Struggling with Hot Summer Months? The Best Portable Air Conditioners Worth Buying in 2018

Struggling with Hot Summer Months? The Best Portable Air Conditioners Worth Buying in 2017

Considering the world has warmed up quite a bit over the years, the demand for air conditioners keeps increasing by the day. Most individuals also looking to replace the central systems that came pre-built into homes years ago. They are expensive to manage. Most models are also non-ideal for cooling or heating small spaces such as bedrooms or living rooms. If you are among this group and want a worthy solution, one of the portable air conditioners in stores will serve you well.

Portable air conditioners are beneficial in many ways. Even though smaller and cheaper than central air conditioners, or instance, their performance is admirable. You can use them for floor-to-ceiling cooling. You can also use them for directional cooling with memorable results. Setup and operation are also easy, while their reliable systems do not require expensive maintenance to work well. Take care, though. Instead of basing your decision solely on cost, research and choose a quality product that will serve you well.

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What to Look for in Portable Air Conditioner

In stores such as Amazon, you can find a variety of portable air conditioners all claiming to be the best. To overcome such confusion and find a valuable product that will serve you well for long, here are a few attributes to keep in mind:

British Thermal Unit (BTU): The BTU of a portable air conditioner is the unit of heat needed to warm or cool a room. Generally, high BTU machines are powerful. They cool or warm homes faster than low BTU air conditioners. Use the size of your room and your overall cooling or heating needs to choose the best product for you.

Size: When shopping for air conditioners, most individuals think that bigger brands are always better. This is not true. The product that you choose should be easy to move. It should be light. Fixtures such as caster wheels also improve the mobility of portable air conditioners. Keep that in mind too.

Performance: Spending money on a stylish or large air conditioner that will not meet your needs is a poor decision. In addition to BTU and size, makes sure your product of choice is ideal for indoor use. It should be quiet, for instance. Setup should be easy. Finally, for the best experience, look out for models with built-in fans. They distribute heat or cold better than other models.

Cost: Most individuals use portable air conditioners for day-to-day cooling or heating. With a power thirsty model, therefore, electrical bills can soar to an unsustainable level. Keep this in mind. Do not spend money on a cheap air conditioner with hefty running costs. Instead, purchase a modestly priced one with lower running costs. It makes more sense.

Ease of Use: Never buy a complicated air conditioner that you will have trouble using. Your model of choice should be easy to setup. Controls should be easy to use and its overall design customized to better the experience of users. If possible, choose a portable air conditioner with a remote.

10. DeLonghi America 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

DeLonghi America 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
In the portable air conditioner niche, DeLonghi has many loyal customers because of its quality products. This 12,000BTU unit, for instance, is a powerful day-to-day model that outmatches its competition in many ways. Unlike the bulky and inefficient products in some stores, it has a streamlined outlook that blends well in homes. Power output is impressive, while its ability to cure dampness in homes prevents the growth of molds and mildew. It also clears allergens and harmful microscopic organisms found in air.

Featuring a versatile three in one design, you will have a memorable time using this air conditioner. Apart from being an efficient dehumidifier, it has a built-in fan that cools that air in homes well. The fan is whisper-quiet and has an adjustable speed that you can customize to meet your needs. During summer, for instance, you can set it on high to deliver a soothing floor to ceiling cooling experience.

Are you tired of the expensive yet underperforming central air conditioning system in your home? To better your experience while keeping spending low, DeLonghi America 14,000 BTU is a good product to consider. Portable, for instance, you can move it between and within rooms effortlessly when needed. Installation is a breeze, while its affordability makes it ideal for day-to-day cooling. If you have a compatible power outlet at home, therefore, expect a soothing experience while keeping your spending low. Apart from cooling, this machine warms better than comparable products.
DeLonghi America 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Have you used a few portable air conditioners that have broken down after days of use? Expect the converse with this machine. Made of heavy-duty plastic, it has a durable case that withstands both physical and environmental abuse. Scratches, for instance, are non-issues. It is also stain-proof and has a charming outlook that blends well in homes. It fan and heating elements are durable, while its ability to cool up to 500 square feet of space is desirable. When sleeping, you will enjoy a soothing cooling sensation with this product. It also works well in living areas and offices.

DeLonghi America 14,000 BTU has numerous innovative features that make it stand out from the rest. Among these, its ease of use is by far one of the most treasured. Why buy a portable air conditioner that you will never serve you well? Because it is plug and use, for instance, you do not have to hardwire it to an electrical system to cool or warm your home. Installation is tool-less and accomplishable in minutes by individuals of all skill levels. This product also has convenient electrical controls, digitized on and off function, and a free remote control.

  • Free remote control
  • Powerful 12,000 BTU system
  • Durable plastic body
  • Electronic controls
  • Three-in-one system
  • Portable design
  • Whisper-quiet fan
  • Annoying knocking sound
  • Leaks over time

9. Haier HPC12XCR 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Haier HPC12XCR 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Do you want a powerful and affordable air conditioner (portable) that will help you sleep and relax comfortably at home? The Haier HPC12XCR is a portable 12,000BTU air conditioner that works well. It also heats rooms well (11,000BTU) and has an efficient design that covers up to 500 square feet. Whether you have a small or large bedroom, therefore, expect professional results from this product. You can also use it in your small or medium-sized office with good results.

Do you have a damp basement or room that lowers the value of your home? If you have experimented with numerous products and or remedies with poor results, this machine will not let you down. Apart from cooling and heating, it has a powerful dehumidification function that expels around 100 pints of moisture per day. Considering its size, this is appealing. Because of its portable design, you can also move it to and from your bedroom and basement effortlessly. Do not let mold or mildew to take over your home. Buy this product today.

Recommended for indoor use, Haier HPC12XCR is a safe product with numerous safe components. If you are conscious about the environment, for instance, the Eco-friendly refrigerant it uses is not only safe for the environment but also humans. It is free of lead and mercury and comes RoHS-certified safe for everyday use. Its electrical system is also of high quality. Unlike some models that overheat or short circuit under pressure, its reliability is desirable. You will enjoy years of excellent service without health or safety problems.
Haier HPC12XCR 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
One of the major benefits that have made this standalone air conditioner popular globally is its portability. For instance, because of its light and portable design, you will never have a problem moving it within a room or between rooms. For those that do not have enough money to spend on several machines for different rooms, this is desirable. You also get a clear window with both temperature and time displays, smooth rolling casters, and a solid and aesthetic case that lasts long. Forget about this air conditioner losing its functional/aesthetic appeal over time.

With Haier HPC12XCR, you get a consistent indoor air conditioner with a powerful all-in-one system. The three cool settings offered, for instance, benefits individuals of all cadres. Whether you want a chilly blast of air or a cold soothing breeze when sleeping, this product will meet your needs. It also has a quiet yet powerful fan with three adjustable settings and a responsive 24-hour on/off timer. As such, its users enjoy directional heating on demand. The risk of over-cooling or overheating of rooms is also slim.

In stores such as Amazon, Haier HPC12XCR comes with all that mandatory accessories that you will need to operate it well. In addition to the air conditioner, for instance, you get a powerful full remote for easier operation. You also get a stylish front grille that channels wind better, an adaptable fumes hose, and a durable six-inch line for evacuating the unit. This is unlike its competition that requires individuals to purchase some of these third-party accessories separately.

  • Have all third-party accessories
  • Powerful 12,000BTU system
  • Human and environment-safe components
  • Advanced three-in-one system
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • 24-hour on and off timer
  • Powerful fan (three settings)
  • 350-450 square foot coverage
  • Directional casters
  • Annoying buzzing sound

8. Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Portable Cooling/Air Conditioner

Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Portable Cooling / Air Conditioner
Heating homes is a frustrating affair, considering the hefty amounts individuals pay for central air conditioning systems. The good news is that you no longer need such dated technologies. With portable air conditioners now available, you can cool and or heat your home on demand without paying such hefty prices. Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K, in particular, is a handy accessory with a compact and portable design that you works well in homes. Unlike some models that clutter spaces, you will be able to walk around your bedroom or living room without worrying about bumping into your air conditioner.

Perfect for home and commercial use, Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K is a quality product that delivers quality service on a budget. For instance, if you want to heat or cool your home well without installing new ducting, this in an ideal product. Considering its versatile all-in-one design, you do not need a water collection tank nor a floor drain to use this product. Simply plug it in a compatible wall outlet and customize its system as needed to have memorable results. Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K has a louvered vent for general cooling and ducted vent for direct cooling.

As discussed earlier, one of the major attributes you should look at when purchasing an air conditioner is its power output. High BTU products, for instance, are efficient at cooling and heating spaces. They work faster and deliver lasting results in homes and or offices. You get this and more with an original Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K air conditioner. Rated at approximately 12,000BTU, its performance is desirable. It is also reliable and fitted with quality components that do not fail easily over the years.
Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Portable Cooling / Air Conditioner
Are you conscious about environmental pollution? Even though air conditioners have a higher carbon footprint than most household accessories, this product is safe to use. Tripp Lite has taken numerous steps to make sure that you get a human and environment-safe product that never disappoints. The R410a refrigerant that it uses, for instance, does not contain ozone-depleting ingredients found in some brands. Its design and components are also EPA-compliant, which is ideal. Finally, because this air conditioner uses less power than most central system, it has a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Forget about the hard to use air conditioning system that came with your home. With Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K, you get a convenient day-to-day product that individuals of all cadres can operate effortlessly. Featuring a top-mounted control panel, for instance, you can setup and customize its system effortlessly. Its readout (LED backlit) is large and clear, while its portable self-contained design comes ready to use. You do not have to hard wire it or deal with complex settings for this air conditioner to work well. Finally, you get a convenient auto restart feature and a versatile installation kit that works well on both ceilings and windows.

  • Versatile installation kit
  • Powerful 12,000BTU system
  • Portable self-contained design
  • Convenient auto-restart feature
  • Large LED-backlit display
  • EPA-compliant components
  • Shorter lifespan

7. Shinco 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling

Shinco 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling
Because of global warming, summers have become hotter and winters colder to the frustration of most individuals. To stay comfortable and well protected against such problems, buy a quality air conditioner such as Shinco. Portable, durable, and with a versatile 10,000BTU system, its performance in small and medium-sized spaces is desirable. It also has a stylish white theme that blends well in homes and a power efficient system that keeps costs down. If you have a bedroom or office measuring up to 300 square feet, do not hesitate to buy this air conditioner.

Expensive is not always better when shopping for a new air conditioner. Focus more on performance. You should also check whether your product of choice will satisfy your needs or not before spending money. Considering its premium design, this portable air condition from Shinco certainly will. Because of its self-evaporative system, for instance, you do not need a separate water tank to use this product. By recycling the water that it generates, it runs cooler and more efficiently.

Most buyers appreciate the simplicity and portability of this product. With one, you will never miss the bulky and inefficient air conditioner you have stashed in your basement. It has a clean-looking streamlined model, for instance, that complements décor in homes. Its performance is quiet and soothing, while its lightweight design is movable between rooms and within a room. You also get a durable plastic case and quality parts that last long.
Shinco 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling
In the past, air conditioners were complex and required technical skill to setup. This is not the case with today’s advanced models such as Shinco. Attainable assembled and ready to use, for instance, you do not have to struggle with tools to set it up. It is also plug and use and has an advanced system with numerous innovative features that ease its operation further. Its digitized controls, for instance, are super-convenient. They also have responsive designs that ease customization of temperature and other metrics.

Even though most portable air conditioners generate noise to some degree, forget about the irritant buzzing sound that some models generate. This product is impressively quiet. Even with its fan on, it distributes heat and cold efficiently without irritating users or disrupting sleep. This has made it a sought-after product globally.

Portable air conditioners are worthy indoor accessories that keep individuals cool. However, operating them manually frustrates most individuals. With Shinco, however, you do not have walk into and out of bed occasionally to customize its performance. With the help of the free full remote that it comes with, you can easily do this remotely. The remote is durable, battery-powered, and responsive from a distance. Shinco also has over-cold protection and a restart delay function that protects it from damage during blackouts.

  • Quiet fan/system
  • Over-cold protection
  • Powerful remote control
  • Digitized controls
  • Oscillating vents (swing mode)
  • Self-evaporative technology
  • Compact and portable design
  • Power-efficient 10,000BTU system
  • Low coverage (300 square feet)

6. Koldfront 12,000 BTU Room Portable Air Conditioner

Koldfront 12,000 BTU Room Portable Air Conditioner
Are you tired of tossing and turning at night because of the unwelcoming environment of your bedroom? Have you tried using fans or leaving your window open at night with no changes? While switching homes or installing a heavy-duty central cooling system are good options, choose this portable air conditioner instead. It is not only affordable but also has a feature-rich design that makes cooling and warming a breeze.

Made of durable plastic, for instance, you do not have to worry about this product falling apart or disappointing you over time. Even if you move it to and from rooms occasionally, it will withstand the stress and serve you well for many years. Finally, because of its clutter-free design, this air conditioner works well indoors. It does not clutter personal space, for instance. Because of its stylish and modern-looking design, you can even use it as a centerpiece in your bedroom or living areas. This is unlike the bulky and poorly designed models in homes

Never confuse this air conditioner’s simplicity for a weakness. Even though simple and attainable cheap on Amazon, its well-crafted system handles the toughest of cooling and heating jobs well. For instance, because this product has directional louvers and a built in fan, directional cooling or heating is better. It also has a programmable timer (24 hours) and an adjustable thermostat with a 62-88 degree range. These features better the experience of users.
Koldfront 12,000 BTU Room Portable Air Conditioner
Poorly ventilated rooms such a basements and bathrooms often trap moisture and grow mold and mildew over time. If you are grappling with the same problem, forget about calling 911. Visit Amazon and purchase this Koldfront air conditioner to take care of the problem like a professional. With the help of its dehumidification function, you will clear the dampness in your room in a short time. It also fights allergens well and eliminates disease-causing organisms from the environment without using chemicals.

Koldfront 12,000 BTU room portable air conditioner measures approximately 27-3/4×16-3/4×14-1/4-inches. Power consumption is around 1340 watts, while its universal 115-volt plug works well with most electrical outlets. You do not have to rewire or update your electrical system to use it. Finally, if you hate emptying your portable air conditioner often, this product will serve you well. With its advanced drain function, you can use to cool your home continuously it for a whole year without issues.

  • Advanced drain function
  • 1340-watt electrical system
  • Programmable timer (24 hours)
  • Stylish and clutter-free design
  • Adjustable thermostat (62-88 degree)
  • Powerful dehumidification function
  • Portable 27-3/4×16-3/4×14-1/4-inch design
  • Flimsy exhaust hose
  • Underpowered

5. SPT 8,000BTU Single Hose Portable AC

SPT 8,000BTU Single Hose Portable AC
Perfect for cooling small rooms, this air conditioner from SPT is a portable 8,000BTU accessory that offers value for cash. If you are looking to sleep better of have an enjoyable time whenever you are lounging at home, do not hesitate to buy one. With its powerful self-evaporating system, for instance, you do not have to worry about emptying it occasionally. Apart from cooling or heating, it does this for you.

Temperature control is easy. Via its digitized LCD screen, you can easily switch between heat and cold depending on the environment of your room. This is unlike some models that have either knobs or other inefficient systems that often fail to deliver. Finally, because this air conditioner has directional louvers and a built-in fan, air distribution is optimal. You can set it to cool a specific area of your room, for instance. You can also set it to deliver a floor to ceiling cooling experience without noise and or sacrificing power.

As most household accessories, portable air conditioners take a thorough beating as people operate then or move them from place to place. Even though this model does not last a lifetime, it handles such abuse well. Mainly, this is because of the fire-resistant PVC plastic used to make its case. It is durable. It also has a charming design and has a smooth and non-scratch surface that also withstands environmental abuse well. Whether you install it in your bedroom, living area, or basement, it will serve you for long.
SPT 8,000BTU Single Hose Portable AC
In homes and offices, environmental conditions change with a blink of an eye. To counter such changes and have an enjoyable experience indoors, an adaptable air conditioner such as SPT works best. Because you can program its system to go on and off and various times (24 hours), you have better control of this machine. It also has a digitized thermostat that monitors temperature automatically and a built-in water tank that eliminates the need for hoses. Out of the box, this machine is ready to use. Plug it into a compatible outlet and power it on to have the time of your life.

Mold and mildew build up in homes is a health hazard that most individuals grapple with often. If painting walls and fixing leaky plumbing has failed to cure your infestation, this air conditioner will. Featuring a powerful dehumidifier, it eliminates excess moisture from the environment. It also filters dust and allergens and neutralizes airborne bacteria swiftly and naturally. Apart from sleeping or resting comfortably, you have better health with an original model of this air conditioner at home.

Featuring a compact and lightweight design with rolling casters, you can easily move this air conditioner around your home. Its casters are durable and smooth rolling. Finally, you get durable washable filters and an extendable exhaust hose (59-inches) for continuous drainage.

  • Cost-effective
  • Washable filters
  • Powerful dehumidifier
  • Built-in water tank
  • Digitized thermostat
  • Fire-resistant PVC plastic
  • Adjustable vents and fan
  • Quite heavy (60 pounds)
  • Flimsy hose and air funnel

4. Whynter ARC-08WB

Whynter ARC-08WB
Electricity is a valuable resource that, unfortunately, most individuals waste with power thirsty appliances. Change your ways today. If you depend on air conditioners to heat or cool your home, purchase an Eco-friendly product such as Whynter ARC-08WB instead. This does not mean that you sacrifice performance. Even though simple, you get a dependable 8,000BTU accessory that will satisfy your cooling and or heating needs. This product also blends well in homes and has many advanced features that better its performance.

With one, for instance, you get a powerful air conditioner with a versatile three in one system. Now that is impressive. Its air conditioner, for example, can cool or warm spaces. Whether you are battling searing summer heat or looking to stay cool in winter, expect memorable results. For those with large rooms, this air conditioner has a built-in fan that distributes heat or cold better. Setup correctly; therefore, expect universal coverage of your home a good experience as a result. Finally, with the aid of its dehumidification function, this machine fights odors, mold, and mildew well. You will breathe easily and live a healthy life over the years.
Whynter ARC-08WB
Whynter ARC-08WB has a powerful self-evaporative system that manages condensate well. Unlike the poorly built leaky models found in homes, therefore, the probability of its damaging your wooden floor or carpet is slim. Maintenance is also easier. Unlike some models, you do not have to empty it frequently because of condensation. It takes care of the process by itself under average or ambient conditions.

With some brands of refrigerants, lead poisoning is a common occurrence during disposal. However, because Whynter ARC-08WB has a RoHS compliant design, you do not have to worry about this problem. The r-410a refrigerant that it uses is lead-free. It is also CFC-free and therefore safe for both humans and the environment. Whynter ARC-08WB has a portable design with free full remote that improves its functionality.

  • RoHS-certified design
  • Free full remote
  • Built-in dehumidifier
  • Versatile three-in-one design
  • Powerful self-evaporative system
  • Very loud
  • Painful assembly

3. Honeywell CS10XE

Honeywell CS10XE
Perfect for cooling small spaces, Honeywell CS10XE is a compact electricity-powered air conditioner effective up to 175 square feet. Even though smaller and less powerful than most products listed, it has its share of pros. If you have a small room, for instance, and want to cut down electricity costs significantly, this is one of the best portable air conditioners to use. Its eco-friendly system always gets the job done while keeping costs low at the same time.

Do you travel to camping sites often? Do you have a problem sleeping because of the searing heat in your camping environment? If you have access to an electrical socket, Honeywell CS10XE will come to your aid. Because of its compact and portable design, you can carry it effortlessly between rooms and have a comfortable time as you lounge indoors or sleep. You can also transport in the trunk of your car and have a similar experience outdoors. Do not worry about scratches or structural damage too. The quality plastic used to make it is as tough as an ox. You can abuse it in many ways without lowering its value over the years.

To keep rooms cool and habitable, Honeywell CS10XE used an advanced non-compressor technology that works well. Unlike elements, for instance, that waste electricity, it cools efficiently without wasting energy. The 300CFM airflow that it generates is also whisper-quiet, which makes it one of the best air conditioners for use in bedrooms. You can also use it in your kid’s rooms to help them sleep comfortably and soundly all night. Get rid of the buzzing portable air conditioner that you have at home today.
Honeywell CS10XE
As most products listed, Honeywell CS10XE is attainable ready to use. You do not have to follow annoying instructions to set up its body, for instance. Its electrical system, on the other hand, is plug and use, which appeals to individuals further. Finally, because Honeywell CS10XE is among the safest products in this niche, you can use it on a day-to-day basis without any health or safety concern. During the day, for instance, you can use it with your windows open without overpowering its system. At night, you can use it with windows closed without worrying about carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide build-up.

Most individuals like their money. If you are part of this group and shopping for a new air conditioner (portable), consider Honeywell CS10XE. Its value for money is tremendous. Even though it cools homes efficiently, you do not have to break the bank to own one. Maintenance is also cheap, while the durable materials and components used to make it last long. This saves you money that you have spent on poorly built portable air conditioners.

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Better value for money
  • Advanced non-compressor technology
  • Quality materials and components
  • Portable design
  • Eco-friendly electrical system
  • Poor coverage (175 square feet)

2. Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose

Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose
A popular brand in homes and offices, Whynter has a higher competitive edge in the air conditioners market because of its quality. Even though pricier, its products also work better and longer than their competition. With this dual hose model, for instance, you get a powerful 14,000BTU air conditioner with a stylish and portable design. This product works well. Because of its quality build and feature-rich design, it has also attracted the attention of most homeowners with heating or cooling problems.

To take cooling and heating to the next level, for instance, buy Whynter Dual Hose to get a versatile 3-in-1 accessory. Meticulously designed and tested, all operation modes are effective. Talking about the best air conditioners, for instance, it ranks among the best for 2018. It cools fast, for instance. With its full thermostatic control (61-89 degrees), you can also use it to warm your home with positive results. In fan mode, however, Whynter Dual Hose distribute heat or cold well to achieve maximum coverage. This way, you do not have to sit close to it to witness its immense power.

Which is the best remedy for fighting allergens and bad odors in homes? If you are struggling with this thought and do not want to use the chemical remedies in stores, Whynter is a natural dehumidifier. At full capacity, it can remove up to 101 pints of moisture from the environment per day, which makes it ideal for office and home use. All you need is a compatible electrical outlet to use this feature and much more.
Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose
Many individuals have accidentally slept and left their air conditioners working the whole night. Others have ventured on weeklong trips only to realize later that they left an air conditioner working in their living areas. Under such circumstances, most traditional air conditioners would work until they burn out. Not this dual hose model from Whynter, though. Fitted with a programmable 24-hour timer, you can now customize how it operates in your home. You can schedule it on and off-times, for instance. You can also schedule the number of hours that it works before shutting off without your intervention.

To better the experience of users, this 1250-watt air conditioner comes with a plethora of add-ons free. You get a remote control for operating it from a distance. You also get a washable pre-filter, a carbon air filter, and an extendable intake and exhaust hose (up to 60-inches).

  • Valuable add-ons
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Powerful dehumidifier
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Built-in fan
  • Frequent draining
  • Appalling warranty

1. Honeywell MN10CESWW

Honeywell MN10CESWW
Excuse our preference for the Honeywell brand. The fact that individuals get good quality window air conditioners on a budget has made it a sought-after brand. To join this group, Honeywell MN10CESWW is one of the most recommended brands for many reasons. Portable, for instance, you do not have to install it permanently in your home, as central air conditioners often demand. You can move it around easily. You can also install and remove it in demand and even travel with it during your outdoor trips without affecting its performance.

Its portability aside, the 10,000BTU system individuals get has made it a fan favorite. Even though it is not as powerful as the Whynter Dual Hose listed (14,000BTU), it cools areas measuring up to 350 square feet well. Moreover, even though it lacks a bucket, the auto-evaporation drip system that it uses is effective and reliable. If left running for hours, you do not have to worry about it flooding and or damaging your flooring over time.
Honeywell MN10CESWW
With an original Honeywell MN10CESWW, you get a quality air conditioner that doubles as one of the best dehumidifiers in the market. Do not purchase the expensive standalone models available in stores such as Amazon. Setup, it will filter up 70-points of water per day (24 hours) without special equipment. This is invaluable, especially if you are grappling with a mold infestation or looking to improve the air quality of your home. Buy an original one for best results.

As most air conditioners that we have reviewed, Honeywell MN10CESWW is easy to operate for three main reasons. Attainable fully assembled, for instance, you do not need the best multi-tools to set it up correctly. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and enjoy its many benefits. You also get a full and functional remote with an original one and a detailed five-page manual on its operation. Whether you are a novice or just hate using air conditioners manually, you will have an excellent time with this model.

  • Very easy to operate
  • Powerful dehumidifier
  • Programmable timer 924-hours)
  • Powerful 10,000BTU system
  • Reliable three-in-one design
  • Somewhat large
  • Warranty issues


During summer months, the sweltering heat that most individuals grapple with is not only irritating but also a health hazard. Heat strokes, for instance, are common yet preventable occurrences that frustrate most individuals. To prevent such issues, you do not an expensive central air conditioning system as most people think. With one of the 10 air conditioners we have listed, you get affordable alternatives that you will enjoy using. They are durable. They are also portable and have feature rich designs that double as warmers and dehumidifiers. Buy yours to sleep comfortably at home or improve your productivity in the office.



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