The Best Waist Trimmers in 2017 – Weight Loss Secrets

The Best Waist Trimmers in 2017 - Weight Loss Secrets

Waist training has many benefits. If you have a flabby abdomen, it can help you to tone it naturally. Its ability to compress and heat the abdomen also makes them ideal weight loss technique. Finally, if you have a slouched posture, consider using the best waist trimmer. They improve body posture well. They also lower the risk of spinal injuries.

Waist trimmers are versatile workout accessories that play a crucial role in weight loss. To maximize their effect, however, the model that you choose should be as comfortable as possible. It should also be durable and have a well-engineered design that cradles both the abdomen and back. We have identified 10 of the best waist trainers that meet this threshold. Here are their detailed reviews:

  • Product Name
  • Image
  • Description

1. Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium

Sports Research Sweet Sweat PremiumDid you know that the body is 70% water? To lose weight fast, therefore, look for a product that induces sweating whenever you are working out. Sweet Sweat belt works the best meet this threshold. Whilst in use, it increases the heart rate. This enables the body to burn more calories. It also boosts the metabolic rate of people and traps heat around the core to induce sweating.

With Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium, you do not sacrifice comfort. Even though cheap, its contoured design fits comfortably on the waist. Its flexible design also conforms to the contours of the body for added support. If you spend a lot of time on the treadmill, it will not irritate you as others often do.

If you are trying to lose weight, the experience that you get depends on the quality of the product that you use. Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium, for instance, is one of the best waist trimmers in 2017. The fabric used to make it is soft yet durable. It also retains heat well and has a non-slip inner grid that prevents it from bunching.

To lose weight, you do not have to waste money on a personal trainer. Buy this Sweet Sweat waist trainer from Sports Research instead. It is an effective product. It is also affordable and has an adjustable design that benefits most people. Wash it occasionally using soap and water to keep it in top shape.

  • Convenient wrap-on design
  • Two size options (medium and large)
  • Latex-free neoprene fabric
  • Non-slip interior
  • Superior heat insulation
  • Secure Velcro closure system
  • None

2. McDavid Waist Trimmer Ab belt

McDavid Waist Trimmer Ab beltMcDavid waist trainer is a popular waist-training belt for many reasons. The latex-free (100%) neoprene used to make its, for instance, is one of the best. It is comfortable. You can wear it for hours without issues. It is also non-irritant and has a flexible design that cradles and controls the abdomen well. The heat and compression therapy that it delivers, on the other hand, improves posture. It also helps people to lose weight fast and naturally.

Are you tired of your flabby or misshapen abdomen? McDavid Waist Trimmer Ab belt will restore your shape naturally. It is an affordable product. Its wraparound design, on the other hand, is effective. Through sweating, it helps the body to get rid of water weight. You will also get rid of toxins and live a healthy life.

Most low quality waist trimmers bunch, slip, and irritate people whilst in use. With McDavid Waist Trimmer Ab belt, however, these are non-issues. Even though flexible, it is a sturdy accessory. It also has a durable design with a non-slip interior that cradles the back and the abdomen. This prevents bunching.

Did you know that bad posture is one of the leading causes of injuries whilst lifting weight? It also lowers the performance of people and their productivity outdoors. McDavid Waist Trimmer Ab belt can help you to overcome these issues. It stabilizes the core well. It also improves both the posture and balance of users.

This unisex Ab belt benefits both women and men (up to 40-inches). It also has an adjustable Velcro closure for adjusting fit and a hand washable design that you can maintain easily. Use clean water and mild detergent to remove dirt and bad odors.

  • Velcro closure system
  • 100% latex-free neoprene
  • Non-slip interior
  • Hand washable design
  • Not very large (40-inches)

3. Camellias Waist Trainer Belt

Camellias Waist Trainer BeltCamellias trainer belt is one of the best waist trimmers in 2017. Women like it for many reasons. Its wide design (7-inch front and 8.5-inch back), for instance, is supportive. If you have a large abdomen that you want to control, this product will serve you well. Whilst exercising, it lowers the risk of back injuries. This way, you can lift heavy weights for long without any problems. Buy yours to get the well-toned figure that you always crave.

Have you used a few waist trimmers that have ripped or stretched out of shape? Camellias Waist Trainer Belt works better. Made using latex-free neoprene, it is a durable belt. Rips and tears are not common. This belt is also non-irritant and has a secure double Velcro system for adjusting its fit. Finally, you get a breathable back panel that keeps the body cool and comfortable.

Are you struggling to lose weight? Add Camellias Waist Trainer Belt to your weight loss remedies. It will benefit you in many ways. Its advanced Sauna Slim Technology, for instance, helps people to lose water weight fast. Through compression, it also hastens the fast burning process. You will have rock-hard abs in no time.

You do not need special skills to use this waist trainer belt from Camellias. Its simple wrap-on design is easy to wear and remove. You can also customize its compression easily via its unique Velcro closure system. With an original, thus, you will support your abdomen/back well and induce weight loss with no issues.

  • Latex-free neoprene
  • Non-slip interior
  • Adjustable design
  • Sauna Slim Technology
  • Breathable mesh backing
  • Only for women
  • Low-quality boning

4. TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer

TNT Pro Series Waist TrimmerTNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer performs better than most traditional belts. If you are planning to buy one, do not hesitate. It will serve you well for the following major reasons: Because of its extra-wide design, for instance, it cradles and supports the abdomen and back well. Whether you want to prevent injuries, trim your abdomen, or improve posture, this belt works well. The risk of its shifting or bunching whilst in use is also slim.

Novices find some brands of waist trimmers hard to use. This is because of their slippery designs or their poor quality. Expect good results with this Pro Series Waist Trimmer. The quality material used to make it has a non-slip interior. It does not bruise people when used directly on the skin. It is also non-irritant.

Wearing an ill-fitting waist trimmer whilst working out is a health hazard. Replace yours with a new TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer to have the time of your life. It comes in a plethora of sizes for petite and plus size individuals. Each belt also has an adjustable Velcro closure that you can use to adjust its fit and compression level.

TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer is a good fat burner. If you have a flabby abdomen that affects your self-confidence, this belt will benefit you in many ways. The Sauna Effect that it has on the body will help you to lose water weight. It also improves heart rate and hastens the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

  • Advanced Sauna Effect
  • Non-slip interior
  • Comfortable design
  • Adjustable Velcro closure
  • Choice of six sizes
  • None

5. Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer

Bracoo Adjustable Waist TrimmerBuy Bracoo to get an adjustable waist trimmer for men and women. Popular worldwide, the 100% latex-free neoprene used to make it controls the abdomen well. The material is sturdy. It also has a non-irritant surface that works well on clothing and on bare skin. Bracoo has an adjustable 32-inch design. Whenever you are planning a workout session, you can adjust it easily using its non-intrusive Velcro closure system. Order yours now.

Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer plays an important role in weight loss. By raising the temperature of the core, for instance, it boosts your heart rate. It also boosts your body’s metabolic rate and therefore it calorie and fat-burning abilities. Finally, through sweating, its users lose water weight fast and naturally.

Do you have energy leaks whenever you are exercising? Do you have serious back pains after lifting weights? This adjustable waist trimmer from Bracoo will protect you from such problems. Its comfortable design supports the abdomen and back. This lowers the risk of injuries. It also improves core strength over time.

Bracoo, like other waist trimmers that we have talked about, comes ready to use. Its wrap-around design, for instance, does not require skill or experience to use. This belt is also lighter than other similar ones and has a Velcro closure that works well.

If you sweat a lot, this is one of the best waist trimmers to use. Because it does not slip of bunch easily, users have a fun time whilst jogging or cycling. Its low-profile design is also one of the best for running.

  • Non-slip mesh core
  • Convenient wrap-around design
  • Adjustable fit (up to 32-inches)
  • Superior grip Velcro closure
  • Comfortable neoprene fabric
  • None

6. AZSPORT Waist Trimmer

AZSPORT Waist TrimmerAZSPORT is an affordable Waist Trimmer that has many positive effects on the body. If you are struggling with weight loss, the heat that it traps around the body hastens the process. It is also flexible and compresses the abdomen to shape without irritating or harming users. Do not eat fad diets to lose weight. You should also avoid the intrusive surgeries that women pay for. Exercise regularly with this waist trimmer belt for the best results.

Are you struggling to improve abdominal strength? Doing exercises such as sit-ups is helpful. To get lasting results without exerting a lot of effort, however, use this AZSPORT Waist Trimmer. The adjustable compression that it delivers tightens and strengthens abdominal muscles. It also improves breathing, better balance, and blood circulation to your vital organs of the body.

Most professionals and individuals use AZSPORT Waist Trimmer to improve their safety in gyms. Its supportive design lowers the risk of back injuries. With one, thus, you will work out for long with no issues. It also cradles the backbone to improve posture.

With an original, you will appreciate the performance of this AZSPORT Waist Trimmer belt. The premium neoprene used to make it, for instance, is comfortable. You can wear it for long without irritation. It is also non-slip and has a long 50-inch design that stretches to fit most people.

AZSPORT Waist Trimmer has a money back guarantee. If buy a defective belt, you can request a refund with no questions asked.

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Long 50-inch design
  • Premium neoprene fabric
  • No physical or chemical irritants
  • Non-slip interior
  • None

7. OTIOTI Waist Trimmer Belt

OTIOTI Waist Trimmer BeltPopular among professionals, the quality of this waist trimmer belt from OTIOTI is admirable. Made of neoprene, it is soft and comfortable. You can wear it all day long without irritation or injuries. The fabric is also flexible. If you are an athlete or a treadmill enthusiast, therefore, this product will serve you well. It does not dig into the body as some low-grade models often do. It also moves with the body to improve the performance of users.

Do you have a waist trimmer that bunches whenever you are working out? Does your slip and or bend out of shape when you are doing rigorous exercises? Replace it with OTIOTI. It fits snug and comfortably on the body. The Sauna Effect that it induces is effective. Finally, its adjustable Velcro system works well.

Have you spent money on the best waist trainers that have turned out large or overly small? You will enjoy using this model from OTIOTI. Its standardized design benefits most people. People with long torsos, for instance, like its width. The thick fabric used to make it, on the other hand, is durable and retains heat well. This makes OTIOTI one of the best waist trimmers for weight loss.

Because of its stretchy design, OTIOTI covers and supports the abdomen and the back. It also supports the lumbar vertebra well to protect people from injuries whilst working out. This does not mean that you sacrifice comfort. With one, you will be able to run, squat, or bend naturally without bruises and or irritation.

Apart from fast-tracking weight loss, OTIOTI smooths the body. Post-partum, you can use it to hide your baby weight and improve your self-esteem outdoors. You can also use it smooth your ballooning abdomen as you work on a permanent solution.

  • Support the back and abdomen
  • Improves post-partum recovery
  • Stretchy neoprene fabric
  • Non-slip interior
  • Tight Velcro closure
  • Stiff around the waist
  • Somewhat bulky

8. YIANNA Sauna Suit Belt

YIANNA Sauna Suit BeltIn the Victorian Era, Women relied on corsets to tone their bodies. Unfortunately, even though effective, they have many negative effects on the body. Because of their overly tight designs, for instance, asphyxiation was a common problem. To tone your body well without these problems, buy a new YIANNA Sauna Suit Belt. It is a comfortable waist trimmer. Made of quality neoprene, it also durable and cradles the body better than other materials.

Measuring 2mm thick, YIANNA is lightweight sauna suit belt with a flexible single layered design. It also fits and supports most body shapes and sizes well. It also has a mesh-over rubber interior that does not slip or bunch whilst in use. As you exercise, you will have a good time with this waist trimmer.

Whenever you are planning a workout session, you will not struggle with this YIANNA Sauna Suit Belt. It is easy to wear and remove. Its adjustable design also fits most people and has a tight Velcro closure system for customizing its fit. Whether you have a long, thick, or short torso, therefore, expect the best from this belt.

With each YIANNA Sauna Suit Belt that you buy, you get several add-on items that offer value for money. The sports bra that you get, for instance, is supportive. It lowers the risk of injuries. This belt also has storage pocket for a phone or an MP3 player.

  • Spacious interior pocket
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Free racerback sports bra
  • Single layer (2mm) neoprene
  • Non-slip rubber mesh interior
  • Tight Velcro closure
  • Runs small
  • Non-breathable

9. ActiveGear Premium Waist Trimmer Belt

ActiveGear Premium Waist Trimmer BeltDo you suffer frequent back injuries whenever you are exercising at home or in your local gym? We have a good solution for you. Buy ActiveGear Premium to get one of the best waist trimmer belts in 2017. Often overlooked by many people because of its simplicity, this belt performs better than most popular brands. Its custom engineered design boosts weight loss. It also improves endurance and supports the back well to improve body posture.

The quality of this ActiveGear waist trimmer is impressive. Made of high-grade neoprene, for instance, it is a durable accessory. Rips and tears are not common. The material is also flexible. If you enjoy working out with waist trainers, it moves with the body to improve the performance of people. Finally, its moisture repelling design does not culture odor-causing bacteria.

ActiveGear eases the weight loss process. If you have used many remedies with poor results, buy one. It will help you in two ways. First, by compressing the abdomen, it trims and shapes it without irritating people. It also induces sweating and thus loss of water weight. For just a few dollars, you will look your best.

ActiveGear comes in two sizes for men and women. If you have a medium-sized waist, buy the 42-inch design. It is long. It is also comfortable and therefore suitable for day-to-day use. To get more coverage, buy the 52-inch model. It is as good as the 42-inch one.

Because of their high demand, the best weight loss equipment cost people a fortune. This is not the case with this belt. It is affordable. If you buy a pack of two, three, or four belts, you save up to 25%. Finally, this waist trimmer has a lifetime warranty.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comfortable neoprene fabric
  • Two sizes (42 and 52 inches)
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Non-bunching design
  • Non-slip interior
  • None

10. Maxboost Waist Trimmer

Maxboost Waist TrimmerWith this waist trimmer from Maxboost, you get a unisex Ab belt with a fade-proof design. If you enjoy exercising and looking good at the same time, this is one of the best products to use. Its 25-42-inch design fits most people. It is also has a thick wrap-on body that induces sweating whilst in use. This has its share of benefits. Whilst exercising, for instance, you will lose weight fast.

Many people wear waist-trimming belts for hours every day. For the best experience, use this waist trimmer from Maxboost. Made of quality neoprene, it is a comfortable belt. The fabric is also durable and lightweight. You can wear it for long without issues.

Whilst lifting weights, supporting the back is important. It lowers the risk of injuries. It also improves the endurance of people. Maxboost Waist Trimmer’s supportive design offers these benefits. It also compresses the abdomen to shape and boosts both the heart rate and metabolic rate of its users naturally.

Are you tired of the slippery waist trainer in your possession? With Maxboost, you get a durable and non-slip belt that works well. It also traps heat well and has a non-porous design that repels sweat. This prevents the build-up of bad odors over time.

Measuring 42-inches, you get a long and functional waist trimmer. This belt is also affordable and has a one-year warranty.

  • Adjustable wrap-on design
  • Premium neoprene fabric
  • Comfortable contoured edges
  • Non-slip interior (lined)
  • One-year warranty
  • Long 42-inch design
  • Low-quality Velcro

Attributes of the Best Waist Trimmers

Because of their naivety, many individuals buy low quality waist trimmers that fail to deliver. To avoid such disappointments, do not buy on impulse. Look out for the following attributes instead:

Material: Before buying a waist trimmer, check its material. Is it smooth and comfortable? Rough and irritant belts are frustrating to use. The material should also be durable and designed to cradle the abdomen well. In this niche, neoprene is one of the best fabrics. It is comfortable. It also has a unique sauna effect.

Body Shape: Are you a petite or plus size woman? Do you have a long or short torso? Your body shape determines that type of waist trimmer that you should use. If you have a long torso, for instance, buying a compact belt is a poor decision. You will get poor coverage and results.

Goals: Why do you want a waist trainer? People buy these items for different reasons. Most people use them for weight loss. Others use them for support or shape their bodies. To achieve these goals, people need different types of waist trainers. Lighter and concealable brands are the best for hiding flaws. To lose weight, on the other hand, buy a tight-fitting belt that causes sweating.

Durability: As the best waist body shapers do, waist trainers take a beating over their lifespan. When working out, for instance, we stretch and bend them the point of tearing. When shopping for one, therefore, buy a product that can withstand such abuse. Again, its fabric should be durable. Seams, on the other hand, should be tight and non-irritant.

Style: What is the color of the waist trainer that you are planning to buy? Does it have a non-slip interior? Will you enjoy using it on a day-to-day basis? Do not sacrifice such small attributes. A quality and appealing model will serve you the best.


The popularity of waist trimmers is at an all-time high online. They are good for weight loss. The soft and supportive fabrics used to make them also cradle and shape the body naturally. To get a new waist trimmer that meets this threshold, the 10 brands that we have listed are the best. Buy yours online.



  • Not mention Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt ??? There are many good reviews about this waist trimmer. It can be used to increase the overall temperature of your waist area, especially when you use this waist trimmer regularly. This product also has its unique compression system. This feature is very useful to protect your abdominal and also lower back muscles when you do your regular exercises. This waist trimmer is made from flexible velcro material, in order to provide good adjustable and flexible slimming belt for all customers.

  • I’m happy to use Everlast Slimmer Belt. Most people feel happy with any instant results that are offered by this slimming belt. It is made from high quality and soft neoprene foam. This foam is very useful to provide good support for all users these days. You can also wash this slimming belt in your washing machine easily without any hassles.

  • Why don’t try Slendertone Toning Belt ?? You are able to accelerate your weight loss program when you are wearing this slimming belt. This waist shaper is able to target all muscles around your abdominal area effectively. You can wear this product when you do any exercises regularly.

  • Enjoy using Veluxio Sports Waist Trimmer is also good performance. I recommended for you who want to remove excess fat from your abdominal and also waist areas effectively. There are three adjustable sizes that are available these days, including medium, large, and also X-large. This premium abdominal slimming belt also features lower back support, so you can protect your back from getting any injuries during your exercise.

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