Top 10 Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers In 2017 Reviews

Last updated March 24, 2017 | Video Games | Lun Sovann

A treasured accessory among video gaming enthusiasts worldwide, Xbox 360 is a technological marvel that has remained sought after since its release several years ago. Compared to other gaming stations, it has gained critical acclaim among both novice and experienced gamers for its high image quality. Its durability is another major draw, while its versatility and compatibility with several third-party accessories has made it an ideal gaming console for people of all cadres.

If you own one and are tired of the low quality stock controller that it came with, several well-made models retail in reputable online stores with the 10 wireless models ranking among the best to purchase in 2017. They are durable, have powerful wireless systems, and ergonomic and fun to use designs that offers valuable service for years. Here are their key features and benefits:

10. Hydro Dipped Grave Red Skull Wireless Controller

Hydro Dipped Grave Red Skull Wireless Controller

Designed for use with the Xbox 360 line of gaming consoles, Hydro Dipped Grave by ModFreakz is a versatile and well-built controller with a striking red skull theme that users find invaluable. It is affordable, an ideal replacement for the traditional stock controller that comes with most Xbox, and has an ergonomic full body design that fits comfortably in the hand for better support/ control. It also has durable and reliable ABXY buttons and analogue thumb sticks, a sleek wireless build that eliminates the need for unsightly wires, and a unique fade-free design that does not smudge nor trap moisture on hands when in use.

9. Datel Xbox 360 Turbo Fire 2 Wireless Controller

Datel Xbox 360 Turbo Fire 2 Wireless Controller

Popular among gaming enthusiasts globally, Datel Xbox 360 controller is a well-made gaming accessory with several innovative features. The high-grade plastic use to manufacture its casing, for instance, is durable, ergonomic, and lacks physical irritants that might lower your overall experience while gaming.

It is also durable, has ergonomic buttons with blue LEDs that illuminate at night, and has dual rumble motors that guarantee a realistic and immersive gaming experience, independent of the type you are playing. This wireless Xbox 360 controller is battery-powered. It has a programmable rapid fire that you can use on demand, an integrated headset port, and has a fully featured wireless design that eliminates the need for unsightly wires and even dongles.

8. Xbox One Special Edition Forza Motorsport 6 Wireless Controller

Xbox One Special Edition Forza Motorsport 6 Wireless Controller

This special edition of the liked Forza Motorsport 6 line of wireless controller is an advanced and dependable gaming accessory with a light and ergonomic design that works well for both novices and professionals. It is affordable, has a durable and slip resistant plastic case, and well-placed button controls that rarely malfunction nor lose their sensitivity or functionality over time. If cash is a concern, this wireless controller is affordable.

Its rubberized and diamond gripped outer surface boost control, while the premium-grade Forza branded components that it comes with rank it among the most versatile in this niche. For those that play high-impact games for instance, its fitted impulse triggers deliver impressive fingertip vibration feedback. It also has an enhanced D-pad that improves precision, responsive thumb sticks, and a 3.5mm stereo jack.

7. Logitech Xbox Cordless Precision Controller

Logitech Xbox Cordless Precision Controller

Designed for high intensity and precision gaming, this precision controller by Logitech is a valuable everyday accessory with a high-speed 2.4GHz wireless system. It is durable, easy to use, and has an advanced system that lower interference from gaming stations and other wireless devices in its vicinity.

Its main receiver is small and connects conveniently on gamin consoles. The vibration feedback it offers is accurate, while its ability to offer lag-free wireless performance at ranges of up to 10 meters has made it a preferred choice of many professional gamers worldwide. This precision controller is 2AA battery powered, affordable, and offers freedom of wireless gaming.

6. Microsoft Xbox One Special Edition Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox One Special Edition Wireless Controller

This Lunar White special edition of Microsoft Xbox wireless controller is an aesthetic and high-performance accessory that brings action closer when in use. It is durable, has a compact and travel-worthy design that saves valuable space during storage, and has well-designed impulse triggers that deliver superior vibration feedback to fingertips whenever you crash, shoot, and or engage in a high impact activity in-game.

With its novel D-pad and responsive joysticks, individuals enjoy greater precision. Its quick access bumpers and triggers offer value, while its well-designed view and menu buttons ease use and navigation devoid of the game you are playing. Other notable features are its affordability; enhance ergonomics, and built in 3.5mm stereo headset jack.

5. Innovations Xbox Green Controller

Innovations Xbox Green Controller

Innovations for Xbox is an aesthetic green-themed wireless controller that works better than most standard Xbox 360 controllers people get off the shelf. It is durable, has a sturdy and ergonomic body, and sensitive smooth touch buttons and joysticks that make gaming fun. It is also slip resistant, has a memory card slot that comes in handy when loading stored games, and has well-spaced X, Y, B, and A buttons that guarantee a comfortable and precise gaming experience. This comes in handy when playing fast-action games.

4. GREEN GLOW in DARK Xbox 360 Game Controller

GREEN GLOW in DARK Xbox 360 Game Controller

Unlike most contemporary gaming consoles made of hard and boring plastic, this glow in the dark model by BR is a unique green-themed gaming console for Xbox 360 made of high-grade silicone. It is affordable, designed to fit most brands of Xbox controllers, and has a durable and washable build that comes in handy for gamers that sweat a lot and those that like snacking while playing at the same time. Its glow and dark design eases its location in the dark. Its comfortable and ergonomic design is invaluable, while its sensitive and conveniently spaced buttons and joysticks work well for people of all cadres.

3. Microsoft Xbox 360 Limited Edition Chrome Series Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox 360 Limited Edition Chrome Series Wireless Controller

If you are shopping for a new gaming controller and choose this limited chrome series controller by Microsoft, you get an aesthetic and easy to use accessory that handles both low and fast action gaming well. It is ergonomic, black themed, and has a well-made platform that fits comfortably in the hand. It also has spackled thumb sticks that do not slip whilst in use, an awesome shiny vibe and look that reflects its overall value, a reversible D-pad design that boosts its flexibility and functionality significantly, and solid and sensitive buttons that do lose their form, shape, and or sensitivity over time.

2. Microsoft B4F00014 Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Microsoft B4F00014 Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Ranked among the top 10 Xbox 360 wireless controllers of all time, Microsoft B4F00014 is an ergonomic and high-performance gaming pad with an impressive 30-foot range and a 40-hour battery life. It is durable, has a well-optimized wireless technology, and a light and portable build that eliminates wire clutter during use and transportation. It also has responsive controls (buttons and joystick) and is retails cheap in renowned Web and offline stores.

1. Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

This glossy black wireless controller by Microsoft tops our list of the best Xbox 360 controllers currently available in the market. With each purchase, you get a well-made accessory with a powerful 2.4GHz wireless technology with a high 30-foot response range. It is battery powered (two AA), has adjustable vibration feedback, and innovative right and left shoulder buttons that ease usage.

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