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The types of cameras that you use in your Vlogging play a very crucial role in determining the number of people who will be interested or will love your video blogs. It is therefore in your best interests to make sure that you have the best camera. The following review will hence help you know which are the best Vlogging cameras that you should be looking for when shopping:

10. Canon Powershot G7 Digital Camera

Canon Powershot G7 Digital Camera

The G7 Canon Powershot digital camera comes with a 3 – inches touch LCD panel. This touch panel gives you control over the various features of the camera as it allows you to edit the features to capture your videos and photos the way you want. The combination of a DIGIC 6 image processor and the 20.2 megapixel CMOS Sensor helps the camera to capture stunning images quickly and accurately. The 42x (24mm – 100mm) optical zoom feature helps you to zoom far away objects while still maintaining their original quality for better images. It can capture full 1080p/60p HD videos with as much as 60 fps, and this is why it is considered to be highly effective for Vlogging activities. The camera is installed with inbuilt NFC and Wi-Fi features for other connectivity options.

9. Sony NEX Digital Camera

Sony NEX Digital Camera

Sony NEX – 5RK/B mirrorless digital camera has a unique inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity option that will allow you to share your pictures with other smartphones and even post online directly from the camera. This Wi-Fi option will also enable you to download some of the useful camera applications to improve its artistic performance. Its 10fps shooting speeds are incredibly fast making it very popular especially among YouTube video makers community. Its 16.1 MP image sensor will make sure that you can get high-resolution pictures and videos with a defocused background to impress you and your viewers. Another attractive feature about this camera is its compact designing that makes it highly portable hence it is always close to ensure every moment is captured.

8. Sony DSC-RX Digital Camera

Sony DSC-RX Digital Camera

The Sony DSC-RX 100m digital camera has been manufactured with a 20.9 CMOS image sensor that makes sure you capture all the memorable moments in style. To make capturing of premium quality videos an even easier task the camera has a continuous shooting capability extending up to 10 fps. Its 3” LCD screen is tiltable facilitating the taking of videos or pictures at different angles. The f1.8 – 2.8 Carl Zeiss lenses have significantly helped in improving this camera’s zooming ability to keep the backgrounds of your images soft during shooting. This camera can capture stunning 1080p 60p/24p high definition pictures that will give your videos a premium and professional look.

7. Canon Powershot SX400 Digital Camera

Canon Powershot SX400 Digital Camera

The camera’s 24 mm wide angled lenses together with the 16 MP sensors guarantee you sharp images and videos with staggering quality. Its 4+ DIGIC image process further helps in increasing the videos’ quality captured with this camera. For better and clearer zooming it has a powerful 30x (24 – 720mm) optical zooming feature that does not just work on images alone but can also zoom in while shooting videos! Its exclusive movie button will help you in capturing fantastic 720p high definition videos. The focus speed of this camera is also high for impressive video performance. The camera has a very smart automatic feature that will use the already defined shooting situations to assist you in selecting the proper settings for better results.

6. Canon Powershot ELPH135 Digital Camera

Canon Powershot ELPH135 Digital Camera

A combination of the 8x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom gives this camera a powerful 32x combined zooming capability that facilitates the capturing of finer details during photo shoots and video captures. It has 16MP image sensors provide you every detail of your video or photo in high resolution while the DIGIC 4+ image processor helps in providing fast performance while maintaining the object’s beautiful natural colors. This camera is known to be very convenient as it is slim and light thus you are always able to chuck it out to capture a special moment anytime. It has a digital IS feature that automatically reduces blur and another intelligent feature which helps you to select the best camera settings for perfect images and videos. The camera has a Help button option which you can use to get simple explanations on some details about the camera.

5. Nikon Coolpix L830 Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix L830 Digital Camera

This particular digital camera is well – designed and manufactured to make it easy to use even for newbies. Its intuitive menu and simple controls make it one of the most user – friendly cameras in the market right one. The camera’s 34x optical zoom features brings the action closer and together with the excellent 68x dynamic zoom you will be able to enjoy shooting videos and photos from a distance while still enjoying all minor details. Video blur has been reduced significantly in this camera thanks to an efficient vibration reduction feature. The camera can capture 1080p/60i high definition videos, and the stereo sound option will make your video capturing experience even more enjoyable and impressive. The zoom lenses will capture staggering landscapes and portraits images while the telephoto options will give you perfect pictures of nature, sports, concerts, etc.

4. Nikon Coolpix L840 Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix L840 Digital Camera

The Nikon Coolpix L840 has been manufactured with a fast – handling and compact grip designing. This is very useful as it helps in making sure that you can hold the camera steadily to capture perfect videos and cameras. Its 3 inches LCD screen can tilt giving you the opportunity to take pictures at various angles. You can even be able to take an incredible low – angle shot of your meal. The remarkable NIKKOR glass lenses have a 38x optical zoom that will bring the action closer to you! It has a low – light 16 megapixels image sensor that makes it possible to take 1080p HD videos. The stereo sound feature also makes your video shooting moments livelier. For instant sharing the camera has NFC (near field communication) technology and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

3. Nikon Coolpix L330

Nikon Coolpix L330

Nikon Coolpix l330 digital camera has 26x optical zoom NIKKOR lenses that will allow you to zoom objects whenever you are taking pictures or even when making videos. The 20.2 megapixels image sensors will allow you to shoot quality 1080p videos. This camera has a vibration reduction feature that makes the taking of videos and pictures much easier as you can take clear and non–blurred images even when your hands are a little unsteady. The camera is light making it highly portable for convenient use. This camera comes with several storage options. You can decide to store your images and videos on the SDXC, SDHC, or the SD memory card. The camera is packed with a camera strap and a USB cable for exchanging the media files.

2. Canon EOS Rebel Digital Camera

Canon EOS Rebel Digital Camera

The camera features a CMOS image sensor of 18 MP that is perfectly integrated with the DIGIC 4+ image processor for dazzling HD videos and photos. The 3 – inches LCD screen will always help you in the reviewing and live viewing of pictures and videos that you have or are taking. The ISO range, a dual layered metering system, and 63 zones are all some of the features that will work together to ensure that you can receive quality videos and images even when the surroundings are unpleasant. It has also been installed with an automatic intelligent system that becomes very useful in giving you the right settings for the particular types of images that you want to capture. This camera has a sleek portable designing that any camera guy would want from a camera.

1. SONY DSCW800/B Digital Camera


This digital Sony camera comes with a 20.1 MP sensor lenses that guarantee crystal clear images even when in unconducive surroundings. The optical zooming lenses have a 5x zooming ability that will give you and your video viewers the opportunity to enjoy all the finer details in your videos and pictures regardless of the distance between. The camera has been installed with a very efficient steady shot stabilization feature that has helped a lot in reducing blur within images and videos. This feature also makes it possible for you to capture quality videos even while on a moving object like a motorbike since it can reduce vibrations brought about by the unsteady hand holding the camera to give clear images. Its movie mode enables the camera to capture 720p high definition images with zooming capability included. The camera’s menu is highly simplified for easy handling and operating making it very user – friendly.

Your Vlogging videos should never be the same again thanks to the above cameras. Make that wise decision now and purchase any of them and how greatly they will transform your Vlogging experience.

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