Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom to Engage Students

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) involves overlaying the physical world or reality with computer generated graphics, animations and objects which can be seen through an electronic device such as a smartphone or a tablet.  Thus, it augments the reality. As far as education is concerned, today teachers have a difficult time trying to grab students’ attention for a long time. After all, it is the age of information overload and short attention spans.

This is where AR can come in handy. The cartoons and graphics not only catch the attention but will also keep the students engaged in an interesting way. It is also a highly effective tool and will improve the quality of teaching by allowing students to gain an immersive experience to broaden their understanding.

Here are some ways of how Augmented Reality can be used in classrooms;

  1. Digital Puzzles and Challenges

Teachers generate puzzles and challenges, something on the lines of BreakoutEDU, which the students need to solve and this is made more interesting by adding timers and gameplaying. The games and challenges can be short or long duration ones lasting from days to sometimes the entire semester. Students would definitely enjoy the puzzles and learn skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and social skills.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Teachers can organize an activity similar on the lines of a treasure hunt where there are different points on the map which offer some experiences or instructions by scanning a QR bar code that is attached to a physical object on that point. The augmented reality experience can be some information on an important subject or some task that the students need to perform like running or performing pushups which can video recorded for proof.

  1. Photo Walls and Word Walls

You may fondly recall all those talking photos at the Hogwarts school in the Harry Potter movies. With Augmented Reality, something on similar lines can be done. Pictures of faculties can be placed on the display board and students can scan the images and obtain more information and get to know their teachers in an interactive way. Besides, photos, words can also be placed on the display board and when the student scans the words, he gets meaning, root and other relevant information about the word in a fun and immersive way similar to the AugThat app.

  1. Worksheets enabled with AR

The boring homeworks could transform into a highly interesting and engaging task with Augmented Reality enabled worksheets. With this, they can learn in an interactive way at the comfort of their homes and also foster a positive attitude towards their tasks and the education as a whole.

  1. Self-Created AR

Some platforms like Metaverse AR platform allow students to created their own Augmented Reality without the requirement of any coding. This will stimulate creativity among the students and also is a fun activity to do. Students can also test their own level of understanding of AR with such activities.