  • Design and Build

This activity involves students planning, drawing and designing any structure or animal or literally anything of their choice and they go ahead and build it using recyclable materials. They transport their ideas from paper into the real world. They can use Art Basics with Dick Termes series for this

  • Impact of Environmental Change

The children learn about the negative impact environmental change has on plants and animals when they are not able to adapt to the change. They can watch videos about climate change and play simulation games and some fun activities like matching animals with their habitats or learn about the effect of waste on the earth’s environment

  • Scientific Experiments on Earth Day

Children can learn about scientific experiments and science activities. They can learn the composting process or they can learn how to recycle and reuse the products. Also, they can undertake some gardening and grow their own plants.

  • History Activities on Earth Day

Students can learn some historical context related to the environment day. They can be taught and shown photos and video about how the first Earth Day came about in 1970 and the movements to protect the environment

  • Video Games

With the aid of an immersive gaming experience, students can be taught to be more sensitive and sympathetic towards the environment. In the Cornucopia: Environmental Simulation game students tend to a plot of farmland and try to maximize the yield, learning in the process how weather and climate affect food production.

  • Energy Lab

The students study about the existing energy systems and develop their own renewable energy systems, research about why certain forms of energy are depleting and how energy can be converted into useful forms.

  • Animal Resources for Earth Day

In this unit, students can learn about wildlife conservation, and also watch videos and pictures of some rare animals and insects. They will learn about the balance of ecosystem and the importance of variety in the environment.

  • Weather and the Earth Day

Students learn about the air quality and weather. Students learn a lot of things about the Earth, Sun, solids, liquids and minerals through worksheets and craft activities.