Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Locks In 2016 Reviews

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With car theft statistics at an all-time high, millions of car owners are constantly on the lookout for effective safety accessories that can protect their cars from prying eyes. Alarms, for instance, are among the must-haves. Even though they detect vibrations well and warn car owners of impending threats before thieves break into their vehicles, individuals who want an added layer of protection should consider purchasing one of the 10 steering wheel locks highlighted on this list. They are cheap; easy to use, and have advanced security systems that protect thieves from starting and or operating vehicles. They are also easy to install, have rugged designs that offer visual deterrence from a distance, and have well finished and non-marring designs that do scratch steering wheels and or cause serious mechanical and or structural damages in the long term. Here are their desirable features and benefits:

10.Master Lock 263DAT

Master Lock 263DAT

Manufactured using quality titanium, Master Lock 263DAT is a high-security steering wheel lock built to secure and render vehicles immobile when left unattended. It is durable, has an effective quad lock design with impeccable security features that thieves cannot compromise, and has a compact and easy to install design that works well in several types of vehicles including trucks and family sized sedans. Buy an original to get a limited lifetime guarantee.



Do you have a motor vehicle that you travel with often? Are you concerned about its security whenever you leave it in your local parking lot? Complement its built it alarm with this EFORCAR steering wheel lock for the best experience. Ideal or use in vans, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), and small family-sized sedans, this lock is not only durable but also has an effective universal system that secures steering wheels to immobilize motor vehicles. Installation is simple. The hardened steel used to manufacture it is saw and hammer proof while its rugged and well-finished design not only offers visual deterrence but also prevents steering wheels from turning without scratching and or lowering its aesthetic value over time. You also get a durable and pick-proof lock with an innovative laser etched key design that is impossible to duplicate.

8.The Club 1234

The Club 1234

Even though basic and attainable cheap in reputable web stores The Club 1234 is a top-rated black-themed wheel lock with a tight fitting design that secures several types and sizes of steering wheels. With a maximum opening of approximately 16.3-inches, this wheel lock has a versatile design that does not require skill to install as needed. Its solid steel body and hook offers greater security outdoors while its visual design offers superior theft deterrence from a distance. Even before a thief decides to break into your vehicle, therefore, he or she has to think twice because of the stress of unlocking one. The Club 1234 is a Freon, pry, hammer, and saw proof. Its lock is also sturdy and comes with a unique laser-etched key that is virtually impossible to duplicate.

7. The Club 0006 Dr. Hook

The Club 0006 Dr. Hook

Christened Dr. Hook, The Club 0006 is a top of the line red-themed steering wheel lock with a novel twin-hook design that is not only tougher but also harder to compromise that comparable single hook models. It is affordable, has a universal design that fits most types of van, SUV, and car steering wheels without scratching and or lowering their aesthetic value. Installation is straightforward. Its newly improve lock and its housing are durable while the patented self-locking feature that buyers get secures all types of steering wheels with a single pull. As such, you do not have to spend several minutes securing your motor vehicle, as is always the case with some complicated locks. The Cro-moly steel used to manufacture this steering wheel lock resists hammering, prying, sawing, and even hammer attacks.

6. The Club 900

The Club 900

Featuring a stylish yellow theme that improves its visibility index and a sturdy tempered steel body that resists hammering, prying, and Freon attacks, The Club 900 is a durable steering wheel lock with a tight-sealing design that is virtually impossible to compromise. Even though cheap, it is effective, certified safe for everyday use, and has a soft and smooth vinyl coating that protects steering wheels and other car accessories from scratches and or damage during installation and removal. Its universal design is also easy to install in both SUVs, vans, trucks, and family sized sedans while its pry-resistant black lock has a durable housing and a unique key-based locking mechanism that is virtually impossible to duplicate. You will like it.

5. The Club CL606 Brake Lock

The Club CL606 Brake Lock

For those with automatic vehicles with brake activated ignition systems, The Club CL606 is one of the best vehicle anti-theft devices to purchase in 2016. Designed and manufactured by Winner International, it is durable, has an advanced safety system that secures steering wheels to brakes and clutches making vehicles impossible to steer, and has a durable steel construction with a bright red vinyl coating that not only improves visual deterrence but also protects steering wheels and other vehicle components from scratches. Setup is easy. Its patented self-locking design ensures that your vehicle is safe at all times while its universal design works well in most types of vehicles including vans, trucks, sedans, and SUVs. With an original, you no longer have to spend a hefty amount of money to enjoy optimal vehicle security.

4. The Club 1102 LX Series

The Club 1102 LX Series

Popular in top 10 best steering wheel locks in 2016 reviews, this LX Series of The Club 1102 is a novel blue-themed steering wheel lock with a heavy duty hardened steel construction that resists prying, sawing, Freon attacks, and hammering techniques that most thieves used to compromise the safety of motor vehicles. Setup and removal are easy without scratching steering wheels. Its patented self-locking feature is very easy to use while the high-security lock that it comes with is not only tamper-proof but also has secure laser-encrypted keys that thieves cannot duplicate easily even with the latest techniques. The Club 1102 LX Series is affordable, very easy to use, and has a universal design that fits in and secures SUVs, vans, cars, and trucks excellently.

3. The Club CL303 (Pedal to Steering)

The Club CL303 (Pedal to Steering)

Popular among motor vehicle owners worldwide, The Club CL303 is a top-grade red-themed wheel lock that attaches the brake and clutch to the steering wheel to make vehicles immobile. It is affordable, highly visible from the windscreen and side windows, and has a self-locking feature that secures the three components with one pull. This eliminates the complicated setups and or locking procedures that most individuals grapple with. It also has a durable tempered steel construction that does not bend nor break when subjected to hammer, Freon, and or saw attacks, has a tamper proof lock with a laser-etched key that thieves cannot duplicate, and has a universal design that fits and secures various types of cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.

2. The Club 1000 Original

The Club 1000 Original

Durable, affordable, and with a striking red themed body that does not fail over time, The Club 1000 Original is a valuable security lock that combines three technologies to keep your vehicle as secure as possible. The tempered steel used to manufacture it, for instance, is durable and designed to withstand hammer, Freon, and saw attacks without losing its shape or functionality. Its lock, on the other hand, is a pry-proof model with laser-encrypted keys and a self-locking feature that secures steering wheels with one pull while its bright red theme is not only stylish but also offers visual deterrence when you are not around. The Club 1000 Original is affordable, very easy to use, and has a universal system that works well in several types of vehicles.

1. The Club 3100 (Twin Hooks)

The Club 3100 (Twin Hooks)

Purchase The Club 3100 to get a durable twin hooked steering wheel lock with a striking black and gold theme that users appreciate. The Cro-moly steel used to manufacture it is tougher than most standard models. Its twin hook design secures steering wheels well to render motor vehicles inoperable while its reinforced lock housing and laser encrypted keys work in synergy to improve safety further. You also get a patented one pull self-locking feature that improves its convenience, a universal security system that works well in all types of cars (both small and large), and a decently priced accessory that will benefit you for many years.

Unlike what car owners think, you no do not have to spend thousands of dollars in a security system to keep your car safe outdoors. With one of the 10 steering locks listed herein, you get a durable and effective car security system that offers value.

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