The Best of Bowling Balls for Hobbyists and Professionals in 2017

The Best of Bowling Balls for Hobbyists and Professionals in 2017

Bowling is a relaxing game for men, women, and kids. If you are planning to delve into this sport, a good pair of bowling shoes will keep you grounded. You also need one of the best bowling balls to play like a professional. This is where many people fail. They buy poor quality bawling balls that lower their performance.

Are you tired of the low-grade bowling ball in your possession? Many notable brands are currently available online. You can find both large and small models. Plain looking and multi-colored ones are also in plenty. However, in 2017, here are the best to buy:

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  • Description

1. Brunswick TZone Pink Bliss

Brunswick TZone Pink BlissMany people pay special attention to the designs of the bowling balls that they use. Unfortunately, some well-styled model are either brittle or often fail to perform well when needed. This is not the case with Brunswick TZone. Christened the pink bliss, it is a stylish bowling ball. It also has a premium design with a plethora of innovative features that boost its performance. Its polyester coverstock, for instance, works well on most surfaces. It also rolls straight without breaking late and has a smooth high-gloss finish.

Low quality bowling balls lower the performance of people. They also injure the wrists of people often whenever they are tossing the balls. Brunswick TZone is different. Apart from its impeccable design, it comes in a plethora of weights that meet the needs of most people. You can find 6-14 pound balls online.

Brunswick TZone Pink Bliss is a low maintenance bowling ball. Its smooth and polished surface, for instance, retains its shape well over the years. All you have to do is dust it clean it occasionally to remove dust and grime. You can also polish it easily using most standard polishes.

Bowling is not a rich man’s sports. Quality bowling balls such as Brunswick TZone Pink Bliss, for instance, are readily available cheaply online. Most people can afford one. Visit Amazon or any other of your preferred store and buy yours. It works well.

  • Hook potential of 25
  • RG average of 8.7
  • Modest differential (0.019)
  • Polyester coverstock
  • High gloss finish
  • Varied weights
  • Light models are bouncy

2. Pyramid Path

Pyramid PathWhilst shopping for the best basketball shoes, most people look for the most durable and functional products. To get the best bowling ball for everyday use, do not sacrifice these attributes as well. Pyramid Path meets this threshold. Popular among both hobbyists and professional bowlers, its solid design is impressive. It does not veer out of track easily. It is also durable and designed to roll fast and smoothly on most types of surfaces.

Sports equipment cost a fortune. This has slowed the uptake of popular sports such as bowling worldwide. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is different, though. With one, you get a cheap product that works better than most expensive models found online. It also aesthetic and has a versatile design that benefits people of all skill levels. Both kids and adults like this ball.

Do you make crooked or inaccurate shots because of the low quality bowling ball in your possession? Pyramid Path is a good remedy. Its polyester overstock rolls straight on most surfaces. This improves the accuracy of users. The coverstock is also durable. Over the years, it does not crack or chip because of stress.

With Pyramid Path Bowling Ball, you do not compromise style in any way. This is a good-looking bowling ball. It also comes undrilled. As such, you can easily customize its pitch pattern to suit your needs. Finally, you get a 2-year warranty for this bowling ball.

  • Two-year warranty
  • Polyester coverstock
  • New and undrilled
  • Eye-catching design
  • Crack and chip-proof design
  • Ideal for kids and adults
  • Somewhat bouncy

3. Brunswick Rhino

Brunswick RhinoHaving a personal bowling ball is beneficial in many ways. First, you do not have to scramble for the dirty and beat-up balls that some bowling alleys offer for a premium. Second, the fact that you have a custom ball boosts your performance. Pay keen attention to quality, though. Instead of wasting money on one of the cheap and low-grade models available online, buy this Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball. Featuring a unique black pearl theme, it is a stylish item. Its well-balanced design reacts well on most surfaces.

Compared to plastic bowling balls, reactive ones such as Brunswick Rhino perform better overall. On oily surfaces (light and medium), for instance, it rolls straight. It also has a comfortable grip pattern that boosts the performance of people whilst playing.

When bowling, people use different strategies. Power play, for instance, is common. Others use a more controlled approach to outwit their competitors. Devoid of your preferred technique, this bowling ball will serve you well. Its well-balanced design also has a reactive R-i16 coverstock that works flawlessly.

The R-16 formula used to make this bowling ball has a good backend hook motion. This improves its stability on most surfaces. It also rolls smoothly on both dry and oily lanes. Your trajectory will stay true always.

  • Advanced R-16 formula
  • Reactive design (heavy duty)
  • Good backend hook motion
  • Not extremely sensitive
  • Stylish black pearl theme
  • Does not hook consistently

4. Ebonite Maxim

Ebonite MaximAre you an avid bowler? Do you have a low quality or worn out bowling ball that rolls poorly o most lanes? Many premium models are currently attainable on a budget online. Ebonite Maxim is such as product. With one, you will have a better experience on the alley for many reasons. Its 10-pound design, for instance, is heavy and well balanced. On most surfaces, it rolls straight if thrown correctly. It is also durable and has a charming purple royal theme that does not fade.

The convenience of Ebonite Maxim has attracted it positive attention worldwide. Its premium design betters the experience of users further. The solid core that you get, for instance, lasts long. It does not crumble or split as most low-grade ones often do. It also has a well-balanced design that people like.

Perfect for beginners, Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball has a hybrid coverstock that boosts its performance. Made of plastic and polyester, it does not chip or crack over time. The material also improves ball control by regulating the friction of this ball on most surfaces.

Whilst shopping on a budget, many people buy low-grade bowling balls that often fail to impress. Do not make this mistake. Ebonite Maxim is an affordable product. Buy yours to get one of the best bowling balls in 2017.


  • Plastic and polyester coverstock
  • Smooth and well-finished surface
  • Aesthetic purple and blue theme
  • Well-balanced design (10 ounces)
  • Solid three-piece core
  • Chips and cracks over time

5. Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue

Brunswick TZone Caribbean BlueAccording to recent reports, the bowling balls that people us in alleys are home to millions of bacteria. The problem is worse in dirty establishments. To avoid these critters, look for a well-run alley with the customer’s best interests at heart. You should also buy and use your own bowling ball always. This is not an expensive affair. Models such as Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue are affordable accessories with quality designs. It is durable. You also get a portable bowling ball that you can travel with effortlessly.

Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue has a fun-looking design that appeals to most people. This is not its only strength, though. The polyester coverstock that it has, for instance, works well on most surfaces. The material is also durable and does not bounce as much as plastic always does. You will enjoy using this ball.

Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue comes in a plethora of sizes for different people. On Amazon, for instance, you can easily find ready-to-use 8, 9, and 10-pound balls, each with their unique features. All weights are true. Their well-engineered designs also work well.

Do you have a bland looking bowling ball that has seen better years? Replace it with a new Brunswick TZone Caribbean Blue. In addition to its performance, it is one of the most sought-after bowling balls because of its design. It looks good. It is also easy to maintain.

  • Numerous sizes (8, 9, and 10 ounces)
  • Rolls straight and accurately
  • Durable polyester coverstock
  • Solid (heavy-duty) core
  • Smooth and glossy finish
  • Its surface chips over time

6. Hammer Bowling Products Black Widow

Hammer Bowling Products Black WidowModelled after the Black Widow spider, Hammer Bowling Products is a highly rated bowling ball that offers value for money. If you have used a few models that have let you down over time, expect the time of your life with this one. Its black-themed design, for instance, has stylish graphics that boost its value. Its quality design and materials are also the best. They are durable. In synergy, they also boost the performance of this one of a kind ball on all lanes.

To have a fun time outdoors, the bowling ball that you use should be comfortable to use. Models that irritate fingers, for instance, not only lower the performance of people but also harm them over time. Hammer Bowling is different. It is a perfect weight. People of all cadres can use it effortlessly. It also has a comfortable finger pattern that most individuals like.

Many people like Hammer Bowling Products bowling balls because of their quality coverstocks. With this model, the company has taken the technology a notch higher. This is the first Hammer bowling ball with a hybrid coverstock. This component improves its stability. Because of its polished cover, users also enjoy good control on both light and heavily oiled surfaces.

With each original that you buy, you get a 500, 500, 500, 1000 Abralon Power House factory finish. It is smooth and comfortable. It is also durable and optimized to improve the efficiency of this bowling ball. Finally, you get free drilling patterns for customizing its design to match your style of play.

  • Free drilling patterns
  • Works well on most lanes
  • Medium-heavy oil capacity
  • Three-year warranty
  • 300-RPM speed radius
  • High hook potential
  • Hybrid coverstock
  • Highly polished cover
  • None

7. DV8 Zombie Spare

DV8 Zombie SpareWith the advent of technology, many appealing and high-performance bowling balls are currently available online. If you are shopping for one for training or for competition, for instance, DV8 Zombie Spare is ideal. This is a charming bowling ball. Most people like its unique zombie theme. If you have kids that enjoy bowling, this is also one of the safest balls top use. Colours and paints are non-toxic. They are also fade proof and ideal for both kids and adults.

This DV8 Zombie Spare Bowling ball performs flawlessly on most lanes (including oil). It is also easy to handle and has a stable bullet core that does not crumble over time. With an original model, thus, you get a premium ball that will serve you well for long.

Apart from its quality core, you get a premium cover stock that boosts the performance of this bowling ball further. Made of polyester, it has a solid and durable design. It also has a factory finished high gloss finish that improves its performance on all surfaces.

For those with shallow pockets, DV8 Zombie Spare Bowling Ball is an ideal product. Buy yours to get a cost-effective bowling ball that never disappoints.

  • Cost-effective bowling ball
  • Available in different sizes
  • Factory finished high gloss polish
  • Durable polyester cover
  • Stylish artwork (zombie)
  • Power-efficient design
  • Well-balanced bullet core
  • Does not curve smoothly

8. Columbia 300 Nitrous

Columbia 300 NitrousMany people the quality Columbia winter boots for men available online. It is also home to quality bowling balls with Columbia 300 Nitrous standing out. It is an affordable product. If you have a tight budget, you no longer have to settle for the bland and low-quality balls that people used in the past. Buy this model. It is durable. It is also affordable and has a well-balanced design that boosts the performance of users.

Are you looking to improve your performance on the bowling alley? A well-crafted bowling ball such as Columbia 300 Nitrous will serve you the best. The two-piece Nitrous core that it has is solid. It is also power efficient and has a well-balanced design that boosts both its speed and continuity on most alleys.

In addition to its premium core, you get a solid coverstock that boosts the performance of this ball. It does not split not crack over time. It also has an advanced Boost/R Boost/R technology that grips lanes well and a polished 500/2000 Abralon surface.

You do not require special equipment or materials to maintain this Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball. It is easy to clean. All you need is a clean cloth and a quality polish to maintain it well on a daily basis.

  • Low maintenance cover
  • 500/2000 Abralon Polished surface
  • Powerhouse Factory Finish
  • Advanced Boost/R Boost/R technology
  • Two-piece Nitrous core
  • Classic silver and red theme
  • Does not pick up spares well

9. Hammer Bowling Products Dark Legend

Hammer Bowling Products Dark LegendLike other reputable brands, Hammer Bowling products stand out because of their premium designs. If you are having issues finding a quality bowling ball, for instance, we have identified a valuable one for you. Recommended for day-to-day use, Hammer Bowling Products Dark Legend is a premium bowling ball. Its grunge-looking theme, for instance, is eye-catching. It also has a solid design with a well-balanced core that boosts its performance on most alleys. With an original model, you will play like a professional.

When you are shopping for a new bowling ball, do not base your decision solely on price or looks. Even though these attributes matter, look for a durable product that will serve you well for long. The Dark Legend, for instance, is a solid bowling ball. Because it retains energy well, it also moves swiftly on both dry and oily surfaces, even in the backends.

Do you have a bowling ball that bobbles around or does not retain its energy for long whilst in use? This Hammer Bowling ball will serve you better. In addition to its solid and power efficient design, its Gas Mask core boosts its value in many ways. It smooths ball motion. It also maintains this ball’s energy and momentum well.

Like its core, the Semtex coverstock that this bowling has is one of the best. It is durable. It also has a smooth 500/2000 Abralon finish that improves both its strength and performance. It also rolls smoothly on surfaces with different oil levels. It also rolls straight.

  • 500/2000 Abralon finish
  • Semtex coverstock
  • Legendary Gas Mask core
  • Power efficient design
  • Solid and durable design
  • Three-year guarantee
  • None

10. Pyramid Antidote

Pyramid AntidoteDo you enjoy bowling during your free time? To get a good bowling ball that you will enjoy using for months, buy Pyramid Antidote. It is a reputable product all over the world for many reasons. First, its well-balanced 13-pound design performs well outdoors. It does not veer out of course easily. It also rolls smoothly on most types of surfaces including oil. This ball is also durable. It does not crack nor split as easily as some models often do.

Bowling balls have special designs that work well in different conditions. Some work well on oily surfaces. Others work well on dry or smoothened ones the best. Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball works well on most surfaces. If you play on medium to heavy oil alleys, it is one of the best balls to use. You can dispatch it very easily. It also rolls in a straight always.

Did you know that the core of a ball determines is performance and longevity? Low-grade ones crumble over time. Others roll poorly, which increases the error rate of people. With Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball, however, you get a symmetric core (149) that improves its performance. The high RG/High differential core technology used is also one of the best. It is durable.

Apart from its innovative core, you get a solid navigational GPS coverstock. This component is durable. It also improves the performance of this ball on medium-heavy oil surfaces. Finally, with an original, you get a 2000 Grit Abralon/Factory finished polish that boosts its charm and performance.

  • Two-Year limited warranty
  • 2000 Grit Abralon finished polish
  • Convenient 13-pound design
  • Solid navigational GPS coverstock
  • New era symmetric core (149)
  • None

What to Look for in a Bowling Ball

Sports accessories such as the best fitness trackers are popular online. To find the best, look out for these attributes to get value for your money:

Weight: Bowling balls come in different weights. Heavy balls require a lot of effort to maintain a full and relaxed arm swing. Fortunately, they are accurate. They are also fun to use on most surfaces. Even though you sacrifice power and accuracy with each throw, light balls are easy to use. Keep these attributes in mind. Weigh the pros and cons of each type and buy the one you will enjoy using. For the best experience, the ball you choose should weight 10% your body weight.

Pitches: All bowling balls have holes called pitches on their surfaces for grip. Once you have ascertained that your model of choice is of the correct weight, check the configuration of its pitches. Are they of the correct size? Are they comfortable to use? For the best results, buy a bowling ball with comfortable pitches. They should also have a secure grip.

Cover: Check the cover of your bowling ball of choice before buying. Is it of the best quality? To perform well, choose a ball with a smooth and durable cover. It should also have a stylish design that you like.

Material: Buying a bowling ball, always check the material(s) used to make it. Is it made of plastic or a reactive resin? Both balls perform well. They also have their pros and cons. Plastic balls, for instance, are durable and perfect for doing tricks. Because of their higher friction level, they also roll straight and dissipate energy well even if you spin on release. Because of their soft designs, reactive resin balls have a better grip. They are also easy to release and do not require hooking for them to roll straight. This makes them ideal for beginners. Choose the best type.


To play like a professional, look for a quality bowling ball that you will enjoy using every day. This is not as challenging as most people think. The 10 products that we have reviewed, for instance, offer value for money. They are durable. They also have well-engineered designs that work flawlessly.



  • I am an average bowler (170) who bowls on a weekly Thursday night bowling league. I use a Network and a Night train ball. I want a ball that will start to break as soon as I put it on the lane. I do not throw hard nor do I crank the ball. I just need something that will help me hit the pocket consistently. I stand to on the 2nd arrow to the right of the middle arrow and throw on the second arrow from the right on the lanes. I feel my ball goes down too far before breaking? Can you recommend a ball that will break earlier?


    Oscar Reyes Jr

    • Hello Oscar,

      Thanks for your comment. As you have explained, I recommend 2.Brunswick TZone Pink Bliss Bowling Ball. You will feel comfortable while playing it. Enjoy the game! 🙂


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