Buying Guidelines for the Best Joysticks in 2017 for Playing Games

Buying Guidelines for the Best Joysticks in 2017 for Playing Games

Playing video games is a popular pass-time that most people enjoy during their free time. It is relaxing. It has also helped millions of kids to stay out of trouble by keeping them busy. To join this group, you needed two main things. First, you need a gaming station. Many reputable brands are available online. You also need a joystick. Compared to standard keyboards, they are easier to use. They are also comfortable and responsive.

What makes a good joystick? If you enjoy gaming, they joystick that you use should be of good quality. Its materials should be durable. It should also have a comfortable design with well-placed control buttons. Many reputable brands meet this threshold. However, to get on of the best joysticks in 2017, our top 10 picks stand out. They suit most playing styles.

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1. Logitech 963290-0403

Logitech 963290-0403Do you enjoy playing video games? Always use the best joysticks. Unlike most poorly made brands that lag often, for instance, quality models such as Logitech 963290-0403 Extreme 3D Pro work well. Ranked among the best joysticks in 2017, people like it for many reasons. First, its unique twist handle is comfortable. It will not irritate your palm or fingers over time. This joystick also responds well movement. You will perform better, as a result.

Are you tired of using a cumbersome keyboard whenever you are playing video games? To have a fun time at home, buy this Logitech 963290-0403 joystick. It has a comfortable handle. The 12 programmable buttons that you get are also ideal. They are durable. They also have responsive designs that enable people to make accurate shots effortlessly.

Logitech 963290-0403 Extreme 3D Pro Joystick does not break down easily as some low-quality ones often do. Made using quality plastic, it is a durable item. Both gentle and rough gamers like it. It also has a stable base and smooth throttle settings.

Logitech 963290-0403 Extreme 3D Pro is a sturdy joystick. It does not shift easily whilst in use. It is also affordable and comes as a package with all components that you need to play. You get a durable USB cable for connecting it to computers. You also get a detailed setup guide, a registration card, and a warranty.

  • Plug and use design
  • Sturdy handle and base
  • Accurate/smooth throttle settings
  • Programmable buttons (12)
  • Rapid action technology
  • Fragile rudder control

2. Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X Flight Stick

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X Flight StickThe quality of gaming consoles has improved over the years. Unlike in the past when people used keyboards to play, reputable flight sticks such as Thrustmaster T-Flight have taken over. If you enjoy playing flight simulation games, you will like this item. With an original model, you get a dependable flight stick with 12 programmable buttons and 5 axels. It is also affordable and has an ergonomic design that you will enjoy using for long.

Whenever you are shopping for a new joystick, look for a responsive product that will improve how you play. Low-grade models often lag and compromise the performance of people as a result. Thrustmaster T-Flight is such as product. Fitted with a rotating handle, the range of movements people can achieve with it is desirable. You will make accurate turns. It also offers better aerodynamic control than keyboards and standard joysticks.

Do you have an uncomfortable flight stick that irritates you whilst in use? You will like Thrustmaster T-Flight. It is a comfortable item. It is also real-sized and has an ergonomic throttle control that people enjoy using for long. Buy one to improve how you play for fun or competitively.

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X Flight Stick has a unique USB plug-and-play design that most people like. Unlike some models that require a bit of setup to work, this one comes ready to use. You will also like its convenient button configuration and exclusive preset button. They improve the performance of its users.

  • High-precision joystick
  • Superior button configuration
  • Exclusive PRESET button
  • Exclusive Mapping button
  • USB plug and play interface
  • Windows and PS compatible
  • Huge dead zone in the middle
  • Somewhat squeaky

3. Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS

Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTASThe Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Controller makes gaming fun. If you have not added one to your arsenal of gaming equipment, here are a few key reasons why you should buy one today. First, its superior design is popular among PC gamers of all cadres. You can set it up easily (USB plug-and-play). It is also durable and has a universal system that supports all Windows OS. Whether you have 64 or 34-bit Window 10, 8, or 7 OS, you will enjoy using it.

Having a joystick for gaming is a good thing. Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Controller, for instance, is a wonderful product. Its top-notch design has 16 action buttons that improve how people play. The buttons are large and easy to access. They are also responsive and have smooth bevels that do not irritate gamers. You will enjoy using one every day.

Do you enjoy playing fast-action games during your free time? This joystick will improve how you play in many ways. First, because of its superior stick control, users can make intricate movements easily. It also has an advanced radar control, patented magnetic sensors, and a 3D Hall Effect that improves its precision.

Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS works well with most Windows computers. If you enjoy playing flight-based games, expect a positive experience devoid of the version in your possession. It is also affordable and does not require a lot of skill to use.

  • USB plug and play interface
  • Supports major flight-based games
  • 3D Hall Effect Technology
  • Twist rudder control
  • Patented magnetic sensors
  • Poorly placed buttons
  • Non-intuitive software

4. Thrustmaster T-Flight Flight Stick – PC

Thrustmaster T-Flight Flight Stick – PCThe best vertical mice improve how people work or play at home. They are comfortable. They also orient the hand ergonomically to improve the response rate of people. To propel your gaming to the next level, however, a quality flight stick such as Thrustmaster T-Flight will serve you better. Perfect for professional gaming, it is a comfortable accessory. It also has a well-balanced stick that you can maneuver easily whenever you are playing. This not only improves your response rate but also your performance.

Thrustmaster T-Flight is a solid product. If you have bought one of the best gaming laptops that has failed over time, this one will serve you better. It also has durable fully programmable buttons (12) that improve its value further. Buy your today. You will perform better with the help of an original one.

When playing different types of games, people require different levels of precision to succeed. If you are struggling to achieve this with your gaming keyboard, replace it with this Thrustmaster T-Flight joystick. It has an adjustable resistance control. This way, you can optimize it to match your playing style easily. You can also use it mapping buttons to relocate functions on demand.

Avoid the complicated joysticks that often frustrate people whilst playing. Thrustmaster T-Flight Flight Stick is a cheaper option. Because of its simplicity, it is also one of the easiest to use in 2017. You can install it easily (plug and use). You can also program/customize its system on demand without major issues.

If you buy Thrustmaster T-Flight, you get a durable well-built joystick that will serve you well for long. You can drop it a few times without it breaking. The heavy-duty plastic used to make it also has a smooth and non-irritant surface that most people like.

  • Heavy-duty design (plastic)
  • Wide and comfortable hand rest
  • USB plug and play system
  • Unique Mapping buttons
  • Adjustable resistance control
  • Fully programmable buttons (12)
  • Bad technical support

5. Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick

Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog JoystickThrustmaster joysticks are among the best in 2017. Their quality and performance in most settings have made them sought-after by video gamers of all skill levels. If you are shopping for one, this Hotas Warthog Joystick stands out in many ways. Featuring an advanced 16-bit system (resolution), its performance is desirable. Its movements, for instance, are fast and consistent. The H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate technology that it has, on the other hand, improves both its precision and accuracy.

Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog is a programmable joystick. Using its onboard control panel, you can customize the functionality of its controls. You can also adjust throttle resistance, backlighting (five LEDs), and its button’s response rate easily. With some brands of joysticks, this is impossible.

The design of this Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick is appealing. Modelled after the U.S. Air Force A-10C’s joystick, for instance, you get a realistic joystick that works well. It also has a comfortable handle and 3D magnetic sensors with an immersive HallEffect. You will enjoy using one at home.

Do you have a flimsy joystick that compromises your accuracy or overall performance? For the best experience, consider replacing it with a new Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog joystick. Featuring a 14-pound weighted base, it is a stable accessory. It also has a sturdy handle, which improves the control of people whilst playing.

Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick comes with a free TARGET software that you can use to program its system. You can also use it to configure its controller and upgrade firmware when needed.

  • Upgradable firmware
  • Universal USB connection
  • Free programming software (TARGET)
  • Stable, weighted base (14 pounds)
  • D magnetic sensors
  • A few faulty switches
  • Horrible customer support

6. Thrustmaster USB Joystick

Thrustmaster USB JoystickPerfect for beginners, the Thrustmaster is a quality USB joystick for flight simulation games. Even though cheap, this item works well. It is also stylish and has a quality design made of heavy-duty plastic. If you have bought a few models that have failed, therefore, you will enjoy using an original one. Its handle does not squeak or wobble over time. The point-of-view button that it has, on the other hand, eases camera control. This is desirable.

Even though simple, Thrustmaster USB Joystick works better than most hyped models. Its buttons, for instance, are not only responsive but also durable. The risk of them dislodging and or their switches damaging over time is slim. You also get an onboard trigger that responds well whilst in use.

Most joysticks are tough on the hand and wrist. They irritate users. They also increase the build-up of lactic acid in muscles, which lowers performance. This is not the case with Thrustmaster USB Joystick. It has an ergonomic handle. It also has a smooth and comfortable surface that does not irritate or injure people.

Thrustmaster has several modifications that improve both its stability and accuracy. The durable materials used to make it, for instance, improve its performance. It also has a weighted base with non-slip rubber pads that secure it well on tables.

You do not require a lot of skill to use this Thrustmaster USB Joystick. As the others reviewed herein, it has a convenient plug and use system. When preparing to play, all you have to do is plug it into your computer to play. It is also easier to use than most gamepads and keyboards when playing flight simulation games.

  • Plug-and-use interface
  • Weighted base
  • Effective rubber grips
  • Comfortable handle
  • Good button configuration
  • Annoying creaking sound

7. Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S

Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino H.O.T.A.SHands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) joysticks are functional items that benefit most gamers. Because of their responsiveness, they are also among the best joysticks for flight simulation. This Pro Flight X-55 Rhino edition from Saitek, for instance, is a bestseller worldwide for many reasons. Featuring a 16-bit elevator and 16-bit aileron, it is accurate. It also responds well whenever you are making snappy and or intricate moves. You will enjoy using it whilst dogfighting with friends online.

People like different stick configurations. Some like their joysticks hard and realistic. Others like smooth-rolling ones that do not require a lot of effort to use. Devoid of your style, you will enjoy using this joystick. It has a comfortable handle with an advanced four-spring system for adjusting its force.

You will enjoy military-grade flight precision that this Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. joystick offers. Inspired by the controls in fighter planes, it is as good as joysticks get. All parts are durable. It also responds accurately to movements.

Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. has a programmable system. The new HOTAS Configuration Software that it comes enables you to customize its buttons easily. You can also customize its axes, adjust response curves, and adjust deadbands easily. Even though the best vertical mice and gaming keyboards are ideal, this joystick takes video gaming to new heights.

  • Programmable system
  • Durable buttons and axes
  • Fighter plane inspired controls
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Adjustable stick force
  • Non-responsive buttons
  • Hard to use (even at its lowest setting)

8. Mad Catz V.1 Stick for PC

Mad Catz V.1 Stick for PCPC gaming remains one of the most popular pass-times to date for many reasons. The quality of the best gaming laptops, for instance, has improved over the years. The quality of gaming peripherals has also improved significantly. If you are shopping for a new PC gaming stick, for instance, Mad Catz V.1 Stick is a suitable model. With one, you get an ambidextrous joystick that you can use with your left or right hand. It is comfortable. It also has well-positioned buttons that ease its use. Buy yours.

This joystick performs better than its competition for many reasons. The five button and trigger that you get, for instance, is not only durable but also responsive. Using its POV switch, you can easily change cockpit views whilst playing. You also get an advanced throttle lever shifts smoothly and realistically.

Do not let Mad Catz V.1 Stick’s aggressive design to scare you. It is one of the best joysticks for day-to-day use for many reasons. Made of heavy-duty plastic, it is durable. It also has a comfortable handle and a sturdy base with removable non-slip feet.

The best joysticks work well with most computers. Mad Catz V.1 Stick for PC is such a product. Its USB powered design works well with most computers (both PC and laptops). You can also program it to suit your playing style with minimal effort.

  • Programmable system
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Removable stabilizing feet
  • Five-button configuration
  • Ambidextrous joystick
  • Improved gaming engine
  • Annoying creaking sound

9. Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick – PC

Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick – PCThe warthog is a dreaded US fighter plane. When gaming, it is also one of the best planes to use because of its versatility. For the best experience, however, do not use keyboard or mouse controls. Buy the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick instead. Modelled after the U.S Air Force A-10C aircraft’s flight stick, its accuracy is admirable. It is also durable, easy to maneuver, and has many diverse features that make gaming fun.

Do not buy one of the poorly made joysticks that break often or malfunction whilst in use. Because of its premium design, Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick will serve you better. Made entirely of metal, its durability is impressive. It also has a weighted base (6 pounds) that improves its stability and accuracy.

Do you enjoy playing fast-paced aerial combat games during your free time? Are you shopping for a well-balanced joystick that can improve your performance? Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick is a good option. Its button configuration is advantageous. Unlike some models, you can reach its 19 action buttons easily whilst playing. It also has a well-placed hat (single 8-way point of view) and a metallic dual trigger that never disappoints.

Setup of this Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight Stick – PC is not as hard as some models. Powered by USB, for instance, its plug-and-use design is convenient. You do not have to install batteries or customize its system in any way to work. Because this joystick has upgraded firmware, it works well out of the box. You will enjoy its superior reaction time. You will also enjoy its accuracy and compatibility with most simulation games.

  • Broad compatibility
  • Heavy (6-pounds) metal body
  • Well-placed action buttons (19)
  • Accurate and well-balanced
  • Upgraded firmware
  • Tall and unnatural base

10. CH Products Fighterstick USB Joystick

CH Products Fighterstick USB JoystickFor many years now, people have used keyboards as controls when playing video games. Even though effective, they are hard to use. They also have a limited functionality. You cannot do the complex maneuvers that people do with the best joysticks and other gaming accessories. To solve this issue, buy this CH Products Fighterstick USB Joystick. Made of heavy-duty plastic, it is a durable product. It does not scratch or breaks easily. Its circuit board and buttons are also durable.

CH Products Fighterstick USB Joystick is a functional product. You get 24 functional buttons (including a one-mode switch button and three push buttons). You also get one 8-way point of view hat, 4-way hat switches, and a 3-way axis that works well. You can use it to play racing and flight simulation games.

This CH Products Fighterstick USB Joystick is USB programmable. Using the free Control Manager software that it comes with, you can do up to 132 programmable functions easily. You can change the configuration of its buttons. You can also change their functionality to match your playing style. This is not as hard as it sounds. Once you have installed and loaded its software, all you need is a USB connection to program this joystick.

Do you enjoy playing flight simulation games? Forget about the keyboard or mouse that you use often. CH Products Fighterstick USB Joystick offers a better experience. Featuring a realistic F-16 handle, for instance, you will have an enjoyable time with it whenever you are playing. The handle is responsive. It is also durable and has a comfortable design that you can use for hours without getting tired. You will have a good experience with one.

  • USB plug and play interface
  • Realistic F-16 handle
  • Heavy-duty plastic case
  • 132 programmable functions
  • Free Control Manager Software
  • 24 well-placed buttons
  • Light and unstable

What to Look for in a Joystick

Joysticks come in a plethora of designs that often confuse shoppers. To get a professional-grade model that will serve you well for years, keep this attributes in mind when shopping.

Compatibility: Do you have a computer, an Xbox, or a PlayStation? The type of joystick that you buy should work well with your console. If you enjoy playing flight simulation games in computers, for instance, look for a compatible joystick. Spending a lot of money on a joystick that you will not use is one of the worst decisions that you can make. Keep this in mind.

Comfort: Many people play video games or hours. Uncomfortable joysticks irritate people as they enjoy their favorite games. To avoid this issue, buy a comfortable model. Its design should fit comfortably in your hand. The orientation of its buttons should be good and the material used to make it as smooth/comfortable.

Connection Type: Is the joystick that you are planning to buy a wired or wireless one? Wireless joysticks are convenient. You do not have to sit close to your gaming console to use them. However, over their lifetime, you will spend a lot of money on batteries. Wired joysticks, on the other hand, are reliable. They do not drop connections whilst in use. They also have a higher response rate and do not require batteries to work. Weigh their pros and cons and buy one that will serve you the best.

Features: What are the features of your preferred joystick? Even though most models look the same, they do not work the same. Some are powerful than others. Check this. You should also check if your joystick of choice has programmable buttons or not. People have different gaming styles. To improve yours, a programmable joystick will serve you the best. Finally, buy a model with a sturdy base. This improves the accuracy of players.


A joystick is a joystick, right? If you are shopping for the best joystick in 2017 and have this thought, think again. Even though many joysticks look the same, a few advanced ones work the best. The 10 models that we have reviewed, for instance, never disappoint. They are accurate. They are also durable and easy to use.



  • Based on partly on my personal experience and partly from what I’ve heard I have a thing or two to say about the joysticks. I disagree with big parts of this article. First of all, I’d say that the brands one should go for is Thrustmaster, CH Products and the russian VKB. I hear that Microsoft stick is good too, but I have no personal experience. Saitek is just bad quality. Years ago I had the non-gold Cyborg and it broke in record time and I decided “never again”. From what I have heard, Saitek’s quality control got even worse when Mad Catz aquired it. Recently Logitech bought Saitek, so maybe their QA will show some improvement. Speaking of Logitech, I have long experience with Logitech Wingman Extreme 3D sticks and was not that impressed. The centering broke fast, potentiometers tended to get dirty and the buttons fail eventually.

    Now in my opinion the best affordable stick is the Thrustmaster t.16000M. It’s accurate and fairly durable too. Uses the same sensor as their Warthog stick. Best option for a left hand stick too, as it’s configurable. If you live in the right part of the world, Defender Cobra M5 could be an option too, but the chances are you’ll get the Rev. B with the cheaper parts, not the awesome VKB designed one. Still probably a decent stick from what I’ve heard.

    I myself use the CH HOTAS in these days. CH Fighterstick, Pro Throttle and Pedals. Ugly pieces of plastic, but very dependable. There are people who say they have been using the same piece since 90’s. Just had to switch the connector from gameport to USB. The throttle is the best throttle for space sims, though the new Thrustmaster FCS HOTAS throttle may be a serious competitor.

    VKB’s sticks seem to be considered crème de la crème among the enthusiasts, approaching the custom build elite stuff. They don’t seem to have their own production lines, so they partner with other manufacturers, who don’t always share their obsession for quality. Their current offering is the Gladiator and Gladiator Pro, which are considered very good sticks. Dissapointigly few buttons on the grip for jet and space sim pilots, though.

  • Well said, but Mad Catz Pacific AV8R Stick also good for me. It is quite colorful with a white and blue body, black stick and red accents. It has a rubber finish for improved grip and detachable legs. As with all other joysticks it has customizable buttons and nice looking toggle switches that are inspired by the ones used in aircraft. It also features a custom decal kit fit for the ones that do not like the default look.

  • I’m a fan of Thrustmaster. I recommend Thrustmaster T-16000M Flight Stick to you guys. You should try this product. It is one of their more affordable models made for casual gamers. It has plenty of customizable buttons and a decent build. The most attractive part is the price and customization features that make it work with almost any game.

  • I’m using the most expensive one which is Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick. It’s really nice performing. It is a stick dedicated for the ones that are really passionate about flight simulators. It is made mostly out of aluminum and comes with a lot of sensors and feels extremely sturdy.

  • I enjoy playing Logitech Attack 3 Joystick. It is extremely affordable and well built. It is completely black and made mostly of plastic with 5 buttons on the handle and a few placed on the bottom part of the body. It has 4-axis control and feels sturdy.

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