10 Best Remote Control Helicopters in 2018

Rule the Air with the Best Remote Control Helicopters in 2017 - A Detailed Review

If you have flown a remote controlled helicopter, you will agree with me that there is so much that you can do with one. And, the best thing it, we never outgrow the fun so you might think you are purchasing one for your kid only for it to rekindle all the fun you used to have and enjoy it even more. And, while still on the remote control helicopters, you can have a look at the best pedal cars for kids.

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Key Features That You Should Look for When Buying a RC Helicopter

Durability: One thing that determines the durability of a remote controlled helicopter is the toughness of the materials used to construct it. Also, the design and its compactness determines how durable it is going to be. Especially for beginners, getting the most durable helicopter is key as there is a high probability of them having some collisions as they learn how to control them.

Ease of Control: You don’t want to spend too much time just learning how to control your helicopter. The easier it is, the more interesting it is.

Ease of Assembling: Again, another frustrating thing is having to assemble too many tiny parts especially if you are not handy. Luckily, there are so many preassembled helicopters on the market while others are super easy to assemble with clear instructions on how to go about the process.

Availability & Affordability of Spare Parts: You cannot rule out with absolute certainty the possibility of your helicopter getting some few damages with time thus the need to replace or repair some parts. Thus, before purchasing a particular helicopter, ensure that its spare parts are readily and cheaply available.

LED Lights: LED lights are ideal for indoor flying or flying in dark conditions.

Total Flying Time: The best helicopter should give you a long flying time from a fully charged battery. This way, you enjoy more before the next recharge.

Price: Just as with any other product, the best helicopter should fit your budget.

10. Original SYMA Helicopter, S39 RC with GYRO Remote Control

Original SYMA Helicopter, S39 RC with GYRO Remote Control

If your little one is learning how to fly a helicopter or has not flown one before, this would be a great place to start. This helicopter is simply designed to give beginners an easy time learning how to fly it. The thing with our little ones is that they get so excited about a new toy and this excitement fades away quickly once they learn that they cannot have an easy time operating their toy. Thus, to keep them interested and want to move on to more challenging helicopters, you must start them off with a simple to operate helicopter and this will be the best choice.

Once you have set it up, charged and ready to go, you will find that controlling it is super easy. The flight control involves Up/Down, Forward/Backward, and Left/Right turn movements. This way, your kid will have all the fun flying his helicopter to whichever direction they wish. The included toy remote control is super easy to operate and they will learn how to use it quickly. A USB charger is also included to make charging hassle-free and you will be good to start using your helicopter as soon as you want.

Also, this helicopter features LED light thus can easily be flown in dark environments. This is mostly ideal for indoor environments and this feature makes it mostly ideal for flying indoors. You don’t need to get the lights on if you don’t need them for anything else. And, it is cool to fly your helicopter in such conditions as it seems so real. With 5-8 minutes to fly your helicopter, you can have so much fun especially if it’s a competition.
Original SYMA Helicopter, S39 RC with GYRO Remote Control

The manufacturers have recommended both indoor and outdoor flying thus whichever environments suits you best you can go for it without any worries. Most kids prefer the outdoors because you have the freedom to fly in whatever direction just as your remote control enables you without any limitations. However, it’s not everyone who has access to an open space and even if they do, it is not always free for flying thus knowing that you can fly your helicopter in any of the environments is exciting.

From the understanding that this helicopter will have to go through several crashes every time it is flown, the manufacturers saw it fit to give it a compact construction. It thus features a strong aluminum frame that’s unlikely to get destructed no matter how hard the crash is. However, being compact does not mean that it is in any way heavy. It is super lightweight thus your little one can carry it around and it measures around 10 inches so it is also small in size. And, you will also get a spare tail blade on top the USB charger.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to control
  • Features LED light thus can easily be flown in dark environments
  • It’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor flying
  • Compact construction though lightweight
  • Spare Tail Blade and a USB charger is included
  • Battery not included

9. Mini RC 901 Shutter Resistant Helicopter, 2.5CH with Gyro System

Mini RC 901 Shutter Resistant Helicopter, 2.5CH with Gyro System

There is no debate on the durability of a remote control helicopter when it is made of a tough material thus tough body. This makes it ideal for beginners and pros alike because if it is your first time to fly a helicopter, you are more likely to have collisions and unexpected landing all which might results to damages on your helicopter but as long as it has a tough body, you will have nothing to worry about.

Its mini sized body makes it easy to control and also store. You don’t want your helicopter to take up too much space unless you can afford it. Almost everyone would like a helicopter that would be easy to control. And, this is perfect for this. If you are buying it for your little ones, it will be easier for them to carry it around when need be without relying on you to do it for them.

The helicopter is also very colorful and this makes it very attractive. Just as most people, you too would prefer flying a beautiful helicopter, not because it adds any value in terms of how the helicopter flies but it is satisfying it is own way. In fact, most people would even leave out a great helicopter in terms of performance simply because the colors or the designs are not appealing to their taste.
Mini RC 901 Shutter Resistant Helicopter, 2.5CH with Gyro System

It features LED light that are very important when flying your helicopter indoor. Getting a helicopter that’s ideal for both outdoor and indoor flying is always advantageous as this means that you are covered no matter the changes in weather conditions or if there is enough light or not. Mostly, wind, rain and sun are the main outdoor conditions that hinder one from flying their helicopters on the outdoor. However, with this, you can do it in whatever environment as it has all the necessary features.

Starting it is also very easy as you only pull the switch situated under the body. You don’t want to waste all the time trying to finger out how you are supposed to start it. With such an easy to start helicopter, you will be able to start it almost immediately after receiving it. This is especially helpful for beginners as it might be hard for one to tell outright how you are supposed to start it.

Again, this is the only helicopter that gives up to 15 minutes fly time with a fully charged battery in this category. Of course everyone would do great with some more flying time as charging and recharging the batteries plus the waiting time might not be the best for everyone especially if you just want to fly it more and more. It is also very durable, as mentioned above due to its tough body thus you can be sure that you will be using it for a long time.

  • Shutter resistant with a tough body
  • Colorful
  • LED light
  • Easy to start
  • Very durable
  • Gives upto 15 minutes fly time
  • Mini sized body

8. REALACC Mini Helicopter, LED Light thus ideal for Indoor & Outdoor flying, 3.5CH Channels

REALACC Mini Helicopter, LED Light thus ideal for Indoor & Outdoor flying, 3.5CH Channels

We never really outgrow the fun that comes with helicopter flying. It’s always a good time flying one no matter how old we get and REALACC ensures that this fun never fades away by providing us with the best helicopter on the market at a very fair price. Whether you like flying alone or with your loved ones, this helicopter makes every moment enjoyable working just as you would wish it to.

With a compact construction design with all durable materials, this helicopter will easily withstand even the toughest crash that mostly happen when you are learning how to fly it. You surely don’t want to invest in a helicopter that will end up crashing within the first few minutes of trying to learn how to fly it. Durability, just as it is with other products, is key on this kind of a helicopter. With a compact design, you can fly your copter anywhere, any time without any worries.

This comes in a tough, new improved canopy design that enables it withstand more crashes than ever and even though it is tougher, it is more shatterproof and more lightweight. This means that because of its weight, you are better off if you can learn how to control it from indoors before taking it outdoors. Being lightweight means more difficulties when controlling it from the outdoor but once you learn how to go about it, you will love flying it from any environment.
REALACC Mini Helicopter, LED Light thus ideal for Indoor & Outdoor flying, 3.5CH Channels

Everyone says that it is ideal for beginners because of how easy it is to control it. But, beginner or no beginner, who really likes to fly a helicopter that will take ages to learn how to control is correctly? I bet no one. With the included RC, you will easily learn how to control your copter and even if you are buying it for your little one, they too won’t have any problems learning to control it. It features 3.5 channels and all are easy to control.

What’s more, this copter comes ready to fly. No assembly required. Most people don’t like assembling products mostly because most of them require you to be handy or to have several equipment that you might not have thus extra costs. Also, some people also dislike assembling because of the unclear instructions provided by the manufacturers that make them waste a lot of time just trying to assemble a single product. With this helicopter, you will get to enjoy the latest Gyroscope technology that enables you fly it straight out of the box.

It also has a great balance thus flying it becomes super easy. And, because of this, it is also faster and more flexible. If the helicopter lacks a good balance, you will have a hard time controlling it as it will feel shaky on some parts thus less flexibility and less speed. With this helicopter, all you will need is charged batteries and immediately enjoy flying it whether you are indoors or outdoors. And, most importantly, it is built and designed to last so you can use it for many years.

  • Compact construction design with all durable materials
  • Tough, new improved canopy design enabling it withstand more crashes
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Comes ready to fly
  • Faster and more flexible
  • Great balance
  • No USB charger

7. SkyRover Phantom, 3-Channel IR Gyro Helicopter Vehicle

SkyRover Phantom, 3-Channel IR Gyro Helicopter Vehicle

For anyone looking for a cheap but great quality helicopter, you won’t be disappointed with this one. It is pocket-friendly and meets your kids’ need for an amazing toy perfectly. It is designed to make helicopter flying fun and easy to learn. Anyone who has purchased one has found it satisfactory when it comes to giving your kid that helicopter flying experience and it is easy to tell this from customers’ reviews.

If your ceilings are too low to fly any helicopters upwards, you will love this more because it can be flown from both indoor and outdoor. Thus, people whose ceilings are low or just don’t have enough indoor space to fly a helicopter can do it from the outdoor. On the other hand, if the weather condition outside is not conducive for your kid to be flying a helicopter outdoor, they will be able to do it from the indoor without any problems. Too much wind or rains are not conducive for these kind of activities as it makes it super hard to control your helicopter thus you are better off indoors.

And, apart from being lightweight which is a plus for any kid toys, this helicopter also has a good size. This makes it easy for your kids to use it. You don’t have to be around them any time they want to fly their helicopter so it being of the right size for their little hands to carry is a plus. Also, having a small size means less storage space because you don’t need to go through the hassles of creating more space for just one toy. Thus, it becomes advantageous to you as well.
SkyRover Phantom, 3-Channel IR Gyro Helicopter Vehicle

When it comes to this helicopter’s durability, you can bet on your last buck that it will withstand any test of this sort. First, you can’t rule out with absolute certainty that you or your kid won’t crash this helicopter several times before you master how the remote control works. Also, even after learning how it works, it will happen time and again just as it is with other remote controlled toys. Thus, it is only fair if the manufacturers are caring enough to use tough and durable materials and they did so with this. Thus, you can be sure that its parts won’t fall apart after a few crashes thanks to its shatterproof body.

The automatic Take-OFF/Smart Hovering mode allowing you to keep the helicopter at a desired fixed height then only maneuver the steering controls. This becomes especially helpful for people whose ceilings are too low because you can comfortably fly your helicopter indoors without any issues. Also, you can set this mode for your kids when they are still learning how to fly it to make it easier for them to control it. This is part of the reason this helicopter is viewed as easy to control.

Charging time is around 40 minutes, and once fully charged, you can get up to 20 minutes continuous flying time. This enough time compared with other helicopters in this range. You will also be using 6 AA batteries to operate it though they are not included as most people would wish but they are readily available in any local stores so finding them won’t be a problem. The working lights plus the infrared controller makes it easier to use it in low light environments, which is a plus for people who plan to use it from indoors.

  • Fairly priced
  • Works both outdoors and indoors
  • A good size
  • Very durable
  • Automatic Take-OFF/Smart Hovering mode
  • Batteries not included

6. MiluoTech RC Helicopter Toy Remote Control & Flying Car Drone XX8 2.4G 4-Axis 6CH Gyro Mini Quadcopter

MiluoTech RC Helicopter Toy Remote Control & Flying Car Drone XX8 2.4G 4-Axis 6CH Gyro Mini Quadcopter

First thing to check when it comes to any products in this category is its durability. Once this is proven, you can rest assured that no matter how many times the helicopter is charged and flown per day, you will not be buying any spare parts soon. Thing is, you cannot be sure where or how the helicopter will land. Some people have demonstrated how they had to use stones to bring their helicopters down after they landed on trees and there was no any other way to bring them down.

With this helicopter, durability has been prioritized, meaning you will be able to use it just as you want without any form of limitations. Mostly, when flying a helicopter outdoors, you have to be extra cautious on where it is landing or what it is hitting as it flies. You also don’t have to go through the struggle of getting spare parts or watching as your kid go through the disappointments of a broken helicopter.

What’s even better about it is the ease of controlling it out of the box. It is not rocket science. You don’t need to have prior knowledge or experience in flying a helicopter using a RC. You will be shocked to see that even your kid will know their way around every part of it within no time. In fact, you will be flying it just a few minutes after getting it out of the box. Also, there is nothing more that you need to buy so as to start using it. It is one of the most convenient helicopters you will come across at this price range.
MiluoTech RC Helicopter Toy Remote Control & Flying Car Drone XX8 2.4G 4-Axis 6CH Gyro Mini Quadcopter

The headless mode enables you to operate your helicopter with ease. This is a rear mode in most aircrafts but it makes all the difference when it comes to controlling one. The helicopter will easily change its flight according to how you change its remoter. Flying a helicopter has never been this easy and fun. When you want your aircraft to fly back, you will just press the auto return button and it will automatically fly right back.

You will also have loads of fun with the flip mode. You see, the manufacturers here were trying to avoid the usual. There are already too many aircrafts on the market so the last thing you want is to bring another one with all similar features. By standing out, you will attract more buyers and everyone will be happy to have a different experience. This helicopter is exactly the difference you want, thanks to its many unique and high-quality features.

In a nutshell, I would like to point out that this helicopter is very durable and you will rarely need to replace any of its parts and when you do, you will be happy to know that they are readily available and at a cheaper price. Also, you can do most of everything when it comes to the repairs. A fully charged battery gives long flight times and overall, the aircraft is very responsive. It also gets pretty high and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor flying. Its medium size adds to its ease of flying and it is also advantageous when it comes to storing it.

  • Very durable
  • Easy to control out of the box
  • Headless mode
  • Cruise control
  • Flip mode
  • Long flight times
  • Very responsive
  • Gets pretty high
  • Medium sized
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor flying
  • Multi-copter
  • No fine control

5. Haktoys HAk303 Mini RC Helicopter, 3.5 Channel with Gyroscope

Haktoys HAk303 Mini RC Helicopter, 3.5 Channel with Gyroscope

This is another great helicopter. It is built to last and withstand various flight conditions, even the harshest. This is important because when purchasing any type of products, the thought of going back to purchase spare parts should not be in our minds. Everyone wants to know that their product will serve them for the longest time without any hiccups.

By the material used to make this helicopter being shatterproof, this means that you will not have issues even when learning how to fly it because at this stage, there is a high probability of your helicopter hitting the walls a few times or landing unexpectedly. All the materials used are flexible thus crash resistant which is the most important part of a helicopter. You don’t want to feel limited on where or how you should fly your aircraft just because you don’t want to risk crashing it with any form of head collision.

And, apart from being durable, it is also very easy to fly. This is to a great extent made possible by its stability. It features built-in gyroscope that ensures maximum stability. With a stable flight, you will find it super easy to control your aircraft as opposed to when stability is poor. This makes it easy for the newbie kids learning to fly a helicopter as they can easily do it without an adult’s help.
Haktoys HAk303 Mini RC Helicopter, 3.5 Channel with Gyroscope

This is partly why this helicopter is viewed as being ideal for most beginners as it takes just a few trials to learn how to control it perfectly. Thus, if you are just thinking about how to introduce your kid to this type of a toy, go ahead and order this as you will have an easy time teaching him or her. It is also available in various colors so you have an option to choose your best.

The batteries require 30 minutes to be fully charged and after this, they can give you a long light time of between 6 and 8 minutes. You will therefore get to enjoy flying it with friends or your kids. It also has a good flight range of around 50 feet thus you can be able to control it even when you are quite far from it. Basically, this helicopter incorporates everything anyone interested in this type of activities would like.

For the times when the outside weather is not conducive for helicopter flying, say it is too windy or rainy, you have the infrared control for indoor flight. This is super amazing as not all the time it will be possible to fly your aircraft outside. With strong winds, the helicopter becomes harder to control due to its lightweight that might result to it being blown away further than the recommended range. It is thus an indoor and outdoor helicopter.

  • Shatterproof
  • Easy to fly
  • Very stable
  • Long flight time (6-8 mins)
  • Good flight range (50 feet)
  • Infrared control for indoor flight
  • Available in various colors
  • Batteries are not included

4. GPTOYS Remote Control Helicopter, G610 11-Inch with LED Light, Ready to Fly

GPTOYS Remote Control Helicopter, G610 11-Inch with LED Light, Ready to Fly

If you or whoever you are buying a helicopter for has not flown one before, I would suggest you get this as it is the number one recommended helicopter for beginners. Firstly, it is well built to withstand the many crashes that might occur as you begin learning how to control it. By being strong and well-built, you can be sure that no damages will occur thus no need for spare parts. Secondly, it is super easy to control. None of its control buttons is complicated so you won’t be taking forever trying to control it the right way.

The helicopter also features all stable flight characteristics. One secret to having an easy time flying your helicopter, you better ensure that it is very stable as this is the first step to ease of control. You will thus learn how to control it within no time and if you have used other helicopters before, you will be able to tell the difference right away. It takes between 30 & 50 minutes to fully charge it which gives you 8 minutes flight time.

It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This is very advantageous as there is no particular time that you cannot use it. If the weather outside is unbearable, you can comfortably use it on the inside as it features multicolored LED lights that make it possible to be flown in the dark. With this helicopter, there is no limitation on where or when to fly it. However, just as it is recommended with many other helicopters, when flying it outdoor, ensure first that there is no strong winds as they make it harder to control the helicopter due to its lightweight.
GPTOYS Remote Control Helicopter, G610 11-Inch with LED Light, Ready to Fly

You can have amazing fun with this helicopter as it features three selectable frequencies that allow you to fly a max of three helicopters at a go. Just picture how fun this can be and controlling even all the three helicopters is super easy. This helicopter brings the fun of flying helicopters to a whole new and super exciting level by ensuring that you get the most out of every fully charged battery.

In addition, you will be getting full 3.5 channels that will enable you to control fly your helicopter either up or down, left or right, and forward or backward and hovering. This means that there is nothing that you cannot do with your helicopter. Its RC range is 15 meters which is a good distance for effective control. The Gyro stabilizer enables your helicopter to move in a more flexible and stable manner.

And, if you are not so much into assembling, you will love this helicopter more as it is ready to fly straight out of the box thanks to the amazing technology employed by its manufacturers. It sometimes gets so annoying trying to place all the little screws and other tiny parts together and it gets even worse if at the end of your assembly you realize that you placed some of the parts in the wrong places. With this helicopter, time wastage on trying to assemble it and no frustration from missing parts.

  • Stable flight characteristics
  • Features multicolored LED lights that makes it possible to fly it in the dark
  • Has three selectable frequencies that allow you to fly a max of three helicopters at a go
  • Gives full 3.5 channels
  • Gyro stabilizer ensures that the moves are more stable and flexible
  • It’s ready to fly out of the box
  • Does not come with the batteries

3. Lutema Avatar Hovercraft, Blue, 4-CH Remote Control Helicopter

Lutema Avatar Hovercraft, Blue, 4-CH Remote Control Helicopter

This is a very stable helicopter. And, because of this, this helicopter is super easy to fly and most important, control. Because of this, it is ideal for both beginners and pros in helicopter flying activities. You will love flying it and if this is the first helicopter you will be flying, the journey will start off easily thanks to its ease of flying and controlling. This is simply the best helicopter there is on the market.

Most importantly, this helicopter comes preassembled. This means that you are saved from assembling it on yourself a task that has proven tough for most buyers. There is always too many parts to assemble and too tiny screws to screw in. Misplacing or miss screwing one might mean that you have to undo everything and start a fresh. This might be time consuming leave alone frustrating.

The whole construction is super compact in that you can go ahead and learn how to fly it without any fears of damaging it whatsoever. Because of this compactness, this helicopter is shatterproof thus very durable. No more costs from purchasing spare parts nor being forced to buy a new helicopter all together within a very short period simply because the one you bought could not hold together as expected.
Lutema Avatar Hovercraft, Blue, 4-CH Remote Control Helicopter

The helicopter features fully-functional hover motors that enable it maneuver in any direction, side-to-side maneuverability included. This means that you will enjoy flying it more which is the whole point of buying this type of a helicopter. If the helicopter can give you more options of what you can do with it, you will find it very interesting even after using it for several years.

It is also very small in size and very stable. Flying it becomes very easy and thus even people who have not flown a helicopter before will find it very easy and quick to control. Also, in the event where spare parts are needed, you will be happy to know that these spare parts are very much available and are also cheap. Furthermore, everything about repairing this helicopter is super easy and you will do it in minutes and be ready to fly your helicopter again.

  • Stable helicopter
  • Preassembled
  • Very compact
  • Fully-functional hover motors that enable it maneuver in any direction, side-to-side included
  • Small in size and very stable
  • Getting the spare parts is easy and cheap
  • Easy to fly
  • Most ideal for beginners
  • The batteries needed to operate the remote controller are not included

2. Syma S102G Helicopter 3.5 Channel RC with Gyro

Syma S102G Helicopter 3.5 Channel RC with Gyro

For anyone searching for a high-quality helicopter, Syma S102G is the way to go. It is made of all durable materials thus very durable and withstands a great deal of abuse. When learning how to control your helicopter, you might end up crashing it one too many times and you need a strong helicopter to make sure that you are not running back to the stores for spare parts or to replace the helicopter entirely.

When it comes to flying it, this helicopter is super easy to fly. You don’t need hours or days of trial and error. No one wants to spend too much time trying to figure out how to go about their helicopter. You will be able to set and fly it almost immediately after getting it out of the box. Even if you are buying it for your kid, he or she will not need much help when flying it.

It features an internal rechargeable battery so you won’t go through the hustle of finding the best batteries to buy. You only need to charge it fully once you receive it and you will be good to start flying it. With a fully charged battery, you will be able to fly it for some minutes before there is a need to recharge it.
Syma S102G Helicopter 3.5 Channel RC with Gyro

Its LED lights makes it ideal for indoor use or in dark places. If you have issues with flying your helicopter outdoor during the day mostly because looking up might be a challenge especially on sunny days, you will love the LED lights in this helicopter. Also, some other factors like too much winds and rain might hinder you from flying your helicopter outdoors so you can always count on the LED lights to make indoor flying perfect.

With the 3.5 channel gyro, this helicopter is able to correct itself and also yaws in flight. This means you can avoid unexpected crashes and also, controlling it becomes much easier. When controlling your helicopter becomes easy, the fun hits the roof. You will also not be risking damaging your helicopter sooner than expected. This is a great feature for any type of helicopters.

This is a mini helicopter which makes it even easier to operate or store. Not unless you have enough space to store your helicopter, a mini size is always a winner. It also features stable flight characteristics thus very ideal for beginners. It is a great helicopter to invest in. It is very durable and easy to control. There is no reason not to buy this helicopter.

  • Super easy to fly
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • LED lights for indoor use
  • 3.5 channel gyro thus corrects itself and yaws in flight
  • Mini helicopter
  • Stable flight characteristics
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Remote batteries not included

1. Syma S108G Helicopter 3.5 Channel RC with Gyro

Syma S108G Helicopter 3.5 Channel RC with Gyro

Any beginner searching for a nice helicopter to give them an easy time learning how to fly one, this is a great helicopter for beginners. When starting to learn just anything, the ease of learning it determines how interested you will be in it and your will to continue learning it. When it is too complicated, you might just get bored and lose the interest in flying helicopters for life.

It is super easy to fly and this is why it is highly recommended for beginners. It also features LED light that makes it ideal for night flights. This means you have the option to fly your helicopter either indoor or outdoor. However, when flying it outdoor, you must ensure that there is no wind at all because when it’s windy, controlling your helicopter might be impossible.

Because of the high-quality of the materials used in making it, this helicopter is very durable thus it will give you quality services for a long time. You will also feel free while learning how to fly it because you will not be afraid of crashing it as this won’t damage it. No one wants to incur extra costs in form of spare parts thus it’s advantageous when the helicopter is durable.
Syma S108G Helicopter 3.5 Channel RC with Gyro

The helicopter is also very stable thus very easy to fly and control. Most people don’t know the importance of stability when it comes to flying this type of helicopters. With this one, flying it is super easy and controlling it becomes much easier. Therefore, even for those who will be flying this helicopter for the first time will have an easy time doing it.

With a fully charged battery, you will be getting 10 minutes flying time which is enough for all the fun you have imagined. Whether you are flying it alone or with friends, you will enjoy every single minute of the 10 minutes. The fact that it is easy to control means that you will be able to utilize it fully within the 10 minutes, otherwise you might waste all the minutes trying to learn how to control it. The battery is inbuilt so all you do is recharge it then continue using it.

  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to fly
  • Features LED light for night flights
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor flying
  • Very durable
  • Very stable
  • 10 minutes flying time with a fully charged battery
  • Inbuilt battery
  • A bit costly


Getting a good helicopter for people who love or who would like to begin flying one is amazing. There is so much fun in helicopter flying but you must be patient enough to learn how to do it right. Also, when purchasing the helicopter, you must take your time to ensure that you are getting the best in terms of durability and ease of controlling it. The list above is aimed at making it easy for you to land the best and we have also included the all the factors you should have in mind while shopping for one. There is so much to learn about the remote control helicopters.

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