The Best Brake Pads in 2017 – DIY Car Maintenance

Choosing the Best Brake Pads in 2017 - DIY Car Maintenance

Global accident statistics are alarming. Most cases are a result of human error. However, faulty or low-grade car parts also play a major role. To stay safe, make sure you understand the rules of the road before getting behind a wheel. You should also install the best brake pads in your vehicle to improve its stopping power. Unfortunately, most car owners take the latter lightly.

Which are the best brake pads for cars in 2017? Some people buy the most expensive brands with poor results. Others choose the cheapest to save money. Do not make these mistakes. To get a quality brake pad that will serve you well for long, the 10 brands that we have reviewed work the best.

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1. Akebono ACT787 ProACT

Akebono ACT787 ProACTAkebono ACT787 ProACT is one of the most sought-after brake pads because of its premium design. Made of ultra-premium ceramic, for instance, its gripping power is impressive. Even at high speed, an original wet will bring your vehicle to a stop almost instantly. Both brake pads also have stamped backs that work well on most types of vehicles. Whether you have a sedan or a sports utility vehicle, these products will serve you well. This is unlike low-grade brake pads that lower the performance of cars.

Do you have a set of noisy brake pads that irritate you always? Replace them with a new set of ACT787 ProACT brake pads. Their quiet designs do not squeak, squeals, or vibrate over time. They also work well in most weather. Finally, their rotor-safe designs are ideal.

Some brands of brake pads require machining to fit and work well. Do not waste your money on such. Buy Akebono ACT787 ProACT instead to get a pair or ready to use brake pads. Their quick fit designs also work well in most types of vehicles. You can use them on your sedan. They also perform flawlessly on SUV and trucks, if installed well.

Wheel rotors are expensive car parts. Damaging yours with a set of cheap brake pads is one of the worst decisions you can make. Choose Akebono ACT787 ProACT instead. They are durable. They also have rotor-friendly designs that offer value for cash. Install them as instructed for best results.

  • Vehicle optimized ceramic
  • Low dust and noise
  • Rotor safe designs (100%)
  • Instant stopping power
  • Reputable brand
  • None

2. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC465A

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC465AAre you servicing your vehicle? If you are replacing safety components such as brake pads, always choose the best brands. The product you choose should be durable. It should also have a premium design that improves the safety of vehicles in all weather. This set of ThermoQuiet QC465A Ceramic disc pads meets this threshold. Because of its premium designs, for instance, it improves the stopping power of most cars by up to 15%. They are also quiet and durable.

You do not require professional assistance to install these ThermoQuiet brake pads from Wagner. The quick fit designs are easy to install in both domestic and foreign cars. You do not have to machine the, as some similar brands require. They also work well on most wheels (including aluminum).

Brake noise is a frustrating issue for most vehicles. To solve it permanently, replace your low-grade pads with this Wagner ThermoQuiet QC465A set. Made of quality ceramic, they are super quiet. The material also has a low noise to dust ratio, which is ideal. Finally, because of its impressive stopping power, it boosts the safety of most cars.

ThermoQuiet QC465A pad set comes with all tools for installation. You get premium clips and chamfers, for instance. Some models of brake pads require people to buy these add-ons separately. Buy yours today.

  • Superior stopping power
  • Clean wheels (Dustless)
  • High-quality ceramic
  • 100% rotor safe design
  • Integrally Molded Sound Insulator
  • Does not fit all cars

3. Akebono ACT914 ProACT

Akebono ACT914 ProACTTrusted by millions of car owners, Akebono is a leading manufacturer of quality car parts. The brake pads in its arsenal, for instance, are among the best. To get an original one that will serve you well, choose ACT914 ProACT. This set of universal brake pads is compatible with most types of vehicles. It is reliable. You also get a durable set of brake pads that will serve you well for many months. Do not waste money on alternatives.

What makes Akebono ACT914 ProACT brake pads special? First, the quality of these brake pads is impressive. Their solid plates last long. The risk of the warping out of shape over time is slim. The vehicle-optimized ceramic used to make their contacts is also the best. The instant stopping power that it delivers helps millions of people to drive safely on a day-to-day basis.

Are you tired of the noisy set of brake pads on your car? Akebono ACT914 ProACT is a better option. The best brake pads that you get do not squeak or squeal. They are also easy to install and have snug-fitting designs that do not vibrate at high speeds. Buy yours to enjoy smooth and quiet braking always.

Some brands of brake pads require a short break in period to work well. With Akebono ACT914 ProACT, however, you get a premium set that works well out of the box. Because of their superior initial effectiveness, they do not require a long break-in period.

People pay eye-watering amounts of money on oil, spark plugs, and wheel balancing whenever they are servicing vehicles. Akebono makes the process easier. This set of brake pads is not as expensive as other comparable ones. Their versatile designs also work well on most types of wheels.

  • Cost effective brake pads
  • Superior initial effectiveness
  • Rotor-friendly designs
  • Vehicle optimized ceramic
  • Ultra-quiet easy-fit designs
  • Solid metallic plate
  • None

4. Akebono ACT905 ProACT

Akebono ACT905 ProACTWith Akebono ACT905 ProACT, you get the best of the best brake pads in 2017. If you have used a few low-grade models that have lowered the performance of your car, this one will serve you well. They are not only durable but also have quality designs that never disappoint. They also have high-performance designs that improve the safety of vehicles on the road. You will not regret buying an original set online.

These low dust brake pads are popular among drivers. They do not dirty wheels as most low-grade ones do. The vehicle-optimized ceramic used to make their contacts is also appealing. It is durable. Drivers also enjoy an instant stopping power every time.

Akebono ACT905 ProACT brake pads do not squeak, squeal, or make funny noises on the road. Do not hesitate to buy an original set. Apart from improving safety on the road, you will drive in peace during long journeys. Finally, because of their high melting and freezing points, these pads last.

Rotors are expensive. Unfortunately, the low quality brake pads that some people use scratch and damage them over time. To avoid such issues, buy a new set of Akebono ACT905 ProACT brake pads. They are efficient. You also get rotor-safe accessories that save people a lot of money in the long term.

As most Akebono brake pads, this ACT905 ProACT set does not require a break in period. They work flawlessly off the shelf. They also have universal ready-fit designs that snap onto most wheels and rotors effortlessly.

  • Quiet and dustless contacts
  • Superior initial effectiveness
  • Enhanced braking performance
  • Work on most wheels
  • No break-in period
  • None

5. ACDelco 17D785CH Professional

ACDelco 17D785CH ProfessionalNever question the value of these ACDelco 17D785CH Professional brake pads. If you are servicing your car, buy one to get a set of high-performance brake pads with wear-tested designs. These accessories will benefit you in many ways. First, they do not degrade as fast as most standard brake pads. They have also passed the required SAE J2784 tests for braking effectiveness. With an original set, you will drive safely every day.

Even though cheap, you will like the quality of these ACDelco 17D785CH Professional brake pads. Made of quality ceramic, they perform well in both dry and wet environments. They are also versatile and have a higher melting temperature than most cheap brake pads. This is invaluable.

ACDelco has optimized the designs of these 17D785CH Professional brake pads to maximize their performance. Their integrally bonded designs, for instance, perform well on most vehicles. They also have sturdy designs with fused friction material. Whilst in use, thus, they do not screech or make annoying noises as some models do. They are also dustless and vibration-free.

Because of their diversity, choosing the correct brake pads for cars is a challenge. With ACDelco 17D785CH Professional, however, this is a breeze. Its stamped back plate fits most cars. You do not have to machine it to fit. It also has quality shims and chamfers that reduce braking harshness further.

  • Reduces braking harshness
  • Quiet dust-free design
  • Durable bonded structure
  • Stamped back plate (universal)
  • Fused ceramic contact
  • Not very sensitive

6. Akebono ACT537 ProACT

Akebono ACT537 ProACTIf you are shopping for brake pads, this ultra-premium ACT537 ProACT set will serve you well. If you have a tight budget, for instance, this is a suitable option. Most people can afford it. You will also like their upgraded designs. They are durable. They also work better than most metallic and semi-metallic brake pads that people have used for long. Do not hesitate to buy these brake pads. They will boost the performance and safety of your car.

Do your brakes make funny noises whilst in use? Installing this Akebono ACT537 ProACT set is a good remedy. They are ultra-quiet. Forget about the vibrations or annoying screeches that your current pads make. You will also like their smooth and consistent braking performance even at high speeds.

This set of brake pads comes ready to use. Unlike some models that require machining to work, you can use them off the shelf. Their premium designs also have a superior initial effectiveness that most people appreciate. You do not have to sacrifice safety for some time because of new brake pads.

With Akebono ACT537 ProACT, all the brake pads that you get are rotor safe. They do not scratch or damage these expensive parts over time. They also have accurate wear indicators that tell you when to replace them. You do not have to pay a mechanic money to diagnose and install brake pads for you.

The vehicle optimized ceramic formula used to make these brake’s contact works well in all environments. In both cold and dry weather, for instance, you will enjoy superior braking power. The formula is also durable and dust proof.

  • Superior braking performance
  • Durable all weather designs
  • Vehicle-optimized ceramic contact
  • 100% rotor-safe pads
  • Accurate wear indicators
  • None

7. Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium

Bosch BC905 QuietCast PremiumBosch, like Toyota and ACDelco, is a reputable brand among most car owners. It also has many quality car parts that both mechanics and individuals like. To get a set of dependable brake pads that perform flawlessly in your car, Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium stands out. These pads are durable. They do not melt or break apart easily, as some poor quality ones often do. Their platform specific contacts are also efficient. You will enjoy a quiet and smooth braking performance in all environments.

Featuring an advanced molded shim technology, these pads are stable. Their single molded designs (using pressure and heat) are also durable. Devoid of your driving style, thus, these brake pads will serve you well.

Traditional single-layer brake pads often fall apart under pressure. They are also louder and often damage wheel rotors. Bosch BC905 QuietCast is different. It has a laminated rubber core that kills noise. It also has a universal and corrosion resistant design that works well on most rotors.

As most brands listed, this set of brake pads come ready to use. You do not have to machine or modify them to fit your car. The two pads that you get are also durable and have all tools for installation. Finally, you get a free synthetic lubricant for maximizing the efficiency of these brake pads.

  • Complete hardware kit
  • Free synthetic lubricant
  • Laminated rubber core
  • Heat and pressure molded design
  • Instant braking power
  • Missing sensors

8. ACDelco 14D1159CH Advantage

ACDelco 14D1159CH AdvantageDoes your car grind or squeak whenever you apply the brakes? Do you have issues stopping your car at high speed? The set of brakes in your car might be at fault. Replace them with these ACDelco 14D1159CH Advantage ones. Even though cheap, they perform well. You will notice a significant improvement in your car’s performance. Both brake pads also have universal quick fit designs that do not require a lot of skill to install.

ACDelco 14D1159CH Advantage is one of the best brake pads for many reasons. Made of ceramic, it performs well in many vehicles. The material is also quiet and has an advanced formula that delivers instant stopping power. With an original set, you will drive safely to school or work every day.

When shopping for car parts online, most people get products with a few missing parts. This is not the case with ACDelco 14D1159CH Advantage. You get all the mandatory components for setting up a functional braking system. These include durable clip kits, basic chamfers, and shims to name a few.

You do not have to empty your money on brake pads to get safe and effective models. Ranked among the best brake pads in 2017, ACDelco 14D1159CH Advantage is also one of the cheapest. Most car owners can afford it.

  • Durable ceramic brake pads
  • Noise-free designs
  • Advanced ceramic formula
  • Instant breaking in all weather
  • Mechanical wearing sensor
  • Metal tabs out of spec

9. Toyota Genuine Parts 04466-06090

Toyota Genuine Parts 04466-06090Toyota is one of the best-selling brands all over the world. Its cars have penetrated all corners of the globe in all continents. Its spare parts are also in high demand because of the quality of the products that people get. Toyota Genuine Parts 04466-06090, for instance, is one of the best rear brake set for personal and commercial cars. It is quiet. It also has a durable quick-fit design that you can install without the help of a professional.

Toyota Genuine Parts 04466-06090 is a well-engineered rear brake pad set. The precision-machined plates that they have, for instance, is accurate. They also enable the pads to move freely within calipers, which smooth braking. You will never regret buying this set of rear brake pads.

Low quality brake pads damage car components such as rotors. They also lower the safety of vehicles at both low and high speeds. Toyota Genuine Parts 04466-06090 offers different results. These pads meet the tolerances and specifications of most types of Toyota vehicles. You get value for cash.

Do you have a tight budget? Do you have a hard time finding a suitable set of cheap brake pads? Buy Toyota Genuine Parts 04466-06090. Because of its affordability, you do not have to break the bank to get the best brake pads.

  • Meet tolerances of most cars
  • Meet specification of most cars
  • Precision machines plates
  • Highly efficient design
  • Vibration and noise free
  • Genuine OEM brake pads
  • Missing some parts

10. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC787

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC787Brake pads, even though simple, are important car accessories. By improving braking, they improve the safety of cars. To get a quality set that will not damage your rotors, buy Wagner ThermoQuiet QC787. These quick fit brake pads are easy to install on most wheels. You do not require mechanical skills to do this. They are also affordable and deliver the instant stopping power that most drivers want. This product will not let you down.

These ceramic disk pads have a patented IMI one-piece design. In lasts long. Whether you are a long-distance driver or a city driver, you will appreciate their value. They are also smooth, super-quiet, and dissipate heat well when braking. Finally, these pads do not screech as some low-grade ones often do.

Many people have paid the price for using low-grade brake pads. Most have paid for expensive repairs. Others have lost their lives or taken the lives of other people. With Wagner ThermoQuiet QC787 will protect you from all these issues. Both pads have efficient all weather designs. They are also rotor safe and suit most driving styles.

Ranked among the best brake pads in 2017, Wagner ThermoQuiet QC787 works well in most cars. If you have a domestic or a foreign minivan or Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), you will like its superior power. It also works well in passenger cars and light trucks.

  • Passed all stopping tests
  • Laser-shaped friction technology
  • OE Match friction material
  • Patented IMI one-piece design
  • Instant stopping power
  • Build a lot of brake dust

How to Choose the Best Brake Pad

Are you shopping for a new set of brake pads for your car? Once you have specified your budget, use this guide to find the best product:

Type: In stores such as Amazon, you will come across four main types of brake pads. Organic brake pads are environment safe items made of quality organic materials. They are durable. They are also gentle on rotors. Unfortunately, because of their low braking power, they work best in small cars such as sedans.

Semi-metallic brake pads have steel plates and soft composite contacts with superior braking power. Unfortunately, they wear out rotors fast. Fully metallic and ceramic pads offer the best braking power. You might have to break the bank to own an original set, though. Research and buy the best.

Compatibility: Different wheel assemblies require different types of brake pads to work well. Keep this in mind. Before you buy a brake pad, make sure that it is compatible with your wheels. Ill-fitting brake pads wear out parts such as rotors fast. Spending thousands of dollars replacing them because of twenty-dollar brake pads is a bad decision. Ill-fitting pads are also dangerous. You can lose your life or put the lives of other motorists in danger.

Quality: Are the brakes pads you are planning to buy used or new ones? Because of greed, most people gamble with their lives and those of other motorists. As a good citizen, do not make the same mistake. Avoid the used or remanufactured brake pads that sell dirt-cheap online. Go for the real thing. New and original brake pads will serve you longer. You will also drive safely and prolong the life of your car at the same time.

Driving Patterns: Do you brake hard whenever you are driving in traffic? Do you do a lot of highway driving or pull heavy trailers over long distances? Your driving patterns dictate the type of brake pads that you use. If you pull heavy loads often, for instance, a fast acting set of metallic or ceramic brake pads will serve you the best. For city driving, on the other hand, semi-metallic and organic brake pads work well.

Weather: If you live in a wet area and choose a set of brake pads for hot weather; expect bad results. Keep this in mind when servicing your car.

Brand: Reputable brands often have good products. Questionable ones often disappoint people most of the time. Whilst shopping, choose the best brand.


Brake pads keep people safe on the road. They stop vehicles over short distances. They also improve control and the overall performance of cars. If you are looking for a new set, we have done the legwork for you. Our top 10 picks are the best brake pads in 2017.



  • I would like to recommend you guys V-Trust top quality OE replacement disc brake rotor and disc brake pad combo.

    V-Trust ceramic brake pads provide extraordinary stopping power with lowest dust and noise. 100% OE fitment,easy installation, no extra modification required.

  • I would like to recommend you guys with these 2 products.

    1. Bosch BP976 Premium Brake Pad
    It is very easy for you to install this brake pad on your vehicle. This device is specially created with Bosch’s special engineering system and NAO materials, so it can be used to create exceptional stopping power and also quiet operation. This device also has good shim technology that can protect all shim attachments that are located on this brake pad. As the result, this brake pad is able to provide maximum stability for all users now.

    2. Akebono EUR781 Euro Brake Pad Set
    It can be considered as the most popular brake pad on the market now. This product is very well-known for its low noise, low vibration, and also no harshness level, so you are able to use this brake pad for your vehicle safely. This product is also equipped with European braking performance with improved pedal feel. It is very comfortable for you to use your vehicle, especially after you install this brake pad now.

  • Seriously products from Toyota are good. But I’m currently using Toyota Genuine Parts 04465-48150. This plate is made from high quality materials, in order to provide efficient operation on your braking system easily. If you are looking for original brake pads for your Toyota vehicles, you can consider using this brake pad now.

    • However, I recommend Hawk Performance HB445F.610 Ceramic Brake Pad. It is very famous among many people today, it’s able to provide high performance street braking system for any types of vehicles now. When you install this brake pad properly, it can increase the overall stopping power of your vehicle effectively. This device is popular for its noise-free system, so you are able to enjoy your own comfortable driving experience with this brake pad.

  • I choose EBC Brake Pad DP61799 6000 Series. It is commonly used in any trucks and SUVs that are available on the market now. It can improve the stopping power of your braking system effectively. Because of this reason, you are able to use this brake pad for improving the security feature of your vehicle. It is very easy for you to install this type of brake pad on your brake now.

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