Best Luggage Locks in 2017 – Secure Your Luggage During Trips

Best Luggage Locks in 2017 - Secure Your Luggage During Trips

When traveling, safety is an important attribute that most people take lightly. In bus stops and airports, many people leave luggage unsecured. This leads to loss of their valuables. Do not make the same mistake. Buy the best travel bags for your trips. You should also buy the best luggage locks for securing your belongings.

Luggage locks, as the best watches for men, come in an array of interesting designs. Some are large and mean looking. Others are small and concealable. Which is the best for 2017? If you have a hard time choosing one, this article eases the process. The 10 luggage locks that we have reviewed, for instance, are trusted brands that work well.

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1. Master Lock 4688D

Master Lock 4688DIn the security industry, Master Lock is a trusted brand with some of the best-selling products. It is home to the best motorcycle padlocks. It also has quality luggage locks that help millions of people to secure their personals outdoors. Master Lock 4688D, for instance, is a TSA approved cable lock that secures most types of bags. Whether you have a briefcase or a computer bag, it works well. It is also good for securing cabinets.

Master Lock 4688D is a top-rated product that does not fail over time. Its metallic body is durable. The risk of it breaking and or malfunctioning over time is slim. Measuring 29mm, you also get a compact lock with a flexible steel cable. The material is snap-proof.

For many years now, people have used keyed locks to keep their luggage safe. Even though effective, users lose keys often. They also jam and or break easily, if made of low-grade materials. Master Lock 4688D is different. It has a foolproof combination system that you can program easily. This improves its safety.

Even though tough and secure, Master Lock 4688D does not cost people a fortune. It is an affordable product. It also has a durable and effective design that serves people well for long. If you can get an original one, you will not worry about buying a new lock soon.

  • Cost effective luggage lock
  • Heavy-duty metallic body
  • Flexible steel cable
  • Combination locking technology
  • Resettable codes (3-line)
  • Fragile locking system

2. TravelMore Combination Cable Locks

TravelMore Combination Cable LocksDo you carry a suitcase whenever you are traveling? Are you shopping for a lock that can secure it during such trips? Buy this set of combination cable lock from TravelMore. Specially designed for securing luggage, these black-themed locks are durable. They do not break and or malfunction as easily as some low-grade ones often do. They also have hardened steel shackles and patented locking mechanisms that users like.

The value of these combination locks from TravelMore is desirable. In terms of security, for instance, they are among the best. Their steel shackles withstand abuse well. They also have three-dial combination locks that you can program easily. If you follow their instructions, you will have a foolproof luggage lock in minutes.

Ranked among the best luggage locks in 2017, these cable locks from TravelMore have versatile designs. Their flexible cables, for instance, penetrate and secure most types of zippers. This makes them ideal for securing most types of bags. They are also among the best for securing gym lockers and briefcases.

Make fake locks sell dirt-cheap in many web stores. Avoid them like the plague. This package of TravelMore cable locks will serve you better. It is affordable. You also get a lifetime warranty that covers all defects.

  • Heavy-duty steel cables
  • Lifetime warranty
  • TSA-approved design
  • Multi-functional locks
  • Three-dial combination
  • Durable zinc alloy body
  • Locks up easily

3. Tarriss TSA Lock

Tarriss TSA LockAre you tired of losing your personals whenever you are traveling by road or air? We have a better solution for you. Buy this pack of Tarriss TSA Locks. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, their value is amazing. They are also compact and have foolproof designs that secure moist types of bags well. Whether you have a gym bag or a briefcase that contains your personals, these locks work well. They will protect your items from thieves.

Tarriss TSA Locks have convenient combination locks. They work well. They are also easy to program with the help of the instruction guide that you get. Finally, with these products, you do not have to worry about losing keys. The self-contained three dial combination locks that you get do not require keys to work.

In most airports, TSA agents often cut locks that do not meet their standards during inspections. To avoid such problems, buy this set of combination locks from Tarriss. All are TSA-compliant. All TSA agents in most airports recognize and accept these combination luggage locks.

Tarriss TSA locks are among the toughest in the market. Made of a zinc alloy, their solid cases last a lifetime. They do not crack or lose their charm over time, as some low-quality ones do. They also have dependable locking mechanisms. Finally, whether you have deep or shallow pockets, you can afford them. They are affordable.

  • Flexible steel cable
  • Durable zinc alloy cases
  • Secure most bags
  • 3-dial combination systems
  • TSA-certified designs
  • Challenging to set up

4. Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert

Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlertBecause of negligence, many people leave their luggage unsecured whilst traveling. This has many consequences. The risk of losing personals such as documents or money, for instance, is high. Buy this Tarriss TSA lock to prevent such problems. Recognized by TSA agents, it is a travel-worthy accessory. It is also durable and has a high-strength cable lock that never disappoints. Whether you have the best handbags for women or a briefcase, this set of TSA-approved locks will secure your valuables. Buy yours today.

Does this set of locks secure luggage well? Do they have secure and foolproof systems that work well in most environments? With this set of locks, you will never worry about the foregoing issues. They are durable. Moreover, the three-dial combination locks that they have are not only easy to operate but also foolproof.

During international travel, many people never know when airport officials search their luggage. Even though professionals oversee the process, people have reported a loss of precious items after such searches. Tarriss TSA Lock has a SearchAlert feature that changes from red to green when opened. Before resetting it, you can check your personals to make sure that nothing is missing.

Forget about these combination locks breaking down over time. The high strength zinc alloy used to make their cases is durable. Their cables and their locking mechanisms are also ideal. Finally, each lock has a lifetime guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. These mirror the quality of the products you get.

  • High strength zinc alloy
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Combination locks (3-dial)
  • Flexible steel cables
  • TSA-certified designs
  • Not 100% foolproof
  • Easy to open

5. Acrodo International Travel Locks

Acrodo International Travel LocksTalking about the best luggage locks, most people think of the low-grade models they use to secure their lockers. This is not the case. Models such as Acrodo International are premium devices with many desirable attributes. Featuring an all-steel design, for instance, this is a durable accessory. It withstands abuse well for long. It also has a versatile TSA-approved design that eases checking of luggage in airports.

Combination locks are easy to use. They also have durable and foolproof systems that secure most types of luggage well. Acrodo International meets this threshold. You do not have to worry about carrying and or losing keys whilst traveling. Its combination lock works well. You can also program them easily.

TSA officials in airports are tough on locks that do not meet their specifications. Most of the time, they damage them to gain entry into bags during inspections. Acrodo International will help you to avoid such losses. It is a TSA-approved accessory. It also secures most types of bags including backpacks and briefcases.

Knowing when TSA agents have checked your bag whilst traveling is important. This way, you can easily sue for damages and or loss of properties. Acrodo International can help you to achieve this. In addition to its durable design, you get a pop indicator that lights whenever you open this lock. Resetting it is easy using a pin.

Acrodo, as most luggage locks that we have reviewed, is an affordable product. With each package that you buy, you get two top-grade locks that improve the security of luggage. You also get a lifetime warranty and a full satisfaction guarantee.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Money back guarantee
  • Pop-up indicator
  • 3-dial combination lock
  • TSA-certified system
  • Unreliable locking mechanism

6. Brinks 161-20471 Solid Brass Locks

Brinks 161-20471 Solid Brass LocksHave you spent a lot of money on luggage locks that have failed to satisfy your needs? Are you tired of TSA-officials constantly cutting your locks because of their non-compliance with their standards? Buy these Brinks 161-20471 Solid Brass Locks instead. Attainable as a package of four locks, they are affordable. They also have compact designs (22mm) with solid brass cases that last long. These locks secure the best backpacks well. They also secure briefcases and other types of bags.

You do not have to program these locks for them to work well. Their simplicity is one of their major strengths. They keyed locks that they have work well. They are also easy to open and close. During your trips, thus, you will not struggle to access your items.

Do you lock horns with TSA officials often because of your non-compliant locks? Do not pay for the expensive TSA-approved locks that some brands have. Buy Brinks 161-20471 to get a set of affordable TSA approved locks that work well outdoors. They are also secure and have versatile designs that satisfies all people.

These locks are also affordable. If you have a tight budget, they are among the best luggage locks to use in 2017. Visit Amazon and order yours. Each set has a warranty.

  • Travel Sentry Approved
  • Solid brass cases
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • Multi-functional designs
  • Foolproof keyed systems
  • Compact (22mm) designs
  • Somewhat small

7. Lewis N. Clark Combination Luggage Lock

Lewis N. Clark Combination Luggage LockWhen shopping for locks, many people want quality products that deliver good results. If you are one of them, Lewis N. Clark is one of such products. Buy yours to get a pack of two combination locks, each with a compact 3.5×1.5-inch design. These locks are affordable. They also have visible orange themes and versatile designs that secure most types of bag and briefcases. Do not hesitate to buy yours. They will serve you well.

Made of 100% zinc alloy, these locks are durable. The risk of them breaking whilst in use is slim. They are also rust resistant and have a sturdy 70mm cable that withstands abuse well. It is difficult to cut. It also resists hammer attacks.

Passing airport security is a chore when traveling internationally. Airport officials have to check your luggage for contraband as it goes through several sections. To ease the process, buy a TSA-approved combination lock such as Lewis N. Clark. It is secure. TSA officials can also open it and inspect your luggage without damaging it.

Lewis N. Clark is one of the best luggage locks for three reasons. First, the two locks that you get are easy to program. Using the detailed instructions that you get, you can set them up easily. You can also use them to secure luggage easily without using keys.

The flexible steel cables that these locks have secure most types of bags well. Both locks also have a thermoplastic rubber coating that prevents rusting and non-slip surfaces.

  • Thermoplastic rubber coating
  • TSA-certified designs
  • Flexible steel cables
  • Resettable combination lock
  • 3-dial combination lock
  • Heavy luggage locks

8. TravelMore 3 Digit Luggage Locks

TravelMore 3 Digit Luggage LocksBecause of their effectiveness, TravelMore locks help people to travel with confidence every day. This set of three digit combination locks, for instance, stands out for many reasons. The locks that you get are durable. They also have visible (orange) and versatile designs that secure most types of luggage well. Finally, because of their foolproof designs, their performance outdoors is exemplary. They will protect your items outdoors.

Over the years, combination locks have replaced traditional keyed ones for many reasons. They are secure. They are also easy to customize and have foolproof designs that never disappoint. TravelMore is such as product. Its setup is easy. You can change codes as often as you like without issues. It also secures luggage well.

During airport inspections, officials check all suspected luggage for illegal material. The fact that you are getting TSA-certified locks makes the process easier. You do not have to worry about TSA officials cutting your padlock or damaging your bag. These locks also have indicators that change color when unlocked.

Standard luggage locks secure a few selected accessories. This is not the case with this one. All locks have multi-functional designs. Whether you have a bag or a suitcase, you will enjoy using them. You also use them to secure tool boxes and gun cabinets at home.

  • Open alert indicators
  • Money back guarantee (100%)
  • Heavy-duty steel shackles
  • TSC-certified design
  • High-strength zinc alloy cases
  • Challenging to set up

9. Ody Travel Gear Luggage Locks

Ody Travel Gear Luggage LocksBuy Ody Travel Gear to get a set of TSA-approved travel locks that secure items well outdoors. Their dark cases are stylish and highly visible during the day. Before targeting your bag, a thief will think twice. All locks also have flexible U clasps that fit and secure most types of bags. If you have a zippered backpack, for instance, you will enjoy using them. People with briefcases and lockable safes also appreciate their value.

These locks are easy to use. Opening and locking, for instance, is a breeze. Instead of keys, all you have to do is set a combination and push a button to achieve this. All dials are durable. They are also smooth and have arrows that help users align them correctly.

Do not worry about TSA officials cutting and or damaging these locks. Their TSA-certified designs are perfect for passing airport security. Officials can open and lock them easily without tampering with their structure or performance.

Never purchase a lock that will not secure your briefcase or luggage well. The product that you buy should also have a durable design that performs flawlessly every time. Ody Travel Gear locks meet this threshold. Made of maximum strength zinc, they are durable. They also have novel locking mechanisms that work flawlessly.

Ody Travel Gear Luggage Locks are readily available online. If you have a few dollars that you want to spend on a new set, visit Amazon today. They are affordable. You also get versatile accessories that take the security of luggage to the next level.

  • Multifunctional designs
  • Travel Sentry Approved
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Maximum strength zinc cases
  • Programmable combination lock
  • None

10. Forge Luggage Locks

Forge Luggage LocksLosing luggage in airports and bus terminus is a common occurrence in most countries. You should do two things to avoid this problem. First, always be vigilant. Know where your luggage is. Second, use a quality luggage lock. Even though many good brands are available online, Forge is one of the best in 2017. Its locks are tough. They are also easy to use and work flawlessly on most types of bags and other luggage.

Do you have a set of cheap luggage locks that most thieves can compromise easily? Even though these Forge Luggage Locks are slightly expensive, their special alloy cases are durable. They are also rust-resistant and have foolproof internal mechanisms.

In all airports, luggage checks are mandatory. However, while in a hurry, many people often fail to re-lock the bags after a security check. These set of locks solve this problem. First, you must lock them to access your key. These TSA-approved locks also have open alert indicators that light up red when unlocked.

Forge Luggage Locks are easy to use. The three-digit combination locking technology that they have is one of the best. It is also one of the most convenient. You can set up and update your preferred codes in minutes. Their detailed instructions (text and pictorials) ease this process.

Never question the value of Forge Luggage Locks. This set, for instance, has many uses. You can use them to secure your suitcase or briefcase. They also work well on gym lockers, laptop bags, and lockers to name a few. Buy yours today.

  • Multi-functional designs
  • 3-digit combination locks
  • TSA-approved designs
  • Open alert indicators
  • Patented internal mechanism
  • Hardened steel shackles
  • None

Features of the Best Luggage Locks

Luggage locks secure items well when traveling. To get a valuable set that will serve you well for long, look out for these attributes:

Type: Companies have produced many types of luggage locks, each with its pros and cons. Combination locks, for instance, are novel accessories with convenient keyless designs. Even though most models work well, they do not come cheap online. Keyed locks, on the other hand, are popular because of their cost. They are also secure and secure most types of luggage well. Compare their pros and cons and choose a lock that will serve you the best.

Functionality: Spending money on a lock that will not protect your luggage is one of the worst decisions that you can make. After you have settled on your preferred type, look for a product that will protect your luggage well. Can the lock resist hammer blows, for instance? Is it hard to pick? Check the reviews of the product you are planning to buy to learn more about it. You should also read the experience of other users to know if it will benefit you or not.

Longevity: Most people go on holiday at least twice every year. Business executives, on the other hand, venture on business trips often. To get a lock that will serve you well, make sure that it can withstand such level of abuse. It should be durable. A model that rusts or breaks down easily will not meet your needs. You should also check its locking mechanism. If it jams often, buy another lock.

Ease of Use: When planning for recreational or business trips, time is a major limitation for most people. If you are shopping for a new lock, keep this in mind. The model you buy should be easy to use. You should also be able to lock and unlock it easily without problems. Convenience is as important as performance.


Are you planning a trip? Are you looking for a new luggage lock that will secure your bag or briefcase well? The 10 brands that we have reviewed stand out. They are effective. They are also durable and have multi-functional designs that secure most luggage well.



  • I’m choosing Skyright TSA Approved Luggage and Travel Lock. It is a novel TSA-approved luggage and travel lock with a customizable three-digit code, a durable handle, and a safe well-made system that works well with several types of bags. It is affordable, professionally designed using the best grade materials, and comes with limited lifetime guarantee, attesting it quality. Its combination system is easy to use. When compromised, you can easily reset and set a new code and continue to enjoy superior luggage protection in both indoor and outdoor environments. As its name suggests, Skyright it TSA approved, designed to offer visual deterrence, and offers value for long.

  • Using Lewis N. Clark TSA Lockdown Triple Security Cable Lock is enough for me. If you have a few dollars to spend and want the best in this niche, Lewis N. Clark TSA Lockdown is an ideal product for several reasons. The hardside and metal used to make it, for instance, is light yet durable. It resists constant prying and does not lose its shape easily even when hit with a hard object. On the other hand, the triple security that it offers valuable service independent of the type of bag that you own. You belonging will stay safe and well secured. Other features that users like are its double cable technology, durability, and affordability.

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