Top 10 Best Straight Razors In 2016 Reviews

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Even though considered traditional by millions of people all over the world, strait razors are versatile grooming accessories that offer users numerous benefits. If you shave often, for instance, are tired of using the bulky electrical shaver that you receive for your birthday, most straight razors are compact, lightweight, and therefore easier to use than most contemporary ones. They are also durable, have sharp and well-honed edges that offer a vastly superior shave, and are manufactured using durable and corrosion resistant steel, which improves the overall experience of users further. If you are on the market for a new model that you can use on an everyday basis and want value for your money, this article reviews the top 10 best models in 2016 that you will never regret buying. They are durable, attainable cheap in Amazon web stores, and have light and functional designs that you will enjoy using.

10. Velvet Forge

Velvet Forge

Considered among the best straight razors in the market, this shave ready model by Velvet forge is a light and affordable grooming accessory that comes in handy. If you shave regularly for work and are tired of nicking your skin or using the inefficient electrical or handheld shaver in your possession, adding this razor to your arsenal of grooming accessories will benefit you immensely. Manufactured using a durable solid stainless steel, you will use it several times without worrying about it dulling and or rusting over time. Its sleek design, on the other hand, fits comfortably in the hand for better control, while its unique black on black design (blade and handle) has a sleek and professional look that you will enjoy using. Workmanship is top-grade while its tactical cutthroat design is perfect for grooming sensitive and or hard to reach areas such as sideburns and under the neck. You get a money back guarantee for each original bought.

9. Sanguine Pure Wood

Sanguine Pure Wood

Popular among the Shavette and cutthroat razors available in the market, this straight razor by Sanguine is an advanced pure wood model with a light, portable, and easy to use design that will revolutionize how you groom in the morning. Instead of irritating your skin and or grappling with razor bumps because of your poorly designed shaver, you will enjoy a close and smooth shave on demand with little effort. Pricing is decent. The free blade and pouch that it comes with are professional-grade while its pure wood handle is warm, sturdy, and well oriented to fit comfortably in the hand whilst in use. You also get a tunable screw that you can use to customize its performance, a thumb grip for stability and safety, and a convenient pivot that secures its blade well when not in use.

8. The Shave Network Shave Ready

The Shave Network Shave Ready

Designed to offer users value without breaking the bank, Shave Ready by The Shave Network is a novel straight edge shaver made of a 3-inch x 6/8-inch hardened carbon steel blade that withstands daily abuse well. The material is solid, has an ever-sharp and well-honed edge that does not dull over time, and has a well-finished surface that not only glides smoothly on the skin, but also resists corrosion and rust over time. Because of its light and ergonomic body, usage is straightforward. Pricing is decent, while the straight shaving guide that it comes with will orientate you well and thus, lower the risk of nicks, cuts, and injuries whilst grooming. In addition to this professional-grade straight razor, you get a durable slipcase for easier transportation and storage. Order a new one to improve how you groom every day.

7. Dovo Silver Shavette

Dovo Silver Shavette

Featuring a sharp satin-finished aluminum blade that guarantees a close and comfortable shave whenever you spare time to groom, Dovo Silver Shavette is a premium barber-endorsed straight shaver that makes grooming fun. Unlike some steel models, for instance, it is lighter, easier to maneuver, and therefore works well for both experienced shavers and beginners alike. Honing is easy using sanding belts and pumice stones. Its handle is sturdy and designed to fit comfortably in the hand, while its classic matte design lasts longer that some comparable brands. For easier transportation and storage, this straight shaver comes with a solid read and black holder that secures it well. The stubble-free shaving experience that it offers users, on the other hand, is impressive while its low maintenance design (cleaning and sharpening) makes it an ideal shaver for everyday use.

6. Whetstone Straight Razors

Whetstone Straight Razors

Measuring approximately 10.5-inches, this straight edge razor by Whetstone Cutlery is a large and easy to use accessory that works well for individuals of all cadres. If you have sensitive skin, for instance, the 4.5-inch blade that it comes with cuts efficiently without nicking or irritating users. The 100% stainless steel used to manufacture it is light, durable, and corrosion resistant while its acid etched handle is not only comfortable but also grips well in the hand for a safer and memorable grooming experience devoid of skill level. Other notable attributes that have earned it a spot in top 10 best straight razors in 2016 reviews are its wonderfully detailed body, decent pricing, and its well-polished surface that glides smoothly in the skin to minimize irritation. An original will reform how you groom your face at home.

5. Classic Samurai CS-102

Classic Samurai CS-102

Classic Samurai CS-102 is a professional-grade stainless steel shaver with an ever sharp straight edged design that shaves as close to the skin as possible. It is affordable, compatible with most types of razor blades, and has a well-honed surgical grade blade that does not rust, kink, nor lose its sharpness over the years. Unlike some electrical razors that require a bit of skill to use, its usage is straightforward. Once you have fitted a sharp blade and prepare you face using either cream or soap, all you have to do is glide it smoothly on your face to groom your beard, side burn, and even moustache. Classic Samurai CS-102 is affordable, works well for individuals and barbers alike, and has a novel exchangeable blade technology that buyers appreciate. You get a durable and protective plastic pouch for safer storage.

4. Parker SRW

Parker SRW

Featuring the hygienic interchangeable blade system that most individuals appreciate, Parker SRW is a versatile handheld accessory made of a high-density stainless steel. It is sturdy, has a light and ergonomic design that penetrates and grooms hard to reach areas well, and has a stable and well-balanced handle that grips securely in the hand to guarantee a great shaving experience devoid of skill level. For optimal safety, you get a rounded tip design that minimizes the risk of cuts and bruises. You also get a unique snap and lock system that secures its blade well for safer storage and transportation, and a premium storage case. Parker SRW is affordable, readily available on the Internet and in reputable brick and mortar stores, and has a unisex design that benefits men and women.

3. Equinox Professional

Equinox Professional

With an original Equinox shaver from one of your favorite stores, you get a professional-grade manual shaver for men with a light and easy to use design, an efficient straight edge, and 200 derby blades to kick start your grooming activities. Featuring a timeless classic design that guarantees a quality shave, it is perfect for everyday use. It is also light, affordable, and has a well-balanced design made of solid stainless steel. The novel blade guard that it comes with guarantees a safe and effortless blade-changing experience. Its ergonomic handle is sturdy and comfortable while its well-honed straight edge performs better that most traditional ones and some electrical models that cost users substantial amounts of money. Buyers get a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

2. Parker SR1

Parker SR1

To get professional grade results whenever you are griming your face, neck, and even legs, Parker SR1 is one of the best straight edge shavers to use in 2016. It is stainless steel, well balanced, and has an easy to use blade replacement system and five Shark stainless steel blade to start with. In addition to its quality construction and high-performance design, many individuals prefer it to its competitors because of its high safety rating. The locking blade that it comes with, for instance, minimizes the risk of injuries in storage. It also has a rounded edge that prevents cuts and nicks and a sturdy and well-gripping handle that minimizes the risk of slipping and therefore injuries when grooming.

1. Utopia Care Straight-Edge-Barber-Razor

Utopia Care Straight-Edge-Barber-Razor

Purchase this straight edge Utopia Care razor to get a smooth and affordable accessory made of 100% stainless steel. It is stain-resistant, uses replacement blades (Derby blades), and has a light and well-balanced design that does not require skill to use. T also generates smooth and non-irritant strokes courtesy of its chrome-plated surface and has a safety grip that lowers the risk of slipping and injury when in use. Buy an original to get a 100% money back guarantee.

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