Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Covers in 2016 Reviews

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Steering wheel covers are some of the great accessories that you can add to your car. A good quality steering wheel cover will not only upgrade your car interior elegance, but also provide you an easy, comfortable, as well as safe handling whenever you hit the road behind the wheel. If you have always wondered how all that could be achieved, it is about time you purchased the best quality model of these accessories. You will be greeted by myriad models on the market, but you, of course, want the best deal that guarantees to meet your needs as well as last long. However, starters may find it a bit challenging to tell apart the best ones owing to the countless models out there. As such, it becomes simpler than ever for you to do if you read this article to the end, for here below are highlighted the top 10 best steering wheel covers reviewed in 2016. It helps you discover the best quality models to go for, ones that will provide comfort, safety, and greater convenience for you to handle your car’s steering, improving your driving stability and the overall experience, while giving your car’s interior décor a great lift. This is how you make a rewarding deal—read on.

10.Plasticolor-006736R01 Star-Wars

Plasticolor-006736R01 Star-Wars

The LA Auto Gear’s Plasticolor 006736R01 is a Star Wars themed stylish steering wheel cover that is uniquely designed to provide ultimate protection and great comfort and control to your hands when driving. It is created to be gentle on your hands, ensuring commendable comfort for as long as you drive. If you are a fan of star wars, you will be inspired by a glimpse of your favorite characters that are imprinted on the cover surface. This cover perfectly fits most vehicles, imported and local, and it is so durable it can withstand even extreme temperature weathers, while the fact that it is easy to wash makes it a popular choice among many—all you need is some water and soap, and you can have it clean again.

9. Custom-Accessories-38850


A whopping many customers who have used this steering wheel cover have always reviewed it positively, giving high rated feedback, thanks to the incredible protection it offers to both your hands as well as the steering wheel. Even more, and besides improving your car’s interior elegance, this cover ensures you always enjoy your driving experience in a comfortable and controlled way. This is because it is made of silky-soft leatherette material which is quite durable and comfortable for any user. There is no single doubt that, if you opt for this cover model, you will be joining the many other customers who have treasured its comfy outer surface and the convenient handling it offers for several years.

8. Pilot-Automotive SW-101

Pilot-Automotive SW-101

Just like the name suggests, you will be feeling like a confident pilot in full control whenever you get out for a trip using the Pilot Automotive SW 101 cover on your car’s steering wheel. It is an excellent and highly sought after model by a vast majority of drivers for its superb comfort and convenience, as well as durability. It is, as so it was made to, attested by its users that it provides excellent value for a long period of time. Moreover, it makes the steering wheel look very refreshed, new, and very attractive. It is made of premium-grade vinyl material that has been specially treated to assure you of no nauseating odors. You are good to go while in complete control for stability, and comfortable on the hands to avoid any fatigue that may be inconveniencing and denying you the pleasure of your trip as you drive your vehicle and, as we mentioned, your car’s interior looking great and the wheel well protected.

7. Red “R” Racing Steering Wheel Cover

Racing Steering Wheel Cover

This Steering wheel cover by Plasticolor is one of the best models available today and which you can opt to buy if you need a quality product upon your car’s steering wheel. It is made of premium quality rubber material to ensure remarkable durability. There is no question that you, like most others, will absolutely enjoy your driving experience better once you get this fabulous cover upon your car’s steering. It has non-fading color to make it remain looking new for long, and it provides a snug fit on the wheel to ensure that your hands won’t slip off at any time, making your driving very confident and stable and safe, and enjoyable too. It is very easy and stress-free to control the car if you use this cover, and it superbly protects the steering wheel against the wear and tear, and undesired scratches that may diminish your car’s elegance.

6.BDK Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

BDK Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

One of the best steering wheel cover and among the most popular today, BDX has double-stitched seams, very integral for the durability of your car’s steering as well as the cover itself. It is, like most other best quality models, made of premium-grade materials that are environment-friendly. You will no doubt have to enjoy your experience using this steering wheel cover on your car that is easy to install on your vehicle’s steering wheel, providing hard-to-match protection, comfort, and convenience. Moreover, the material making this quality product is bio-degradable, making it safe for your dear earth.

5. Alpena 10403 Black Bling

Alpena 10403 Black Bling

Best quality models of steering wheel covers make a wonderful way of adding a little décor to the interior of your car. A steering wheel cover, if of the best quality, instantly provides comfort, color, control, confidence, and most likely one or two more positives to your day behind the wheel. Handcrafted expertly from the top finest quality and durable materials, these accessories are simple to install on for a comfortable and secure fit and grip. Alpena 10403 Black Bling is proud to provide you with all the foregoing plus more benefits, since only select materials are used to make it right from the start to the end. Incorporating great professionalism and premium-grade materials patently makes this steering wheel cover one of the best models, and it has, as proof of quality, received high rated positive feedback from almost all its customers.

4. Universal Fit Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Universal Fit Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Right from its name you get a hint that this is a highly versatile model to fit almost any vehicle’s steering wheel conveniently—and universally. It is crafted from high quality premium-grade leather that feels superbly great when you are driving. It is available in three size options, providing a perfect fit for nearly every car that you want to use it on. Judging by the impressive reviews it has always received from those who choose to try its service, this is an indisputable comfort, control, and protection to add to your car, right away.

3. CuteQueen Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover

CuteQueen Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover

If you are looking for a great steering wheel cover that will not disappoint, then you will be right to consider the CuteQueen Sheepskin. It is one of the incredibly sought after and highly appreciated products in this niche, featuring a really attractive and interesting design for excellently upgrading your car’s steering wheel as well as the entire car front. It is designed to fit nearly every standard type model of steering wheel, making it easy to slip/install on your car’s steering. It will make you be confident of safe control of the car, while enjoying great comfort on your hands and protecting the wheel from any scratches, whatsoever.

2. Premium Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Cover

Premium Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Cover

Premium Carbon is a best quality steering wheel cover that features a premium vinyl construction and carbon-fiber accents, and one professionally designed to commendably stand against both cold and hot weathers, even in their extremes. Its colors are molded in for eliminating any fading, cracking, or any peeling of sort. It is a double-stitched construction in order to seal off all moisture, water, or dust. It is made to fit small steering wheel sizes measuring up to 13.5 by 14.5 inches diameter.

1. Bell-Automotive Steering-Wheel Cover

Bell-Automotive Steering-Wheel Cover

With the Baja Blanket steering-wheel cover from Bell Automotive, you instantly add comfort, control, style, and protection. This cover fits nearly all vehicles’ steering wheel thanks to its universal fit construction. It is made of comfortable and soft materials, and features an attractive poncho-weave design that most car owners admire and feel confident installing on their cars. This cover is a top pick for those who want to keep their hands well protected against the cold or heat that becomes your steering wheel depending on the season, at the same time provides a comfortable and slip-proof surface to the steering wheel, making it convenient for your regular drives. You will be able to dress up the interior of your car with this fabulous Southwest inspired elegance.

As aforementioned, steering wheel covers have flooded the market today in different models from different brands. However, not all are the best. As such, having read this article, you should not even go any further, since the above top 10 best steering wheel covers reviewed in 2016 are the ones you can be confident with, and you will rely on their great comfort, protection, convenience, control, and durability. Just opt for your favorite from the above and you will never egret nut appreciate it.


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