How to Swing Like the Pros: The Best Golf Gloves for Beginners in 2017

The Best Golf Gloves for Beginners in 2017

Golf is no longer a rich man’s sport. Many people nowadays enjoy it for many reasons. Golf courses are cheap to access. Golf equipment are also cheap. To enjoy golf, you need the best golf balls. You also need quality golf clubs and a pair of the best golf gloves.

Even though ignored by most people, golf gloves are essential items. They protect the hands from injuries. By improving grip, they also help people to swing well. Do not buy any cheap product, though. To swing like the pros, here are the 10 best gloves to use:

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  • Description

1. Intech Ti-Cabretta

Intech Ti-CabrettaAre you shopping for a new set of golf gloves for training or playing professionally? Intech Ti-Cabretta is a cost-effective package of golf gloves. For just a few dollars, you get six gloves, each with a professional-grade design. The premium Cabretta leather used to make them, for instance, is durable. It does not tear or peel as some low-grade ones do. It also has a soft and comfortable design that users like. These golf gloves work well.

To swing effectively, your hands should be as flexible as possible. These Intech Ti-Cabretta gloves excel in this regard. Made of quality leather, they are not only durable but also flexible. The Lycra inserts between fingers enable people to grip golf clubs tight. This improves both the power and accuracy. They are also breathable and designed to maximize the comfort levels of people.

Are you shopping for a pair of long-lasting golf gloves? Buy Intech Ti-Cabretta. The quality leather used to make these gloves is durable. After weeks of heavy use, they do not tear or rip as some low-grade ones often do. They also have tight and non-irritant seams that last long. You will enjoy using this product.

Even though premium, these golf gloves are affordable. The fact that you are getting six quality gloves is also admirable. You will play well without spending a fortune.

  • Durable Cabretta leather
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Tight and flat seams
  • Tight yet comfortable grip
  • Breathable Lycra inserts
  • Pack of six gloves
  • No ball marker
  • Shred under pressure

2. MG Golf DynaGrip

MG Golf DynaGripGolf gloves help people to play better. This does not mean that any cheap model that you get online will serve you well. Buy MG Golf DynaGrip to get a quality golf glove. Made of Cabretta leather, for instance, this is a durable product. It maintains its shape over time. The leather also has an odor-proof design that stays fresh for long. Finally, you will like this glove’s traditional style. It is not only eye-catching but also fade-proof.

With the poor quality golf gloves that most people have, performance issues are common. If you have one, consider replacing it with a new MG Golf DynaGrip golf glove. This product is soft and comfortable. It also improves the grip and therefore the performance of golfers in all environments. Buy yours today.

Have you bought many golf gloves that have either ripped or degraded fast? MG Golf DynaGrip offers a different experience. This is a durable product. Even though the Cabretta leather used to make it is thin and light, it does not rip easily. It also has a durable edge trim and tight stitches that improve its longevity.

Even though cheap, MG Golf DynaGrip has a stylish design. The Medan tanning process used to finish it does not fade or stain easily. Over time, thus, your glove will look sharp and appealing. It is also moisture and perspiration resistant. If you sweat often or play in humid conditions, this is one of the best golf gloves to use.

  • Medan tanning finish
  • Moisture and perspiration resistant
  • Soft Cabretta Leather (100%)
  • Reinforced critical points
  • Durable edge trim
  • Detailed stitching
  • None

3. Zero Friction Compression-Fit

Zero Friction Compression-FitWith this Zero Friction glove, you get a premium golf accessory with a compression-fit design. This is unlike most bulky and cumbersome models that people buy cheaply online. Made of a lightweight synthetic fabric, it is a comfortable accessory. Forget about scratches and irritation whilst playing. Finally, this glove has a charming design with an all-weather palm patch. Because it grips gloves well, it improves both the performance and the safety of users.

Compared to other gloves, Zero Friction has a superior design. Its digitized fingers and palm, for instance, are comfortable. They also have form-fitting designs that improve the swing speed of players. The synthetic patch on its first finger improves its gripping power. Finally, you get a detachable ball and tee marker.

Leather golf gloves are bulky and cumbersome. Some synthetic ones, on the other hand, have non-breathable designs that affect the comfort levels of people. Zero Friction Compression-Fit Golf Glove is different. It is lighter than most leather gloves. It also has a comfortable design with breathable mesh Lycra fittings.

The low-grade golf gloves that some people buy tear easily. They also lose their shape and or irritate people as they play for fun or competitively. With Zero Friction Compression-Fit Golf Glove, however, you will never worry about these issues. It is affordable. It is also durable and has a flexible performance-enhancing design.

  • Light and breathable
  • Tight compression fit
  • Solid gripping palm and finger
  • Detachable ball and tee marker
  • Digitized fingers and palm
  • Durable palm patch (all weather)
  • Peels off over time
  • Low-grade seams

4. Bionic Gloves – StableGrip

Bionic Gloves – StableGripBionic gloves are sought-after day-to-day sports accessories for men and women. If you are shopping for golf gloves, a new set will benefit you. Buy this StableGrip model, for instance, to get a durable golf glove made of high-grade Cabretta leather. The material is weatherproof. You can use it in wet and dry weather with good results. It also has tight and flat seams that do not irritate people whilst it is in use. You will enjoy using it every day.

Because of its lightweight design, this glove stays comfortable for long. Forget about hand fatigue. It also has a well-placed anatomical pad with shock absorbing properties. Whenever you hit the ball, it not only absorbs but also disperses shock. This glove also disperses shock grip well and has an advanced Natural Fit technology that improves your control of golf clubs.

Do you have a heavy and bulky golf glove that frustrates you often? This Bionic Gloves – StableGrip Golf Glove will serve you better. Its lightweight design fits like a second skin. It also has slim and snug-fitting fingers with a natural curvature (pre-rotated). Finally, you get an adjustable wrist strap that secures this glove on your hand well. The risk of it slipping is slim.

Do you have sweaty hands? You will enjoy using this Bionic Gloves – StableGrip Golf Glove for two reasons. The synthetic material used to make it has a breathable design that keeps the hand cool and dry. It also has terry cloth inserts on most high-risk zones. These improve moisture management. Finally, its knuckles and finger gussets have Lycra inserts that improve both its flexibility and breathability.

Because of its breathable designs, Bionic Gloves – StableGrip Golf Glove does not trap bad odors. It is also machine washable and has a durable design that retains its structure. Use mild soap for best results. You should also dry it flat under a shade.

  • Hand and machine washable
  • Breathable fabric and design
  • Flexible fingers and knuckles
  • Moisture-wicking interior
  • Pre-rotated finger design
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • None

5. Callaway Dawn Patrol

Callaway Dawn PatrolCallaway sports products deliver the best experience outdoors. The best golf bags in its arsenal, for instance, are both spacious and durable. Its popular golf gloves such as the Dawn Patrol, on the other hand, are among the best in 2017. Buy yours to get a durable day-to-day glove for beginners and professionals. It also has a quality structure and a lightweight design that most people enjoy using. This golf glove will improve how you play.

Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove suits most people. Both hobbyists and professionals like its lightweight design. It enables people to play for long without getting tired. This glove also has a breathable thumb and fingers.

Do not let your slippery golf glove to lower your performance. Buy Callaway Dawn Patrol, to get a non-slip glove that works better. It is comfortable. It also has a unique Opti-Fit design with an adjustable cotton terry cuff that improves its stability. Finally, because of its superior moisture absorption, it keeps hands cool and dry.

You do not require a fat bank account to own the best golf gloves in 2017. Callaway Dawn Patrol, for instance, is an affordable glove that delivers professional results. It is easy to wear and remove. Seams are flat and non-irritant. Finally, you get a low-maintenance accessory that you can clean easily using water and soap.

  • Comfortable and ergonomic fit
  • Cost-effective golf glove
  • Breathable thumb and fingers
  • Advanced Opti-Fit design
  • Run very small
  • Questionable finishing

6. FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof

FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSofDo you enjoy playing golf with friends or colleagues during your free time? Do you have a set of slippery golf clubs that you have problems using? To improve grip and your performance outdoors, buy FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof glove. It is a fashionable accessory. If you are conscious about your looks, you will enjoy using an original. The Cabretta leather used to make it, on the other hand, is soft and comfortable. It makes playing fun.

Most low-grade golf gloves lose their shape after a few washes. Others rip whilst in use. This is not the case with FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof. It remains soft and comfortable after many washes. Because of its stability, this glove also retains its shape. This makes it one of the best golf gloves for heavy-duty use.

Are you shopping for a new golf glove that you can use all season? FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof is a good candidate. With one, you get a durable day-to-day glove. It also has an all-weather design that keeps the hand cool and dry.

With FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof, money is not an issue. Even with your tight budget, you can easily get an original one online. The pack of two gloves that you get is also ideal. When one is old and worn, you can use the spare glove to play.

  • Pack of two gloves
  • All weather designs
  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellent grip
  • Specially placed Cabretta leather
  • Ergonomic palm and fingers
  • Faster wear and tear

7. Bionic Men’s RelaxGrip

Bionic Men’s RelaxGripBionic RelaxGrip Golf Glove is a reputable golf glove that performs flawlessly outdoors. Perfect for men, it has a comfortable that benefits most left-handed players. The blended fabric (synthetic and leather) used to make it, on the other hand, is both durable and flexible. It helps people to grip and control golf clubs well as they play. Because of its comfortable fit, you can also use it hassle-free for several hours. This is impressive.

Featuring a patented pad system, this Bionic Men’s RelaxGrip Golf Glove suits most playing styles. Whether you are driving or putting, you will enjoy using one. It grips most clubs well. It also has a lightweight design with a relaxed fit that does not irritate people.

If you enjoy golf, you will like the structure of this golf glove. Its flexible one-size design, for instance, fits most people comfortably. It is also easy to wear and remove and has an advanced double-row finger grip system that works well. No matter the type of club you are using, the risk of it slipping whilst in use is slim.

Fitted with Lycra motion zones, users of Bionic RelaxGrip Golf Glove enjoy a good range of motion whilst playing. The web zone gussets that it has, on the other hand, keep users as comfortable as possible for long. Buy yours. You will play golf better with one.

Whilst in use, golf gloves undergo a lot of abuse. Scratches and scrapes are common. Poorly designed brands also tear easily when used heavily. This is not an issue with this Bionic RelaxGrip Golf Glove. It does not tear easily. It also has strategically placed pads on high wear areas that increase its longevity further.

  • Padded high-wear areas
  • Lycra motion zones
  • Web zone gussets
  • Double-row finger grip system
  • Comfortable palm and fingers
  • Cheap feel
  • Poor customer service

8. Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII

Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIIIIn the sports niche, only a few brands can rival Nike. Over the years, it has manufactured many top-rated products that continue to serve people well to date. Its line of men’s gloves, for instance, has many appealing products with Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII topping the list. Buy yours to get a comfortable glove made of perforated synthetic leather. The material is breathable. It also has a better range of motion than traditional leather.

The fit of some hyped golf gloves is awful. This is not the case with Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII glove. Its light and flexible design fits most hand shapes and sizes. It is also easy to wear and remove and has a breathable design that keeps the hands of players cool.

Do you have sweaty hands? Does your golf glove slip often whenever you are playing? Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII is a good remedy. Its unique design has an adjustable tab closure (angled) for improving fit. It also has a sturdy palm with a non-slip surface that grips most types of golf clubs well.

Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII is a good-looking accessory. Its performance is even better because of its premium design. Whilst playing, for instance, this glove will never scratch or irritate you. The synthetic leather used to make has a soft and comfortable structure that benefits its users. It also has a durable design that resists elements.

Nike 2015 Dura Feel VIII improves the control of users. Because the genuine leather used to make its thumb and palm grips clubs well, you can control them well. The material is also non-slip and designed to improve the control of golfers.

  • Genuine leather palm
  • Flat and tough seams
  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Perforated back panel
  • Lightweight design
  • Runs small

9. Grip Boost GB Golf Second Skin

Grip Boost GB Golf Second SkinOn our list of the best golf gloves in 2017, Grip Boost GB stands out for many reasons. Recommended for men, this left-hand glove fits like a second skin. If you have a bulky one that irritates or weighs you down, therefore, replace it with this one. Whether you have small or large hands, on the other hand, you will also enjoy using it every day. This glove is also non-irritant. If you have one that scratches or bruises your hand whilst in use, replace with this one. It will serve you well for many years.

Grip Boost GB is a premium glove. If you have used a few cheap brands that have ripped over time, you will enjoy using an original one. The Cabretta leather used to make it, for instance, has a thin and flexible structure. It is also stain proof and has an all-weather design that satisfies the needs of most people.

With most standard gloves, playing in hot weather is a challenge. They irritate hands. They also create a slippery mess when people sweat. In such circumstances, Grip Boost GB Golf Second Skin glove will serve you the best. The breathable mesh on its back not only improves its flexibility but also its comfort level.

Ranked among the most comfortable golf gloves, Grip Boost GB has improved how professionals and hobbyists play. It does not restrain fingers not irritate sensitive skin. Its perforated palm and fingers are comfortable. Finally, you get an adjustable closure and tight seams that do not rip or irritate people over time.

  • Perforated palm and fingers
  • Adjustable closure
  • Flat and non-irritant seams
  • Breathable mesh backing
  • Quality Cabretta leather
  • Runs small
  • Rips at seams

10. Callaway X Spann

Callaway X SpannDo you want a golf glove that will improve both your safety and performance outdoors? Callaway X Spann is a top-rated left-hand glove with many good features. If you are conscious about looks, you will like its charming design. It also has an effective compression system that improves fit and a lightweight design with a 3D performance mesh. The mesh improves its flexibility. It also keeps the hand cool and comfortable as you play.

The quality of the Cabretta leather used to make Callaway X Spann Glove is impressive. Even though light, it is rip proof. It is also stain proof and lacks the awry smell that goatskin leather always has. Expect good results every time you use this golf glove.

Handling slippery golf clubs is a challenge for most beginners. It is also a safety hazard for other players. If you are shopping for a good remedy, buy Callaway X Spann. Its Chevron tension sensors improve the grip of players. It also has silicone suede pads that improve grip without scratching or damaging delicate golf clubs.

You will like the fit of Callaway X Spann golf glove. Compared to other models, it is also has a lighter design that performs well outdoors. Use a clean cloth and soapy water to remove dirt and grime.

  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Light and comfortable design
  • Chevron tension sensors
  • Full palm Cabretta leather
  • Smooth and seamless feel
  • 3D performance mesh
  • Seams split easily
  • Non-Velcro design

Tips for Choosing the Best Golf Gloves

The benefits of wearing a golf glove are diverse. To get a quality one that you will enjoy using, keep these key features in mind:

Fit: Buying ill-fitting sports equipment is one of the worst decisions that you can ever make. They lower the performance of people. Irritation and the risk of injuries are also high. If you are shopping for a new golf glove, thus, always pay special attention to its fit. The brand that you choose should be comfortable. It should also fit your palm and fingers. Check its description before buying.

Material: Once you have ascertained that your golf glove of choice will fit you well, check the material used to make it. Is it pure leather? Pure leather is durable. Unfortunately, because of its rough texture, people with sensitive skin complain about its comfort. You can also find gloves made of synthetic leather and breathable fabrics. Look for one that will benefit you the most.

Dexterity: Even though often ignored, the dexterity of your golf glove of choice is essential. If you are left-handed, buying a glove for right-handed players is a bad decision. Always buy a golf glove that suits your playing style. If you can afford them, consider buying one of the ambidextrous gloves that are available online. They are comfortable. They also fit both right and left-handed golfers.

Performance: What is the performance of your preferred golf glove? Does it improve the control or swing speed of players? If you buy a low-grade glove that slips often whilst in use, expect poor results. Read the reviews of other users to know more about the type of product that you are about to buy. If many of its users have a good experience with it, expect the same results and vice versa.


Golf gloves are beneficial in many ways. They improve the grip of users. They are also comfortable and protect people from bruises and other golf-related hand injuries. The 10 brands that we have talked about herein offer these benefits. Buy one to play like a pro.



  • Another good performance leather golf gloves which is known as Orlimar Sport 3-Pack Men’s Leather Golf Gloves. These gloves by Orlimar are available for Left Handed and Right Handed players in large, x large, xx large and medium/large sizes. These comfortable golf gloves made of Premium Cabretta Leather with elastic cinches and Flexible Lycra inserts are available at Buy One Get Two Free scheme.

  • I’ve enjoyed a leather palm HJ Glove has offered these gloves in small, medium, large, x large, xx large and medium/large sizes which are good for winter. Cabretta leather palm, Terry wrist band and Adjustable Velcro closure are the other features of the pair of these gloves.

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