Redefine Personal Safety with one of the Best ATV Tires for 2017

Redefine Personal Safety with one of the Best ATV Tires for 2017

Do you have an ATV that you ride off road often? Having a set of low-quality tires is hazardous for many reasons. The risk of your vehicle slipping and landing into a ditch is high. Most of such tires also have weak points that fail over time. If this happens in flight, expect disastrous results. One of the best ATV tires that are available online can help you to avoid these problems. Buy one.

In web stores such as Amazon, ATV tires come in a plethora of designs and sizes. Even though it is tempting to buy the cheapest of the bunch, your product of choice should be durable. The model that you buy should also work well on most surfaces. The 10 models that we have reviewed herein meet this threshold. An original set will improve your performance and safety outdoors.

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1. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV TireDo you have an ATV that slides uncontrollably whenever you are riding on mud? Does your machine become unstable at high speed? There is a high probability that your ATV tires are of the wrong type of worn out. Replace them with an original set of ITP Mud Lite tires. You will witness an instant improvement in its performance for many reasons. Because of their well-balanced designs, for instance, these tires perform well outdoors. They ride smoothly on all terrain. They are also fast and quiet.

ITP Mud Lite is a sports-grade ATV tire. If you are looking to upgrade your underperforming machine, buy a set is a good decision. The extended-wear rubber used to make it, for instance, is durable. The risk of it bursting over time is slim. Regular punctures are also non-issues. You will enjoy using one always.

Do you use your ATV to commute? Do you take it off-road often to have a fun time with friends? This tire will benefit you. Featuring a revolutionary all-weather design, it performs well in all environments. It slings mug like most of the best ATV tires available online. Its 6-ply design is also good for trailing.

Do you have a set of loud ATV tires that irritate you at high speeds? If you can afford a new set, buy ITP Mud Lite. Even though cheap, it is durable. It also has a well-engineered contact area (center tread) that provides a radial-like ride.

  • Extended wear rubber
  • Smooth radial-like ride
  • Durable 6-ply tire
  • Works well in all terrain
  • Well-balanced ATV tire
  • None

2. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV TireWhen shopping for the best ATV tires, many people think that all brands work the same. This is a misguided thought. Premium brands such as Kenda work better than most low-grade models found online. If you have consistent performance issues, for instance, this Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire is a good remedy. Its all-terrain design has angled knobs that grip most surfaces well. The risk of slipping on tarmac or off-road is slim.

ATVs are fast machines. With the wrong type of tire, therefore, the risk of accidents is high. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire slashes the odds of this problem significantly. In addition to its angled knobs, it is a popular product worldwide because of its well-engineered center lugs. They provide extra traction. This eases the control of most types of ATVs even at high speeds.

Most low profile ATV tires are affordable. However, whilst exploring rugged terrain, users often dent and or damage their wheels. With Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire, this is not an issue. Each original model has a built-in rim guard that protects wheels from dents and dings in all environments.

Forget about this tire malfunctioning over time. Made of a long-range tread compound, its longevity is desirable. The material also resists punctures well.

  • Built-in rim guard
  • Long-range tread compound
  • Well-engineered center lugs
  • High-performance knobs (angled)
  • Poor shipping

3. Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire

Carlisle AT489C ATV TireDo not go or the cheapest ATV tires. If you are conscious about performance and personal safety, a quality model will serve you well. Carlisle AT489C, for instance, is a premium ATV tire that works well year round. If you explore muddy terrains often, for instance, its aggressive lug pattern will come to your aid. You will power through all other obstacles that frustrate most ATVs. Buy a set from Amazon for best results.

Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire is lighter than most ATV tires. This is beneficial in many ways. First, devoid of the brand of the ATV in your possession, you will enjoy faster speed with an original set. Second, this tire improves the stability of ATVs. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, therefore, you will enjoy better control of your ATV. You will also ride safely during your outdoor trips.

The quality of this ATV tire is desirable. Buy yours to get a premium accessory made of heavy-duty rubber. The risk of bursting under pressure is slim. Punctures are non-issues. Finally, devoid of the environment you ride in often, its longevity is desirable. You will use it often for many years without issues.

Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire fits most 12-inch wheels. Whether you have stock ones or upgraded third-party ones, it will never let you down. You will have better control of your ATV. You will also ride fast and safely on both smooth and rugged terrain.

  • Fits most 12-inch wheels
  • Made of heavy-duty rubber
  • Aggressive tread pattern
  • Cost-effective ATV tire
  • Fast and quiet design
  • Easy to puncture (4-ply)

4. Kenda K284 ATV Tire

Kenda K284 ATV TireWhen shopping for car components such as the best brake pads, people choose the most reputable brands. If you are shopping for a new set of ATV tires, use this standard as well. Buy a durable product. It should also have a multi-functional design that works well in all terrains. Kenda K284 ATV Tire is such as product. It is a reputable brand. Judging its positive reviews, its performance is also desirable.

Cornering and tracking is a challenge with most brands of ATV tires. These not only compromise the performance of people but also their safety. For best results, buy a set of Kenda K284 ATV tires. Because of their reinforced knobs, they track better than most tires. You will also corner easily with an original set.

Whilst exploring off-road, ATV enthusiasts have a plethora of issues, with punctures topping the list. This is a result of the low-quality tires in their possession. If you struggle with this issue often, Kenda K284 will serve you well. Each tire that you get has a puncture-proof casing that never disappoints.

Made of quality rubber, Kenda K284 is a good match for quality brands such as Scorpion. The material is durable. If you spend a lot of time on your ATV, you will never regret buying one. It also grips both dry and wet surfaces well and has a UV-stable design. For several years, this ATV tire will serve you well.

  • Heavy-duty rubber
  • Puncture-resistant casing
  • Tracks and corners well
  • Grips most surfaces well
  • Reputable tire brand
  • None

5. Sun.F A033 ATV Tires

Sun.F A033 ATV TiresWhilst riding ATV, most of us want to enjoy a smooth ride. We also want to explore tough terrains easily without our bikes sticking in the sand or mud. To enjoy these, you need a powerful ATV. You also need a set of quality tires such as Sun.F A033. The quality of this tire is impressive. If you explore rough trails often, for instance, the risk of it ripping over time is slim. It is also quiet and rides smoothly.

ATVs are powerful four-wheeled vehicles that explore most terrains well. To explore challenging off-road trails better, installing this set of tires is a good idea. Apart from their durability, most people like their all-terrain designs. You can climb rocks with them. They also work well on dirt and mud.

Do you damage your rim or your sidewalls whenever you are exploring rugged terrains? Buying a new set of Sun.F A033 ATV Tires is a good decision. They are durable. They also extra shoulder lugs that protect rims and sidewalls.

Sun.F A033 is an affordable product. If you cannot afford the expensive ATV tires available in some Web stores, it is a good option. It rides smoothly on all terrain. Because of its durability, it will also save you money in the long-term.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Extra lugs on shoulder
  • Superior gripping power
  • Ride smoothly and quietly
  • Cost-effective ATV tires
  • Puncture easily

6. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire

Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV TireHave you used several types of ATV tires that have either ripped or punctured whilst in use? Are you shopping for a new set of premium ATV tires that will serve you well for years? Carlisle HD Field Trax is a good choice. Perfect for ATVs, its longevity is desirable. The quality rubber used to make it, for instance, does not degrade easily when exposed to the elements. It is also stylish and ride well on most terrains.

Dealing with punctures in remote trails is a challenging venture. To handle it well, buy a set of premium ATV tires. With Carlisle HD Field Trax, for instance, you get a durable run-flat tire, that works well even when punctured. You can use it for a limited distance as you seek for help or a replacement tire.

A good tire should grip most surfaces well. It should improve the stability and maneuverability of ATV on all terrain. Carlisle HD Field Trax excels at these tasks. The rigorous thread pattern that it has grips most surfaces well. You can also ride at high speed without worrying about your ATV sliding or tipping.

You do not require deep pockets to own this ATV tire. Favorably priced on Amazon, most people can afford an original set. The fact that it is durable is also impressive.

  • Non-slip tread pattern
  • Durable rubber tire
  • Works well on all terrain
  • Run-flat design
  • Cost effective tire
  • Slightly odd sizing

7. Powersports Bundle Sedona Mud Rebel Tires

Powersports Bundle Sedona Mud Rebel TiresWhilst exploring the outdoors, people ride over swamps and mud pools most of the time. The low-quality tires that most ATV comes with slide in such environments. They also stick and compromise the safety of people – particularly beginners. For best results, use this set of Powersports Bundle Sedona Mud Rebel Tires. They are as tough as nails. Twigs and sharp rocks that damage most brands of tire barely scratch their surfaces.

With this set of mud rebel ATV tires, forget about slipping and sliding whilst riding off-road. Their aggressive and angled tread patterns grip most surfaces well. They also have self-cleaning lugs that boost the stability and control of ATVs. Whether you enjoy riding on tarmac or off-road, expect a memorable experience.

To make sharp turns and maneuver your ATV well, you need a set of tires with a high steering response. This is the case with Powersports Bundle Sedona Mud Rebel. Even at high speeds, you will make sharp turns easily without your ATV tipping over. This makes this set ideal for both beginners and professionals.

Retailing as a set of two tires, this is an affordable product. If you are planning to buy a low-grade set to save money, think again. Powersports Bundle Sedona Mud Rebel Tires are safe to use in all environments. They are also durable and work on most ATVs.

  • Set of two quality tires
  • Thick and durable rubber
  • Non-slip tread pattern
  • High steering response
  • None

8. Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire

Carlisle Knobby ATV TireDo you like to challenge yourself whenever you are riding your ATV outdoors? Do the poor quality stock tires in your possession let you down in muddy or sandy terrain? Use Carlisle Knobby ATV Tires. Because of their knobby lugs, they offer excellent traction on most types of surfaces. They also have a higher aspect ratio, which improves their performance further. Forget about sticking in mud during your rigorous outdoor trips. You will also enjoy and smooth and comfortable ride on all terrain.

Stable ATVs are safe to ride. People also have an enjoyable experience on them because of their performance. To enjoy these set of benefits, however, you need a set of quality tires. This is where Carlisle Knobby comes in. Even at high speeds, this tire is stable. This improves the maneuverability of ATVs.

Sharp objects such as stones and twigs damage ATV tires. Even though Carlisle Knobby is not foolproof, it resists such abuse. It does not puncture easily. Its unique tread design also does not trap debris that offset the balance of most ATV tires. You will enjoy using it on all terrain on a day-to-day basis.

This is an affordable ATV tire. Buy yours today to ride safely with paying a premium amount. It is also durable and recommended for most ATVs. This is invaluable.

  • Recommended for most ATVs
  • High-traction lug pattern
  • Self-cleaning design
  • Non-stick thread pattern
  • High-quality rubber
  • Poor shipping

9. GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire

GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV TireMany ATV owners ride on tarmac, asphalt, and off-road surfaces occasionally. Unfortunately, finding a tire that performs well on all these surfaces is a chore for most people. If you are part of this group, we have identified a suitable product for you. GBC Dirt Devil Bias is a top-rated ATV tire that works well on most surfaces. Whether you ride on flat, rough, or mixed-terrains, a new set will serve you well.

Several brands of low-quality tires harden and break apart after months or regular use. Others slice and or puncture easily when exposed to sharp rocks or twigs. This is not the case with this GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire. The six-ply compound used to make it has more natural rubber than other types. It is also flexible and designed to withstand abuse well without ripping over time.

This tire rides smoothly outdoors. If you are tired of the bumpy rides you endure on smooth surfaces such as Asphalt, buy an original pair today. They also improve handling and have a superior lug pattern that grips most surfaces well. You will enjoy using this set of ATV tires or many years to come.

Many people like this tire’s reasonable price tag. If you have used a few expensive models that have let you down, order yours online. It is affordable. Its performance, on the other hand, is superior to that of other comparable products.

  • Reasonable price tag
  • Durable six-ply compound
  • Works well on all terrain
  • Improves traction and handling
  • Large and self-cleaning lugs
  • None


WANDA ATV/UTV TiresWanda has some of the best ATV tires in the market. Trusted by millions of people worldwide, its products are safe. They also work well in most environments without ripping and or slipping as some low-grade models do. This set of four tires is one of its best sellers. They have deep treads (0.79-inches). This benefits people in many ways. First, they are durable. You will use them for months without issues. Because of their traction, on the other hand, they improve the handling of ATVs in mud and dirt.

The off-road trails that many people explore are punishing to tires. They rip them often. Punctures are also common. These WANDA ATV/UTV Tires withstand such level of abuse well. Their six ply designs (nylon) resist abrasions and punctures well. With a burst strength of 420 pounds (at 7psi), their resiliency is also desirable.

Do you have poor handling because of your worn out ATV tires? Does your ATV slide uncontrollably whenever you make a sharp turn? To maximize personal safety, buy this set of ATV tires. They are durable. They also have a unique lug pattern that grips most surfaces well. This improves traction and control.

With WANDA ATV/UTV Tires, you do not get the cheap knockoffs available in some web stores. Even though cheap, these are among the best ATV tires in 2017. They handle well. They are also durable and most importantly, improve the performance of ATVs.

  • Deep treads (0.79-inches)
  • High burst strength (420 pounds at 7PSI)
  • Durable six ply design
  • Improve traction/handling
  • Self-cleaning lugs
  • Run small (1-inch shorter)

What to Look for in the Best ATV tires

Finding the best ATV tire online is not as easy as choosing the first random model that you come across. To get a quality product that will serve you well, look out for the following attributes:

Material: ATV tires are predominantly rubber. However, the quality of the rubber used to make different models varies. Keep this in mind whenever you are shopping for a new set. For the best experience, look for a tire made of natural rubber. They are durable. They also perform well on different terrains.

Lugs: Check the depth and the patterns of the lugs of your preferred ATV tire before reaching for your wallet. For maximum gripping power, look for deep and elaborate patterns. The grip slippery surfaces such as sand and mud well. They also improve the maneuverability and control of ATVs in all environments.

Size: One of the worst mistakes that you can make is to buy an ATV tire that does not fit your machine. To avoid this, use the diameter of your wheels as a guide for choosing the best ATV tires. If you have 12-inch wheels, do not buy 13-inch tires.

Longevity: ATV wheels do not come cheap online. To get values for your money, therefore, your model of choice should be as durable as possible. It should be puncture proof. It should also withstand abuse well without ripping or bursting under stress.


Which are the best ATV tires for day-to-day use? To get a durable and well-engineered product that will serve you well, choose one of our recommended tires. They work well on most terrains. They are also affordable and made of quality materials that last.


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