Top 7 Best Metal Chess Sets with Cases

Metal Chess

If you are a chess player, you need to get yourself a beautiful metal chess set with a case. It will come in handy whenever you want to play chess at home or work. Metal chess sets with cases come with various designs that include the traditional Staunton. Finding the one that perfectly suits your needs takes time since the market is full of them. Some of them come with world-class quality while others are unbelievably disappointing. The best metal chess set with a case makes use of the most durable materials. It comes with a rare elegance to ensure that playing chess is what you will always look forward to. Are you still struggling to choose the right set? The following buying guide can help you make up your mind.

A Complete Guide To Choose Metal Chess Sets with Cases

Your Budget: When buying a metal chess set with case, you must always stick to your budget. Compare prices and even check online reviews. Once you find one whose cost is affordable, look out for quality to ensure that it is what you wanted. Some sets that are inexpensive come with extremely low quality.

Metal Material: Metal chess sets with boards are made from different types of metal. Are the pieces silver, brass or nickel? It must be a long-lasting metal that guarantees many years of playing chess. Strength and rust-resistance are also factors that you ought to consider. The last thing you want is corroded chess pieces.

Case Material: Manufacturers can use many different materials to make the storage case or box. Some use wood while others use metal. Whatever it is, ensure that it is high-quality. This allows it to last for years. With it, you will always have something to carry and store your chess set.

Purpose: Are you buying the chess set to play the game at home, work or while traveling? If it will always be sitting somewhere in your home or office, you don’t necessarily have to consider its weight. Travelers have to ensure that the chess sets they buy are not very heavy. They will only add to your luggage’s weight which can be inconveniencing.

Again, it is for decoration or playing. If you want it to complement your home or office décor, you can go for its looks. Some sets are appealing, but they are not as good when playing. Those who buy metal chess sets with cases as collectibles do not mind their quality since they don’t intend to use them for generations.

Size of the Chess Pieces

Some chess pieces are tiny and designed for young children. Others are large and suitable for use by everyone. Ensure that the chess pieces have the ideal size and they match with the squares on your chess board. This will make the game more fun.

Design: Metal chess sets with cases come with countless designs. The chessmen and cases may come in a variety of shapes and colors. Consider your preferences and needs.

Finding a first-rate metal chess set with a case is rare. The following chess sets are worth considering.

1. 12×12 Inch Antique Brass Chess Set

12×12 Inch Antique Brass Chess Set

This 12×12 Inch Antique Brass Chess set is one of the best sets that you can find. It comes with a storage box that allows you to keep it safe. With its unique design, it is perfect for your home, bar or office.

This metal chess set with a case comes with elegantly sculpted pieces that are made from brass. They have an attractive golden silver color. It has a 2.5-inch king that is proportional to the other chessmen.

The pieces are heavy. This makes this Antique Brass Chess Set ideal. You can comfortably play even when you are outdoors since the chessmen are stable.

The chess set comes with a large chess board that also makes use of the brass material. It is beautiful, and it matches with the chessmen. The squares are large enough to fit all the pieces without congestion.

There is a velvet storage case that accompanies this metal chess set. It is convenient for carrying and storing it.

Highlighted Features:

  • King height is 2.5 inches
  • The set comes with golden silver pieces
  • Conveniently heavy chessmen
  • The chess set comes with a velvet storage case
  • It has a brass chess board
  • Elegant design

2. Bello Games Collezioni – Lorenzini Chessmen & Marcello Chess Board/Box

Bello Games Collezioni

This Italian metal chess set with case is ideal for all chess players. It combines quality with elegance to offer you amazing play experiences. The chessmen are crafted to a fine detail. It comes with a board and a storage case.

The chess pieces make use of brass that is silver plated. They are heavy so that they won’t fall off as you play. They also come with felt bottoms that allow them to glide smoothly on the chess board.

This metal chess set with a case comes with a leatherette chess board. It has an ideal size that makes it comfortable to play. It is an incredible match for the pieces regarding the color.

You can lift the board to get to the 14″ by 14″ storage case that is underneath. It is a safe place to carry the pieces as well as store them when you are not playing.

Highlighted Features

  • King height: 3″
  • Large leatherette chess board and chess box
  • Brass and silver plated chessmen
  • The pieces have felt bottoms
  • The set has heavy chessmen

3. Dal Rossi Italy Carbon Fibre Shiny Finish Chess Box 16″ with Metal Marble Chess Pieces

Dal Rossi Italy Carbon Fibre Shiny Finish Chess Box

The Dal Rossi Italy Carbon Fibre Shiny Chess Box set comes with elegant marble pieces. It has a chess board as well as a chess box for carriage and safe keeping. It is designed for all chess players regardless of their playing experience.

This metal chess set with a box comes with metal/marble chessmen that have a fine finish. They are also weighted so that they can be stable during play.

The chess board goes well with the pieces. It is conveniently large so that the chessmen cannot collide with each other while you make your moves.

The chess box is attached to the board. It is lockable hence it comes with a key. With it, you have a way of keeping your chessmen secure. Transporting them will be easy.

The case has compartments. This allows you to store your chessmen separately and as you want them.

Highlighted Features:

  • King height: 3.74″
  • Elegant and heavy metal pieces with an attractive finish
  • The set comes with a Lockable chess box
  • Chess case has compartments
  • Large chess board

4. 14X14 Inch Antique Brass Metal Chess Set

14X14 Inch Antique Brass Metal Chess Set

Most people have confessed to the superior quality that comes with the 14X14 Inch Antique Brass Metal Chess set. The pieces are perfect for playing. There is a case for storing and transporting the chess set when you want to. It is the metal chess set with a case that you need to have in your home, hotel room or office.

The chess pieces make use of brass material. They come with a black and gold glossy finish that makes them alluring. The king has a height of 3.3″ and all the other pieces are proportional to it which is ideal.

The chessmen are heavyweight. This makes them stable as you play. You will not have to worry that they will keep falling over while you play.

There is also a velvet storage case. It is spacious hence enough to store all your chess pieces comfortably.

The chess board is large enough to allow you to play without strain; it measures 14*14*2.5 inches. With it, the pieces cannot congest during the game.

Highlighted Features:

  • King’s height: 3.3 inches
  • Set has brass chess pieces with black/gold finish
  • The chessmen are weighted for stability
  • The chess set has an elegant design
  • There is a velvet storage box for storage and carriage
  • Large chess board

5. Lorenzini Chessmen from Italy & Seventh Avenue Maple & Walnut Chess Board/Cabinet with Two Drawers

Lorenzini Chessmen from Italy & Seventh Avenue Maple & Walnut Chess

The Lorenzini Chessmen metal chess set is classy. It comes with attractive pieces that promise fantastic playing sessions. It has a board as well as a cabinet to store the set. Its attractive design makes it suitable to display at all times. It is made in Italy and designed for all chess players from all over the world.

Manufacturers use brass that is silver plated to make the chess pieces. They are weighted to provide stability during play. They also have felt bottoms. This enables them to slide comfortably on the elegant chess board.

The chess board is made from quality maple and walnut. It has beautiful in-laid dark-brown squares that are ideally large to fit the pieces. It comes with a high gloss finish that adds to its allure.

The chess cabinet comes with two drawers that have a velour lining. They allow you to store your pieces safely.

Highlighted Features:

  • The metal chess set has an elegant design
  • The silver plated pieces are made from brass
  • Maple and walnut chess board and box
  • The chessmen are heavy and have felt bottoms
  • The chess board has beautiful glossy finish
  • Storage cabinet has two drawers
  • The chess box has a velour lining

6. L2053DR Dal Rossi Italy Copper and Bronze Chess Set on Walnut Shiny Finish Chess Box 20″

 L2053DR Dal Rossi Italy Copper and Bronze Chess Set

You ought to give this Dal Rossi Italy Copper, and Bronze chess set a chance. It comes with finely created chessmen that are designed for use by all chess players. It is accompanied by a storage box that makes storage and carriage easy.

The chess pieces are made of high-grade copper and bronze. They are weighted to offer the stability that you need during play. The king measures 4″.

It comes with a chess board that has a shiny walnut finish, also large hence you don’t have to stress over your pieces being congested. It is attached to the chess box where you can store your chessmen. You can also use it to move the set when necessary.

The chess case is spacious, and it also has compartments. They enable you to store the pieces separately. It comes with a key to lock it. It assures you of your set’s safety.

Highlighted Features:

  • King height 4″
  • The chess set comes with bronze/copper chessmen
  • The pieces are weighted
  • The large chess board has an attractive walnut finish
  • There is a storage case with compartments
  • The chess box has a key to unlock it
  • The set has the Dal Rossi Italy brand

7. Bello Games Collezioni – Lorenzini Chessmen & Napoli Chess Board/Case

Bello Games Collezioni - Lorenzini Chessmen & Napoli Chess

This Bello Games Collezioni metal chess set with a case comes with quality chessmen. It also has a storage case. It comes in handy whenever you want to travel with the set. All chessmen can use it regardless of whether they are beginners or pros.

The silver-plated chess pieces make use of brass material. They are durable, and they guarantee years of quality play. The king has an ideal height of 3″.

The chess board combines several kinds of wood that include maple, mahogany, walnut, and Briarwood. It comes with a beautiful dark brown color that goes perfectly well with the chessmen.

This metal chess set comes with a case for storage and transportation of the pieces. It is large which makes it even more ideal.

Highlighted Features:

  • King measures 3″
  • Brass/silver-plated chessmen
  • Quality maple/mahogany/walnut and briarwood chess board
  • Spacious storage case
  • Elegant chess board

Conclusion: Are you an enthusiastic chess player? You deserve all the classic metal chess sets with cases that this world can offer. They ensure that you experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with a quality chess game. If you want to find the best metal chess set with a case, you have to ensure that it has all the convenient features. The metal used to make the pieces should be not only durable but also attractive. The chess box should be large so that you can keep all your chessmen safe. Some cases are combined with the chess board. Some can also be locked. If you have one, ensure that you do not misplace the key.