Best Mini Cribs for Kids in 2017 – The Best for Boys and Girls

Best Mini Cribs for Kids in 2017 - The Best for Boys and Girls

Welcoming a baby into the world is a joyous moment. It comes with many responsibilities, though. You must provide both food and an appropriate shelter. You must also buy clothes and most importantly, a suitable sleeping area. This is where many parents fail. The quality of the beds that many people have at home is wanting. If you have one, replace it with quality mini crib instead.

Are you upgrading your kid’s nursery? Here are a few reasons why you should include a mini crib. First, unlike traditional beds, they have baby-safe designs. The risk of your baby rolling over, for instance, is slim. The 10 brands that we have listed are also comfortable and have adjustable designs that grow with babies. Buy one today. Your baby will enjoy sleeping in it for many years.

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1. Dream on Me 4-in-1 Aden

Dream on Me 4-in-1 AdenEven though many brands are active in the baby products niche, a few are as reputable as Dream on Men. In the cribs category, for instance, most of its products are best-sellers. Aden, for instance, is a versatile crib with a versatile 4-in-1 design that converts into a twin bed. As your child grows, therefore, this crib also grows with him or her. All you have to do is buy a conversion kit and set it up as needed. This is an easy process.

For years, kids have suffered lead poisoning because of the low-quality mini cribs their parents bought. The low-quality finishes that some brands use have led to these alarming statistics. Dream on Me 4-in-1 Aden is different. With one, you get an ASTM-certified mini crib that does not contain lead and other irritants. It also meets the recommended CPSC safety standards.

This mini crib is easy to assemble. Unlike some models that need a bit of modification to work, for instance, its pre-cut and drilled parts are ideal. They are ready to use. All you have to do is snap them in place to get a functional mini crib in minutes. Each pack has detailed instructions that ease its assembly.

Some mini cribs are heavy and non-portable. This 4-in-1 model from Dream on Me is different. Weighing just 40 pounds, it has a light and portable design. You can move it around your kid’s nursery as you clean without the help of a third party. Made of pinewood, this bed is also durable. Finally, it has a three level mattress support.

  • Adjustable mattress support
  • Light 40-pound design
  • Convertible 4-in-1 frame
  • ASTM and CPSC certified
  • Solid pine wood frame
  • None

2. Graco Travel Lite Winslet

Graco Travel Lite WinsletKnown for the best infant car seats in its arsenal, Graco also as many quality baby cribs that parents appreciate. If you have space issues, for instance, Graco Travel Lite Winslet is one of the best mini cribs for kids in 2017. It is a space-efficient accessory. A new one will save up to 20% more space than most standard cribs. It also has a solid and comfortable design that most babies like.

Graco Travel Lite Winslet, unlike the Dream on Me 4-in-1 Aden crib, is non-convertible. However, because of its ready-to-go design, most parents choose it to its competition. During your outdoor trips, for instance, you can carry its 20-pound frame easily. It also has an all-in-one design that comes ready to use. You do not have to buy a baby mattress, for instance, to use it.

The high safety rating of Graco Travel Lite Winslet makes it one of the best mini cribs for kids of various ages. You will like the sturdy frame of yours. It does not collapse under pressure. All parts also have a premium padding to boosts the safety of kids further. Finally, this crib lacks irritants such as lead and BPA.

Graco Travel Lite Winslet is an affordable mini crib. If you cannot afford the tens of dollars that some brands charger, it is a suitable option. Its stability is impressive. You also get a comfortable mini crib that you can travel with effortlessly.

  • Lightweight (20 pounds)
  • Fully padded frame
  • Baby-safe components
  • Removable infant bassinet
  • Breathable mesh walls
  • Cramped interior

3. DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib

DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking CribSoothing babies to sleep is a tiring process. To ease the process, most parents hire baby sitters. You do not have to go this route. If you cannot afford one or just want to parent your baby yourself, buy a comfortable mini crib. DaVinci Alpha, for instance, is a well-engineered model that works well in homes. Made of New Zealand pine, it is a durable mini crib. It is also eco-friendly and has a harmless CARB II MDF-compliant design.

DaVinci Alpha products are novel. Apart from their durability, their versatile designs meet the needs of most people. This mini rocking crib is no different. It meets the recommended international ASTM standards. It also meets the required CPSC standards and has quality parts that lack harmful chemicals.

When shopping for a mini crib, the product that you buy should be as comfortable as possible. DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib meets this threshold. It has four adjustable mattress positions that you can adjust to maximize comfort. It also has a high slat strength (149 pounds) and a one-year warranty on defects.

This DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib is easy to transport. Whilst cleaning your home, you can move its lightweight frame around easily. The removable caster wheels that it comes with roll smoothly on most floors. During your outdoor trips, you can also travel with it without major issues. This is unlike most models.

  • Removable caster wheels
  • Comfortable rocking design
  • One-inch waterproof pad
  • High slat strength (149 pounds)
  • Four adjustable mattress positions
  • Meets CPSC and ASTM safety standards
  • None

4. Delta Children Mini Crib

Delta Children Mini CribHave you checked out many mini cribs that are available online without finding a suitable one? Do you want a space-efficient model that will keep your kid comfortable at night? Delta Children Portable Mini Crib is a suitable product. With one, you get a portable household accessory that does not require a lot of space to work. You can set it up in your bedroom or in a nursery with good results. It is also comfortable and has a stylish design made of solid wood.

Liked for its simplicity, Delta Children Portable Mini Crib satisfies the needs of most parents. If you are looking for a multi-purpose crib that you can travel with easily, for instance, this model works the best. It is lighter than other similar cribs. It also has a compact design that you can fold for easier transportation. Finally, this mini crib has durable casters for easier movement.

Do you have an unstable mini crib at home? Replace it with this one. Even though light and foldable, its well-balanced frame does not wobble over time. Even if you have an overactive child who moves a lot in his crib, this product will serve you well. Buy yours to get a contemporary-looking crib that never disappoints.

Delta Children Portable Mini Crib, as other kid’s cribs reviewed herein, has a safe JPMA certified design. If toxic chemicals such as lead, phthalates, and mercury concern you, consider buying a new one. All of its parts are baby-safe. All finishes are also baby safe. Finally, for added safety, this mini crib has stationary front and back rails that most kids cannot open or climb.

Another feature that has made Delta Children Mini Crib a best seller online is its adjustable mattress positions (two). You can customize it at any time to improve the comfort level of your kid. This mini crib is under a warranty (lifetime for parts).

  • Baby-safe parts and finishes
  • Replacement warranty
  • Adjustable mattress positions
  • Stationary front and back rails
  • JPMA-certified design
  • Space-efficient design
  • None

5. Dream on Me 2 in 1 Side Crib

Dream on Me 2 in 1 Side CribGone are the days when baby cribs were large and bulky. Their designs have become smaller and functional to the joy of parents. To get a quality one that will serve you well for long, consider buying this 2-in-1 side crib from Dream on Me. It is a comfortable accessory. It is also lightweight and has a space-efficient design that does not clutter homes. Finally, in terms of safety, it is one of the best. Its patented rail system, for instance, protects babies well.

With homes getting smaller worldwide, babies no longer have enough space for playing. Backyards are ideal. However, because of the critters on such areas, they are unsuitable. Basements, on the other hand, are cold and uninviting. To save space for your baby in his or her bedroom, buy this mini crib. It is compact. You can also convert it into a playpen easily.

Even though made of wood, Dream on Me 2 in 1 is a portable side crib. It has a lightweight frame that you can move around easily. You can also fold it and transport it in your car whenever you are traveling long distances.

You will like the safety of this Dream on Me 2 in 1 mini crib. Because of its stability, for instance, the probability of its breaking is slim. Components such as wood and paint are also baby-safe. Finally, the patented rail that this crib has secures babies well. Your bundle of joy will not fall over whenever you are away.

  • Water-resistant mattress pad (1-inch)
  • Convertible 2-in-1 design
  • Cost-effective mini crib
  • Patented non-drop rails
  • Baby-safe components
  • Transforms to a playpen
  • Paint chips or scratches easily
  • Mattress sold separately

6. DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed

DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin BedPopular among parents worldwide, DaVinci Emily is a unique crib with many desirable features. If you have a hard time laying your baby to sleep because of a deep crib, you will like this one. Because of its low profile design, most people can use it easily. This mini crib is also affordable. You do not spend a lot of money to own one. Finally, its level of comfort is desirable. You kid will sleep and develop well with the help this mini crib.

Mini cribs are affordable accessories. Many versatile designs are also available online with DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 leading the pack. As your baby grows, this mini crib will grow with him. Using a conversion kit, you can easily transform it into a twin-sized bed.

Most parents are conscious about the safety of their babies. They feed them the right foods. They also keep them warm to prevent diseases such as pneumonia. To maximize the safety of your baby whilst sleeping, buy this DaVinci Emily mini crib. All its parts meet the recommended ASTM standards. It also meets CPSC standards and has a safe multi-step finish that does not chip.

Do you have a low-grade mini crib that wobbles whilst in use? Babies hate such products because of their propensity to disrupt sleep. Buy this DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib instead. Made of sustainable New Zealand wood (100%), it is as sturdy as a rock. Its joints are also sturdy and designed to support a lot of weight.

Do not confuse this crib’s simplicity for a weakness. With a slat strength of 149 pounds, it can support the weight of an adult without breaking. It also comes with a free 1-inch pad (waterproof) and a one-year warranty on defects.

  • One-year warranty
  • Waterproof pad (one-inch)
  • 149-pound slat strength
  • Sustainable New Zealand wood
  • Meets CPSC and ASTM standards
  • Convertible 2-in-1 design
  • Temporary chemical smell

7. DaVinci Kalani 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed

DaVinci Kalani 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin BedStop sharing your matrimonial bed with your kids. The risk of you rolling and crushing him or her whilst sleeping is high. Cheap and effective mini cribs are also readily available on the Internet. Buy DaVinci Kalani, for instance, to get a two-in-one mini crib that grows with babies. Its conversion is simple. You do not need special tools to do this. This mini crib is also durable and has a comfortable design that soothes babies to sleep.

Mini cribs undergo a lot of abuse in homes. We move them around whilst cleaning. As kids grow, they also jump and play in them, which strain them further. To get a model that can withstand such as level of abuse, buy DaVinci Kalani. Made of solid New Zealand wood, this 2-in-1 mini crib lasts long. This crib is also sustainable and has secure joints that do not wobble over time.

Most parents like good-looking mini cribs. However, have you ever checked the type of paint used to finish the one that you have at home? The results might shock you. Lead and other toxic chemicals are common in such finishes.

DaVinci Kalani 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed has an adjustable mattress support that you can customize on demand. The system is easy to use. All you have to do is push it up and down to create a comfortable sleeping area for your baby. It also has a low profile design that most parents find enjoyable to use. You will never struggle to lay or access you baby, as is the case with some cribs.

  • Fits up to 4-inch mattresses
  • Free mattress pad (1-inch)
  • Convertible 2-in-1 design
  • Adjustable mattress system
  • Meets CPSC and ASTM standards
  • Solid New Zealand wood
  • Mattress sold separately

8. Dream on Me Violet 4 in 1 Mini Crib

Dream on Me Violet 4 in 1 Mini CribAt some point in life, most parents buy min cribs for their babies. If you are at this stage and want a valuable product that will serve you well, Dream on Me Violet 4 in 1 Mini Crib is ideal. Attainable in interesting colors, it is a stylish accessory. It is also spacious (42Lx25Wx36H inches) and has a lightweight 40-pound design that you can move around easily. Buy one for your kid today. The quality of this mini crib is amazing.

Convertible mini cribs are popular all over the world because of their versatility. With Dream on Me Violet, for instance, you get a 4-in-1 mini crib that cradles infants comfortably. Moreover, as your baby grows, you do not have to worry about running out of space. You can transform this bed into a comfortable day bed easily.

Does your child have a habit of chewing bed rail when awake? Do not buy a mini crib of questionable quality? Toxic elements such as lead are common in such beds. Buy Dream on Me Violet 4 in 1 instead. Designed to meet the recommended ASTM standards, it is one of the safest products in this niche. It also meets the CPSC safety standards and has a lead and BPA-free finish.

To keep your kid comfortable all night long, this bed has many novel attributes that you will like. Its edges, for instance, are non-irritant. They do not cut or bruise kids easily. It also has an adjustable mattress slat (three positions) for customizing its performance. The system is stable. It is also easy to adjust.

  • Adjustable mattress support
  • Solid New Zealand pine
  • Convertible 4-in-1design
  • Meets ASTM and CPSC standards
  • Lightweight (weighs 40 pounds)
  • Space-efficient (42Lx25Wx36H inch)
  • Somewhat short (height)
  • Mattress sold separately

9. Dream on Me Addison 4 in 1 Mini Crib

Dream on Me Addison 4 in 1 Mini CribBabies should sleep for over eight hours to develop well. However, because of the poorly designed cribs that people have at home; this is not always the case. If you have the same problem, Dream on Me Addison mini bed is one of the best remedies. Its aesthetic design blends well in homes. It is also space-efficient (40Lx25Wx38H inches) and made of a lightweight (40 pounds) New Zealand pinewood. While cleaning your home, you can move it around easily without breaking your back.

Functionality is key when shopping for a new crib for your baby. With Dream on Me Addison, for example, you get a 4-in-1 convertible bed that you can customize to meet your child’s needs. During infancy, its ergonomic design cradles babies comfortably. As you child grows, you can transform it into a full-size day bed.

Dream on Me Addison mini crib will be a good addition to most homes because of its high safety rating. Because of its sturdy design, for instance, kids can sleep and jump in it without sacrificing safety. Its fixtures are also baby safe. Finally, its CPSC and ASTM standards compliant design is perfect for day-to-day use. Forget about toxic elements such as lead harming your baby.

As most products listed, the versatility of this pine wood crib from Dream on Me is desirable. In addition to its design, for instance, you get an adjustable mattress support system (3-position) that supports a lot of weight. As your baby grows, you can change the position of this system to keep him or her comfortable.

  • Solid pine wood frame
  • Three-position mattress support
  • Convertible design (4-in-1)
  • CPSC and ASTM standards compliant
  • None

10. Delta Children Fancy 4-in-1 Crib

Delta Children Fancy 4-in-1 CribHaving the best toddler beds in homes is beneficial in many ways. They are comfortable. They are also space efficient compared to other traditional beds. If you have a challenge finding one, consider Delta Children Fancy. With one, you get a quality crib that measures 54.50×30.50×43.75-inches. Because of its spacious design, babies can grow into it without issues. This bed is also sturdy and has a stylish design.

Delta Children Fancy 4-in-1 Crib, Bianca is a valuable product. In addition to its spacious design, it has a versatile 4-in-1 system that accommodates both infants and toddlers. It also has stylish head and footboards a convertible design that transforms into a spacious day bed. Both you and your kid will like it.

To get a durable crib supports kids well; Delta Children Fancy 4-in-1 Crib Bianca stands out. Made of solid wood, it has a sturdy design. The material also has a warm feel that babies like. This is unlike some metallic mini beds that are often cold and irritant. Finally, its stylish gray finish does not fade over time.

Delta Children Fancy 4-in-1 is a safe day-to-day mini crib. If you are tired of the low grade on in your home, replace it with this one. Its JPMA-certified design exceeds the required safety standards. It also lacks lead and other toxic elements that harm babies.

  • 4-in-1 convertible design
  • Solid wooden frame
  • JPMA-certified mini crib
  • Spacious (54.50×30.50×43.75-inches)
  • Three-position mattress slats
  • Paints cracks and chips
  • Long delivery time

Buying Guide for the Best Mini Cribs

In addition to the best diapers and the best baby alive dolls, mini cribs are must-have baby accessories. If you are looking for one, keep these attributes in mind to get the best mini cribs in 2017:

Material: Mini cribs are of many types. To get the best, the first attribute that you should look at is its material. Is it a metallic or wooden crib? Which fixtures does it have? Even though both materials are ideal, wood is warm and comfortable. Metal, on the other hand, lasts long. Unfortunately, because of its hardness, injuries to babies are common. With your child’s best interests at heart, choose a mini crib that will serve him the best.

Design: What is the design of the mini crib that you want to buy? In stores such as Amazon, you get diverse options. Small and portable models, for instance, benefit parents with space limitations. You can also find solid one-size ones and convertible cribs that grow with babies. Even though the product you should buy is a matter of personal preference, choose a functional one.

Comfort: Like adults, babies have to sleep comfortably to grow and develop well. Keep this in mind the next time you are shopping for a new mini crib. Check the configuration of its slats. If most people are complaining about their comfort, look for another product. Edges should also be smooth and well finished.

Stability: Sleeping on a wobbling or creaking bed is annoying. The experience is even worse for babies. It disrupts sleep. This causes a myriad of developmental issues including stunted growth. Once you have ascertained that the design of your preferred mini crib is ideal, check its stability. Does it wobble or creak whilst in use? The mini crib that you buy should be as durable as possible. Read reviews extensively before buying.

Safety: Reports of heavy metals such as lead being present on kid’s toys and beds are common online. Before buying a mini crib, thus, pay attention to its safety rating. Does it have harsh chemicals that might harm your baby? Does it have physical hazards such as exposed bolts or nuts? To ease the selection process, look for a crib that meets or exceeds the recommended JPMA, CSPA, and or ASTM standards. They work the best.


Are you shopping for a new mini crib for your baby? Do not fall for the advertisements that some brands have online. We have reviewed the best mini cribs in 2017. Buy one.



  • My suggestion is American Baby Mini Crib Set. Many people are interested with any products from American Baby Company. This company has some useful products for your baby, including this Cotton Percale mini crib set. When you buy this set, you can get additional bumper outer fabric that is made from high quality materials. All bumpers are made from durable and comfortable items. You can also get additional fleece blanket that measures about 35 x 45 inches.

  • The also good quality one is Babyletto Origami Mini Crib. By choosing this Tuscany crib by Stork Craft, you get a durable 4-in-1 crib for babies that converts into a daybed, toddler bed, and full size bed with minimal effort. The solid wood used to manufacture it is warm and durable. Its adjustable mattress support guarantees a comfortable sleeping experience, while the rigorous safety and performance tests that it has undergone and passed (JPMA, Canadian, and US standards, for instance) rank it among the best around. In terms of stability, this convertible crib far outmatches its competition. It also has steady side rails for optimal comfort and comes backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

  • I love wood furniture. Orbelle Tian Two Level Wood Crib, When you want to find a good mini crib, you can consider using this product. This product is approved by JPMA as a safe crib for your baby. It is specially made from New Zealand pine that is very durable for long time use. This mini crib has ultralight weight, so you can bring this product to many places easily. You are able to adjust the height of this mini crib easily.

  • I’m a gray lover by using Bloom Alma Mini Folding Crib. This mini crib is made from high quality and solid wood material. It comes with modern design, so it is suitable for modern living spaces. It is very easy to setup this mini crib because it is equipped with patented no tool system. It has compact fold construction for easy transport and storage. Because of this reason, this mini crib is suitable for all users who love traveling. But the 10 above are the best.

  • Really great article!!! My baby is using Lambs & Ivy Jungle Mini Crib, but it’s not good anyway. This mini crib set is very attractive for most kids. When you buy this set, you are going to get comforter, attractive animal print sheet, and also stripe sheet. The combination of those items can attract many children. This mini crib is made from high quality materials, so you can use this crib for a long time. It is very durable for long time and extensive use without getting any problems.

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