The Best Industrial Fans in 2018 – The 10 Best Brands for Commercial and Home Use

The Best Industrial Fans in 2017 - The 10 Best Brands for Commercial and Home Use

Industrial fans are powerful devices that cool large spaces well. They also have durable motors and well-engineered blades that move large volumes of air. If you have heavy-duty machines that generate a lot of heat in your workshop, buying one is a good idea. It will help you to keep them cool. If you have heat sensitive products in storage, an industrial fan will also come in handy. Order the best model from the Net.

Which are the best industrial fans in 2018? Whilst shopping, many people think that the largest fans are the best. This is not the case. Check their motor. What is its capacity? High capacity motors are powerful. They are, thus, suitable for cooling large spaces. You must also check its longevity and ease of use. Long lasting fans that do not require a lot of skill to use well will serve you the best. Here are our top 10 picks:

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  • Description

1. Lasko 2264QM

Lasko 2264QMDo you own an underpowered general fan that fails to cool your basement as your desire? Do you have steam press machine that generates a lot of heat? To keep your basement or machine cool, purchasing a quality industrial fan is a good decision. A quality brand such as Lasko 2264QM will benefit you in many ways. Measuring 20-inches, it is a space-efficient device. It will not clutter your garage as some bulky models often do. It is also durable and has a high-velocity design that works on the floor and on walls (mounted).

Designed to meet the needs of most people, Lasko 2264QM is a feature-rich industrial fan. All of its blades are durable. The risk of them snapping under pressure is slim. It also has a powerful motor with an advanced three-speed system. Whether you have a small basement or a large room, thus, it will serve you well. Simply set its power to your desired level.

You will never have a challenge using this one of a kind industrial fan. Apart from its stylish design, you will like its front-mounted control. They are easy to access. You can also customize the speed of this industrial fun with the touch of a button. A few models require complex programming to work well. Lasko 2264QM also has rubber pads that maximize its stability and a comfortable carry handle for transport.

With Lasko 2264QM, you do not sacrifice safety in any well. Its well-engineered design is not only durable but also has an array of safety features that benefit users. Its ETL listed design, for instance, is tip-proof. Even at high speed, it stays sturdy and safe to use. You also get a grounded three-prong plug (fused).

  • ETL listed industrial fan
  • Patented three-prong plug (fused)
  • Three-speed levels (adjustable)
  • Front-mounted controls
  • Wall-mountable design
  • Non-slip feet (rubber pads)
  • None

2. B-Air FIRTANA-20

B-Air FIRTANA-20Industrial fans keep small and large rooms cool. They are also durable and have high-performance designs that work well in both homes and workshops. To get a well-engineered model for day-to-day use, B-Air FIRTANA-20 is one of the best. Its compact (18-inches) design does not clutter personal space. If you have a hot and small garage that you work in often, this is the product for you. It will keep you cool and comfortable without looking out of place.

Do you have a boring single-speed fan that fails to satisfy your needs at home or at work? Buy a new B-Air FIRTANA-20. Its well-engineered motor has an adjustable three-speed technology that works well. For light-duty cooling, its lower speeds work well. They are quiet. If you set up its tilt adjustable head well, it also distributes air well in small and large rooms. At high speeds, its performance is also good. It distributes air well without rattling or humming.

Most of the low-grade industrial fans that people waste their money on do not withstand stress well. They rattle over time. Components such blades and guards also often fail because of their low-quality materials. B-Air FIRTANA-20 is different. This is a durable product. Its metallic housing, for instance, does not bend or break easily. The three fan blades and stand that you get are also professional-grade.

With this B-Air FIRTANA-20 industrial fan, you do not have to worry about safety. Its UL-certified design is safe for day-to-day use. It also has safe components (including its electrical system). The risk of it short circuiting over time, thus, is slim. Buy yours to get a quality fan with a one-year warranty.

  • UL-certified design
  • Space-efficient fan (18-inches)
  • Durable blades and grills
  • Tilt adjustable head
  • Powerful three-speed motor
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Louder than similar fans

3. Air King 9220

Air King 9220Do you have an underpowered industrial fan that fails to satisfy your needs at home or at work? Many quality brands are available online with Air King 9220 ranked among the best in 2018. Even though cheap, you get a well-engineered 20-inch fan that performs well indoors. Its pivoting head, for instance, distributes air well. You can set it to cover a general area. This is also one of the best industrial fans for directional cooling. You will enjoy using an original one daily.

Are you shopping for a cost-effective industrial fan that you can travel with easily? Are you looking for one that you can move around your home without breaking your back? Consider buying this Air King 9220 model. It is a compact item. It is also lightweight. You can easily carry its 24-pound design. You can also move it within a room or between rooms effortlessly.

The longevity of Air King 9220 has made it one of the bestselling industrial fans worldwide. If you have bought a few models that have broken down easily over time, you will like this model. Its powder coated steel blades are not only durable but also rustproof. It also has durable guards and a sturdy/wobble-free mount.

From stores such as Amazon, Air King 9220 comes ready to use. All of its components are pre-assembled. You even get a durable SJT power cord with a universal three-conductor plug. It works well with most outlets.

  • 9-foot SJT power cord
  • Powder coated steel blades
  • Portable (24 pounds) design
  • Compact and pivoting head
  • Powerful direct drive motor
  • None
  • None

4. Air King 9314

Air King 9314The best window fans are smart household devices that cool rooms well. Unfortunately, because of their underpowered designs, most models work the best in small spaces. To cool a large room or a basement on demand, you need a powerful industrial fan such as Air King 9314. Buy yours online. Because of its affordability, most people can afford one. It also has a versatile design that you can set up in many ways. Mounted on walls, for instance, it cools homes well. It also works well on I-beams and on ceilings.

The powder-coated blades (three) that you get are also the best. They do not snap under stress. The also resist rust and corrosion over the years. Finally, both the guard and the mount of this industrial fan offer value for money. Used on a day-to-day basis, the risk of the wobbling or breaking over time are slim. This is desirable.

Even though smaller than other fans that we have reviewed herein, Air King 9314 is a powerful device. Its enclosed 1/20HP motor, for instance, works better than most large models. It is also durable and has a well-ventilated design that does not overheat whilst in use. This fan never disappoints. If you are shopping for one for light or heavy-duty use, it is the best.

This fan’s 1650 CFM system has made it one of the best-selling models in 2018. If you are conscious about price, however, it is also one of the best industrial fans in the market. It is affordable. Parts are valuable. Finally, you get a one-year warranty.

  • One-year warranty
  • Powerful (1650 CFM) system
  • Powerful (1/20HP) motor
  • Powder-coated steel blades
  • Many installation options
  • Vibrates over time


ILIVING ILG8F12Whilst shopping online, it is tempting to buy cheap products that do not work well. Most people also buy bulky yet poorly engineered fans that compromise their safety over time. Do not make this mistake. If you are conscious about your safety and spending, buy a quality product such as ILIVING ILG8F12. Reputable globally, most people like its space-efficient design. Measuring just 12-inches, it does not clutter space. It also works well in most areas, including homes.

This high-velocity fan is a durable accessory. Forget about the low-grade models that often disappoint people over time. Its aluminum blades (three) are light yet durable. They do not bend, break, or snap as easily as most low-grade plastic ones do. You also get a durable guide and a sturdy rest that secures well on most types of surfaces. You will enjoy using it daily.

The low-grade motors use to power most low quality industrial fans burn out over time. Others degrade or just stop working without warning. The high-torque model that ILIVING ILG8F12 uses is different. Its permanently lubricated design works efficiently for years without overheating. It is also power efficient and has an advanced three-speed system that benefits most people. You can use one in your home or business.

A quality industrial fun should distribute air well to cover the largest area possible. Underpowered models, for instance, often disappoint. Models with poorly designed blades also fail to distribute air as needed. ILIVING ILG8F12 works well. It is a powerful device. It also has a tilting head that you can adjust to customize (360-degrees) air circulation. Whether you want directional or general cooling, this is the best industrial fan to use. You will like its performance.

  • Powerful three-speed system
  • Adjustable head (360-degrees)
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Durable aluminum blades (three)
  • Space-efficient fan (12-inches)
  • Smaller than it looks

6. Optimus F-4184

Optimus F-4184Optimus fans are versatile items that cool most spaces well. They are also durable devices with well-engineered designs that benefit people of all cadres. To get one that you will enjoy using every day, consider Optimus F-4184. It stands out in many ways. Its high-velocity design (42-inches), for instance, works well in most settings. If you have a machine that generates a lot of heat, for instance, this fan will help you to keep it cool. It also has a sturdy base (freestanding) that eases its setup in homes.

The performance of this Optimus F-4184 industrial fan is impressive. Apart from its size, for instance, you will like its capacitor motor. Its heat-resistant design is durable. It also works maintenance-free and has a powerful 3/4HP system with an adjustable speed. You can set it low or high depending on your needs.

Industrial fans, as the best battery operated fans do, undergo a lot of abuse in homes and offices. People use then non-stop for many hours. We also knock them over occasionally as we go about our duties. Optimus F-4184 withstands such a level of abuse well. Its all-metal design, for instance, does not bend or break over time. Blades are efficient 18-inch models made of quality aluminum. Finally, its stand is stable and has an adjustable height that benefits most people.

Most industrial fans are powerful. However, because of their poor distribution of air, they deliver poor results. If you have an expensive one with this problem, replace it with a new Optimus F-4184 model. Its head tilts on a 360-degree axis. Whilst in use, thus, it distributes air better than most comparable fans. You can also set it to cool a specific area.

  • Tiltable (360-degrees) circle head
  • Durable all-metal Construction
  • Sturdy and adjustable base
  • 18-inch aluminum blades
  • Powerful (3/4HP) capacitor motor
  • Poor instructions (illustrations)

7. Lasko Stanley 655650

Lasko Stanley 655650Gambling with any random industrial fan that you find online is a poor decision. Most of the time, people get low-quality products that disappoint them in the end. Always do your research. Look for a quality fan such as Lasko Stanley 655650. Measuring 20-inches, you get a compact floor fan with an eye-catching black theme. It also has a durable and wall-mountable design that you will enjoy using at home for many years. It also works well in commercial settings such as industries.

This fan’s black-themed design stands out. If you are looking for a high-powered model that does not require skill to use, it is also one of the best industrial fans to use. Its front-mounted electronic controls, for instance, are easy to use. You can set its speed and turn oscillation on and off effortlessly. This fan also has a multi-functional remote control. You do not have to leave your desk or chair to change its speed.

This is a feature-rich industrial fan. If you are looking for a portable product that you move around easily, for instance, buy yours. It has a sturdy carry handle for easier movement or transportation. This fan also has a durable grill, heavy-duty blades, and rubber parts that protect surfaces from scratches. Buy yours to cool your home and or office efficiently.

Do not buy one of the poorly wired industrial fans that overheat whilst in use. You should also avoid the unsafe models that often compromise the health of people. Buy Lasko Stanley 655650 instead. Its ETL listed design is safe for day-to-day use. Its patented safety plug (grounded) is also safe. The risk of it short-circuiting or casing a fire hazard is slim.

  • Grounded safety plug
  • Durable blades and grill
  • Front-mounted electronic controls
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • Wall-mountable design
  • Space-efficient (20-inches)
  • Annoying buzzing sound

8. Air King 9025

Air King 9025Oscillating fans are popular worldwide because of their versatility. Unlike standard model that cool in only one direction, for instance, they cover a larger area. Their industrial-grade designs are also durable and recommended for cooling mist spaces (personal and commercial). To get one of the best models in 2018, buy Air King 9025. Its compact (24-inches) design does not clutter personal space. It also oscillates smoothly to cover a large area whilst in use. Mounted in a suitable spot, this fan will never let you down.

The performance of this industrial fan appeals to most people. Powered by a lubricated 1/4HP motor (permanently lubricated), it works efficiently. The risk of it overheating over time is slim. This fan operates at three speeds (adjustable). Finally, its powder-coated components are novel. Made of steel, they are durable. They also resist rust over the years.

Air King 9025, as other industrial fans that we have talked about, comes ready to use. Assembly of its blades and grill are easy. The 10-foot long SPT power cord that you get also comes in handy. It is durable. The three-prong conductor that it has, on the other hand, works well with most electrical sockets.

This is an affordable product. If you are planning to spend premium amounts on an industrial fan, think again. Buy Air King 9025 instead. Even though cheap, its performance is impressive. You also get a mounting bracket for easier installation and a limited warranty (one year). If you get a defective item, its manufacturer will replace it with a new one hassle-free.

  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Wall-mountable design
  • Long (10-feet) SPT power cord
  • Universal conductor (three prongs)
  • Three speeds (adjustable)
  • Lubricated 1/4HP motor
  • Incomplete package

9. Lakewood Industrial Grade Drum Fan

Lakewood Industrial Grade Drum FanLakewood industrial fans are popular for their reliability. Many people also like their power and the premium components used to make them. This drum fan meets this threshold. If you are struggling to find a decently priced model with a powerful system, buy one. You will get a reputable product with a dependable direct drive motor. Its 120V system is also powerful. You get up to 1/2HP from it. Finally, because it has three-speed settings, you can customize how it cools.

If you are shopping for an industrial fun, remember that size matters. Small models are inefficient. Bulky ones, on the other hand, clutter personal space. Look for something in between. This drum fan from Lakewood, for instance, has a modest design with powerful 36-inch blades. At full capacity, these blades move up to 13,000cfm of air. They are also corrosion-resistant.

Are you looking for a powerful industrial fun that you can move around easily when it is not in use? Lakewood stands out. Even though large, it has a lightweight design. The durable 6-inch wheels that it has also boost its portability further. You can move it between or within room easily without scratching your floors.

Made in the USA, Lakewood Industrial Grade Drum Fan is a durable item. If you cool your office 24/7, it is one of the best to use in 2018. Its lubricated motor, for instance, does not overheat easily. You can use it for hours every day without issues. Finally, the materials used to make its blades, grill, and frame last for long.

  • Smooth-rolling 6-inch wheels
  • Powerful (13,000cfm) blades
  • Direct drive motor (1/2HP)
  • Durable 36-inch blades
  • Heavy-duty grill and frame
  • Noisy on high setting

10. MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPS

MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPSIn the past, small fans had underpowered designs that failed to satisfy people. This has changed. Powerful models such as MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPS are readily available online. Buy yours to get a high-capacity industrial fan with a portable two-speed design. You can set it high (4000cfm) or low (2800cfm) depending on your needs. It also has a tiltable head (180 degrees) for directing airflow and a striking yellow theme that blends well in most homes and offices.

MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPS has an OSHA-compliant design that works well in most areas. If you have a stuffy workshop with machines, this is the best industrial fans to use. It cools the environment well. By circulating air well, it also makes stuffy rooms habitable. Finally, because of its rustproof design, you can use it in your basement or patio with no issues.

Installation of this industrial fan is a breeze. Unlike some models that require complicated setup, it comes ready to use. The long (8 foot) power cord that you get is also convenient. It enables you to install this industrial in most areas without major problems.

Many people like cheap devices. If you are one of them, do not settle for the low-grade industrial fans that people waste money on occasionally. MaxxAir BF24TFYELUPS is a better option. It is a cheap industrial fun. Its superior performance and longevity also make it an ideal household/commercial device.

  • 8-Feet power cord
  • Heavy-duty components
  • OSHA-compliant design
  • Two speeds (high (4000cfm) and low (2800cfm))
  • Rust-resistant components
  • Tiltable head (180 degrees)
  • None

How to Choose the Best Industrial Fans

Industrial fans help to keep our garages and workshops cool. They are powerful. They also have well-engineered designs that deliver consistent results. Use this guide to find the best model for day-to-day use:

Motor: Industrial fans draw their power from electric motors. Before paying for one, therefore, this is one of the most important features to look at. Which type of motor does your industrial fan of choice use? Fully lubricated direct drive models often work the best. Look for one. You should also check its power. Overall, high horsepower motors are powerful than low horsepower ones. They also move more air at full capacity.

Durability: Never buy an item that breaks down easily. If you are looking for a new industrial fan, the product that you choose should be durable. Make sure that its blades are sturdy. Under pressure, most low-grade ones degrade easily. You should also check its grill and stand (if available). Well-engineered parts made of quality materials such as steel are the best.

Safety: The reports of industrial fans heating up and causing fire hazards in workshops are rampant. Others have unsafe designs that compromise the health of people whilst in use. Look out for such fans. Avoid them at all costs. For the best experience, your model of choice should have a safe ETL-listed design. It must also have professional-grade parts (including a power cable).

Ease of Use: Even though performance is essential, look for a fan that you can use easily. Its installation, for instance, should be stress-free. A device that requires complex setup to work well will frustrate you in the end. It should also have convenient controls. Finally, if possible, buy an industrial fan with a full remote.


Are you planning for the upcoming summer months? If you are looking for a high-quality industrial fan, this article has done the research for you. The 10 products that we have reviewed are powerful. They are also durable and have versatile designs that work well in homes. They also work well in workshops and basements.


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