The Hidden Power of Spark Plug Wire Sets in 2017 – Choosing the Best

The Hidden Power of Spark Plug Wire Sets in 2017 - Choosing the Best

Spark plugs and spark plug wire sets are the lifelines of cars. If either of these parts does not work well, you will notice a reduction in your car’s performance. Misfiring spark plugs and spark plug wire sets also create rich conditions in engines, which affects mileage. Whenever you are servicing your car, do not forget about these two major parts. Install the best brake pads, you should also install the best spark plugs and, importantly, the best spark plug wire sets.

Which is the best spark plug wire set for use in cars? Depending on the type of the car that you have, the spark plug wire set that you need might differ. After a detailed research, however, we have identified 10 bestsellers that work well in most vehicles. They are durable. They also have premium designs that improve the performance of most types of vehicles. Buy yours.

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1. ACDelco 9748HH

ACDelco 9748HHIn the motor vehicle industry, ACDelco is one of the leading manufacturers of car spare parts. Most of its products are durable. They are also cost-effective and have well-engineered designs/systems that improve the performance of cars. ACDelco 9748HH, for instance, is one of the best spark plug wire sets in the market. Reputable in most web stores, its universal design works well in most types of engines. It also has a quality design with premium components that solve both the ignition and misfire problems of most engines.

Does your car hesitate whenever you are driving at high speeds? Do you have low power issues whenever you are commuting? Replace your old spark plug wire set with this one. It is a durable product. Because of its high conductivity, it also delivers sparks to engines efficiently, which improves their performance.

You will like the terminal design of this spark plug wire set. Its snug-fitting design offers a better spark plug retention than other comparable models. It is also rustproof and or micro arch over time. This improves the performance of motor vehicles further.

Whilst maintaining their cars, people spend a lot of money on car spares that do not work well. ACDelco 9748HH is a different product. It is affordable. Most people can afford a set. Its performance is exemplary.

  • Better spark plug retention
  • Durable dielectric materials
  • Universal distributor boot shape
  • Creates a watertight seal
  • Fits in most engines
  • None

2. NGK (8034) HE76

NGK (8034) HE76Most cars with problems with spark plug wire set idle poorly. Some have poor acceleration. Finally, a majority develop consistent cylinder misfires that degrade engines over time. If your car has one of these issues, consider replacing its spark plug wire set. A top rated product such as NGK (8034) HE76 will do you a wealth of good. It is a quality spark item. Its custom manufactured design, on the other hand, works well in most cars (including Nissan and Toyota).

In most Web stores, OEM spark plug wire sets are hard to come by. However, commendable brands such as NGK (8034) HE76 work just as well. Even though cheap, you get a premium product with a durable ferrite magnetic core. Compared to carbon wires, its low resistance (1/2) delivers better RFI suppression whilst in use.

Most carbon core spark plug wires have a higher resistance as they age. This causes a range of issues that lower the performance of cars over time. This is not a problem for NGK (8034) HE76. Its magnetized design retains its low resistance for long. It also has an EPDM rubber jacket that withstands 180C heat.

Even with its quality attributes, NGK (8034) HE76 is an affordable spark plug wire set. It is also plug-and-use and has quality components that last long.

  • Plug and use interface
  • Heat resistant EPDM rubber jacket
  • Durable low-resistance core
  • Wire wound ferrite cable
  • Better RFI suppression capabilities
  • Shorter than the OEM model

3. ACDelco 9748RR Professional

ACDelco 9748RR ProfessionalIf you are conscious about your car’s health, do not use cheap parts in its engine. Use the best engine oil. The spark plug wire set that you use should also be the best. ACDelco 9748RR Professional stands out. Its universal design (both length and width) fits most engines. The well-engineered wire conductor that it has, on the other hand, delivers sparks efficiently. This prevents cylinder misfires. It also optimizes fuel consumption and prolongs the lives of engines.

ACDelco 9748RR professional is a durable product with top-grade parts. The high dielectric material used to make its boot resists heat. The risk of it degrading because of oil and other chemicals found in engines is also slim. Finally, because it prevents arching and loss of voltage, it fires spark plugs efficiently.

You do not need a professional mechanic to install a new set of ACDelco 9748RR Professional wires for you. Its universal design slides into most engines without issues. You also do not need special tools to do this.

Have you bought a few spark plug wire sets that failed to work in your car? Recommended for use in most types of vehicles, ACDelco 9748RR Professional offers better results. Whether you have a Toyota or a Nissan, your car will ride smoothly with the help of this product.

  • Universal spark plug set
  • Insulates spark plugs well
  • Better spark plug retention
  • Corrosion-resistant terminals
  • Oil, heat, and chemical resistant
  • Prevents arching or loss of voltage
  • Lacks cylinder numbers

4. NGK (8691) FX58 Premium

NGK (8691) FX58 PremiumEverybody wants to have a fast and smooth-riding car. However, because of the poor quality parts that they install in their vehicles, this is never the case. If you are one of them, start with your spark plug wire set. If you have an old or misfiring one, replace it with this NGK (8691) FX58 Premium set. It is a reliable product. Because of its premium design, it keeps spark plugs firing consistently, which improves the performance of cars. This set is also durable.

Do you own a Subaru with a boxer engine? Does the VVTI engine of your Toyota malfunction because of a faulty spark plug wire set? Install this NGK (8691) FX58 premium wire set. Unlike some models that work only in specific types of engines, its universal design works well in most. It also has a quality silicone and EPDM insulator that channels maximum voltage to spark plugs.

This NGK (8691) FX58 Premium spark plug wire set is easy to install. You do not have to pay a mechanic to install it for you for many reasons. First, it comes assembled. You do not have to customize it to work. Second, its boots slide easily onto spark plugs. Use dielectric grease on its terminals for best results.

NGK (8691) FX58 Premium Spark Plug Wire Set is an affordable product. If you have a tight budget, do not buy one of the cheap brands that lower the performance of engines over time. Buy this one online instead.

  • Superior noise suppression
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Cost effective wire set
  • Fits well on most spark plugs
  • Heat, oil, and chemical resistant
  • Fits in most types of engines
  • Not ideal for Subaru

5. ACDelco 9718Q Professional

ACDelco 9718Q ProfessionalWith each product that it manufactures, ACDelco has the safety of its customers at heart. The best brake pads that it has produced, for instance, are among the best worldwide. Its spark plug sets are equally as good with this Professional-grade ACDelco 9718Q model ranked among the best in 2017. It delivers sparks well whilst in use. It also fits snug on most types of spark plugs, which prevents leakage of voltage.

Because of their naivety, most people buy ill-fitting spark plug wire sets that lower the performance of engines. If you have such a product, replace it with ACDelco 9718Q. Its universal distributor boot shape fits most types of spark plugs snugly. This maximizes engine performance. It also prevents rust/corrosion.

Under pressure, some brands of low-grade spark plug wire sets melt or rust. With ACDelco 9718Qa, however, these are non-issues. The rust-resistant terminals that it has are durable. This set also has unique coil retainers that do not micro arch or fret over time. Finally, its durable core and heatproof insulator (silicone with fiberglass) boost its performance further.

The results of independent researchers indicate that ACDelco 9718Qa works well in over 96% of domestic cars in the US. This is desirable. Whether you have a Ford, Honda, Toyota, or Nissan, it will serve you well.

  • Compatible with most car brands (96%)
  • Better spark plug retention
  • Corrosion resistant terminals
  • Unique coil retainers
  • Silicone-based insulator
  • Maximum spark delivery
  • Missing parts (coli wire)
  • Lacks cylinder numbers

6. NGK 54058

NGK 54058Many reviews of spark plug wire sets in 2017 have found NGK to be one of the best. Over the years, this Japanese brand has made premium products that serve millions of people well to date. If your car accelerates slowly or has consistent misfires, for instance, NGK 54058 is a good remedy. With one, you get a quality spark plug wire set with durable and universal boots. It is also easy to install and designed to work well in most types of car engines.

The performance of this of NGK 54058 Spark Plug Wire Set is desirable. Unlike some brands that leak voltage over time, its premium design never disappoints. The high-strength wire used to make its core, for instance, conducts electricity efficiently. The quality silicone and EPDM materials used to make its cover are also ideal. Oil, heat, and other chemicals found in engines do not damage them over time.

Poorly installed spark plugs are as bad as low quality ones are. They dislodge easily under stress. They also often fail to fire spark plugs well, which has its share of cons. NGK 54058 lacks these issues. The corrosion-resistant terminals (stainless steel) that it has are also the best. They are vibration proof. They also have cylinder numbers for easy installation.

Because of their well-insulated designs, NGK 54058 Spark Plug Wire Set does not leak voltage over time. This improves the efficacy and power of engines. It also has conductive parts that suppress noise. This way, you will listen to music in your car in peace.

  • Superior noise suppression
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel core
  • Vibration-resistant design
  • Number and color-coded boots
  • Corrosion-resistant terminals
  • Silicone and EPDM cover
  • Does not fit all cars

7. Motorcraft WR5934

Motorcraft WR5934Modern cars are fussy. The computer-controlled engines that they have, for instance, need the best quality parts to work. If you have one, therefore, do not buy one of the cheap spark plug sets that often disappoint people. A premium product such as Motorcraft WR5934 will serve you the best for many reasons. First, it is durable. An original one can last up to 100k miles. It also has thickly insulated boots that do not leak over time. This improves the power and performance of cars.

Do you have a cylinder misfire error that you are struggling to solve? If your engine’s compression test is fine and its cylinders are in good shape, your spark plug wire might be at fault. Replace it with Motorcraft WR5934 to solve this issue. It also lowers the risk of wire set failure and prolongs engine life.

In the past, engine maintenance was a challenging job that only professionals could do well. However, with the development of affordable OBD2 scan tools, this is no longer the case. The availability of plug-and-use spark plug wire sets such as Motorcraft WR5934 eases the process further. Order yours from Amazon.

Do you have a tight budget? Motorcraft WR5934 is an affordable Spark Plug Wire Set that works as well as most expensive ones. It is also readily available online and designed to work well in most cars/engines.

  • Durable core and insulation
  • Fits most types of spark plugs
  • Recommended for most engines
  • Low maintenance design
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Lacks cylinder numbers

8. Genuine Toyota 19037-62010 Spark Plug Cord Set

Genuine Toyota 19037-62010 Spark Plug Cord SetBecause of their superior designs and reliability, Toyota cars are popular all over the world. Their Spare parts are also in plenty because of their broad customer base and dealers. This Genuine Toyota 19037-62010 spark plug wire set, for instance, is a good option for vehicles with performance issues. It is reliable. Unlike some aftermarket models, you get an OEM-rated product that never disappoints. It prevents engine misfires. With a new one, your car will also accelerate well and perform better overall.

Are you looking for a genuine Toyota spark plug wire set that lasts long? This model is ideal for many reasons. Its steel core, for instance, is both solid and durable. It also maintains the required voltage for most spark plugs. Finally, its quality insulation prevents arcing and voltage leaks over time.

As most of the best spark plug wire sets that we have reviewed, Genuine Toyota 19037-62010 comes ready to use. All boots and fasteners are universal. They also have convenient plug and use designs that do not need special tools to install. You will like this product.

Are you servicing your car for an upcoming trip? Are you shopping for cheap parts that will improve its performance over time? Choose this Genuine Toyota 19037-62010 spark plug set. It is an affordable item. Its ability to prevent misfires and improve the performance of most types of cars is also desirable.

  • OEM quality wire set
  • Stress relief strap
  • Accurate boots and fasteners
  • Fits most car engines
  • Accommodates most spark plugs
  • Improves engine performance
  • None

9. Tungsten Marine

Tungsten MarineDo you have a Mercruiser V8 Thunderbolt engine that misfires constantly? Is the Delco EST ignition system in your vehicle performing below optimal? If your spark plug wire sets as at fault, you are in luck. We have identified a quality product that will restore your engine’s lost glory – Tungsten Marine. Reputable globally, this is a durable product with a thick 8mm core. Made of stainless steel, it is also efficient. It fires spark plugs well without leaking over time.

The performance of some of the best spark plug wire sets in stores is Amazing. However, the versatility of Tungsten Marine has made it the go-to wire set for most people. Its universal design, for instance, fits and works well in most small block engines (5.0-5.7 liters). It also works efficiently in most big block engines with a fuel consumption of up to 7.4 liters.

For parts such as spark plug wire sets, the engine is a hellish environment. It is hot. It is also oily and burns tons fuel over its lifespan. Tungsten Marine withstands such a level of abuse well. It has a durable core and insulator. Both parts are also leak proof.

Tungsten Marine lowers the maintenance cost of cars for many reasons. First, unlike some brands, this is an affordable accessory. You do not have to break the bank to own it. It is also durable. Once installed, you will forget about many engine problems for long.

  • Thick 8mm core (stainless steel)
  • Low-resistance system
  • Thick and durable insulation
  • Fits small block engines (5.0-5.7 liters)
  • Fits large block engines (up to 7.4 liters)
  • None

10. Federal Parts 3339

Federal Parts 3339To improve the performance of their vehicles, people use many unorthodox techniques that do not always work. Some people install funny looking air vents to improve the combustion process. Others tamper with exhaust systems and do extensive engine modifications that often fail. If you are planning to do these, think again. Install a new Federal Parts 3339 spark plug wire set instead. This OEM-rated item maximizes the performance of spark plugs. It also improves the combustion process and overall performance of cars.

Do you have a 2006 Ford Taurus with faulty spark plug wire set? Do you have a Toyota or a Honda with a similar issue? This Federal Parts 3339 spark plug wire set will benefit you. It is a universal item. As such, you can use it in most engines without issues.

Having a bad spark plug wire set in your car has many negative consequences. Misfires are common. Wire set failures are also common. To prevent such problems, Federal Parts 3339 is one of the best spark plug wire sets to use. Set up well, it delivers the maximum voltage spark plugs need to fire well. This boosts the combustion process and thus, the performance of cars.

Reports of spark plug wire sets burning up or cracking after a few weeks are common. This is because of the influx of counterfeit products in most stores. If you have had a similar experience, buy this Federal Parts 3339 spark plug wire set instead. It is a reputable product. It also has a thick wire core and thick insulation that withstand the test of time.

  • Heavy-duty core and insulation
  • Delivers maximum voltage
  • Prevents engine misfires
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Cost effective wire set
  • Optimizes engine performance
  • None

What to Look for in a Spark Plug Wire Set

Are you shopping for a new set of spark plug wires? To get a quality one that will stop the voltage leaks and misfires in your engine, keep these attributes in mind:

Type: Spark plugs are of many types. Distributed resistance spark plugs, for instance, are the best American-made vehicles. Because of their quality carbon cores (with fiberglass strands), they have a high resistance. They also lower radio frequency interference (RFI) in most vehicles.

MAG spark plug wires have spiral would nickel/copper alloy cores. They have less electrical resistance. They also have a magnetic field that lowers RFI interference in cars when listening to radios.

Fixed resistor spark plug wire sets have copper wire or steel cores. They also have resistors in spark plug boots. Common in European cars, they require the high-quality spark plugs to work well. Choose the best.

Spark Plug: In most web forums, there is a misconception that all spark plugs work the same. This is not the same. Hot spark plugs have a higher rate of combustion. However, for them to work at their peak, they must receive voltage fast and consistently from spark plug wires. When shopping for a new spark plug wire set, thus, look for one that supports your car’s spark plug. Original universal models work the best.

Size: Spark plug wire sets come in many sizes. This mirrors the thickness of the wire used to make their core. Generally, thicker spark plug wires (10 or 11mm) have the best insulation. They also do not leak voltage as thinner ones do. Look out for such products. They work well in most types of vehicles.


Issues related to spark plug wire sets are common in most cars. If you have a similar challenge, we have identified the 10 best spark plug wire sets to use in 2017. They are durable items. They also have better spark plug retention and low resistance systems that send power to most types of spark plugs well.


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