The Best of the Best Bicycle Saddle Bags for Traveling in 2017

The Best of the Best Bicycle Saddle Bags for Travelling in 2017

Whilst cycling outdoors, people carry cell phones to stay in contact with the family or friends. They also carry identity cards, cash, or flashlights that they can use during emergencies. Which is the best strategy for transporting such items? Most people use the best backpacks. Unfortunately, because of their bulk, they lower the aerodynamics of bicycles. Most brands of backpacks are also heavy. To avoid these issues, buy a bicycle saddlebag instead. Even though simple and affordable, the benefits of owning good ones are immense.

What are the benefits of using saddlebags on your bicycle? Which are the best brands in 2017? Saddlebags are compact yet spacious accessories. Designed to mount conveniently on the saddles of bicycles, they are easy to install. They also have padded and zippered designs that secure most items well. As you cycle, you can store your phone in one. You can also store keys, identification cards, and a map without damaging them in any way. All you have to do is buy one of our recommended brands. They are currently the best in 2017.

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1. BV Bicycle Bike Saddle Bag

BV Bicycle Bike Saddle BagCycling is a fun activity. It also helps people to stay fit and healthy. If you enjoy it, make sure you plan for emergencies. Always carry a torch and a set or tire repair tools. Cash and a cell phone are other items that you should have at your disposal. With the development of premium saddlebags such as BV Bicycle, transporting such accessories is no longer a challenge. This is a spacious accessory. Instead of storing your personals in your pockets or a bulky backpack that you have at home, buy one. You will not run out of space easily.

Some people have a challenging time installing some brands of saddlebags. Others brands do not work well with specific brands of bicycles, which frustrates most people. If you have a similar experience, buy this BV Bicycles one. It is a premium product. Tears are rips, for instance, are not common. It also has a convenient strap-on system for easy installation. No matter the type of bicycle in your possession, this product will serve you well for long.

Riding at dusk or at dawn has its share of risks. Cars run down people often because of poor visibility. If you have had a few close calls over the years, this saddlebag from RV will serve you well. The socialite trim that it has reflects light well. This improves the visibility and safety of people. It also has a taillight hanger for improving your personal safety further.

To keep their items safe, many cyclists buy expensive backpacks. Even though effective, most models are also bulky. They also lower the stability and therefore the safety of people. With this BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag, forget about such problems. Its light and ergonomic design works well on mountain bikes and cruiser bikes. This quality guaranteed saddlebag is also cheap and has a limited product warranty that covers defects.

  • Limited product warranty
  • Light and ergonomic design
  • Works on most bicycles
  • Cost-effective strap-on bag
  • Sturdy straps (adjustable)
  • Visible Scotchlite trim (3M)
  • Universal taillight hanger
  • None

2. TOPEAK Large Aero Wedge Pack

TOPEAK Large Aero Wedge PackThis Aero Wedge saddlebag from TOPEAK has helped many people to transport items such as phones and tools safely. If you enjoy cycling for fun or professionally, do not hesitate to buy yours. You will enjoy owning one for many reasons. Measuring 9.1×5.1×5.5-inches, for instance, this is a spacious saddlebag. An original model can fit the tire repair tools in your possession with space to spare. You can also use it to store your smartphone, wallet, and a mini flashlight whenever you are exploring outdoors. Forget about your bulky backpack.

The quality 1000-denier Cordura Plus material used to make TOPEAK is one of the best in this niche. If you have bought a few bicycle saddlebags that ripped over time, you will like this one. This material is durable. The risk of it tearing is very slim. It is also light and has a weather-resistant design that does not crack or fade over time. During the rainy seasons, it also protects delicate items such as maps and phones from harsh elements such as water.

Most individuals like easy-to-use saddle bags. They want models they can install and or use easily. Many people also want low maintenance products that they can use every day with no issues. If you are one of them, you will like this TOPEAK Large Aero Wedge Pack. It has sturdy and adjustable straps. It also has quick snap buckles that ease its installation further.

Do you cycle at dusk and or at dawn often? TOPEAK Large Aero Wedge Pack will keep you safe in many ways. The 3M reflective stripe on its edges is visible from a distance. This improves the nighttime visibility of cyclists. It also has a universal taillight adapter that fits most taillights. When you are cycling outdoors, this will boost your visibility and safety further.

  • Spacious Aero Wedge design
  • Universal taillight adapter
  • Visible 3M reflective stripe
  • Convenient strap-on system
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Durable 1000-denier Cordura Plus material
  • Cumbersome to open/close

3. BV Bicycle Y-Series Saddle Bag

BV Bicycle Y-Series Saddle BagMany people like BV bicycles because of their comfortable and high-performance designs. They are also durable and come in different sizes for different people. The bicycles add-ons this company has made are equally as good. If you are looking for a new saddlebag, for instance, this strap-on Y-series model is one of the best in 2017. It is a stylish accessory. In terms of design and performance, it is also one of the best items in this niche. Instead of carrying supplies in a heavy and inconvenient backpack, buy this saddlebag. It works well.

Never buy a saddlebag that will not meet your needs. Low-grade models damage delicate items such as phones and maps. They also tear easily and affect the aerodynamics of bikes because of their poor designs. This BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Saddle Bag is different. Its spacious interior has a large zippered opening for easy loading and removal of items. This includes large sets of tools, documents, and valuable items such as wallets and phones.

Cycling is an enjoyable recreational activity. Whenever you are having an enjoyable time on the road, though, never sacrifice safety. Buy the best cruiser bike or mountain bike. You should also buy this BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Saddle Bag. Even though most people use it for storage, it is an excellent safety device. The Scotchlite TM reflective trim (3M) that it has improves the visibility of people outdoors. This lowers the risk of accidents. It also has a secure tailgate hanger that you can use to improve personal safety further whilst cycling.

BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Saddle Bag is a spacious item. If you are planning to replace the small and inefficient bag in your possession, do not hesitate to buy one. In addition to keys and your phone, you can fit sets of tools in this bag without damaging it in any way. You can also fit levers and a mini carbon dioxide pump without compromising its structure and or longevity. Remember to buy an original saddlebag though. The imitations that are available online are as bad as the low-grade bags that people have depended on for years.

  • One-year product warranty
  • Water-resistant material
  • Scotchlite TM reflective trim (3M)
  • Secure tailgate hanger
  • Big and zippered opening
  • Secure Velcro straps
  • Horrible strap system

4. WOTOW Bicycle Saddle Bag

WOTOW Bicycle Saddle BagWith WOTOW, you get a multifunctional item that will help you to cycle in style every day. The 14-in-1 multi-function tool that you get is ideal for addressing emergencies. You will not struggle to replace a worn tire or fasten your bike’s wobbly frame on demand. The hallmark of this product, however, is its saddlebag. Its spacious design accommodates and secures most personals well. It is also stylish and has a feature-rich design that serves people for long.

Are you struggling to find a durable saddlebag for personal and or professional use? Do not waste your money on one of the hyped brands that often disappoint. Instead, buy WOTOW. Made of heavy-duty polyester, its performance outdoors is desirable. UV, for instance, does not degrade it over time. Even when loaded to capacity, the risk of it tearing is slim. Finally, its weather-resistant design (with tight and leak-proof seams) protects delicate items well.

Do you have a work out saddlebag that lowers the aesthetic value of your bicycle? Do you have a low capacity one that fails to meet your needs? WOTOW will serve you well. Buy an original one to get a quality saddlebag with a portable and aerodynamic design. It fits well on most bikes. Whether you have a cruiser bike, a trail bike, or a mountain bike, this saddlebag will serve you well. Its wedge shape, on the other hand, is very spacious. This is desirable.

Do you have a low budget? Are you planning to buy a low-grade saddlebag to save a few dollars? This is a poor decision for two reasons. First, such items disappoint people. They rip easily. They also fail to secure items. Second, WOTOW is a cheap bag. Buy yours now.

  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Spacious zippered pocket
  • Durable quick mount straps
  • Quick release mounting system
  • Free bicycle repair tool (14 in 1)
  • UV-stable design
  • None

5. AmazonBasics Wedge Saddle Bag

AmazonBasics Wedge Saddle BagRecommended for cycling, this strap-on saddlebag from AmazonBasics is a top-rated item. If you are planning to buy one, do not hesitate. It will make your evening excursions and or weekend rides special for many reasons. For safe storage of your house keys, phone, and other personals, for instance, it is one of the best products to use. Its spacious design fits and secures most personals without issues. It also has a wide opening with a zipper closure that protects your items from loss or the elements. An original model will not let you down.

To use a saddlebag, you must attach it to your bicycle. This is often a challenge with most of the low-grade models available online. AmazonBasics Wedge Saddle Bag is different. Its universal strap system is easy to install on most bicycles. The straps are also durable and have convenient Velcro mounts and click-together buckles that ease its use. Set up well, you do not have to worry about this bag coming loose and damaging your stored items.

Many people take personal safety lightly when cycling outdoors. They do not wear safety helmets. Others wear dark clothes that lower their visibility on the road. This saddlebag can change this. The reflective strip on its edges improves the visibility of cyclists. At dawn or at dusk, you will cycle safely both off-road and in the city. It also has a sturdy tail light loop.

AmazonBasics Strap-On Wedge Saddle Bag is a durable item. If you have used brands that have ripped over time, this one rarely does. It also protects items well and has a UV-stable design (polyester) that does not fade over time. If you travel with delicate items such as phones and maps, you will also like its waterproof double zippered design. It works well.

  • Water-resistant polyester fabric
  • UV-stable material
  • Double zipper closure system
  • Visible reflective strip
  • Durable Velcro straps and mounts
  • Durable click-together buckles
  • None

6. CestMall Bicycle & MTB Cycling Saddle Bag

CestMall Bicycle & MTB Cycling Saddle BagInstalling a saddlebag on your bicycle is one of the best strategies for transporting delicate items such as phones. They are also perfect for storing small items such as keys whenever you are cycling for long distances. CestMall is such as product. You will appreciate the value of an original one. Measuring 5.9x3x4.1-inches, its spacious 1.2-liter design is desirable. You can fit numerous items in it without running out of space or lowering its value over time. It is also lightweight (0.19 pounds) and has a tight zipper closure that secures items well.


Reports of bicycle saddlebags falling off bicycles because of poor connections are many. Some models are incompatible with some models of bicycles or are hard to install and or use. With CestMall, however, these are non-issues. The straps and buckles that it has are not only durable but also easy to use. The fits and secure it well on most bicycles posts. Because of their sturdy designs, the risk of them ripping/tearing under stress is also minimal.

Does your preferred bicycle saddlebag leak water whenever it rains? Does its scratch and or damage delicate items such as phones? Consider using CestMall Bicycle & MTB Cycling Saddle Bag instead. The polyester (600D) and PU leather fabrics used to make it are very durable. They also have a great texture, which does not damage or degrade items over time.

CestMall Bicycle & MTB Cycling Saddle Bag is an excellent storage solution for cyclists. It has a durable and spacious design. You can also use it on most types of bicycles without issues. These are not its only strengths, though. The plethora of safety features that it has makes it an ideal product. Its reflective stripes, for instance, improve the visibility of cyclists.

  • Visible reflective strips
  • Waterproof 600D polyester fabric
  • Smooth PU leather interior
  • Spacious design (1.2 liters)
  • Sturdy Velcro straps (Universal)
  • Durable snap-on buckles
  • Lightweight (0.19 pounds)
  • Clips do not hold well
  • Not very deep

7. Ohuhu Bicycle Saddle Bag / Seat Bag

Ohuhu Bicycle Saddle Bag / Seat BagOhuhu products are popular worldwide because of their valuable designs. If the saddlebag in your possession has disappointed you thus far, for instance, you will enjoy using this strap-on model. Recommended for most types of bicycles, its versatility is impressive. The 1680D nylon used to make it is also one of the best. It does not tear easily as some cheaply made ones do. This bag is also water resistant and has a wide opening that its users like.

Do you struggle to stay safe while cycling outdoors? This Ohuhu saddlebag will come to your aid. It has numerous safety features that come in handy. The 3M reflective trimming that it has improves the visibility of people at dusk. You also get a taillight hanger that works well.

In Web stores such as Amazon, this saddlebag stands out because of its ease of use. The Velcro straps that you get, for instance, are super convenient. Their quick-attach designs are easy to secure on the seats and seat posts of most bicycles. The straps are also durable. The risk of them snapping under stress is slim. You can use them every day without issues.

Because of their compact designs, some brands of saddlebags are only suitable for storing small items such as keys. Others are rough or made of low-quality fabrics that leak when it rains. With a new Ohuhu Bicycle Strap-on Saddle Bag, expect good results. It secures most items well in all environments. These include tools, money, food, and 5.5-inch smartphones.

  • Spacious saddlebag (8.0×4.4×4.7-inches)
  • Water-resistant 1680D nylon
  • Tear-resistant structure
  • Light and ergonomic design
  • 3M reflective trimming
  • Convenient taillight hanger
  • Easy to install (Velcro straps)
  • Low-grade phone case

8. Allnice Bike Saddle Bag

Allnice Bike Saddle BagMillions of people worldwide ride bicycles for fun. Others cycle to stay active and or to lose excess weight. No matter the group that you fall into, you need a few basic accessories to have the time of your life. You need the best cycling gloves. You also need the best saddlebag for storing your personals. If you are struggling to get a good saddlebag for day-to-day use, Allnice will serve you well. Buy one to get a spacious (1.6-litre capacity) bag that mounts conveniently on bike seats. It is also durable and has a water bottle pocket that works well.

Some brands of saddlebags rip and or expose important documents and devices to harsh elements such as UV and or water. Allnice Bike Saddle Bag offers a different experience. Made of heavy-duty polyester, it is one of the most durable products in this niche. The risk of it tearing is slim, even when loaded to capacity. It also has a water-resistant design that enables people to travel with phone other delicate accessories such as maps effortlessly.

The convenience of this saddlebag is at another level. If you have a work out model that you want to replace, choose a new Allnice Bike Saddle Bag. The quick install Velcro straps that it has are easy to use. You also get snap-in buckles that do not require special mounting tools to work well. Whether you carry wallets, towels, or phones, you will enjoy using one.

Have you had a few close calls whilst cycling at night because of poor visibility? Allnice Bike Saddle Bag will serve you well for many reasons. The reflective strip on its edges boosts the visibility of cyclists at night. Drivers can see you from a distance, even on a busy road.

  • Visible reflective stripe
  • Lightweight design (160 grams)
  • Water-resistant polyester fabric
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Durable snap-on buckles
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Spacious design (1.6-litre capacity)
  • Does not fit large water bottles

9. Ideashop Bicycle Saddle Bag

Ideashop Bicycle Saddle BagWhilst cycling outdoors, people carry many things. Repair tools such as the best adjustable wrenches are common. Others carry food rations, keys, and smartphones during outdoor trips. To carry such accessories easily, you need of one the best bicycle saddlebags in the market. Ideashop stands out. Designed to fit up to 10 liters of material (adjustable), it is a spacious item. You can store most tools, clothes, or up to 10 bottles of mineral water without issues. This bag also has an aerodynamic design that does not lower the stability of bicycles.

Rain damages maps. It also damages electrical accessories such as phones when exposed for long. If you travel with such devices and or items often, this saddlebag will protect them well. You will like the polyester material used to make it for many reasons. Its durability, for instance, is desirable. The risk of it tearing over time is slim. The material is also fade proof and has a water-resistant design that works well outdoors. You will enjoy using this bag.

Apart from its durable and aerodynamic design, people like this bag’s ease of use. Its installation, for instance, is a piece of cake. If you have a bicycle with a compatible post, you can secure it easily using buckles and Velcro straps. Most people can do this without using special tools. You can also remove it easily after use.

Backpacks are not only heavy but also cumbersome. They also lower the stability of people and bicycles, which heightens the risk of accidents. To solve this problem on a budget, buy a new Ideashop Bike Saddle Bag. This is an affordable product. It is also spacious, durable, and has a one-year warranty that covers all defects. If it fails to mount correctly or fails to satisfy your needs within 30 days, its manufacturer will refund your money or replace it.

  • Spacious 10-liter capacity
  • Water-resistant polyester fabric
  • Lightweight saddle bag (430 grams)
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Easy to install (Velcro straps)
  • None

10. Lumintrail Strap-on Bike Saddle Bag

Lumintrail Strap-on Bike Saddle BagSaddlebags secure most items well. They are also light and have aerodynamic designs that work well on bikes. To enjoy these benefits, buy a quality one such as Lumintrail. Measuring 8x4x2-inches, it is a roomy bag. It also fits neatly under seats and has a multi-compartment design that fits both small and or bulky items. It also has two small side compartments for storing keys and other smaller items. You will enjoy using this saddlebag on a daily basis.

The best bicycle saddlebags endure a lot of abuse outdoors. People expose them to the sun for hours. Rain also bombards them as people cycle outdoors. When shopping for a new one, therefore, look for a quality product such as Lumintrail. The 100% polyester used to make it is durable. As you go about your day-to-day activities, the risk of it tearing is very slim. Its waterproof design, on the other hand, protects items from elements such as water.

Do you have a hard time installing and removing the saddlebag in your possession? We have a good solution for you. Replace your old or worn-out saddlebag with this strap on one from Lumintrail. It is durable. It also has a sturdy and spacious design with heavy-duty Velcro straps that work well on most types of bicycles. You can adjust them to fit seat posts.

Even though enjoyable, cycling at night or dusk is a dangerous affair. The reports of motor vehicles running people over are many in crowded cities. To solve this problem, buy a new Lumintrail Strap-on Bike Saddle Bag. Its spacious design is invaluable. It also has reflective strips on its sides (three) that improve the visibility of cyclists in low-light environments.

  • Visible reflective strips (three)
  • Versatile tail light loop
  • Zippered main and side pockets
  • Water-resistant polyester fabric (100%)
  • Adjustable and durable straps
  • Does not fit on some bikes

What to Look for in the Best Bicycle Saddle Bags

Do you enjoy cycling during your free time? Are you shopping for a new saddlebag that will serve you well during your adventures? Here are a few important attributes you should check:

Size: Saddlebags come in a myriad of sizes. In stores such as Amazon, you can find small, medium, and large ones that suit the needs of different people. Which is the best for day-to-day use? We have no definite answer to this question. To get a suitable item, look at the item you travel with often. If they are large or bulky, buy a spacious saddlebag. If you have a small bicycle and or personals, on the other hand, small or medium sized bags are ideal.

Material: To get a suitable saddlebag, check the material used to make your brand of choice before buying. Is it light or flimsy? Avoid such products at all costs. They tear easily. They also lose their shape when loaded with heavy material. The saddlebag that you buy should be tear proof. It should also have a stylish design that resists water and other harsh elements.

Installation: Different saddlebags work differently. Look for a product that you install easily. Its straps, for instance, should be convenient. Thick and non-flexible ones often frustrate people. It should also have sturdy snap-on buckles that you could lock and unlock easily.

Add-Ons: Look out for add-ons such as reflective stripes or tail loops. They improve the visibility and thus the safety of cyclists during dawn and dusk. Clips for keys are also ideal.


Whilst cycling outdoors, people carry many items that they use throughout their trips. Foods such as energy bars are common. Phones, maps, and flashlight are other common items. To transport these items safely, do not use the bulky backpacks that people have relied on for decades now. The 10 bike saddlebags we have reviewed are the best. They are spacious. They are also durable, affordable, and designed to perform well on most types of bicycles.


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