Our Selection of the Best Pool Vacuum Heads in 2017 – Keep Your Pool Clean

Our Selection of the Best Pool Vacuum Heads in 2017 - Keep Your Pool Clean

Pool cleaning is an important day-to-day activity with many benefits. It eliminates debris that often clutters or clogs pool systems. It also prevents the growth of molds, which lower the value of pools over time. Buy the best pool skimmer basket to clear large debris such as leaves from your pool. You also need the best pool vacuum head to clear out silt and micro-organisms such as algae from the bottom of your pool.

Pool vacuum heads are versatile items that make day-to-day cleaning of swimming pools fun. They are lightweight devices. Most people can use original models effectively. They are also durable and have powerful systems that make quick work of most cleaning jobs. The 10 brands that we have reviewed meet this threshold. You will enjoy using one on a daily basis.

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1. ATIE PoolSupplyTown

ATIE PoolSupplyTownPool cleaning frustrates some people because of the low-quality equipment in their possession. If you are part of this group, we have a good product for you. ATIE PoolSupplyTown is a versatile pool vacuum head that eases pool maintenance. Recommended for personal and professional use, this is a durable accessory. You can use it every day without issues. The universal connection that it comes with, on the other hand, works well with most standard vacuum hoses (up to 1.5-inches. You do not a special tool or parts to use it.

To clean pools well, you vacuum head of choice must make proper contact with your pool’s floor. ATIE PoolSupplyTown excels at this task. Unlike some models that float in water, its weighted head cradles the floor of most swimming pools well. This enables you to clean fine debris effortlessly.

Most people have delicate vinyl pools. With some of the low-grade pool heads they have at home, tears are always common with disastrous results. This is not the case with ATIE PoolSupplyTown. Its weighted head has durable urethane wheels that roll smoothly on pool floors. This way, it cleans efficiently without damage.

ATIE PoolSupplyTown comes ready to use. In addition to its premium head, you get a durable handle made of chrome-plated metal. It is durable. It is also rustproof and has a lightweight design that you can use easily.

  • Weighted vacuum head
  • Metallic handle (chrome plated)
  • Universal connector (1.5-inches)
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to operate
  • Does not pick up algae well

2. Poolmaster 27514 Clear-View

Poolmaster 27514 Clear-ViewDo you have a vinyl liner pool that frustrates you whilst cleaning? Are you tired of hiring a professional to clean the pool for you? If you can afford a new pool cleaning head, buy this Poolmaster 27514 Clear-View model. Featuring a rectangular-shaped head, it covers a large area whilst in use. Its classic design is also one of the best for cleaning tight spaces such as corners. You will enjoy using this vinyl liner vacuum head. It never disappoints.

The quality of this vacuum head is desirable. Made of a high-grade ABS plastic, for instance, it is a durable item. You will use it for many years without issues. The material is also translucent. This way, you can easily monitor cleaning from above your pool. Finally, the vinyl bumper on its perimeter protects delicate vinyl pools from damage. Order yours today.

Lightweight vacuum pool heads are challenging to use. Balancing them on pool floors, for instance, requires a lot of effort, which frustrates most people. This is not the case with this model. Because of its balanced weight placement, it offers better floating resistance that most models. You will use it easily every day.

For a thorough cleaning, this pool vacuum head has channel-set polypropylene brushes that do a good job. They lift dirt well. They also have rounded edges that do not scratch or damage vinyl pools over time. Finally, when worn, you can easily replace these brushes.

  • Sturdy ABS handle
  • Translucent ABS head
  • Channel-set polypropylene brushes
  • Balanced weight placement
  • Good floating resistance
  • Poor bristle design/placement

3. Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief

Poolmaster 27400 Air ReliefIn the past, cleaning of vinyl swimming pools was a chore. With quality pool heads now available online, however, this is no longer the case. If you have a large one that frustrates you, for instance, buy this Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief head. Ranked among the best pool vacuum heads in 2017, its performance is desirable. It cleans most pools (including vinyl) well. It also lightweight and has a wedge-shaped head that you can maneuver easily whilst cleaning.

Whilst in use, vacuum pool heads undergo a lot of stress. Cheap or poorly made models often snap under such pressure, which is frustrating. With Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief, however, this is not a problem. The ABS plastic used to make it is durable. Its large 13-inch head also has weights for easy control.

To clean your swimming pool efficiently, proper suction is important. Low-powered vacuum heads often fail to clean small debris and organisms such as algae over time. If you have such as product, replace it with Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief. It has powerful suction. It also has adjustable air valves that you can use to control its suction.

To clean thoroughly, Poolmaster 27400 Air Relief is one of the best pool vacuum heads to use. Each model has durable perimeter brushes that clean walls and corners. Your swimming pool will look clean always.

  • Durable perimeter brushes
  • Adjustable air valves
  • Large (13-inch) ABS head
  • Cleans most pools (including vinyl)
  • Cost-effective pool head
  • Prone to folding forward

4. Hayward SP1068 Triangular

Hayward SP1068 TriangularMany people use the best pool lights to improve the outlook of their pools. However, because of their poor cleaning habits, debris algae low the value of their pools and its accessories. If you are one of them, we have a good remedy for you. Buy this Hayward SP1068 Triangular vacuum head to maintain your pool well. Even though cheap, it is one of the best accessories for removing debris from vinyl liner pools. Its suction, for instance, is impressive. It is also a durable product.

Do not buy one of the cheap vacuum pool heads that fail under stress. Hayward SP1068 Triangular is a durable model made of quality ABS plastic. Whether you have a small or large pool that you clean often, thus, it will serve you well. Because it has a translucent head, you can monitor how it cleans in real time.

Do you have a pool vacuum head with a poor floating resistance? Does it wobble whilst in use? You will enjoy using this Hayward SP1068 Triangular model. It is a sturdy accessory. It also has a balanced weight placement that boosts its floating resistance in pools.

This pool vacuum has a spacious triangular head with a contoured shape that cleans most pools well. With an original one, expect positive results always. It even has durable polypropylene brushes (channel set) and a 360-degree swivel connector that boosts its performance.

  • Spacious triangular head
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Polypropylene brushes (channel set)
  • Balanced weight placement
  • Suitable for most pools
  • 360-degree swivel connector
  • Poor quality bristles

5. Hydro Tools 8131

Hydro Tools 8131Popular in most top 10 best pool vacuum heads reviews in 2017, Hydro Tools 8131 is a valuable product. If you have used a few models that have let you down, you will enjoy using this one. Its butterfly-shaped head, for instance, is spacious. In one swoop, you will clean a large area, which saves time. It also cleans corners well and has a weighted design that you can control easily under water. It does not float.

Whilst shopping online, most people want the best-grade products. Hydro Tools 8131 is one of them. Made of quality plastic (ABS) it is a durable accessory. Both its body and bristles are also pool-safe. They will not scratch or degrade yours whilst in use.

Recommended for personal and professional use, this is a versatile pool head. It works well in most pools. Whether you have a concrete or vinyl-lined one, expect quality results. It also has a versatile head that works well with both 1.5-inch and 1.25-inch hoses.

Do you pay companies a lot of money to clean your pool often? Buying Hydro Tools 8131 is a good decision. It is an affordable product. People with both shallow and deep pockets can afford one. The stain resistant plastic used to make it is also durable. You will not worry about replacing this vacuum head anytime soon.

  • Stain-proof plastic body
  • Pool-safe design and bristles
  • Spacious butterfly-shape head
  • Weighted design (stable)
  • Cost-effective pool head
  • Bristles degrade fast

6. Swimline HydroTools

Swimline HydroToolsJudging by their popularity worldwide, there is no doubt that Swimline tools are among the best in 2017. If you are struggling with pool cleaning, for instance, this HydroTools pool vacuum head will come to your aid. Perfect for cleaning concrete pools, it has a spacious head. This enables you to clean large areas over a short time. It also has powerful suction and a weighted head attachment that keeps it on pool floors. It does not float as easily as some models.

You do not need special tools to use this Swimline HydroTools pool vacuum head well. It comes ready to use. If you have a 1-1/4 or a 1-1/2-inch vacuum hose, you can set it up easily and use it out of the box. Other similar products require complicated setup.

Cleaning with this pool vacuum head is easy for two main reasons. First, its ergonomic design is easy to maneuver. You do not need large muscles to operate it well. It also has onboard side brushes that ease cleaning further. Expect good results always.

Do not worry about the longevity of this pool vacuum head. If you have used models that have failed over time, its premium design will serve you well. The quality plastic used to make it, for instance, lasts long. It is also stylish and able to resist stains.

  • Heavy-duty plastic head
  • Efficient side brushes
  • Weighted head attachment
  • Versatile hose attachment
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Smooth wheels
  • None

7. Splash Pools 20320

Splash Pools 20320Whilst shopping for reclining pool chairs, many people buy the best products in the market. Unfortunately, when shopping for pool heads, they settle for the cheapest models that often disappoint. Do not make the same mistake. To clean efficiently, a quality product such as Splash Pools 20320 will serve you well. It has a weighted head that hugs and cleans pool floors well. It also has a unique brush pattern that channels debris directly into its vacuum for faster cleaning.

Do you struggle to clean your swimming pool on a day-to-day basis? To get an efficient pool cleaner that you will enjoy using every day, consider buying Splash Pools 20320. It is easy to use. One set up, all you have to do is move it around your pool to pick debris.

If you are looking for a long lasting pool vacuum head, this device’s superior design stands out. The plastic used to make its head, for instance, is one of the best. It is durable. It also resists stains over time. Its connector is also durable and designed to work well with most standard telescoping poles. You can also use 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 vacuum hoses without any problems.

Buying a pool vacuum head that does not clean well is one of the worst decisions you can make. Buy an effective one such as Splash Pools 20320 instead. It cleans floors well. The side brushes that it has also penetrate and hard to reach areas such as corners.

  • Well-placed side brushes
  • Fits most telescoping poles
  • Weighted plastic head
  • Fits most vacuum hoses
  • Effective brush pattern
  • None

8. Swimline HydroTools Clear Weighted Triangle

Swimline HydroTools Clear Weighted TriangleThis triangle-shaped Swimline HydroTools pool vacuum is a versatile household accessory that also works well in commercial settings. If you have struggled to find a suitable one for months now, do not hesitate to buy yours. Its clear weighted head hugs pool floors. This enables it to clean the finest of debris with less effort from users. It is also easy to maneuver and has a clear surface for monitoring cleaning. Do not outsource pool cleaning. This tool works well.

In homes, people have different types of swimming pool with vinyl and fiberglass ones ranked among the most popular. Unfortunately, they are also among the hardest to clean because of their delicate nature. If you have one, use this pool vacuum head. It works fast. It is also safe for use in most types of pools.

Do you have a rectangular pool? This HydroTools clear pool head is one of the best models for clean tight corners. Its triangular shape penetrates such spaces well for a thorough cleaning. Order your online today.

Do you have an expensive pool vacuum head that fails to pick up fine dirt or debris whilst cleaning? If you can afford a new one, buy Swimline HydroTools head. Its angled brushes sweep and pick up debris well. They also work well without damaging pool finishes.

  • Efficient angled brushes
  • Fits most standard vacuum hoses
  • Convenient Snap-Adapt handle
  • Penetrates and cleans tight angles
  • Weighted head (stable)
  • Does not pick algae well

9. MILLIARD Blue Crescent (Weighted)

MILLIARD Blue Crescent (Weighted)Weighted vacuum heads are popular worldwide because of their superior designs. They clean efficiently. They are also easy to maneuver and do float as easily as most non-weighted models often do. MILLIARD Blue, for instance, is a popular crescent-shaped model that cleans most types of pools well. If you have one with tight corners, for instance, you can easily maneuver it in such tight spaces for thorough cleaning. It is also one of the best models for cleaning along walls.

Do you wrestle with your pool vacuum head whenever you are cleaning? Do you have a hard time securing it on your pools floor whenever you are cleaning? MILLIARD Blue Crescent will serve you well. Apart from its crescent shape, its weighted head is ideal. Because of its high float resistance, it rips pool floors well.

As most pool vacuum heads that we have reviewed, MILLIARD Blue Crescent has a set of nylon bristles that clean well. Whether you have algae on your pool or caked debris that you have issues cleaning, it will serve you well. These bristles are also durable. Finally, their round ends do not scratch delicate surfaces.

Forget about this MILLIARD pool vacuum head falling apart over time. Made of ABS plastic, it is a durable product. It also has powerful suction and wide 11-inch head that will save you a lot of time whilst cleaning.

  • Large cleaning head (11 inches)
  • Durable nylon bristles
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Cleans corners well
  • Does not scratch pools
  • Expensive

10. Poolmaster 27412 DLX

Poolmaster 27412 DLXVinyl pools are hard to clean. They scratch easily. They also stain heavily, which frustrates most pool vacuum heads that some people have. Even though paying for professional cleaning sounds like a good ideal, use Poolmaster 27412 DLX pool vacuum head instead. It is an affordable accessory. It is also one of the best models for cleaning most vinyl pools because of its quality. You will like the mar-proof bumper and Replaceable polypropylene brushes that it has, for instance. They clean vinyl well without damaging it.

Many people enjoy using this pool vacuum’s low-profile design. It is easy to control. Because of its weighted design, it is also stable. You will never struggle to secure it on the bottom of your pool. Finally, because of its powerful suction, it cleans well. Algae or silt will not lower the value of your swimming pool.

Poolmaster 27412 DLX measures 12-inches wide. If you have a large pool that you use often, this is one of the best pool vacuums to use. It cleans fast. Set up well, you will cover and clean a large area easily.

Do not buy one of the lightweight pool vacuum heads that some companies sell dirt-cheap. Even though you pay peanuts for them, a majority often disappoint. They break down easily. They also often fail to clean to the requirements of most people. Poolmaster 27412 DLX has a solid ABS plastic body. It is long lasting.

  • Solid ABS plastic
  • Large cleaning surface (12-inches)
  • Fits standard vacuum hoses
  • Weighted head
  • Mar-proof bumper
  • Replaceable polypropylene brushes
  • Not very heavy

Buying Guide for the Best Pool Vacuum Head

Pool vacuum heads have eliminated the need for the standard pool cleaners that people used in the past. They are powerful. They also clean fast and have versatile designs that work well in most types of pool. Here is a guide on how to find the best in 2017:

Material: For people with pool, owning a pool vacuum head is beneficial in many ways. They are easy to use. They also ease the cleaning of both small and large pools of all types. Before buying one, however, check its material. Can it withstand day-to-day abuse without cracking or breaking? Products made of quality plastic materials such as ABS often work the best.

Head: Check the head of your product of choice before spending your hard-earned cash. What is its size? Does it have a weighted design that hugs the floor of pools well? Large vacuum pool heads clean faster. However, because of their large surface area, most models have a low float resistance in pools. To avoid this problem, look for a pool vacuum with a weighted head.

Design: Always check the design of your preferred pool vacuum head before buying. If you have a rectangular pool, for instance, make sure that your product of choice can penetrate and clean such spaces. Crescent-shaped pool heads also work well. Finally, look out for vacuum pool heads with side brittles. Apart from cleaning floors, they also clean walls well.


Are you tired of paying for professional pool cleaning on a regular basis? Do you have an inefficient manual pool cleaner that lets you down occasionally? One of our 10 picks for the best pool head vacuums will serve you well. They are powerful accessories. Whether you have silt or mold build-up in your pool, they will clear them well. These tools are also durable and most importantly, easy to use. They make pool-cleaning fun.


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