All About The Best Sawhorses in 2017 – The Best Handyman Tools

All About The Best Sawhorses in 2017 - The Best Handyman Tools

All do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts, carpenters, and contractors need a stable platform to work. Even though tables are ideal, most models have bulky and space-cluttering designs. They are also heavy and therefore challenging to carry over long distances. To solve these problems, consider buying a sawhorse instead. These accessories are portable. They also have stable four-leg designs with spacious platforms.

Which are the best sawhorses for 2017? Sawhorses, like the best drywall stilts do, come in many designs and sizes. To get the best, therefore, you have to consider many things. Your work, for instance, determines the type of sawhorse that you should buy. You should also consider your budget and the type of jobs that you do occasionally. Fortunately, because of their universal designs, the brands that we have reviewed herein can satisfy the needs of most people.

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1. Black & Decker WM125 Portable Workmate

Black & Decker WM125 Portable WorkmateJudging by its global reputation, there is no doubt Black and Decker is one of the best brands in the construction niche. It has many quality products. The reliability of its accessories also appeals to most contractors and DIY enthusiasts. If you are shopping for a sawhorse, for instance, this WM125 portable workmate will serve you well. You can travel with it over long distances. Its space-saving design also works well in tight spaces such as garages.

Do not confuse Black & Decker WM125’s simplicity for a weakness. The reliability of this sawhorse is desirable. With one, for instance, you get a heavy-duty steel frame that supports up to 350 pounds. It is also rust proof and has a large work surface (33.3×5-inches) that satisfies the needs of most people.

Do you have a sawhorse that slides occasionally whilst in use? To stay safe and productive, replace it with a new Black & Decker WM125 sawhorse. Apart from its charm, it is a south-after sawhorse because of its stability. Its metal frame is wobble-free. It also has non-slip rubber feet that boost its stability further.

Do you have a small garage that you work in on a day-to-day basis? Are you looking for a functional sawhorse that will clutter your space? This is the product for you. It is space efficient. It is also affordable and designed to support most types of jobs.

  • Portable workmate
  • Foldable steel legs
  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Spacious wooden top
  • Does not wobble over time
  • Non-slip rubberized feet
  • Challenging to assemble

2. Stanley 060864R Folding Sawhorse

Stanley 060864R Folding SawhorseStanley sawhorses are popular in many reputable stores such as Amazon for many reasons. Most people like its quality. The longevity and functionality of its items have also made it a south-after brand worldwide. To get the best of the best sawhorses in its arsenal, buy Stanley 060864R. It comes as a package of two versatile sawhorses that you will enjoy using for years. They are also affordable and foldable designs that you can transport easily to/from your job site.

Reports of sawhorses crumbling under stress are common on the internet. Even though human error causes this, their inferior designs are mostly to blame. Buys this set of Stanley 060864R sawhorses to avoid these issues. Their well-balanced frames are durable. They are also stylish and have wide non-slip feet that grip most surfaces well. You will enjoy using them daily.

Made of heavy-duty plastic, the performance of these sawhorses is impressive. They do not stain or rust as some metallic models often do. Even though light, they also support up to 500 pounds comfortably (1000 pounds combined). For doing light and medium duty jobs, therefore, they are among the best sawhorses to use.

Many people like Stanley sawhorses because of the on-board storage that they have. Stanley 060864R takes this a notch higher. The spacious tray that it has accommodates most tools. Both sawhorses also have side handles for securing flexible items such as power cables whenever you are working. Finally, they have integral V-grooves for holding pipes and lumbar.

  • Impressive capacity (1000Ibs combined)
  • Integral V-grooves for securing pipes and lumber
  • Side hangers for holding cables
  • Spacious trays for tools
  • Made using heavy duty plastic
  • Overpriced sawhorses

3. Target Precision RB-H1034 Rugged Buddy

Target Precision RB-H1034 Rugged BuddyChristened the rugged body, Target Precision RB-H1034 is a professional-grade sawhorse for commercial and home use. If you have wasted money on a few low-grade models, you will enjoy using this one. Its long (34-inch) legs are sturdy. Even when loaded to capacity, the risk of them crumbling under stress is slim. Because of their natural height, you will also work comfortably for long. Forget about the painful shoulders and or back pain that you suffer often.

Will Target Precision RB-H1034 Rugged Buddy support the heavy materials that you use often? Because of its lanky design, many people question its stability. This is not an issue, though. Even though it weight just 12 pounds, this sawhorse supports up to 1000 pounds. All legs also have locks that secure them when loaded.

With this sawhorse, you do not have to worry about your personal safety whilst working. Because of its stability, for instance, the risk of it toppling under load is slim. Joints (welded) are sturdy. Finally, its rubberized feet grip most surfaces well. Whether you work on wooden or concrete ones, expect good results.

Some companies charge exorbitant amounts of money for their sawhorses. This is not the case with Target Precision RB-H1034. Even though professional-grade, it comes cheap online. It also lasts longer than most overpriced sawhorses online. Many people like this.

  • Cost-effective sawhorse
  • Sturdy steel legs (1-1/4 inches)
  • Non-scratch rubber feet
  • Lightweight design (12-ounces)
  • Supports up to 1000 pounds
  • Spacious wooden top
  • None

4. Stanley STST60952 Jr Folding Sawhorse (2-Pack)

Stanley STST60952 Jr Folding Sawhorse (2-Pack)Sawhorses are ideal for supporting tools and materials whenever you are working on construction projects. With a low-grade model, however, safety is a major issue. They also lower the productivity of people as they work on personal or commercial projects. Avoid such products like the plaque. Quality models such as Stanley STST60952 Jr work better. Order yours to get two foldable sawhorses, each with a heavy-duty frame. They are also stylish, spacious, and have V-grooves that secure materials such as pipes and lumbar well.

Do you do heavy (wooden or metal) construction projects often? Have you bought several sawhorses that have failed after a few days? You will like Stanley STST60952. Designed to support up to 400 pounds, these sawhorses are sturdy. They also have durable frames and spacious tops that enable people to work in peace.

Many contractors move from one jobsite to another as they handle numerous construction projects. If you are one, avoid the heavy sawhorses that some companies sell for a premium online. Stanley STST60952 Jr will serve you better. Even though sturdy, the quality plastic used to make these sawhorses is light. Whilst travelling, you can transport them easily in your car.

Whilst using sawhorses, many people lack sufficient space for their tools. They resort to placing them on the ground, which compromises their safety. With Stanley STST60952, expect good results. Both tools are spacious. They also have on-board storage (including a spacious tray) for securing most types of hand tools.

  • Spacious storage tray
  • Lightweight plastic frame
  • Compact and foldable design
  • 800-pound weight capacity (combined)
  • Stable internal V-grooves
  • Feel and look brittle

5. 90196 Black ProBrackets Sawhorse

2x4basics 90196 Black ProBrackets SawhorseDo you hate the short sawhorse that you have in your garage? Have you spent money on sawhorses that have let you down over time? To handle your construction projects well, buy a premium model such as 2x4basics 90196 Black. It stands out in many ways. Made of solid wood, the two sawhorses that you get are both stable and durable. They are also charming and customizable to suit most people. With a bit of effort, for instance, you can adjust their height to four feet.

Wobbly sawhorses or those that keeps falling whilst in use are dangerous. Apart from damaging projects, they often injure people when least expected. Buy this 2x4basics 90196 Black ProBrackets Sawhorse to avoid this problem. Its two level frame supports up to 2000 pounds without wobbling or breaking over time. As such, you can do most projects well without issues.

Even though cheap, 2x4basics 90196 is a functional sawhorse with premium components. The metallic brackets used to secure its frame, for instance, have durable load bearing designs. You also get eight stable feet (for two sawhorses) and heavy-duty screws.

2x4basics 90196, unlike some similar sawhorses, is under warranty. If you get faulty parts that fail whilst in use, you will get new ones free for up to two years. If you have a tight budget, this is ideal.

  • Limited two-year warranty
  • Solid stabilizing feet (eight)
  • Supports up to 2000 pounds
  • Durable frame (solid wood)
  • Adjustable height and length
  • Larger capacity (two levels)
  • Users buy wood separately

6. Performance Tool W54011 Saw Horse Set

Performance Tool W54011 Saw Horse SetMost DIY enthusiasts do not large and space cluttering sawhorses that lower the functionality of their garages. Instead, they want small yet durable models that they can travel with easily. If you are one of them, we have identified the best sawhorses for you. Performance Tool W54011 is a set of two premium sawhorses made of heavy-duty plastic. They work well indoors. Their weatherproof designs also work well outdoors. You will enjoy using them on a daily basis.

Spending money on a sawhorse that crumbles under pressure is a poor decision. Buy a quality set such as Performance Tool W54011 instead. Made of heavy-duty plastic, these sawhorses are durable. They can support up to 400 pounds without wobbling. They also have foldable frames that ease their storage and transport.

Which is the best sawhorse for frequent travelers? If you do many on-call jobs and a want a sawhorse that you can travel with easily, buy this set. Both tools are light and portable. They are also foldable and have clutter-free designs that work well in most areas.

Do you worry about safety whenever you are working on woodworking or metalworking projects? This set of sawhorses will serve you well. They have sturdy frames. They also have heavy-duty feet with rubberized contacts that grip smooth and rough surfaces well.

  • Heavy-duty plastic material
  • Sturdy and foldable frames
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Rubberized anti-skid buttons
  • Durable foldout stoppers
  • Metric and standard rulers
  • Not for heavy-duty use

7. TOUGHBUILT C550 Folding Sawhorse/Jobsite Table

TOUGHBUILT C550 Folding Sawhorse/Jobsite TableTOUGHBUILT C550 is a sought-after sawhorse that ranks among the best in 2017. This is a top-rated accessory. If you are looking for a good job site table that will improve both your safety and efficiency, order one. It has a spacious design (41.54 x 26.57 x 28.82-inches). You can handle most types of projects on it with good results. It also has a comfortable height. You can use it for long without issues. Finally, its foldable frame is not only light but also easy to transport.

The quality of the materials used to make this sawhorse is impressive. With one, for instance, you get a powder coated steel frame that does not rust over time. You can use it outdoors with good results. It also has a durable zinc-plated surface that resists both physical and environmental stress.

TOUGHBUILT C550 is a good-looking item. Moreover, because of its sturdy design, it is one of the best sawhorses for professional use. Its pivoting feet do not crumble under pressure. They can support a whopping 1100 pounds without flinching. Combined, you will support up to 2200 pounds of material easily.

TOUGHBUILT C550 has transformed the lives of many contractors because of its superior design. Because of its high capacity design, is supports most types of projects well. It is also one of the best sawhorses for use indoors and outdoors and comes cheap online.

  • Foldable metallic frame (powder coated)
  • High weight capacity (2200 pounds combined)
  • Durable zinc-plated surfaces
  • Spacious (41.54 x 26.57-inches) work surface
  • Portable sawhorse/job site table
  • Way too short for tall individuals

8. WORX Pegasus WX051 Work Table and Sawhorse

WORX Pegasus WX051 Work Table and SawhorseWith the DIY craze now popular globally, the demand for cheap yet functional sawhorses has increased worldwide. If you are among this group, quality models are available online with WORX Pegasus WX051 standing out. With a tabletop measuring around 725 square inches (31×25-inches), this is a spacious item. You can do most light and heavy-duty projects on it with good results. This sawhorse is also tall (31-inches) and has a light (30 pounds) and travel-worthy design.

Do not waste your money on the low-grade sawhorses that are available online. They break easily. They also ruin projects and or compromise the safety of people occasionally. Order a quality product such as WORX Pegasus WX051 instead. Its two-in one design is durable. A part from using it as a sawhorse, you can also transform it into a worktable in a single step.

Do you travel often repairing homes or doing personal woodworking or metalworking projects? Are you looking for a portable sawhorse that you will enjoy using outdoors? WORX Pegasus WX051 is ideal. Even though sturdy and spacious, this is a lightweight accessory. You will not struggle to move it around. It also has a compact design that fit in the trunk of most cars.

The capacity of this sawhorse is desirable. Set up well, it can support up to 1000 pounds of materials without flinching. It also has lockable legs (for safety) and on board storage for most tools.

  • Spacious tabletop (725 square inches)
  • Transforms into a sawhorse
  • 300-pound capacity in table mode
  • 1000-pound capacity in sawhorse mode
  • Foldable design (5-inch deep)
  • Lightweight (30 pounds)
  • None

9. Stanley STST60626 Adjustable Sawhorse (Twin Pack)

Stanley STST60626 Adjustable Sawhorse (Twin Pack)For many years now, the best sawhorses have helped many contractors to handle most types of projects safety. They have stable platforms. They are also portable and made of quality materials that support a lot of weight. Stanley STST60626 meets this threshold. Each package contains two premium sawhorses that handle light-medium weight jobs well. They are also easy to set up and come cheap in the Amazon web store.

What sets Stanley STST60626 apart from other sawhorses? If you are planning to buy one, this product will benefit you in many ways. First, the fact that you get two premium sawhorses for the price of one is impressive. Each sawhorse also supports up to 500 pounds. The risk of then breaking is thus slim.

Do you bend for long whenever you are working or a wood or metalwork project? This product will serve you well. In addition to its spacious platform, you get adjustable legs for customizing its height. Whether you are short or tall, thus, you will work in peace.

Forget about the heavy and hard-to-use sawhorses that you have owned in the past. These Stanley STST60626 sawhorses are easy to set up. They save people a lot of time while planning for projects. They are also portable and have spacious on-board storage for tools.

  • Pack of two durable sawhorses
  • Sturdy trays for storing tools
  • Heavy duty frames (foldable)
  • Support up to 1000 pounds (combined)
  • Adjustable legs (with latches)
  • Not very durable (for light use only)

10. WORX WX065 Clamping Sawhorse

WORX WX065 Clamping SawhorseWorking on a sawhorse is fun and fulfilling for both hobbyist and professionals. The type of the product that you use matters, though. With a poorly the designed model, the risk of slipping and injury is high. Avoid such products like a plague. Buy WORX WX065 instead. With an original one, you get a well-made clamping sawhorse with a plethora of admirable features. Made of a thermoplastic polymer plastic, for instance, it is durable. It supports up to 1000 pounds of materials easily. It also has a portable design.

Many people work in garages and small offices. As such, installing and using a fully-fledged working bench is an arduous task. This WORX WX065 sawhorse works better. The foldable frame that it has is both sturdy and durable. It is also compact, which eases its transportation. Order yours from Amazon today.

Even though cheaper than other sawhorses that we have reviewed, WORX WX065 is a versatile device. Its set up, for instance, is very easy. You do not require an extra pair of hands to get it to work. It also has a sturdy top with clamps that secure materials well.

Woodworking requires a plethora of tools to do correctly. People use the best chainsaws to split/cut thick logs or wood. The best rotary tools are also perfect for grinding and buffing surfaces. WORX WX065 has storage for these tools. You do not have to place them on the floor or on a separate rack as you work.

  • Built in shelf for working
  • Durable storage hooks for tools
  • Adjustable clamps (vertical and horizontal)
  • Lightweight and foldable frame
  • Thermoplastic polymer material
  • Supports up to 1000 pounds
  • Sturdy/non-slip feet
  • Only for light-duty use

What to Look for in a Sawhorse

Sawhorses offer the supports that people need whilst working wood and metalwork projects. If you are looking for one, use this guide to find the best:

Dimensions: People have different stature. Some are short. Some are tall. To get a sawhorse that will serve you well, therefore, check its dimensions before buying. Is it the correct height? You should also check the dimensions of its platform. If you saw large pieces of wood occasionally, buying a sawhorse with a small platform will frustrate you in the long term.

Materials: Sawhorses undergo a lot of abuse whilst in use. To get one that will serve you well, check the materials used to make it before buying. Is it made of steel, aluminum, or a heavy-duty plastic? Because of their longevity, such materials often serve people the best. They do not break easily. They also support a lot of weight without buckling under pressure. Cheaply made sawhorses compromise the safety of their users.

Portability: Nowadays, many people like to work outdoors instead of in garages. This has saw a sharp rise in the demand for light yet functional sawhorses worldwide. Keep this in mind the next time you are shopping for one. Check its weight. Can you travel with it easily? If possible, look for a model with a foldable frame. They are easier to transport. You also do not need a lot of space to store an original one.

Weight Limit: What is the weight limit of your preferred sawhorse? Different brands have different limits. Look for one that will serve you the best. If you use heavy-duty materials occasionally, a high capacity sawhorse will serve you well and vice versa.

Ease of Use: To get the best sawhorse, look for a product that you can use easily. It should have sturdy and non-slip feet. A sawhorse that slides often is unsafe. Second, it must be easy to set up. This will save you time and effort whilst preparing for a job.


Unlike traditional benches that are static, sawhorses are portable accessories that people enjoy using. They are also sturdy and made of quality materials that withstand day-to-day abuse well. The top 10 brands that we have reviewed meet this threshold. To get value for your money, order one from Amazon store now.


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