Benefits of a Comfortable Bra

Comfortable Bra

An important piece of a woman’s clothing and one that has come to symbolize a woman’s identity, the market today is flooded with Bras of different types. They come in a variety of designs and color options and are made to serve both style and purpose. This being the case, a bra of an incorrect size or of an inferior quality is sure to put you in lot of discomfort. And a lot of women do find themselves buying ill-fitting or wrong type of bras.

It therefore becomes essential that you choose an option which is comfortable and suits your needs. While women with large breasts will appreciate the support offered by comfortable bras, women with smaller breasts will like the lift and support that good bras provide. Major market players such as Knix provide some of the most comfortable bras that you would find. You may also like to check our review on comfortable bras.

Let’s quickly run through the benefits which a comfortable bra offers you;

Avoid Discomfort

A comfortable bra provides good support and stability to your breasts and keeps them tightly in their place. If you are that sort of person who indulges in some heavy physical activity or even some mild ones like walking and jogging, a good bra will ensure your movements and actions are not restricted because of the moving breasts. This will help you avoid lot of discomfort and allow free movement. Both everyday bras and sports bras will come in handy although a sports bra would be better suited for workout sessions.

Moisture Absorbent

A comfortable bra not only provides support to your breasts but also comes in a material that will absorb all the body moisture and keep your upper torso dry. This is especially helpful when you are sweating it out in the gym or performing your daily exercise routine out in the open. The best bras come with a moisture wicking feature which kicks out the moisture to keep your breasts warm and dry. This in turn also helps in better muscle recovery.

Scar-free Breasts

You obviously don’t want to end up with scarred breasts and rashes on your skin just because the bra wasn’t made of the right material or did not fit you comfortably. A comfortable bra will be made of material which is smooth and soft on the skin and doesn’t lead to any rashes or infections. At the same time, the material should be durable to last long and fit your breasts perfectly. The right type of bra is made of fabrics that can be washed easily which in turn will give you clean and sanitized inner clothes to wear.

Mitigate Breast Pain

Just like any other muscle, breasts also tend to get stressed with continuous movement. Whenever you move, your breasts constantly move upwards, down or sideways creating lot of tension in the breast muscles. And if it’s an intense session at the gym then the forceful movements can cause lot of strain on your breasts. A comfortable bra restricts movement of your breasts by ensconcing them perfectly in the bra cups which results in very less pain or no pain at all. But just to be sure, it is advisable to seek some external medical help if your breasts continue to pain long after exercising, even though you took all the necessary precautions.

Decrease Sagging in the long term

Gravity plays a significant part in pulling the breasts downward. Over a long term, with age, the breasts tend to sag because of loosening of connections in the mammary gland and the pectoral muscles in the breasts. Wearing the right bra will comfortably hold up your breasts upward and act against the gravity pull which in turn will have a significant impact on the rate at which the breasts will droop overtime.  It also means, that the breasts will not hang and take too much of a toll on your back and spine. You can get a better posture and relief from back pain and other spine problems.

Allow Proper Lymph Fluid Drainage

While underwire bras provide that awesome shape to your breasts, they come with a hard metal lining beneath the cups. Usage of such bras overtime can thwart drainage of lymph fluid from the lymph nodes present along the breast bone and the arm pits. This in turn can become a potential cause for cancer as the body is unable to get rid of the harmful toxins. Wireless bras, on the other hand do not have the metal lining which doesn’t restrict the lymph fluid drainage. You can mix and match both type of bras in your schedule and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Avoid Unwanted Attention

It certainly is very embarrassing and awkward to be the subject of some nasty stares in public. This holds especially true when you are working out in the gym and someone just can’t stop gazing at your breasts. Or sometimes you might be at home in your comfort clothing and the plumber or the food delivery guy puts you in a spot with some horrid gaze. In such situations, all you need is the right type of bra which will comfortably fit your upper body and hold the breasts in place. Although this doesn’t mean that guys will turn into gentlemen all of a sudden, this will however get you out from some tricky situations.

Fashion Clothing

Bras can be definitely used to make a fashion statement. With leading sports apparel brands coming up with their own sports bras, this piece of clothing has seen innovative designs and styles being incorporated in it and come in some attractive colors. So, whether it is at the beach or at the gym you can definitely prove a point in your choice of clothes. The good thing about bras is that some of them can even be worn as a top and not just as a piece of inner wear. So, you can just slip into one and visit your supermarket or a coffee shop nearby for a quick trip.

Now that you know the benefits a comfortable bra offers, you should certainly buy one. We have listed below a few factors which you can consider while zeroing in on the perfect bra for you.

  • Material Used: While shopping for the perfect bra, the material it is made of is of utmost importance. They are made of different materials with each offering its own benefits and features. Most popular are the cotton variety. They are durable and provide tremendous comfort and breathability. You would also find Nylon and Polyester bras in the market which are also durable and provide the necessary breast support
  • Type of Bra: The type of bra you are looking for should be an important consideration. Underwire bras provide your breasts with great support and shape and will be ideal for large breasts. Wireless bras provide flexibility and more comfort and can be used while at home. For a rigorous workout session at the gym, sports bras would be the best option. You will get lot of color options and some variants can also be worn as a top.
  • Fit: No matter what the material or the type of bra, if it doesn’t fit you correctly then it’s of no use to you. So, choose one which fits perfectly and is comfortable for your size. The shape and size of the breasts change constantly so, you should check your size at regular intervals.