The Best Camping Screen Houses for the Whole Family in 2017

The Best Camping Screen Houses for the Whole Family in 2017

Camping is an enjoyable venture. If you are planning one, you need a few essential accessories to succeed. First, buy the best backpack. They ease the transportation of consumables such as water and food. You also need the best spotlight. A good one will help you to see and move around your camping site at night. Finally, you need the best camping screen house. A good one will protect you from the elements and mosquitoes.

Because of their diversity, buying the best camping screen houses frustrates most people. Which is the best brand in 2017? Instead of buying the largest of the bunch, look for a product that will satisfy your needs. It should be durable. It should also be easy to set up and have a portable design that you can transport easily. The 10 brands that we have reviewed herein meet this threshold.

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1. Coleman Back Home Instant Screen House

Coleman Back Home Instant Screen HouseNever go out camping without a quality screen house. Unlike traditional tents, most models have spacious and comfortable designs. They are also durable and designed to protect people from both insects and the elements. Coleman Back Home is such as product. Buy one to get a durable screen house that you can set up in three simple steps. It is also portable and has a superior design that protects people from the sun, the wind, and bugs. With an original one, you will have an enjoyable time outdoors.

The superior design of this instant screen house works well outdoors. The large T-doors that it has, for instance, ease entry and exit from both its front and back. It also has waterproof zippers and a spacious vaulted ceiling that creates around 90 square feet of shade. You can fit a small family in this house.

Featuring an advanced UVGuard technology, this screen house protects people from harmful UVA and UVB rays. They burn the skin. They also irritate people with sensitive skin and increase the risk of medical conditions such as melanomas. With one, thus, you will camp outside worry-free for long.

You will never struggle to carry this screen house to and from your camping site. It is a lightweight screen house. One person can carry it effortlessly. You also get a free easy pull carry bag that fits in most vehicles. This eases its transportation further.

  • One-year limited warranty
  • Light and portable design
  • Advanced UVGuard technology
  • 90 square feet of space
  • Large and convenient T-doors
  • Low-quality top

2. Coleman Instant Screen House

Coleman Instant Screen HouseMost of us understand the benefits of having the best camping screen houses. The next time you are outdoors, buy this instant screen house from Coleman to enjoy these benefits. It is a durable accessory. The UV stable materials used to make it do not degrade over time. It is also stylish and has a convenient design that you can set up in less than a minute. This is unlike some models that require many hours and a lot of effort to set up correctly.

Whilst shopping for the best screen houses in 2017, space is a key concern for most people. The small and non-functional models that are available online often fail to meet the needs of people. This is not the case with Coleman. Measuring 10×10 feet, it is a spacious screen house. You will have a fun experience with one.

The wind, the sun, and biting bugs are but a few problems that people struggle with outdoors. To get the best solution, buy this instant screen house. Its superior design protects its users from harsh elements such as the sun and the wind. It also has a bug-proof design with large front and back T-doors for easy access.

As most Coleman instant screen houses do, this model comes with a free carry bag for its transportation. The bag is durable. It also has a convenient easy-pull technology that secures it well during storage.

  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Spacious (10×10 feet)
  • Protective design
  • UV-stable materials
  • Easy to setup
  • Does not have a bottom fabric
  • Very light

3. Clam Corporation 9281

Clam Corporation 9281Even though marketed as an escape shelter, Clam Corporation 9281 is one of the best camping screen houses online. If you are looking for one, do not hesitate to buy it. It sets up in seconds. Unlike traditional tents that frustrate people, this one is different. Measuring 140×140-inches, it is also a spacious accessory. The 94 square feet of space that it offers is sufficient for between six and eight individuals. With one, expect an enjoyable time outdoors.

In terms of quality, only a few screen houses can rival this one. The 210 and 600D fabrics used to make its walls and center section, for instance, are the best. They are durable. Rip and tears are not common. They also have a special ability to filter harmful UV rays (50+). This guarantees the safety of its occupants.

Do you have a leaky screen house that ruins your camping trips whenever it rains? Instead of taping up its holes to improve its performance, buy this screen house instead. It is affordable. It also has a premium design with taped seams that keep water out.

Each Clam Corporation 9281 screen house that you buy has all mandatory tools for installation. In addition to the tent, you get tie down ropes and six tent stakes for securing it on the ground. You also get a carry bag with sturdy shoulder straps for transportation.

  • Waterproof seams (taped)
  • Spacious (90 square feet)
  • UV stable materials (50+)
  • Premium accessories
  • Easy to set up
  • None

4. Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen HouseDuring tail gating trips, one of the major challenges that people have is proper accommodation. If you are one of them, we have a good solution for you. Buy this Tailgaterz screen house to get good outdoor accommodation. Its large mesh walls keep insects, the wind, and the sun out. It also has large magnetic doors that most of its users like. Even with your hands full, you will enter and exit it easily.

The design of this screen house is one of a kind. Its square floor, for instance, is roomy and functional. This screen tent also has a high ceiling that benefits people of all cadres. If you are tall, for instance, you do not have to bend or sit down to entertain in it.

Unlike some low-grade screen houses that break easily, Tailgaterz is a long-lasting device. This is because of the premium materials used to make it. The sturdy fiberglass and steel frame that you get, for instance, is one of a kind. The risk of it blowing with the wind is slim.

Are you shopping for a spacious screen house that you can also travel with effortlessly? Tailgaterz is a suitable option. Even though sturdy, this is a lightweight screen house. It also has a spacious 11×9-foot design that meets the needs of most people. You can even fit a large picnic table in it with no issues.

  • Spacious (11×9-feet)
  • Sturdy steel/fiberglass frame
  • Large magnetic doors
  • Protective mesh walls
  • Not waterproof

5. Wenzel Sun Valley Screen House

Wenzel Sun Valley Screen HouseThe Sun Valley from Wenzel is one of the best screen houses for camping. If you are tired of carrying heavy tents or have a low-grade model that has ripped over time, buy a new one. Measuring 12×12 feet, this is a spacious screen house. The 140 square feet that it offers can accommodate several adults comfortably. It also has a comfortable peak height (86-inches) that makes it one of the best screen houses for entertaining. Buy yours online.

During camping trips, many people carry the best ham radios for communicating with friends or colleagues. They also carry food and water that they use during such trips. Adding a heavy tent to the mix is a bad idea. To travel at peace, buy Wenzel Sun Valley instead. Because of its lightweight design (20 pounds), you can transport it effortlessly to and from your camping site.

Do you have a leaky screen house that compromises your outdoor experience? Wenzel Sun Valley will serve you well. Even though cheap, you get a water-resistant screen house that works well. In rainy weather, for instance, you will stay dry and comfortable.

The quality of the design of this camping screen house has made it a sought after screen house globally. Its inverted T-doors, for instance, are large and functional. You also get a welded floor and a screened porch that keeps bugs and critters out.

  • Sturdy welded floor
  • Screened porch
  • Water-resistant design
  • Lightweight (20 pounds)
  • Spacious (140 square feet)
  • Flimsy support

6. Wenzel Biscayne Screen House

Wenzel Biscayne Screen HouseThe Wenzel line of screen houses is one of the best worldwide for many reasons. The quality products that people get are among the best. Moreover, because of its affordability, most people can afford it. To own one of its best sellers, consider buying this Biscayne screen house. It is a spacious accessory (14x12feet). Fully set up, you get around 126 square feet of space that you sleep and or entertain in. Many comparable screen houses cannot rival this.

In addition to its spacious design, many people appreciate the convenience of this screen house. You can set it up easily, for instance. You do not need special skill and or equipment to do this. It also has a comfortable peak height (84-inches) and lightweight design (17 ounces) that you can transport effortlessly.

Do you camp in areas with mosquitoes and other bugs? This one of a kind screen house will keep you safe. Its bug proof walls, for instance, keep mosquitoes and other flying or biting bugs out. Because it has a welded polyethylene floor, the risk of these insects crawling into this screen house is also slim.

The rain, wind, and other environmental elements do not strain this screen house. It is a durable accessory. The fiberglass poles used to make its frame, for instance, are among the best. Even though light, they support a lot of weight without snapping. You also get steel uprights and a UV-resistant fabric that lasts long.

  • Welded polyethylene floor
  • UV-resistant fabric
  • Durable steel and fiberglass poles
  • Spacious (126 square feet)
  • Lightweight design (17 ounces)
  • Leaky roof and seams

7. Eureka Northern Breeze Screened Shelter

Eureka Northern Breeze Screened ShelterFeaturing a stylish blue theme, Eureka Northern Breeze is a valuable screened shelter with many good attributes. If you have used a few models that have disappointed you in the end, this one will serve you well. Measuring 12×12 feet, for instance, you get a spacious accessory for camping and entertaining. It is also portable and has a built in awning and rain curtains that boost its functionality. You will enjoy using one.

The functionality of this camping screen house from Eureka is impressive. If you reschedule your camping trips often because of rain, this is one of the best products to use. Its seams are tight and waterproof. The rain curtains that it has also work well. Finally, because it has an inbuilt screen, bugs such as mosquitoes will not bother you.

Do not question the durability of this product. Even though attainable cheap on the web, it is as durable as screen houses can get. This is twofold. First, the pre-bent aluminum used to make its frame is not only light but also durable. It also has a shock-corded design that supports a lot of weight without bending. The fabrics used to make its panels and screen are also top grade.

With Eureka Northern Breeze, you get a light shelter that weighs a paltry 28 pounds. If you like to travel light during your outdoor escapades, this is one of the best camping screen houses to use.

  • Lightweight design (28 ounces)
  • Pre-bent aluminum frame
  • Waterproof design
  • Spacious screen house (12×12 feet)
  • Functional rain curtains
  • Overpriced

8. Hasika All-Weather Screened Canopy

Hasika All-Weather Screened CanopyWhilst camping outdoors, people struggle with bad weather. Bugs such as wasps and mosquitoes also frustrate most campers. If you are looking for a new camping screen house, therefore, a model that handles such issues well will serve you the best. Hasika is such as product. Featuring an all-season design, it works well in rainy weather. It also works well in hot weather and has a bug proof design that keeps people safe outdoors.

You will like the durability of this screened camping house. Unlike some models that break under pressure, for instance, its poles support a lot of weight. The quality fabric used to make its panels, on the other hand, has a UVGuard technology that blocks harmful rays. It also protects it from fading and degrading over time.

Never buy a screen house that you will have issues transporting. Choose a renowned model such as Hasika instead to have the time of your life. It is extremely lightweight. You will never struggle to carry it to and from your camping site. It also has a free carry bag.

This is an affordable screened canopy house. If you cannot afford the expensive models that are available online, order yours today. Even though decently priced, it works better than most shelters.

  • Cost-effective screen house
  • Lightweight design
  • Advanced UVGuard technology
  • Functional mesh screen
  • Works well all season
  • Incomplete (no outside poles)

9. Luxe Tempo Screen House Tent

 Luxe Tempo Screen House TentLuxe Tempo is a tall three-person screen house with a multi-purpose design. If you camp outdoors often, this is one of the best screen houses to use. You can also use it in your backyard or any other areas of your liking with positive results. It is very private. If you are tired of bugs crashing your parties, the no-see-um mesh that it has also protects users well. With one, you will stay not only stay safe and comfortable but also enjoy stunning views too.

Made of a UV coated fabric, the functionality of this screen house is desirable. Over time, for instance, harmful UVA and UVB rays will not harm you. It also produces a soothing shade and has a larger main entrance for easier entry and exit.

Most light and or spacious camping screen houses have flimsy designs that let people down over time. This is not the case with Luxe Tempo. It has a stable and wobble-free frame that serves people well for long. It also has tight-sealing zippers and a reinforced tent corners that boost both its stability and longevity.

This camping screen house has a floor. If you are tired of bugs crawling on you whilst sleeping, thus, it is a suitable product to use. Made of a PU-coated Oxford fabric, the floor is durable. It is also waterproof and easy to setup using a few clips.

  • PU-coated Oxford floor
  • Durable frame
  • UV-coated fabric
  • Spacious interior
  • Impressive views
  • Not weatherproof

10. Mountain Trails Sentinel Screen House

Mountain Trails Sentinel Screen HouseUnlike what some people think, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a screen house to get the best in 2017. Premium models such as Mountain Trails Sentinel are affordable. It also has a feature-rich design with a floor space of around 72 square feet. If you travel as a group, therefore, this product has enough space. It also has a comfortable height (76 inches). Both short and tall individuals can operate in it comfortably.

Are you tired of carrying a bulky or heavy tent during your camping or tailgating trips? Mountain Trails Sentinel Screen House will serve you well. Buy one, for instance, to get an 11-pounds tent that you can transport effortlessly. Packed, it is also compact (24.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches) and easy to carry.

Whilst camping, most people spend several hours setting up tents that end up disappointing them. With Mountain Trails Sentinel Screen House, however, this is never an issue. It is easy to set up and take down. You do not need any special tools to do this well.

Camping screen house tents undergo a lot of abuse outdoors. We expose them to harsh UV rays. We also expose them to rain and move them around as we look for a suitable camping location. This screen house can withstand this level of abuse. Both its frame and fabric are durable. Its mesh screen also lasts long.

  • Durable components
  • Lightweight (11 pounds)
  • Comfortable height (76 inches)
  • Spacious (72 square feet)
  • No floor

How to Choose the Best Camping Screen Houses

Buying the best screen house is not as easy as choosing the first model that you come across. Keep these key attributes in mind:

Size: What is the size of the camping screen house that you are planning to buy? Most people choose the largest models with the hope that they will serve them well. Do not make this mistake. Buy a product that will satisfy your needs. For instance, if you camp alone often, you do not need a large four-person screen house. It will weigh you down.

Materials: Outdoor environments are punishing to accessories such as screen houses. Rain and the wind, for instance, stress them to the core. Others fade and or degrade when exposed to UV rays for long. Whenever you are shopping for a new camping screen house, keep this in mind. The materials used to make your product of choice should be the best. Its frame, for instance, should be durable. UV and waterproof fabrics also work the best.

Setup: Always look for a product that you can set up with ease. Because of their naivety, many people buy complicated tents that need skill or special tools to set up. Avoid such products at all costs. A simple and easy to use one will serve you the best.

Functionality: One of the worst decisions you can make is to buy a camping screen house that does not well. A leaky one, for instance, will drench you and your camping material during rainy weather. Models that do not contain bugs and other critters also put the health of their users at risk. Avoid them at all costs. Your model of choice should be durable. If possible, look for a waterproof screen house with a large door and premium add-ons.


The best camping screen houses protect people from the elements. They also keep bugs out and help people lounge in peace in their backyards and or commercial camping sites. Even though many reputable brands are available online, out top 10 picks will serve you the best. They are spacious, comfortable, and protective.



  • I’m in love with Eureka! Northern Breeze Screen House. Northern Breeze by Eureka is a novel 12-inch by 12-inch screen house for campers a prevent and shock-cored aluminum frame that is lighter than most fiberglass models. It is durable, super portable, and has a built-in awning and rain curtains that improve its functionality outdoors. You will be able to rest and sleep comfortably under the protection of this one of a kind screen house. Eureka! Northern Breeze has a tall 101 center height that boosts its roominess, full mesh panels that keeps its interior aerated and comfortable, and a full-length zip door that opens wide for easier and convenient access.

  • 2 new features from Paha Que Rainfly Screen Room & Texsport Montana Screen Arbor.

    1. Texsport Montana is a professional-grade screen arbor canopy made of a heavy-duty yet light taffeta skin. It is stylish, measures 12-feet by 12-feet by 82-feet, and has novel no-see-um mesh walls that keeps its interior aerated without allowing bugs and other creepy crawlies from accessing your sleeping area. When in use, Texsport Montana protects against the sun and rainfall well. It has zippered entrances for easier access, durable fiberglass pole supports, and 3/4-inch powder-coated and chain corded steel leg poles for stability. This screen house meets C.P.A.I.-84 specifications. It is affordable and has a flame retardant storage bag.

    2. Wenzel Biscayne is a 14×12-foot (126 square foot) camping screen house that weighs 17 pounds. It is light, travel worthy, and offers sufficient space for relaxing with friends and or family whilst exploring the outdoors. The shock corded fiberglass roof poles and steel frame uprights use to manufacture this camping house is durable. Its cover is water and sun resistant, while its fitted T-door eases access when ready to sleep or relax. If you have a tight budget, you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy good quality accommodation. This house is affordable, easy to assemble, and importantly, lasts long.

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