Reputable Brands of the Best Ironing Boards in 2017 – A Detailed Review

Best Ironing Boards

To most women, ironing is a chore that they rather not do at home. Unfortunately, a majority cannot avoid it. To handle this process efficiently, the first thing that you should do is buy the best iron. A model that glides smoothly on most fabrics will save you a lot of time. You also need one of the best ironing boards, they enable people to iron fast without burning clothes.

Ironing boards come in a plethora of designs and sizes. You can find compact and portable ones online. Heavy-duty models are also in plenty in most stores. Which is the best model in 2017? If you are struggling to find the best ironing board, this article has done the legwork for you. Consider one of these 10 brands:

  • Product Name
  • Image
  • Description

1. Household Essentials Extra Wide Top Board

Household Essentials Extra Wide Top BoardAre you tired of ironing your clothes whilst crouched on your bed or couch? This extra wide top ironing board from Household essentials will serve you well. Recommended for heavy-duty use, it is a durable item. The heavy gauge steel used to make its frame, for instance, does not bend or wobble over time. It also has a stable four-legged design that supports a lot of weight without issues. You will enjoy using it daily.

Do you iron many clothes per sitting on a day-to-day basis? Are you shopping for a spacious ironing board that accommodates trousers, blouses, and shirts well? This is the product for you. Its spacious top (49×18-inches) is invaluable. It also has an adjustable height (29.5-36.5 inches) that you can customize to maximize comfort. You do not have to bend for long whilst ironing.

The low-grade ironing boards that retail cheap online often compromise the safety of users. A majority crumble without warning. Others do not secure irons well or have low-grade tops that catch on fire easily whilst in use. This is not the case with Household Essentials. Like the best camping screen houses, it is a safe device. It is a sturdy accessory. This makes it safe for use around children. It also has quality materials and parts.

This extra wide ironing board has many add-on items that most people like. The large iron rest that it has, for instance, accommodates and secures most types of irons well. It also has wings that you can adjust to secure large clothing and a hanger bar for securing ironed clothes. You will enjoy using an original one.

  • Sturdy hanger bar
  • Large and adjustable iron rest
  • Foldable metallic frame (with locks)
  • Adjustable height (29.5-36.5 inches)
  • Extra wide (49×18-inch) top
  • Soft and scorch-proof cover
  • Thin padding
  • Stains easily

2. Brabantia Ironing Board

Brabantia Ironing BoardChoosing the best ironing board is a challenge for most people, considering the diversity of products in stores. If you are in this boat, we have identified a few top-rated brands to consider. Brabantia, for instance, is a sturdy ironing board with a spacious i49x18-inch C top. Whether you are shopping for a new board for light or heavy-duty ironing, buy this one. It also has a charming purple theme (moving circles) and a 0.98-inch ivory frame that blends well in homes.

The flimsy and wobbly ironing boards that people have at home tip easily. This makes the hazardous for use in both homes and commercial settings such as hotels. Avoid them like the plague. Instead, buy a premium ironing board such as Brabantia. Its extra-wide frame is tip-proof. It also has a high weight limit and four height settings (30-38-inches) that benefit most people.

For people with small homes, installing, using, and storing ironing boards is often a challenge. This is because of the bulky standalone products that they buy cheap online. To solve this problem, replace your ironing board with this efficient one from Brabantia. It has a foldable design. While not in use, you can store it out of sight under your bed. It even has locks that secure its steel legs well whilst in storage.

In the past, only people with deep pockets could afford ironing boards. This is no longer the case. The best ironing boards are nowadays cheap. They have also improved in terms of style and functionality. Most homeowners like this. Brabantia is such an item. It is affordable. It is also has a functional design with a limited 10-year warranty on defects.

  • Safety child lock
  • Sturdy leg locks
  • Adjustable height (30-38-inches)
  • Sturdy extra-wide frame
  • Spacious 49×18-inch top
  • Non-slip feet (rubberized)
  • Large iron rest
  • None

3. Household Essentials 144222 Ironing Board

Household Essentials 144222 Ironing BoardIn most modern homes, people do not have the luxury of space. Bedrooms are small. Kitchens and pantries are even smaller. This makes ironing a major problem. We have a good solution, though. Instead of buying a bulky freestanding ironing board that will clutter your space, order this one. Its door-mounted design is space saving. It also has a versatile design with a novel self-closing technology that people like. Whether you enjoy ironing in your bedroom or kitchen, this is the best product to use. It will never let you down.

The longevity of this ironing board makes it a good day-to-day item. If you have used a few models that have let you down over time, you will like this one. Made of heavy-gauge steel, for instance, its frame is durable. The cotton, polyester, and polyurethane used to make its top are also the best. They are smooth. They also dissipate heat well for faster ironing.

Whilst ironing, most people handle large batches of clothes at once. Most of the cheaply made ironing boards in stores often fail under the pressure of these clothes. Household Essentials 144222 is different. Its simple free-floating design has a high weight limit is ideal. You can iron large batches on it every day without major issues. It is also easy to install and has a U-hook for safety.

Do you have a tight budget? Do not shy away from this Household Essentials 144222 ironing board. It is an affordable item. You do not have to break your bank to own one. It is also durable and has low maintenance parts and components that serve people well for long. You will enjoy ironing every day with this novel item.

  • Hooks onto most doors
  • Efficient self-close technology
  • Heavy-duty metallic frame
  • Built-in U-hook for irons
  • Spacious 42×12-inch design
  • Flimsy iron holder

4. Homz Durabilt DX1500 Premium

Homz Durabilt DX1500 PremiumHomz is a reputable US brand with many innovative products. Home to some of the best wet mops, for instance, it has many loyal customers worldwide. It is also home to premium ironing boards with Homz Durabilt DX1500 ranked the best. With one, you get a wide-legged freestanding ironing board that benefits people in many ways. First, it does not wobble as some low-grade models do. This enables users to iron fast and safely at home. Whenever you are ironing heavy loads, you can adjust its front feet to boost its stability further.

Whenever you are shopping for a new ironing board for day-to-day use, always remember that size matters. If you iron large batches of clothes daily, for instance, a quality ironing board such as Homz Durabilt DX1500 Premium will serve you the best. It has a spacious top (54×14.9-inches). You can also use it to iron most types of clothes. Finally, because of its scorch-proof surface, you can use a dry/steam iron without issues.

A sturdy ironing board with a low-quality top will only lower your experience over time. Do not waste your money on such items. Homz Durabilt DX1500 Premium works better. Its mesh top is both durable and breathable. It also has a double padded design (foam and fiber) that dissipates heat well and a smooth ironing surface that most individuals enjoy using.

Storage and or transportation of this ironing board are easy. Its foldable steel frame, for instance, is very convenient. You can adjust it easily. You can also secure it (via a quick release paddle) easily and carry it around easily. If you have a small home, thus, this is one of the best ironing boards to use. It will serve you well without cluttering your space.

Even though simple looking, Homz Durabilt DX1500 Premium is a durable ironing board. It does not break or wobble easily. It is also affordable and has many add-ons that boost its functionality. The silicone iron rest that it comes with, for instance, dissipates heat well. You also get sturdy hanger slots for ironed clothes.

  • Sturdy hanger slots
  • Silicone iron rest
  • Foldable metallic frame
  • Double layered top (54×14.9-inches)
  • Expandable front legs
  • Non-slip rubber grips
  • None

5. Homz T-Leg Ironing Board

Homz T-Leg Ironing BoardMany people use ironing boards to keep their clothes looking crisp and clean. You need a quality one, though, to enjoy these and many other benefits. Homz, for instance, is a premium ironing board with a sturdy T-Leg design. Made of steel, its frame supports a lot of weight without crumbling over time. Measuring 53×13-inches, it also has a spacious top that boosts the experience of people further. It secures most clothes well. It also regulates temperature well to help people to iron fast and efficiently in homes.

This ironing board has a quality cover. Made of 100% cotton, its plush texture grips clothes well. Whenever you are ironing thick fabrics such as denim or fine ones such as silk, expect good results. Its top also has a thick foam padding that dissipates heat well and a fade-proof cover that complements most décor.

Height adjustable ironing boards are popular because of their convenience. They are comfortable. They also lower the risk of the back pains people suffer when crouched for long. Homz is such a product. Its unique T-leg design has a height adjustable system (up to 35-inches). Whether you are short or tall, thus, this ironing board will serve you well. The system is sturdy. It is also easy to set up without using tools.

Using a wobbly ironing board is frustrating. It affects the rhythm of people as they iron clothes. They are also unsafe to use, especially when ironing large batches of clothes. If you have such a product, replace it with this model. Its unique T-leg design is sturdy. It also has wide footrests that boost its stability and overall performance further.

  • Sturdy T-legs (steel)
  • Heavy-duty perforated board
  • Scorch resistant cotton cover
  • Adjustable height (35 inches)
  • Wide and stable footrests
  • Patented leg-lock technology
  • Thin cover and padding
  • Awry chemical smell

6. Westex Compact Laundry Solutions

Westex Compact Laundry SolutionsTo have clean and well-pressed clothes, you need two things – the best iron box and the best ironing board. Most people have quality iron boxes at home. However, instead of ironing modes, a majority use their beds and or couches instead. Do not be a part of this statistic. Ironing boards such as Westex Compact Laundry Solutions are attainable cheap online. It is also durable and has a compact/space-saving design (13×36-inches) that works well in most homes.

Do you have a wobbly ironing board that lowers your experience whenever you are ironing clothes? Buy Westex Compact Laundry Solutions to get a sturdy and multi-functional model for personal and commercial use. Its well-balanced design secures clothes well. It also has a spacious iron rest and a thick metallic frame with rubberized feet for stability. You can use this board on a day-to-day basis without major issues.

Do you have a tall or short stature? Does the ironing board in your possession stress/strain your back whenever you are ironing? Consider replacing it with a new Westex Compact Laundry Solutions one. This is a fashionable item. It also has a durable frame with a height-adjustable system that works well. Using its paddles, you can adjust it up and down to your desired level.

Westex Compact Laundry Solutions is a functional ironing board. Even though smaller than some models that we have reviewed herein, it has a quality cover. Made of a heat-resistant material, it will serve you well for long without issues. It also has a soft and smooth texture that grips fabrics well and an extra hanger for storing your ironed clothes temporarily.

  • Large iron rest (heat resistant)
  • Height adjustable frame (steel)
  • Non-slip rubberized feet
  • Durable cotton cover
  • Secure leg locks
  • Space-saving 13×36-inch board
  • Poor quality control
  • Missing components

7. Household Essentials Euro Style Ironing Board

Household Essentials Euro Style Ironing BoardIroning boards looked drab and boring in the past. However, many quality models are currently available online on a budget. If you are tired of ironing on your bed or couch, for instance, this Euro Style model from Household Essentials works well. It is an affordable product. It also has a premium Portuguese-themed table with a vibrant orange ombre cover. Order yours today. You will enjoy using a new one at home.

Never buy an ironing board that will not meet your ironing needs. Apart from its unique style, Household Essentials Euro Style board is also one of the most functional items in this niche. Its top, for instance, is large (51×18.5-inches) and fun to use. It also has an ergonomic and scorch-resistant design that lasts long.

Stop ironing clothes on your bed or couch. You can burn them easily. You will also lower their value over time and spend a lot of money on repairs. To do a better job, use this Household Essentials ironing board. Its spacious mesh top accommodates most types of clothes. It also has a sturdy frame with an adjustable height (up to 38 inches) that you will enjoy using.

Do you have a tight budget? Are you finding it hard to find a valuable ironing board that you will enjoy using for long? This Euro Style Household Essentials ironing board is a good option. It is cost effective. You also get a functional ironing board with durable components.

  • Adjustable frame (up to 38 inches)
  • Dual position iron rest
  • Heat-resistant fiber pad
  • Plush cotton (100%) cover
  • Spacious 18.5×51-inch top
  • None

8. Bartnelli T-Leg Extra-Wide Ironing Board

Bartnelli T-Leg Extra-Wide Ironing BoardBartnelli, as other brands that we have reviewed, is reputable worldwide. Most people like its affordability. Its range of quality ironing boards is also crowd pleasers. Buy this extra wide T-leg model, for instance, to get one of the best ironing boards in 2017. It has a stylish outlook. A new one will not lower the value of your home in any way. It also has a spacious European-style top (51×19-inches) that comes in handy whilst ironing. It is sturdy. It also accommodates most types of clothes for easier ironing.

Do not waste your money on the cheap ironing boards that do not meet the needs of most people. They do not last long. They also often compromise the safety of people whilst ironing large batches of clothes.

Apart from its spacious design, people like the multi-layered cover that this ironing board has. The 100% cotton used to make it is durable. It is also smooth and has a scorch proof design that makes ironing fun. Whether you iron occasionally or on a daily basis, this board will serve you well. It rarely disappoints.

Are you shopping for a sturdy ironing board for day-to-day use? Buy Bartnelli to get a premium accessory with a sturdy T-leg frame. It supports more weight than most comparable products. This frame also has an adjustable design that meets the needs of most people. Short people like. If you are tall, you can also adjust it to your desired level without lowering its performance.

  • Three-year guarantee
  • Sturdy T-leg frame (non-slip)
  • Height adjustable system
  • Durable cotton cover (100%)
  • Foam and felt layers
  • Spacious (51×19-inches) top
  • Staining top pattern

9. Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board

Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro BoardWobbly ironing boards are hazards. The risk of your hot iron falling off and burning you is high. They also lower the productivity of people whilst ironing. If you have a similar product, replace it with this Parker Extra ironing board. Popular in homes and boutiques it is a premium item. It also has an extra wide top with sturdy and retractable shoulder wings that work well. This enables you to iron both small and large batches of clothes with minimal hassle.

Parker Extra ironing board has a sturdy frame. Made of metal, it also has a stable and durable design that handles everyday abuse well. If you have bought a few ironing boards that have wobbled after a few sessions, you will like this one. After several months of heavy use, you will not have issues with it. It even has a powder coating that prevents corrosion or rust. You can use it in your bedroom or basement with good results.

Does the ironing board in your possession stain your clothes often? Use this extra wide Parker ironing board. It is both stable and durable. It also has a smooth multi-layered top with a scorch proof cover that distributes heat well. Whenever you are ironing your clothes, it will secure your clothes well. It also distributes heat well to deliver good results always.

Parker Extra Wide Ironing Pro Board has a feature-rich design that you will like. Apart from its wide top and sturdy steel frame, you get a heat-resistant plastic tray for securing hot irons. It also has non-slip rubber feet and a study garment hanger for clothes.

  • Heat resistant plastic tray
  • Non-slip rubberized feet
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Sturdy garment hanger
  • Child safety lock system
  • Patented shoulder wings
  • Not ideal for ironing pants

10. Minky Hot Spot Pro

Minky Hot Spot ProTo keep their clothes looking clean and well pressed, people use different techniques. Those with no electricity fold and sleep on them under their beds. Others prefer using the best steam presses. Even though both techniques work well, ironing is the best technique. It is easier to do. You also do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment to do it well. Buy the best iron. You should also buy a top-rated ironing board such as Minky Hot Spot Pro. It is durable. Its high-quality design makes ironing fun.

Do you iron large batches of clothes during the weekend or during your free time? Are you shopping for a spacious ironing board that you can use on a day-to-day basis? Buy Minky Hot Spot Pro. Recommended for use in homes and hotels, it has a sturdy design. It also has a spacious 48×15-inch top that accommodates most types of clothes well. These include t-shirts and pants.

With Minky Hot Spot Pro Ironing Board, you get a heat reflective bespoke Prozone cover with many benefits. Because it reflects heat well, for instance, the risk of burning clothes is low. It also has a thick felt that creates a smooth ironing surface and well-placed reflective dots for faster removal of creases.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Minky Hot Spot Pro Ironing Board is a durable item. Its foldable design is easy to transport and store. Finally, it has a 5-year limited warranty that covers all its defects.

  • Five-year guarantee
  • Sturdy UK-made board
  • Adjustable height (0-36-inches)
  • Extra-thick felt underlay
  • Heat reflective cover
  • Well-placed reflective dots
  • Spacious 48×15-inch top
  • Loose-fitting cover
  • Somewhat wobbly

What to Look for in an Ironing Board

For people with families, ironing boards are must-have items in homes. To sift through the diverse brands in stores and get the best, look at these major features:

Type: In web stores such as Amazon, you will come across many types of ironing boards. Tabletop models, for instance, are common among people with space limitations. You will also find portable models and heavy-duty ones that mount on doors or walls. Decide on the one that you want. This will prevent impulse buying and boost your chances of finding the best.

Durability: Ironing boards, as the best home gyms do, undergo a lot of abuse in homes. Once you have chosen the correct type, look for a product that lasts long. Its frame should be durable. A model that bends or wobbles easily will disappoint you over time. Hinges should also be sturdy and its design optimized to withstand the both pressing and shifting motions.

Size: Do you want a large, compact, or medium-sized ironing board? Even though most people choose the largest boards by default, match the size of your product of choice to your needs. If you have a small laundry room or bedroom, for instance, cramming a large ironing board in it is a bad idea. Buying a small ironing board for a hotel is also a bad idea.

Height: Check the height of your preferred ironing board before buying. Is it the correct height for you? With a short ironing board, you will crouch as iron your clothes. This causes serious back problems. A very tall ironing board also has its share of cons. Look for an adjustable board, for the best results.

Cover: What is the cover of your preferred ironing board made of? No matter the model that you choose, its cover should be heatproof. It should also be smooth, non-staining, and recommended for your iron.

Extras: When shopping for an ironing board, look for a model with as many extras as possible. An iron rest, for instance, is mandatory. It prevents irons from falling of boards. A hanging rack offers good storage space (temporary) for ironed clothes. Finally, look out for an ironing board with a storage hook or sleeve attachment. They have additional storage for clothes.


Designed to make ironing easier, ironing boards are novel household items. Their spacious tops ease ironing. They also have sturdy frames that support a lot of weight whilst in use. The 10 brands that we have recommended meet this threshold. They offer value.



  • Ironing boards are common household items designed to iron your clothes easily. Not all ironing boards are precisely designed to meet user’s requirements. Some of them are designed to excel while others are designed to meet normal standards.

  • Okay well, Laundry Solutions by Westex Compact Ironing Board also chosen by other customers. With 13/36 inch frame, this iron board can be an ideal solution for people looking to save some space. It also boasts sturdy steel legs, extra space for hanging, adjustable height and leg locking system.

  • Why not Polder Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board, Natural ??? This is yet another table top ironing board that has a compact space conserving design. With a wood top and covered with a pure cotton cover it is pretty handy ironing board. This foam padded retractable iron board can easily fit into any corner of the room.

  • Hey !!! Magnetic Ironing Mat provides you good performance too. This ironing mat can be used to transform any metallic surface into an ironing board. When you are finished with pressing your clothes, crinkle it, roll it or simply hang it. It does not occupy much space. This ironing mat is suitable for people who live in apartments, dorms, RVs where space is a big constraint.

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