How to Select the Best Golf Balls in 2018 – 10 Brands that Never Disappoint

How to Select the Best Golf Balls in 2017 - 10 Brands that Never Disappoint

Golf is an enjoyable field sport that both men and women enjoy. Unlike in the past when people had to spend a lot of money on equipment, this is no longer the case. Golf clubs are cheap and readily available on the Internet. You can also find the best golf gloves and the best golf balls online without breaking the bank. Consider joining this sport.

Which are the best golf balls to buy in 2018? When shopping online or offline, most people buy the cheapest items they come across. This has its share of cons. The mediocre golf balls that they get, for instance, fail to satisfy their needs. This article will help you to avoid such mistakes. The 10 golf balls that we have reviewed are the best in 2018.

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1. Wilson Titanium Ball (18 Ball Pack)

Wilson Titanium Ball (18 Ball Pack)Did you know that the quality of the golf balls in your possession mirrors the experience you will have on the golf course? The low-grade brands that people buy online, for instance, do not fly straight. Others have low-impact cores and or covers that shatter on impact. Instead of such products, buy this 18-ball package of Wilson Titanium Balls. It is an affordable item. The fact that you are getting 18 high-quality golf balls cheap is desirable. With an original set, both professional and hobbyist golfers enjoy playing golf daily without running out of golf balls. This is desirable.

These are composite balls. Unlike the standard models that often disappoint people, their premium designs offer value for money. Their unique two-piece designs, for instance, feature a tough titanium core that withstands abuse well. It does not crumble over time. It also maximizes energy transfer and the overall distance that they travel whilst in use.

Do you have a pack of golf balls that crack or crumble easily whilst in use? If you are shopping for a new set, buying Wilson Titanium Balls is one of the best decisions you can make. The sturdy surlyn covers that they have are among the best. As their cores are, they are durable. The risk of them breaking after playing one or two games is very slim.

Do not waste your money on the expensive golf balls sold in most golf clubs. Wilson is a cheaper option. Buy yours on Amazon to get an original set of balls for personal or professional use. All balls are durable. They also have well-balanced designs that perform to the expectations of most people. You will enjoy using this product occasionally.

  • Well-balanced composite balls
  • Durable titanium cores
  • Heavy-duty surlyn covers
  • Package of 18 golf balls
  • Retail cheap on the Internet
  • None

2. Nitro Used Golf Ball Practice Bag

Nitro Used Golf Ball Practice BagWhilst learning golf, people lose many golf balls in water bodies and forests found on most golf courses. Over time, the cost of balls can add up and frustrate people in the end. Good yet affordable ones are readily available on the Internet, though. These used golf balls from Nitro, for instance, are ideal practice accessories for many reasons. They are cheap. If you have a tight budget, buy yours to get a package of 96 golf balls for personal or professional use. The assorted brands that you get are also of high quality. Even though recycled, users have a good time on the golf course.

These are customizable grade AA golf balls. If you are planning for an outdoor corporate event, this is one of the best products to use. It is affordable. You get quality without breaking the bank. You can also print your corporate logo on all balls to enjoy free advertising. Forget about the branded golf balls that most companies sell for a fortune online.

You will like the structure of these golf balls. Their heavy-duty cores, for instance, are desirable. They do not crumble under stress. They also distribute energy well, which improves their distance. If you have a set of golf balls that blow with the wind easily, this set will serve you better. They also have durable covers that do not scratch or break easily.

Most low-quality golf balls perform poorly in wet or muddy conditions. Others have low friction and other limitations that lower their performance outdoors. Nitro Used Golf Ball Practice Bag is different. All balls that you get are durable. They also perform well in all environments including wet and muddy conditions. Do not hesitate to purchase yours.

  • Heavy-duty core and cover
  • Ideal for muddy conditions
  • Satisfaction guaranteed balls
  • Cost-effective golf balls (96)
  • None

3. Callaway 2018 Supersoft Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Callaway 2018 Supersoft Golf Balls (One Dozen)In the golfing niche, the Callaway brand is a reputable one for many reasons. The best golf gloves in its inventory, for instance, are among the bestsellers in 2018. The affordable yet professionals golf balls in its passion are also the best. Callaway 2018 Supersoft Golf Balls, for instance, have helped people to play like professionals for many reasons. Their improved core design generates faster ball speeds. When you are training or competing, this comes in handy. On full shots, all balls also have a low spin. This way, they fly longer and straighter than other comparable brands.

Because of their poor designs, some brands of golf have a higher drag. This reduces lift and thus the distance that they can travel whilst in use. These Callaway 2018 Supersoft Golf Balls are different. Their refined surfaces and contours reduce drag in air. They also have premium Hex aerodynamics, which improves their lift and the distance traveled.

The new tri-ionomer cover formulation used to make these balls is unique. Unlike some brands are that are hard and brittle, it has a soft texture. This produces shot stopping wedge spins whenever you are driving balls. You can also control how you drive and or port your balls on most golf course without exerting a lot of effort. You will like them.

Even though professional-grade, this is an affordable package of golf balls. Buy yours to get 12 high-quality golf balls for practice. You can also use them during friendly and or professional competitions with excellent results.

  • High-quality golf balls (12)
  • New tri-ionomer cover formula
  • High shot-stopping wedge spin
  • Premium Hex aerodynamics
  • Fly long and straight
  • Harder than similar balls

4. Kangaroo Emoji Universe: 2-Ply Professional Practice Golf Balls

Kangaroo Emoji Universe: 2-Ply Professional Practice Golf BallsAre you tired of the bland white-themed golf balls that have been in circulation for decades now? A new breed of stylish and high-performance golf balls is readily available online. Kangaroo Emoji Universe, for instance, is a top-rated package of 12 practice balls, each with an eye-catching emoji theme. They also have functional designs that people enjoy using during competitions. Buy a package for yourself. They are also good birthday presents for lovers of golf.

Do you have a set of hard shell golf balls that damage your golf clubs fast? Do they irritate your hand and or palm whenever you are driving or potting on your local golf course? Replace them with these two-ply golf balls. Their soft shells do not irritate people. They are also durable and designed to protect golf clubs from damage over the years.

Several brands of low-grade golf balls do not withstand the test of time. They crack and or split easily. Others log water or lose their efficiency after one or two playing sessions. Kangaroo Emoji Universe balls are different. Even though funny looking, these two-ply balls are durable. If you do not lose them outdoors, they will serve you well for long.

Whilst shopping for sports accessories such as the best Ab wheels, many people look for affordable products. If you are one of them, this set of Kangaroo Emoji Universe practice golf balls will serve you well. They are affordable items. The fact that you are getting 12 high-quality golf balls is also desirable. Their performance outdoors is exemplary.

  • Durable 2-ply golf balls
  • Eye-catching emoji theme
  • Do not damage golf clubs
  • Heavy-duty core and covers
  • Wiered packaging (sticky)

5. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf BallsAs noted earlier, the quality of the products that Callaway offers its customers increases by the day. If you have a set of golf balls that do not fly straight or degrade fast, this set of chrome soft balls is one of the best. Unlike some hard balls that irritate hands and damage golf clubs over time, this set works better. All balls have a soft and inviting feel that most people like. They are also easy to control over long and short distances, unlike some comparable golf balls.

High spin balls have a high friction in are, which lowers their flying distance. It also compromises their direction and overall performance in most environments. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls are different. With an original set, you get a package of low spin golf balls that fly fast and straight. You will cover a long distance with each strike.

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls are high-quality sports items. If you have bought balls that have cracked and or crumbled over time, replace them with this set. The dura spin covers that they have boost its performance. They also have an amazing feel and universal designs that work well in most environments. They offer people value for money.

To enjoy a game of golf, the quality of the equipment that you use should be top-grade. Your golf clubs should be the best. You also need one of the golf balls in the market. Many people get the first part right. When shopping for golf balls, however, they opt for cheap and low-grade models that let them down. Buy Callaway Golf Chrome balls instead.

  • Premium dura spin covers
  • Amazing game control
  • Durable covers and cores
  • Cost-effective golf balls
  • Flies straight and far
  • Busy ball pattern

6. PrideSports Practice Golf Balls

PrideSports Practice Golf BallsPrideSports is a package of 12 practice golf balls with many desirable features. The perforated and soft dimpled foam used to make these products, for instance, is one of the best. It has a comfortable structure. It is also durable and has a yellow theme that you can locate easily outdoors. On both wet and dry surfaces, therefore, you will not lose as many balls as you do with standard ones. Order an original set from Amazon. They are among the best golf balls in 2018.

Do you have an indoor mini golf course that you use to entertain on a day-to-day basis? Do you spend a lot of time on an outdoor golf course in your locality? To get a quality set of golf balls that you can use in both locations, PrideSports is the product for you. The yellow balls that you get are not only durable but also ideal for use indoors and outdoors.

Good quality golf balls should fly fast and straight. They should also have durable and well-balanced designs that you can use on most terrain and environments. PrideSports Practice Golf Balls meet this threshold. Both their cores and covers withstand a lot of abuse. They are also highly durable and designed to work well in most environments.

PrideSports Practice Golf Balls are readily available in reputable Internet-based stores such as Amazon. Because of its affordability, people with deep and shallow pockets can also afford them. Order your set from the Internet. If you own a set of quality golf clubs, you will notice a significant improvement in your performance both indoors and outdoors.

  • Durable plastic balls (foam)
  • Fly fast and straight
  • Package of 12 golf balls
  • Affordable set of golf balls
  • Visible yellow theme
  • None

7. Wilson Golf Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Golf Elite Golf BallsMost brands of golf balls look the same. However, their performance is different. Their technologies are also different. Do not choose any random brand that you come across online. A top-grade product such as Wilson Golf Elite will serve you well. The composite golf balls that you get stand out in several ways. Their aggressive cores, for instance, generate explosive power. They travel further than most similar golf balls in stores. They also have soft and responsive covers that improve their performance on most golf courses. You will have a memorable time with this set of golf balls.

The quality of these golf balls is desirable. Unlike most cheap brands that are hard and dissipate energy poorly when in use, this set works well. Their improved chemistry and softer cores (22%) dissipate energy well. Whenever you are playing, you will cover a long distance without exerting a lot of effort. These golf balls also travel fast and straight.

Most golf balls with busy ball patterns perform poorly outdoors. Because of high friction, they do not travel straight. They are also slower than comparable golf balls in stores. Wilson Golf Elite Golf Balls are different. They are durable. They also have an advanced 302 PhD aerodynamics feature and shallow dimples that create fast and stable ball flights.

Featuring heavy-duty plastic covers, this is a set of durable golf balls. They do not crack and or split as easily as most low-grade brands of golf balls often do. You can also use them with most of the best golf clubs without major problems.

  • Soft and responsive plastic covers
  • Advanced 302 PhD aerodynamics
  • Shallow dimples (low friction)
  • Softer ball cores (22%)
  • Do not damage golf clubs
  • None

8. LostGolfBalls Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls

LostGolfBalls Nike Mix AAAA Golf BallsMixed ball golf kits are popular worldwide for many reasons. Because of their affordability, for instance, most people can afford them. The quality of the balls that people get is also desirable. These LostGolfBalls Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls meet this threshold. If you have bought many premium packages that have let you down over time, you will like this one. Each package has 50 balls. Whilst practicing and or competing, you will not run out of balls easily. The brands on offer (Velocity, Crus, and IGNITE, for instance) are also ideal. You receive the best golf balls in 2018 on a budget.

Some brands of mixed ball packs have questionable quality. They contain waterlogged balls. Others have cracked and or degraded balls that compromise the performance of people. LostGolfBalls Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls are different. Their feel and appearance, for instance, are desirable. They have low wear and tear. They also mimic new golf balls.

In the past, only people with deep pockets enjoyed the game of golf. Equipment such as golf clubs and golf balls cost people a fortune. This is no longer the case. If you have a tight budget, cheap yet effective equipment such as these LostGolfBalls Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls are readily available online. You get quality golf balls at an impressive price.

The 50 balls in this package are ready to use. Whether you are looking for a package of practice balls or high-quality ones for competition, this is the best product for you. They fly straight and fast. They are also safe for all types of clubs.

  • Reputable brands of balls
  • Fly straight and fast
  • Pack of 50 balls
  • Low wear and tear
  • Cost-effective golf balls
  • A few bad balls

9. Precept Laddie X Golf Balls

Precept Laddie X Golf BallsTo have an enjoyable time outdoors, do not gamble with the quality of the golf balls that you buy offline or online. Look for a top-rated brand that works well in most environments. You should also look for an affordable package that you can use for practice and or competition. Precept Laddie X is such a product. Buy yours to get 24 high-quality golf balls on a budget. These balls are readily available online. They also have many quality attributes that people like.

Whilst in use, golf balls endure a lot of abuse. We strike them with metallic or wooden clubs. We also use them on coarse surfaces in challenging weather conditions. These Precept Laddie X Golf Balls withstand such a level of abuse well. Their enhanced velocity cores (muscle fiber) are durable. They also dissipate energy efficiently whilst in use.

Whilst in flight, golf balls generate fiction on air. Models with aggressive patterns not only lose speed, buy also veer off the trajectories people want them to follow. This is not a major issue for these Precept Laddie X Golf Balls. Their unique wind-cheating dimple designs work well outdoors. They fly fast. They also fly straight is all weather conditions.

You will like the N’control lonomer covers that these golf balls have. They are durable. The risk of them cracking or splitting over time is slim. They are also soft and do not damage clubs as fast as most low-grade golf balls often do.

  • Quality lonomer covers
  • Wind-cheating dimple design
  • Fly straight and true
  • Enhanced velocity cores (muscle fiber)
  • High-quality golf balls (24)
  • None

10. Nitro Max Distance Golf Balls

Nitro Max Distance Golf BallsWhenever they are playing golf, most people want to cover as much distance as possible effortlessly. To achieve this, look for the best golf clubs. You also need a quality set of golf clubs such as Nitro Max Distance. Even though cheap, you get a set of professional-grade golf balls with many notable attributes. Their two-piece designs, for instance, are not only durable but also generate explosive power whilst in use. Off your metals or woods, these balls will travel far.

As noted earlier, the unique two-piece design of these golf balls generates explosive power. They also last long. Finally, if you are looking for a package of balls with superior stopping ability, this set will not let you down. Whenever you are using irons or woods, you will appreciate their superior performance. Buy an original package from the internet.

Are you shopping for the best golf balls with a superior energy transfer? Many reputable brands stand out. However, Nitro Max Distance is one of the best budget brands that you will come across on the Web. They have quality covers. They also have super-reactive titanium cores that maximize energy transfer from the head of most types of golf clubs.

The flight of these golf balls is desirable. If you have clubs that veer off direction often or travel slowly in air, this is a good alternative. The symmetrical designs of these balls work well in all environments. They also have aerodynamic dimple designs that improve their life and speed. Whilst in use, people get longer and higher shots as a result.

  • Symmetrical cores and covers
  • Aerodynamic dimple designs
  • Super-reactive titanium cores
  • Explosive power and speed
  • Cost-effective golf balls
  • Not very durable

How to Shop for the Best Gold Balls

To enjoy a game of golf, you need the best golf balls. Do not buy any random brand, though. Even though many types and brands of golf balls look the same, they work differently. Use this guide to boost your chances of getting the best:

Design: Golf balls are of many types. To get a suitable set that will serve you well for long, pay attention to the design of the product that you want to buy. What is the structure of its core and cover? For best results, the golf balls that you buy should be durable. Their cores should be solid and their covers designed to withstand abuse well. Buying a set of balls that crack easily or crumble under stress is one of the worst decisions you can make. Avoid this at all costs.

Construction: In terms of construction, you will come across three types of balls. Single-piece balls are suitable for beginners. They are inexpensive. They are also soft and have high-performance designs that work well outdoors. Two-piece golf balls are popular for their longevity. Even though they are hard to control, they travel for longer distances than most one-piece golf balls available online. Finally, three-piece golf balls are the softest of the three. They do not damage golf clubs. They are also easy to control because of their noticeable spin separation. Buy the best one online.

Price: Whilst practicing and or competing, people lose many golf balls. Keep this in mind whenever you are shopping for a new set. Instead of buying the most expensive branded golf ball, look for an affordable set that works well. Recycled balls, for instance, are suitable for practice. They are cheaper. They also come in large long-lasting packs.


Do you enjoy playing golf? Are you having a difficult time finding the best golf balls for practicing or competing? The top 10 brands that we have talked about are ideal. Buy yours to get an affordable set of golf balls that work well in moist environments. They are also durable and have professional-grade designs that deliver memorable results always.


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