Writing Activity using “Build Your Wild Self” Website

Build Your Wild Self

Build Your Wild Self is a fun website that lets you create a customised wild self using different hair styles, hair color, body color, different types of arms and bottoms. Change the eyes, ears and mouth as well the way you want it from the given options. At the end, choose a background for a perfect finish. It also allows you to share your creation with your friends and multiply the fun quotient. Click Start Over to go through it all over again. Thus, there is no limit to the number of avatars you can create with this tool.

There are some exciting ways in which this tool can be used to have fun with children involving some writing activity. Here are some ideas for the same:

  1. A wild self picture can be created and a little context or beginning of the story can be narrated and the children would have to complete the rest of the story.
  2. Show the children different set of wild selves and they can guess and write down which animals have been used in each of the characters.
  3. The students can create their own wild selves and write a background story.
  4. As a student is displaying his own wild self, the other students can create and write a story for that character.
  5. Children create different wild selves and create a colorful zoo of their own describing each of the wild selves.
  6. The children can be asked to spot and write down the differences between any two wild selves.
  7. Comparing two wild selves and the children will have to write down which one is better and why.
  8. The students can describe and write about the animals that they used in making the wild selves.

These activities will surely keep the little ones engaged and ensure they have a good time.