Top 7 Best Wood Chess Sets with Boards and Boxes

Wood Chess

If you are a Chess enthusiast, you need to get a classic wood chess sets with a board and box. It comes in handy whenever you want to play and store it. Most of the sets available on the market are different. They come with distinct wood materials, sizes and even colors. The model that you select should be designed to satiate your needs. You also have to ensure that it is durable for long-lasting play.  These are seven top best wood chess sets with boards and boxes that you can consider purchasing.

Are you thinking about buying the top quality wood chess sets with a board and box? Here are some factors that can help you make the perfect choice.

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Wood Material: The wood material of the pieces, board and box should be durable.

Cost: You should buy a wood chess set with board and box that is within your budget. This helps to prevent unnecessary inconveniences. Even though, don’t forget that the price tag on the set depends on its quality.

Size: The sets come with different sizes. Pick one that suits your needs.

1. Grand Staunton Chess Set and Wooden Box

Grand Staunton Chess Set and Wooden Box

The Grand Staunton Chess Set is suitable for every chess player. It comes with premium quality and a lasting durability. The pieces are beautifully crafted. It has a storage box.

This chess set has a high quality board that is made from durable Walnut that gives it rich, dark hues. It has rounded corners that make it even more appealing.

The French chess set has Kari wood/Sheesham wood chess pieces that are uniquely hand carved. The Staunton pieces are polished and weighted. They also have felt bottoms that allow for smooth gliding across the board.

The set comes with a wooden box with a latch that allows you to keep it safe. It has felt lining that adds to its elegance.

It comes with 32 chess pieces that are convenient for a perfect game.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sheesham polished chess pieces with felt bottoms
  • Walnut veneer board that has round corners
  • King measurements: 3.75 in. with diameter base (1.38 in.)
  • All the pieces weigh 2.2 lbs.
  • Wooden box measurements: 11.75*9.25*2.75 inches
  • Set comes with 32 chessmen


  • The board is made from durable hard wood
  • The pieces are stylish and weighted
  • It comes with a wooden box to keep it safe


  • It has small parts hence unsuitable for children below 3 years old

2. The Club Series Chess Set, Box & Board Combination

The Club Series Chess Set, Box & Board Combination

This Chess Set and Board Combination makes use of the highest grade woods. The pieces are elegant and it comes with a durable chessboard. There is also a storage box that guarantees safe storage. This set comes with a quality and craftsmanship that still remains unmatched.

The chess pieces (34 in total) are handmade using high grade woods. They are weighted and have luxurious base pads made from billiard cloth, also come with an appealing finish. They include two extra Queens.

This chess set is highly durable. It has been specifically designed to survive years of play. It combines both beauty and functionality.

The Club Series Chess Set, Box and Board Combination comes with a stylish mahogany and maple chessboard. The frame is made from the mahogany wood while board itself features a mixture of dark and light 2.0” squares.  It is 0.5” thick and it comes with a satin finish.

There is also a chess box for secure keeping. It comes with a green velour lining. It is usually divided which makes it ideal for the storage of the chessmen.

Highlighted Features:

  • The set makes use of golden rosewood material
  • The board is constructed from high grade mahogany and maple wood
  • 75” inch King Height
  • 5” inch King Base Diameter
  • The chess board measures 20”*20” inches
  • It comes with two additional Queens


  • Has 34 well-crafted chess pieces
  • There is a chess box for storage
  • The chessboard is stylish and durable
  • The chess pieces have a beautiful finish


  • Not recommended for use by children below 5 years of age

3. Deluxe Old Club Staunton Chess Set

Deluxe Old Club Staunton Chess Set

This is a fine chess set package that you can get for yourself. It comes with polished pieces and a durable chess board that promises many years of unlimited play.

The Deluxe Old Club Staunton Chess Set comes with a chess board that is manufactured from quality walnut and maple. It is also made using the best veneers. It has a protective semi-gloss polyurethane finish.  Its bottom has pads that ensure that the surface is protected while you play.

This chess set also comes with an elegantly made chess box for secure storage. It is constructed from Maple and Macassar Ebony and has a black inlay border.  Its interior has a thick green baize lining and a walnut veneer cover. It ensures that you comfortably store the chessmen. There’s a divider at the middle of the box so that you can store the white and black pieces separately.

The box has a brass plated lock that allows you to secure the lid. Its hinges are high grade. You get two keys for unlocking. In case one gets lost, you can always use the other.

The pieces are hand crafted from ebonized boxwood that makes them appealing.   They are weighted to provide the much needed stability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Maple and walnut chess board; 17”*17”*5” thick, 1.75” squares
  • Ebonized, weighted chess pieces with pads
  • Box has brass plated locks, hinges and a green baize lining.
  • King size: 3.25”
  • King base: 1.375”
  • The set comes with two additional queens


  • There’s a storage box
  • The brass plated lock allows you to secure your pieces
  • Durable pieces and chess board


  • Children below 5 years of age are not recommended to use this set

4. Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set

Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set

The Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set is one of the best that is available on the market. It includes a quality chess board that matches with the storage box. The knights are realistically carved, with a mane and a perked mouth, ears and eyes.

The chessmen are made from ebony and natural boxwood. They are weighted for stability and they also come with green baize pads that are thick. You get two extra Queens once you purchase this set.

The set comes with an inlaid mahogany chess box. It has a high-grade brass plated lock and hinges. Two keys are included to unlock the box.

The box has a quality mahogany veneer and an interior green baize lining for comfortable and secure storage. There is a divider at its center so that you can keep the white and black pieces separately.

The board is designed from durable maple and mahogany wood. It comes with fine veneers and a semi-glossy finish made from polyurethane material. It has a wide inlay border (black) and pads at the bottom to protect the surface you place it on while you play.

Highlighted Features:

  • Box with Brass plated hinges
  • Maple, mahogany chess board
  • Weighted and ebonized chess pieces
  • Two extra Queens
  • Chessmen have thick green baize pads
  • King height: 3.5” Base: 1.625”


  • There are two keys to unlock the chess box
  • The box has a green baize lining
  • Quality chess board with bottom pads for surface protection
  • Beautifully polished and durable chess pieces
  • The chessmen are triple weighted for maximum stability during playing


  • The set is not the best one for children under 5 years old

5. Yugoslavia Staunton Chess Set

Yugoslavia Staunton Chess Set

The unique Yugoslavia Staunton Chess Set is worth buying. It comes with quality chess pieces, a chess board and a protective box. The chess pieces have opposite color tops, with the knight having a down-turned head and elegant curves.

The chess set has an ebony and maple chess board that has one of the best veneers. It comes with protective pads at the bottom and a polyurethane finish that is semi-glossy.

There is also a wonderfully constructed chess box that has a Macassar ebony veneer covering. Its interior has a green baize lining for secure storage of the pieces. It is divided at the centre for separate storage of the white and black pieces. It comes with recessive brass coated hinges, a lock as well as two keys for unlocking.

The pieces are beautifully hand polished. They come with thick green baize pads that allow for smooth gliding on the chessboard. They are heavily weighted to ensure that they are stable during use. There are two additional Queens that come with this set.

Highlighted Features:

  • Inlaid Macassar chess box
  • The chess box has Brass plated hinges and a lock
  • Quality weighted pieces constructed from high grade ebonized, natural boxwood
  • Chess pieces have thick green baize pads
  • Ebony and maple chess board


  • The box has two keys
  • The set comes with two extra queens
  • Quality chess pieces
  • Padded chess board bottom for surface protection
  • Box has high-grade brass coated lock


  • Children under the age of five years are not recommended to use this set

6. Chessbazaar Traveling Magnetic Chess Set

Chessbazaar Traveling Magnetic Chess Set

This fantastic chess set is suitable for enthusiastic chess players. It comes with a chess board, box as well as pieces to give you amazing playing experiences, also made from golden rose wood (Sheesham wood) and box wood. It is also ideal for travelers.

The Chessbazaar Traveling Magnetic Chess Set comes with 32 magnetic chess pieces. This provides maximal stability during use.

The set is extremely lightweight. It only weighs 300 grams. This makes it portable and you can carry it wherever you go without tiring.

The quality board that the set has is fitted with a hidden iron sheet. It makes it extremely firm and stable.

The set has an ideal size of 5*5*1 inches. It makes it the perfect set for a traveler who enjoys playing chess

There is a magnetic chess box. With it, you will never have to worry about the security of your pieces.

Highlighted Features:

  • The set comes with 300 grams
  • The board has an iron sheet fitting
  • There is a magnetic chess box
  • Set comes with 32 chess pieces


  • The chess pieces are magnetic
  • The set is lightweight hence easy to carry
  • The board is fitted with an iron sheet that enhances its firmness
  • The set is ideally sized


  • Not recommended for use by kids under 5 years of age

7. German Knight Staunton Chess Set in Rosewood & Boxwood with Chess Case

German Knight Staunton Chess Set in Rosewood & Boxwood with Chess Case

This chess set package is well constructed to ensure that chess enthusiasts get quality play experiences. It is beautiful and perfectly sized.

It comes with 32 chess pieces that are made from polished boxwood and golden rosewood. They possess thick green baize pads, also provide soft cushion on the board. They are weighted to guarantee stability during use.

The chess pieces are also polished. Each set comes with two spare queens that are meant for pawn promotion.

The storage case comes with two drawers that have compartments for storing the pieces separately. The side and bottom of each compartment is lined with beige velour material that is soft. It prevents the materials from being scuffed up.

The chess board comes with a pleasant attractive border.

Highlighted Features:

  • 75” tall king with a 1.5 base diameter
  • Chess pieces possess green baize pads that are thick
  • Set comes with two spare queens
  • The pieces are weighted
  • 19” square, 3” tall storage case with drawers


  • The pieces are padded and weighted
  • There is a case for storage
  • Attractive chess board


  • Recommended for children above 5 years of age

Conclusion: Wood chess sets with boards and boxes are ideal for chess lovers. The market has lots of them. They come with varying sizes and prices. Selecting what you require can be tricky. If you are a traveler, you need a compact sized set. Classic designs are also recommendable. Elegance is something that we all want. Ensure that the quality of the wood chess set with a board and box that you buy matches its price.