10 Best Office Ball Chairs In 2017 – Stay Productive Longer

10 Best Office Ball Chairs In 2017 - Stay Productive Longer

Every day, millions of people spend eight hours in offices working. However, because of the low –grade furniture in their possessions, most of them suffer frequent back injuries. Poor posture and loss of productivity are also common issues. To avoid such issues, the first thing that you should do is buy the best office desk. Many good options are available online. You also need one of the best office ball chairs. They improve the posture and productivity of people.

The best office ball chairs are ergonomic items that improve the health and the productivity of people in offices. They are comfortable. They also come in an array of stylish designs that blend well in both home and commercial offices. Which is the best brand in 2017? Our top 10 picks offer people value for money.

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1. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Are you updating the office chair in your possession? Are you looking for a well-engineered ball one that you will enjoy using every day? Gaiam is home to most of the bestselling products on this list. Developed by leading fitness and health experts, for instance, this yoga ball chair is a reputable product with many notable attributes. Its stable design, for instance, is perfect for lounging and working. It also has an exercise guide that will help you to stay active as you handle your day-to-day tasks. You will not miss the low-grade chair in your office.

In homes or offices, the health benefits of using this Gaiam Balance Ball Chair are diverse. If you have poor posture because of your bad sitting habits, for instance, it is one of the best ball chairs to use in 2017. It relieves back strain. It also aligns the spine well and helps its users to build a healthy core over time.

Perfect for day-to-day use, this Gaiam Balance Ball Chair benefits people of all cadres. It fits and works well under the standard-height office desks that most people have at home or in offices. This chair also supports a lot of weight (up to 300-pounds) and has leg extenders for adjusting its height on demand. If you are 5-5.11 feet tall, you will enjoy using this office ball chair on a daily basis.

The burst-proof exercise ball on this chair measures around 52-centimeters. You can also deflate and inflate it to your desired level or replace it when worn. These are beneficial in many ways. First, it is comfortable. You can sit on it for long without issues. You can also customize this ball chair to satisfy your needs.

  • Burst-proof exercise ball (52cm)
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Stable plastic frame
  • Fits under most office desk
  • Adjustable height (extenders)
  • Detailed exercise guide
  • Flimsy components

2. Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball ChairThe traditional chairs that people have in their home or commercial offices are tiring. They are also charmless and have bulky space-cluttering designs that lower the functionality of their offices. If you have one that you are planning to replace, we have a good alternative for you. This brand adjustable fitness ball chair from Isokinetics Inc. is one of the best in 2017. It has a solid metallic frame. Unlike some low-grade plastic models that break often, it withstands abuse well. Whilst shopping, you have a choice of two finishes (black and silver).

In addition to its solid frame, the rolling base that this fitness ball chair has is ideal. Like its frame, it is durable. The risk of it breaking or losing its shape over time is slim. The base also has five wheels (big and wide) that deliver a smooth rolling experience whilst in use. These make working and or playing games fun.

Recommended for heavy-duty use, you can adjust this Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair in two ways. Its four back positions, for instance, are comfortable. They also accommodate most body heights without straining and or irritating people. Finally, the ball top of this chair ranges from 22.5-25.5-inches. Devoid of the height of the table that you have in your office, you will enjoy using it every day.

The quality of the fitness ball that comes with this ball chair is appealing. If you have bought one that has burst under pressure, for instance, this one will serve you well. The durable non-latex material used to make it does not burst easily. It also has a high weight limit (300 pounds) and comes in many admirable colors.

  • Durable non-latex ball
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Adjustable back positions (four)
  • Solid metallic frame
  • Stable metallic legs (five)
  • Interesting color options
  • Ball slips through easily

3. Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball Chair

Isokinetics Inc. Balance Exercise Ball ChairTo stay productive at work, sitting as comfortable as possible should be one of your priorities. Buy a comfortable office desk that is of the correct size. Instead of a traditional office chair, you should also buy a ball chair as well. Balance ball chairs such as Isokinetics Inc. are comfortable. You can sit on it for long without straining your hip or back. It also has a stable plastic frame with four wide wheels that work well on most surfaces. Its performance indoors is admirable.

In the past, many people avoided ball chairs because of their short stature. This is no longer the case. Buy Isokinetics Inc. to get a 20.5-inch tall Balance ball chair that fits comfortably under most office desks. Sat on by a 200-pound person, its height drops to 18-inches. This is still ideal for 5-5.11-foot tall people.

You will like the stability of this balance ball chair. Unlike some low-grade ones that crumble under pressure, its solid plastic frame withstands a lot of abuse. It supports a lot of weight. The solid backrest it has provides additional support whenever you are working for long. Finally, like its frame, its solid feet last long.

You will like the quality of the ball that this chair comes with. Perfect for sitting and exercising, it has a versatile 52cm design that benefits most people. It is also easy to inflate and deflate and made of a durable latex-free material that does not rip under pressure. An original one will serve you well for months.

  • One-year limited warranty
  • Durable latex-free ball
  • Solid frame (with backrest)
  • Comfortable height (20.5-inches)
  • Good back and hip support
  • None

4. Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Backless Balance Ball ChairThe best ergonomic chairs have helped people to play and work comfortably in homes and offices. Unfortunately, because of their exorbitant prices, most people cannot afford original models. Instead of buying one of the low-grade ones available online, choose a balance ball chair instead. Gaiam Backless, for instance, is an affordable balance ball chairs that boosts the performance of most people in offices. Recommended by health and fitness experts, this ball chair supports the body and back well. You can sit on it all day without issues.

Gaiam Backless is not an ordinary office chair. Apart from working or playing video games, it is one of the best office ball chairs for staying active. During your free time, you can remove its ball for its frame and exercise on it. With the help of the detailed exercise guide that it comes with, you will relieve back stiffness and pain. You will also boost energy levels and strengthen your core.

The design if this Gaiam backless balance ball chair is impressive. Even though backless, its solid plastic frame supports up to 300 pounds. It is also durable and fitted with adjustable leg extenders (2-inches) that boost its functionality. If you are 5-5.11-inches tall, you will use it under most office desks without issues.

Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair comes ready to use. In addition to its solid frame, you get a durable 52cm exercise ball with an impressive burst strength. Made of a non-latex material, it is non-irritant. Finally, because you get a free air pump with each package, you can customize its performance on demand.

  • Durable 52-inch exercise ball
  • Solid plastic frame (with casters)
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Portable backless design
  • Detailed exercise guide
  • Poorly written instructions

5. LuxFit Ball Chair

LuxFit Ball ChairDesk jobs are well paying. However, because of the health issues that people grapple with; their popularity has diminished over the years. To prevent the back and joint pains that you struggle with often, replace the low-grade chair in your office with a comfortable ball one. LuxFit, for instance, is a popular black-themed office chair for day-to-day use. It aligns the spine naturally. It also supports the hip and lower back well to keep people comfortable in offices.

Many people like this ball chair’s aesthetic outlook. However, if you are looking for a functional model that will improve your performance, it is also one of the best in 2017. The structure of its exercise ball, for instance, is desirable. Fully inflated, it supports up to 300 pounds. It also has an impressive height (22-25-inches) and a smooth and non-irritant texture. You will enjoy using one daily.

LuxFit Ball Chair has a gun design that works well in offices. If you have a large design with many sections, for instance, this ball chair will serve you well. In addition to its sturdy plastic frame, you get large caster wheels that work well on most types of surfaces and floors. You will move around effortlessly whilst working. Both its frame and ball also come well balanced. The risk of tipping over is very slim.

Many people think that they need deep pockets to own good office furniture. This is not always the case. LuxFit, for instance, is an affordable professional-grade ball chair. It is also durable and has a limited warranty on defects (one year).

  • Limited two-year warranty
  • Solid plastic frame (with wheels)
  • Heavy-duty exercise ball
  • Impressive height (22-25-inches)
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Challenging to sit on

6. Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit Chair

Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Fit ChairBalance ball chairs have grown in popularity worldwide because of their safety. Most models also have comfortable designs that improve the performance of people over time. If you are shopping for one, buy this health and fitness model from Sivan. Its ergonomic design is ideal. Whether you a few hours or the whole day behind an office desk, you will enjoy using this chair. It positions the body well to eliminate the myriad of health issues people suffer when seated for long.

This ball chair’s rolling base is appealing. Made of solid plastic, for instance, it supports up to 300 pounds without breaking or bending out of shape. For easy movement, it also has rolling caster wheels (two lockable) that work well on most floors. You do not have to stand to answer a phone or print a document.

To work for many hours seven days a week, you need a comfortable chair in your office. Most ergonomic models offer this. Ball chairs such as Sivan Health and Fitness also stand out in this regard. With an original, for instance, you get a comfortable exercise ball that corrects posture to prevent spine disorders. It also boosts blood circulation and has a supportive back that lowers user fatigue.

Recommended for use in homes and offices, this is a stylish ball chair. It will not clutter or lower the value of your home or 8-5 office. It is also easy to set up. With the help of the free pump that it comes with, you can adjust its comfort.

  • Durable balance ball (black)
  • Ergonomic frame (with backrest)
  • Smooth caster wheels (two lockable)
  • Comfortable height and form
  • Poor customer service

7. Isokinetics Inc. Exercise Ball Office Chair

Isokinetics Inc. Exercise Ball Office ChairIsokinetics Inc. office balls are versatile products that improve both the safety and the performance of people in offices. This adjustable exercise ball chair, for instance, is a standard height model that works well under most desks. It is also comfortable and has a solid plastic frame with wheels for easy movement. Do not hesitate to buy yours. If you develop frequent backaches after a long day’s work, this is one of the best remedies. Its supports and soothes people well.

This is a solid weight bearing office chair. Unlike the low-grade brands that fail easily, it will serve you well for many years. All its components are also the best. The burst proof and latex-free ball that you get, for instance, has a comfortable 52cm design. It also has an ergonomic height (20.5 inches) and a weight limit of up to 300-pounds. You will not regret buying one for your home or office.

Are you shopping for a quality ball chair that you can travel with effortlessly? This is one of the best models in 2017 for many reasons. First, fully assembled, this chair weighs only 15 pounds. Even a child can move it around easily. The deflatable exercise ball that you get is also one of the best. It eases its transportation further.

Isokinetics Inc. is an affordable office ball chair. If you cannot afford one of the expensive leather chairs attainable online, buy yours today. This two in one item also has a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee on defects.

  • Lifetime product warranty
  • Money back guarantee (100%)
  • Lightweight design (15 pounds)
  • Ergonomic height (20.5 inches)
  • Comfortable 52cm ball (latex-free)
  • Solid plastic frame (with wheels)
  • Unsuitable for tall people

8. Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Chair

Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball ChairExercise ball chairs are a different breed of office furniture. If you are tired of work-related back pains or want to correct your poor sitting posture, buy one. This black-themed one from Sivan, for instance, is popular among many office workers for many reasons. In terms of style, for instance, it outmatches most comparable brands. For a few dollars, you get a stylish item that will improve the outlook of your officer. It is also space saving. It works well in small offices.

Sivan Health and Fitness is perfect for working. It is also one of the best office chairs for physical rehabilitation. If you are at risk of developing spine disorders, it is one of the best chairs to use. Its ergonomic design aligns the back and spine naturally. It also supports the hips well to keep users safe and comfortable.

Ball office chairs are popular because of their rolling bases. This is the case with this Sivan Health and Fitness one. Its stable plastic base has four roiling wheels that work well on all floors. Two of its four wheels have lockable designs for safety. It also has an adjustable back that you can customize to boost support/comfort.

Unlike standard office desks that only work well in offices, Sivan Health and Fitness has a versatile design. You can use it in your 8-5 office with good results. You can also use in your home office or in your kid’s room for doing homework.

  • Multi-functional ball chair
  • Safe and comfortable design
  • Four caster wheels (two lockable)
  • Space-saving design
  • Comfortable ball (latex-free)
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Short (even with 2-inch extenders)

9. Ivation Balance Exercise Ball Chair – Office-Size

Ivation Balance Exercise Ball Chair – Office-SizeCreated by health experts for home and office use, Ivation is a ball office chair with many desirable features. Office sized, for instance, it fits and works well under most office desks. You do not have to replace your existing one to use it. It is also ergonomic. If you develop consistent lower back problems because of your poor posture at work, do not pay for expensive massages. This balance ball chair from Ivation is a cheap and effective remedy for both men and women.

An exercise ball is only as good as the exercise ball that it comes. Most of the poor quality ones some brands have burst under pressure. Other have slippery surfaces that some people find challenging to use. Ivation Balance Exercise Ball Chair is different. The latex-free exercise ball that it comes with is stable. It also has an inflatable design that you can customize to improve comfort or support.

In offices, low height chairs are as bad as uncomfortable one. They strain the body. Others crumble under the weight of people, which is frustrating. With this Ivation Balance Exercise Ball Chair, these are non-issues. It supports up to 300 pounds comfortably. Because of its suitable height, individuals 5-5.11 foot tall can also use it comfortably. Buy one for your home, bedroom, and or office.

With this chair, you get a full starter that you can use easily at home or at work. In addition to its solid frame and wheels (60mm), you get a free starter pump for inflating and deflating its ball. You also get a bonus resistance band (latex).

  • Solid plastic base with wheels
  • High weight limit (300 pounds)
  • Free Latex resistance band
  • Heavy-duty exercise ball
  • Comfortable backrest
  • None

10. Gaiam Adjustable Custom-Fit Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Adjustable Custom-Fit Balance Ball Chair Balance ball chairs are good alternatives for the traditional office chairs that people have used for years. This Custom-Fit model from Gaiam, for instance, is a two in one product that satisfies most people. Office workers like its comfortable design. If you struggle to concentrate on your work because of your uncomfortable chair, this is a good remedy. It has a wide sitting area. You can also adjust its height and size on demand to boost support and or comfort.

Apart from working, Gaiam Adjustable ball chair is a good workout accessory. You can remove the exercise ball that it comes with effortlessly. Because of its durable and versatile design, it also supports most workout routines. You can use it boost your energy levels on demand. With the help of the exercise guide that it comes with, you can also use it align your spine or build a healthy core.

Unlike some models of office ball chairs that require complicated setup to work well, Gaiam is easy to set up. After initial inflation, you do not have to re-inflate its exercise ball every time for it to work well. It holds air well every time. Its frame also comes set up and ready to use. All you have to do is secure its caster wheels to get a functional office chair.

Do not sacrifice comfort at your workplace because of your low budget. This ball chair from Gaiam is affordable. Its components are also durable. Setup well, this ball chair will serve you well in your home and or 8-5 office for many years.

  • Comfortable size and height
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Removable exercise ball
  • Adjustable legs (with casters)
  • Durable metallic frame
  • None

Shopping Tips for the Best Office Ball Chairs

The best office ball chairs have improved how people work at home and in their offices. They are comfortable. They are also durable and attainable in a myriad of stylish designs. To get the best in 2017, follow these shopping tips:

Height: Ball office chairs have grown in popularity over the years. To get one that you will enjoy for long, make sure that it is of the correct height. Many at times, people buy short chairs that do them more harm than good. If possible, look for a model with an adjustable frame. They benefit people of all cadres.

Structure: Buying an office ball chairs that will break down or burst after a few days is a poor decision. Before spending your money on one, therefore, check its structure. Does it have a solid frame? What is the status of its ball? For the best experience, look for a solid ball chair with professional-grade components.

Comfort: Many people buy ball chairs to traditional ones to stay comfortable at work. Wasting your money on a model that fails at this is one of the worst decisions you can make. To have a fun time every day, look for a chair with a wide and comfortable ball. Add-ons such as backrests boost comfort further.


Do you struggle with back pains because of your tiring 8-5 job? Have you replaced your desk and office chairs many times without changes? Buy one of our reviewed office ball chairs. Even though cheap, they are comfortable. They are also durable and designed to support up to 300 pounds. They work well.



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