Top 10 Best Hammers In 2017 Reviews

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Hammers are some of the commonest traditional handhold tools, an undeniably must-have for most DIY (do it yourself) home repair enthusiasts and owners. There is no question that hammers are ideal for simple driving in and clawing nails. Moreover, they are very useful accessories for demolition tasks, repair jobs, as well as doing most light and heavy construction jobs at home and also commercial sites. For those in the construction industry or those just shopping for a new model of a hammer to help you in accomplishing your projects, you will admit that the very many models available on the market will doubtless be confusing when you are choosing the best one. However, it is fortunate that this article cuts through the maze especially to let you discover the top 10 best hammers in 2017 reviews. All you need to do is read through to the end.

10. Stanley 51-162 FatMax Xtreme

Stanley 51-162 FatMax Xtreme

To begin with is the Stanley FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe. Ranking among the best hammers available on the market today, this is a high quality model that features the AntiVibe technology that is great in cutting down the shock and vibration at impact to ensure less strain and no injury on your wrist, and utilizes a single piece made of double-cast iron as torsion control grip for minimizing the torque effects on your elbow and wrist. With this kind of hammer, you will enjoy a precise balance, while its one-piece quality construction ensures wonderful strength as well as awesome durability for longtime service.

9. GreatNeck 21000 Mini Hammer

GreatNeck 21000 Mini Hammer

The GreatNeck 21000 Mini Hammer integrating a magnetic nail starter is part of the Essentials tool line, a subsidiary of the Great Neck. It is an ergonomically designed tool that is safe for women users. It is also a great pick for users with arthritic conditions and also for the elderly. A great hammer to have around the house, GreatNeck 21000 features a rubberized, ergonomically designed handle grip that is 4.75 inches long, making it very comfortable to use and quite easy to store. One of the major selling points of this hammer is its quite handy and unique magnetic nail starter. You only need to place your nail in the magnetized slot on the hammer head and enjoy great assistance in getting the work started safely and efficiently. Moreover, with its solid steel 4.5-inch long head, it is a little hammer but the one that packs a punch. Every single handy person appreciates the superb quality, great performance, the design ergonomics, as well as the comfort features provided by this Mini Hammer.

8. Wheeler Hammer and Punch Set

Wheeler Hammer and Punch Set

One of the models rated high way above the average, this is another high quality and great delivery hammer you can opt to buy today. The Wheeler hammer includes a punch set and comes in a very handy plastic molded case. Both the handle and the head of this hammer are made of the same piece of solid tempered steel, making it a wonderful tool ideal for drifting sights as well as driving in pins on your gun-smithing bench or at the shooting range. Experience great flexibility and delivery in your work with the wheeler hammer and punch set, and you will appreciate it as one of the best choices for your projects at home or commercial projects.

7. Estwing E316S Claw Hammer

Estwing E316S Claw Hammer

Favored among the best top models, Estwing E316S is a 16oz one-piece highly durable hammer that has been forged to excellently handle even the toughest of construction projects without losing shape or cracking, and it doesn’t fail to impress in its delivery. At only 16 ounces, this is a great hammer with a well-designed claw ripping head, and features a deep quality nylon-vinyl padding on the handle for cushioning the impact when using it. This feature is great in protecting your wrist against injury, and it further protects your palm from any bruises and calluses, especially if you are using it without wearing gloves. Moreover, this is a 16-inch long hammer that has a wide swing circumference, an elegantly polished look, and with a smooth face.

6. Maxcraft 60626 Claw Hammer

Maxcraft 60626 Claw Hammer

It is another great hammer model that is forged with one piece with completely polished steel and also one of the most reasonably priced models on the market today. The MAXCRAFT 60626 Stubby Claw hammer is an 8 ounce tool that is best suitable for completing your small repair and other jobs around the house. Moreover, its comfortably soft, non-slip contoured handle grip makes it very convenient to use, it has a stubby 6-inch long handle, and it is highly recommended for women users who are new and just learning how best to handle hammers. When you buy this quality-guaranteed hammer, you will never find a reason to regret your choice.

5. TEKTON 3016 Claw Hammer

TEKTON 3016 Claw Hammer

TEKTON 3016 is a great tubular claw hammer measuring just 8 ounces and made of high quality and durable solid cast-steel. It features a semi-polished head that has a lacquer-coated finish to make it resistant to rust and corrosion. Its curved bevel-end claw is excellent in effortlessly pulling poorly driven nails with impressive efficiency, while its full-size round head great design provides superior striking force without risking your safety. This ensures that you must not spend a lot of energy when you use this hammer to drive nails in to the wood or the material you work on. Among other desirable features of this hammer is a light tubular steel handle that is cushioned with a non-slip grip to ensure better comfort and stability.

4. Estwing E16S Claw Hammer

Estwing E16S Claw Hammer

Delivering a value that surpasses the price, the Estwing E16S is a high quality hammer with uniquely important features. For instance, you will discover that its handle is skillfully wrapped in real high quality leather to provide a better and very comfortable grip for helping you accomplish your tasks without hand exhaustion or injuries. It is a hammer that meets ASNME specifications, meaning that it is able to undertake every hammer related tasks at home and also at the construction sites with impressive efficiency and results. you need not worry about this products quality and service delivery, for it comes backed by a quality assurance as well as quality control certification in order to meet every of your expectations and requirements.

3. Stiletto TB15MC TiBone

Stiletto TB15MC TiBone

Weighing 15 ounces and featuring a convenient curve-design 18-inch handle, the Stiletto TB15MC TiBone hammer is a Titanium-milled face hammer that has won the hearts of many users. It features a patented nail puller for ensuring fast and effortless removal of nails that are not intended or not well driven. It also has a Stiletto signature magnetic nail starter for making nail-driving a safe, effortless task. Delivering a striking force of up to 28 oz, this is a lightweight and ergonomically constructed hammer that is ideal for framing and remodeling activities. The head is of high quality titanium that is conveniently light yet providing great force as if steel-made. Moreover, the titanium is great in ensuring less shock, protecting your hand from strain or injury.

2. SE 8399-RH-ROCK Rock Hammer

SE 8399-RH-ROCK Rock Hammer

At 20 ounces, this is a highly popular heavy duty rock hammer that features an approximately 7 inch head length and 11 inches of overall length. The SE 8399-RH-ROCk is rock solid, made a single piece from forged steel, and features a super-hardened head and tip, both of which can impressively withstand even constant abuse without chipping, denting, or even losing shape. It is a full polished hammer in order to be rust resistant, and features a great ergonomic grip handle which stays very comfortable for a long time of use, while its reusable heavy duty plastic covers ensure protection to your hand against impacts. It is a hammer specially created for prospectors, contractors, rock hounds, as well as the everyday user in mind. It is a bestseller product in this niche on the Amazon.

1. Stanley 51-624 Rip Claw Hammer

Stanley 51-624 Rip Claw Hammer

Top among the best models available today is the Stanley 51-624. It is a highly popular hammer and also a bestseller on the Amazon, just to confirm how popular and well appreciated and highly sought after it is. It is a well-built 20-ounce model of rip claw hammer that is professionally designed to absorb shock and vibration very well, thanks to its high quality fiberglass handle that further helps reduce the breakage. It also has a well textured rubber on the handle to ensure a secure and comfortable grip. It is heat-treated and also rim-tempered to provide matchless safety and durability. It is the best hammer you can find on the market today for your home repair and improvement tasks as well as for those at the work site.

You might have learned or will come to learn of other models of hammers that are also part of what the market offers today, but what you should know and appreciate is the truth that, if you are planning to buy for yourself a great quality, high-performance, comfortable and safe to use, and very durable hammer for regular use at home or workshop/construction site, you can’t be safer choosing from the above highlighted top 10 best hammers in 2017 reviews.

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