Halloween Decorations for Homes – The Best Products in 2017 Reviewed

Top 10 Best Halloween Decorations Reviews

During Halloween, most people concentrate on getting the best Halloween costumes. However, their homes remain as plain as usual, which is always frustrating. To have an enjoyable all-around experience, do not make the same mistake. Buy the best costumes for yourself and your loved ones. You should also buy the best Halloween decorations that will improve the value of your home.

Shopping for the best Halloween decorations for homes is not as challenging as some people think. If you are struggling to fund a functional set that will boost the value of your home, this article is for you. The 10 products that we have identified are functional. They are also readily available cheap on the Net.

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1. Beistle Skeleton Restroom Door Cover

Beistle Skeleton Restroom Door CoverDid you know that the restroom is one of the most visited areas in homes? If you are planning a Halloween party, therefore, it is one of the most suitable areas to decorate. It is small. The plethora of Halloween decorations that you can find online is also impressive. This Beistle Skeleton Restroom Door Cover, for instance, is one of the best Halloween party items in 2017. Measuring 30-inches by 5-feet, it fits well on most types of doors. It is also very easy to install without damaging the frame and or the paint of your restroom. You will like it.

Unlike some cheaply made door covers that are available online, this is a durable one. The 2.25mm plastic fabric used to make it, for instance, is one of the best. You do not have to worry about it ripping and or degrading over time. Quality of the paint that its manufacture has used is also ideal. No matter where you install it, the risk of it fading or peeling, as some products do, is very slim.

This Beistle Skeleton Restroom Door Cover is a versatile Halloween decoration. Because of its brilliant design, you can install it in most restrooms without it looking out of place. It is also highly visible and recommended for use indoors and outdoors. An original Beistle Skeleton will improve the value of your home.

Even though premium, this is an affordable Halloween decoration. Whether you have deep or shallow pockets, you can easily find an original on the Web. Reputable online stores such as Amazon sell good quality ones on a budget.

  • Standard sized (30-inches by 5-feet)
  • Stylish/ visible graphics
  • Durable 2.25mm plastic fabric
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Somewhat short (not full length)

2. Oriental Trading Company Creepy Cloth

Oriental Trading Company Creepy ClothThe classic Halloween look is supposed to be creepy and mysterious. Grunge and dark themes also work well in homes, if executed well. If you are a fan of these looks, this Oriental Trading Company Creepy Cloth is one of the best products to use. Because of its spooky outlook, you can use it to create a spooky environment in your home effortlessly. It is also cheap and comes ready to use in reputable Internet-based stores such as Amazon.

With this Oriental Trading Company Creepy Cloth, you have diverse styling options for your home. You can drape it over a chair or an old fireplace to achieve the haunted house feel popular during Halloween. You can also hang it a wall and or any other area of your home and achieve a similar effect. This is ideal for people who are decorating homes for Halloween for the first time.

Even though cheap, the design of this Halloween cloth is ideal. Measuring 4 yards by 30-inches, for instance, its functionality is desirable. You can install anywhere in your home without running out of material. On Amazon, you also have two color options – black and white. Choose the best one for your home.

During Halloween, many people spend a lot of money on home decorations that they use for one or two days. This is often a challenge for people with shallow pockets. They opt to ignore the occasion. Others buy poor quality decorations that fail to have their desired effect. If you are one of them, purchase this Oriental Trading Company Creepy Cloth. It is a cost-effective product. Used well, it also boosts the value of most types of homes.

  • Functional (4 yards by 30-inches)
  • Two color options (black and white)
  • Easy to install or most areas
  • Recyclable home decoration
  • Charming spooky outlook
  • Loose open weaves

3. Fun World Costumes Super Stretch Spider Web

Fun World Costumes Super Stretch Spider WebArachnids such as spiders are mysterious creatures. They are also scary and have stunning body shapes that make them ideal for decoration. To create a charming yet eerie environment at home during Halloween, consider buying one. This stretch spider web from Fun World, for instance, is reputable all over the world. Weighing just 2.10 ounces, it is a lightweight product. You can move it around your home and install it without the help of another person. This is ideal for bachelors and people planning surprise Halloween parties for loved ones.

Fun World Costumes is not one of the standard spider web decorations that sell cheap online. The quality of the material used to make it stands out in many ways. First, it is durable. You can stretch it up to 200 feet without its snapping or degrading in any way. The fabric also has glow in the dark pigments that boost the value of this spider web further. It will light up your home at night.

To have an enjoyable Halloween, buy the best Halloween costumes for your kids. You should also decorate both the inside and outside of your home. This is where some people fail. They buy low-grade products that disintegrate when exposed to elements such as rain such and UV. This is not the case with this spider web. It has a charming outlook. It also works well indoors and outdoors.

In the Halloween decorations niche, cost is not always synonymous with quality. Some overpriced products often fail to deliver the desired effect, even when installed as directed. Buy Fun World Costumes instead to get a cost-effective super stretch spider web that boosts the value of homes. It never disappoints.

  • Works well indoors and outdoors
  • Glow in the dark fabric
  • Super stretch web (200 feet)
  • Lightweight decoration (2.10 ounces)
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Package lacks spiders

4. Forum Novelties Zombie Hands & Arms

Forum Novelties Zombie Hands & ArmsOutdoor deities such as gargoyles and tombstones are popular decorations for Halloween. They are also durable and come in a plethora of stylish designs that most people like. Unfortunately, they are expensive. If you like this look but cannot afford the premium brands available online, we have identified a cost-effective one for you. Forum Novelties Zombie Hands & Arms blends well on lawns. The two hands that you get also have natural-looking faux sleeves that boost their value further. Do not buy the lights that people have used for years.

These are visible decorations. Unlike most low profile models that fail to spook people, these ones work well. They are tall (14.5-inches). Both hands are also durable and have yard stakes for securing them on the ground. In high winds, therefore, the risk of them blowing over is slim. They also work well in the rain.

The versatility of these Forum Novelties Zombie Hands & Arms is desirable. Installed well, your visitors will confuse it for a dead body climbing up your lawn. You can also buy several pairs to transform your lawn into a graveyard. Finally, because these arms blend well with installations such as tombstones, you can use them with other decorations with good results. You have limitless options.

Forget about buying the expensive zombie portraits that you are planning to install in your home. For a realistic effect without spending a lot of money, these Forum Novelties zombie hands & arms are ideal. They are affordable. Both also have weather-resistant designs that do not fade or degrade over time.

  • Weather-resistant decorations
  • Realistic designs (including faux sleeves)
  • Visible from far (14.5-inches)
  • Sturdy ground stakes
  • Compatible with other decorations
  • Hand pop off easily

5. Beistle Bloody Handprint

Beistle Bloody HandprintCling on Halloween decorations for homes are popular for many reasons. In terms of cost, for instance, they are pocket-friendly. You do not have to break the bank to improve the atmosphere of your home. Most products also have versatile designs that meet the needs of most people. This Beistle Bloody Handprint decoration is such as product. If you are planning to create a murder scene in your home without killing somebody, this is the best product to use. All 20 pieces are durable. They also have stylish designs (splatter, drops, and prints).

Like most of the best decorations that we have reviewed herein, these are versatile accessories. The quality material used to manufacture them clings to most surfaces. You can install them on your windows. You can also install them on mirrors or directly on your wall without lowering the quality of its paint. With a set of Beistle Bloody Handprint, your creativity is your only limitation.

During installation and removal, some brands of Halloween decorations lower the value of paint, walls, and furniture. This is not the case with Beistle Bloody Handprint. Its installation is a breeze. All you have to do is peel and stick them on your preferred location. You can also remove the on-demand without issues. After the Halloween seasons, you will not do an expensive home renovation job.

These Beistle Bloody Handprint cling-on decorations have a charming outlook that appeals to most people. Most homeowners also choose them because of their cost. These are affordable decorators. Most original sets also last for long.

  • Affordable cling-on decorators
  • Work well on most surfaces
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Stunning Halloween designs
  • Safe for most surfaces
  • Adheres poorly on glass

6. Tozz Pro LED Fairy String Lights

Tozz Pro LED Fairy String LightsFor decades now, people have used the best LED rope lights to decorate their homes during special occasions. They are bright and appealing. They also come in a plethora of shapes and colors for making a style statement indoors. If you are looking for lights for Halloween, Tozz Pro is an excellent product. It stands out in many ways. The 20 pumpkin bulb on offer, for instance, has a charming orange glow that lights up homes well. You can use them on their own. You can also use them to illuminate scary wall paintings, doorways, and or windows.

Talking about Halloween lights, the first thing that floods the mind of people is hefty electricity bills. With Tozz Pro LED Fairy String Lights, however, this is never a concern. Powered by LEDs, the 3D pumpkin bulbs that you get are power efficient. You will not pay a lot of money to keep your home lit. The fact that they use two AA batteries is also ideal. They work even during blackouts.

You do not need professional help to install these Tozz Pro LED fairy string lights at home. Their all-in-one battery-powered designs come ready to use. All you have to install the correct batteries and identify a suitable spot for installation. The clear and malleable cable that it comes with is also ideal. It is durable. It also has a flexible design that winds around objects such as picture frames easily.

Save the money that you are planning to spend on a one-off decoration for your home. With Tozz Pro, you get a durable set of LED string lights that will serve you well for many years. You do not have to buy decorations every year.

  • Long-lasting LED technology
  • 3D pumpkin bulbs (orange hue)
  • Flexible and clear power cable
  • Battery-powered design (two AA)
  • Set of 20 high-quality bulbs
  • Three position switch
  • Tangles easily

7. Fun Express Realistic Hairy Spider (with LED Eyes)

Fun Express Realistic Hairy Spider (with LED Eyes)Spiders are unique creatures that scare most people to shreds. They are also large and have unique textures that stand out on most surfaces. This makes them some of the best Halloween decorations for homes. Fun Express, for instance, is a realistic spider with huge (30-inches) and hair body. It is also durable and has a stable freestanding design that works well in most areas of the home. You can place it an unused fireplace to scare your friends stiff. You can also use it with one of the spider net decorations in stores with good results.

This is a durable hallowed decoration. Unlike paintings and stick on decals that people have used for years, it does not degrade over time. The quality fabric used to make it also boosts its value further. It does not stain or degrade easily. Its unique outlook also features bright red eyes that boost its quality further.

This is a battery-powered Halloween decoration. Unlike some lights that need access to an electrical socket to work, it works well in most areas. This included both indoor and outdoor spaces such as shelves and entryways. It also has a power efficient system. The two AA batteries that it uses power it well for long.

The design of this Fun Express Realistic Hairy Spider is exceptional. This does not mean that you have to burn a hole in your pocket to own one. It is cheap. You also get a low-maintenance Halloween spider that offers value for money.

  • Efficient battery-powered system
  • Realistic design (30-inches)
  • Blends well in most areas
  • Does not degrade easily
  • Glowing LED eyes (red)
  • Overpriced

8. Amscan Day of the Dead Halloween Party Sugar Skull Lanterns

Amscan Day of the Dead Halloween Party Sugar Skull Lanterns Many people use lanterns to light up their homes. However, did you know that they are also among the best decorations for homes during special occasions? This custom-made Amscan Day of the Dead model, for instance, is one of the most sought-after decorators for Halloween for many reasons. Attainable as a pack of six lanterns, it is an affordable product. Each original set has enough lanterns for decorating your living room and other areas of your homes well. These lanterns are also large (11-3/4-inches) and have charming black/white themes.

Whilst decorating for Halloween, most people look for quality products with abstract designs that blend well in homes. Amscan Day of the Dead is such a product. Buy yours to get a set of black and white lanterns that work well in most areas of homes. They also have stylish skull designs that people like. An original set will improve the outlook of your home without costing you a lot of money.

The longevity of these Halloween lanterns is desirable. Unlike standard or low-grade decorations that degrade easily, you get value for your cash. The printed-paper used to make them, for instance, lasts long. All lanterns also have sturdy metallic frames that maintain their shape for long. Buy your set online today.

In addition to the standard black and white theme that most people like, these lanterns come in many interesting colors. Order a set with your preferred color scheme. They also come in many sizes. Buy the most suitable set or pair.

  • Attainable in assorted size
  • Interesting color options
  • Aesthetic prints (skulls)
  • Durable paper lanterns
  • Sturdy metallic frames
  • None

9. Fun World Cocoon Corpse

Fun World Cocoon CorpseWhilst decorating for Halloween, people want to create scary yet entertaining environments for their families. Standard decorations such as paintings work well. Lanterns and items such as spiders also work well in most homes. For the best effect, however, this Fun World Cocoon Corpse is one of the best to use. Measuring 72-inches, it is tall and visible. Wherever you install it, attracts a lot of attention. It is also wide (13.45-inches) and easy to set up in most homes.

The quality of the materials used to make this decoration is desirable. Made of green foam for, instance, its body is not only lightweight but also durable. It does not crumble as easily as some low-grade ones often do. The silky web that it comes enclosed in is also ideal. It is stylish. Its longevity is also desirable.

This is a collapsible cocoon corpse. If you do not have enough space to store one of the bulky decorations that are available online, this is a better option. You can store it in your basement or attic whilst not in use. You can also carry it effortlessly within your home during installation or storage. Buy yours today.

This top-rated Fun World Cocoon Corpse is an affordable item. If you want to have a dramatic effect at home without spending a lot of money, this is one of the best Halloween decorations to use. It will serve you well for many years.

  • Made of high-quality foam
  • Lightweight design
  • Collapsible cocoon corpse
  • Large and functional design
  • Easy to install and store
  • None

10. Fun Express Zombie Blood Table Cover

Fun Express Zombie Blood Table CoverLike during most occasions, families like to share meals during Halloween. To make yours special, add this Fun Express Zombie Blood Table Cover to the mix. It has a stunning zombie inspired design that blends well in most homes. It is also affordable and has a plethora of innovative features that most people like. If you have kids who spill food on your table often, for instance, this table cover will serve you well. It fits most tables well. The wipe clean plastic used to make it, on the other hand, is durable, safe, and very easy to maintain when dirty.

Even though simple looking, do not question the functionality of this one of a kind table cover. It is large (54×108-inches). It is also durable and has water-resistance prints that do not fade over time. It is a good day-to-day table cover.

With the Halloween system fast approaching, the price of decorations has hit a high. This is a challenge for people with low budgets. It is not the end of the world, though. Affordable items such as this Fun Express Zombie Blood Table Cover also work well. Buy a new one to make your Halloween dinner special.

Fun Express Zombie Blood Table Cover is a durable product. Unlike similar items that degrade fast, an original one will serve you well for many seasons. You can also fold and store it easily without damaging its structure over time.

  • Eye-catching blood prints
  • Long lasting plastic
  • Wipe-clean surface
  • Large (54×108-inches) table cover
  • None

Tips for Choosing the Best Halloween Decorations for Homes

Halloween decorations are of many types. Wall paintings and table covers are common. Items such as zombies, arachnids, and animals are also popular all over the world. To sift through the diversity and get the best, follow these tips:

Functionality: The main aim of using Halloween decorations is to improve the outlook of homes. Buying a low-grade product with a converse effect, thus, is one of the worst decisions you can make. Before buying, make sure that your product of choice is functional. It should blend well in your home. It should also have a versatile design that you can customize to elicit your desired effect.

Longevity: Do not buy a Halloween decoration that will degrade after a few hours. To get value for your money, look for a product that will serve you for long. The materials used to make should be the best of the best. Its overall design should also be able to withstand abuse well without degrading easily.

Scare Factor: During Halloween, the bland decorations that people have at home are boring. A product with a high scare factor will serve you well. Look out for blood and skeletons. Witches, spiders, and deities such as ogres are also ideal. Research well online and then buy a suitable model for your home.

Price: Halloween is a one-day occasion. Spending a lot of money on a decoration that you will use for only one day is a poor decision. Look for an affordable one.


In this article, we have reviewed some of the bestselling Halloween decorations in the market. If you are planning for this occasion and have a challenge finding the best, this article is for you. Buy one from Amazon. It will serve you well.


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