Top 10 Best Fitted and Round Table Covers In 2016 Reviews

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Do you have a round table that you entertain on often with family and or friends? Are you looking to protect its top from rust (if metal) or rotting (if wood) whenever it is in use? Even though painting and or varnishing works well, a fitting round table cover will serve you better. Most models in that market are durable, have super protective water-resistant designs that protect wooden and metallic surface well, and are attainable in a plethora of stylish designs that will improve the overall outlook of your home or outdoor installation such as a patio or gazebo. They are also easy to fit, have smooth and well-finished surfaces that grip plates and cutlery well, and never disappoint over the years. To get the best of the best in this category, this article reviews our picks of the 10 best to buy in 2016.

10. Creative Converting (Black Check)

Creative Converting (Black Check)

Considered among the best fitting round table covers for use in homes and commercial establishments, this black check round table cover by Creative Converting is a durable and aesthetic apparel, built to fit all types of 60-inch round tables. It is affordable, made of water resistant plastic, and has a stay-put elasticized outer seam that prevents it from blowing in the wind when in use outdoors. As such, whether you are looking to protect your precious table and or improve the overall outlook of your patio, this cover will work well for you. It is wrinkle-free, very easy to install and remove, and has an Eco-friendly and disposable construction with two adhesive strips for optimal stability. You will not regret purchasing one.

9. YourChairCovers Highboy

YourChairCovers Highboy

Designed for use with high cocktail round tables, YourChairCovers Highboy is a well-designed 30-inch table cover with an aesthetic black theme that blends well in commercial establishments. It is durable, designed to fit several cocktail tables, and is made of a flexible stretch fabric that is not only easy to install and remove but also resists stains and tears over time. It is also wrinkle-free, has deep canvas foot pockets that boost its stability, and has a luxurious four-way design that does not require frequent ironing to maintain its elegance. This is impressive if you have an events hosting business and want to offer your clients quality service.

8. Generic Round Tablecloth

Generic Round Tablecloth

Generic is a quality 36-inch round table cover manufactured using a durable and stretchable spandex fabric. It is form-fitting, fits cocktail tables (round) measuring up to 36 inches high, and has an aesthetic white theme that improves the overall outlook of tables. Clean up is simple. Its stain proof weave is perfect for everyday entertaining while its durability and wrinkle free fit makes it an ideal accessory for heavy-duty entertaining. Do not compromise the outlook and performance of your table with one of the many poorly designed covers in the market. Even if you have a tight budget, this Generic Round Tablecloth is affordable, designed to withstand everyday abuse, and has well-finished and water resistant seams that boost its value further.

7. Creative Converting (White)

Creative Converting (White)

Durable, affordable, and with an angelic white theme that blends well in homes and commercial establishments, this cover by Creative Converting is a well-made stay-put model with elasticized hems that fits round top tables measuring up to 60-inches. The heavy-duty plastic used to manufacture it is water and tear-resistant. It is also smooth, fits snug without bumps or wrinkles, and has a well-finished design that does not shift as people use and move from the table nor blow in the breeze when used outdoors. This table cover is cost effective, has extra deep pockets that fit round tables measuring up to 2.5-inches thick, and has adhesive strips (two) that not only improve its stability but also its performance.

6. Protective Covers Table Cover

Protective Covers Table Cover

Measuring 48-inches by 54 inches, Protective Covers is a large and waterproof table cover with an aesthetic gray theme that does not stain nor lose its functional and aesthetic appeal over time. Although cheap, this table cover is durable. The Velcro drawstring closure that it comes with boosts stability. Its thick 7-millimeter vinyl shell is durable and has a UV-treated design that does not crack nor lose its aesthetic value when exposed to the sun or cold while its low maintenance design makes it an ideal accessory for entertaining in homes and restaurants. Protective Covers Table Cover is affordable and comes backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Collections Fitted Elastic Table Cover

Collections Fitted Elastic Table Cover

Purchase this Collections cover to get a durable 48-inch round table cover with an aesthetic butterfly print that users consider interesting. It is fitting, works well with several types of round tables, and is manufactured using a top-grade vinyl fabric that does not tear nor stain easily. All edges are elasticized for easier installation and removable. They also guarantee a smooth, snug, and non-slip fit and prevents it from blowing in the wind when used outdoors. With an original cover, you also get a soft flannel backing that boost its performance further, three additional color options to choose, and an innovative wipe clean finish that eases clean-up after usage. Unlike cotton-based models that require frequent washing, all you need is a clean damp cloth to clean and restore its aesthetic value on demand.

4. Katherine Vinyl

Katherine Vinyl

Katherine Vinyl by Miles Kimball is a durable table cover with a convenient elasticized design and an adjustable vinyl construction that fits all round tables measuring between 45-inches and 56-inches. It has a striking green theme, has a durable vinyl coating with convenient wipe clean design that eases clean up, and has a small flannel backing that not only eases installation but also protects table tops from scratches, smooths bumps, and wrinkles for an enjoyable experience. It is also water-resistant, attainable cheap in reputable web stores, and is recommended for use in both indoors and outdoors.

3. Carol Wright Gifts Deluxe

Carol Wright Gifts Deluxe

This Deluxe edition of the acclaimed Carol Wright Gifts line of table covers is a premium round model with a stylish and form-fitting design that benefits owners of tables measuring up to 48-inches. It has a striking and low maintenance marble theme, recommended for use indoors, and has a wipe-clean vinyl backing that not only eases maintenance but also its durability. With this cover on, therefore, you do not have to worry about your children spilling drinks and or damaging your antique table. For easier and sturdier installation, this cover has well-finished elastic edges that guarantee a snug and slip-resistant fit. Its flannel backing protects tables from scratches while its well-finished seams are sturdy, flat, and well finished to offer users value.

2. Mosaic Table Cover

Mosaic Table Cover

Do you have a 48-inch round table that you use to entertain often? Are you looking to protect its surface and or create a smooth and wrinkle-free platform that your guest will enjoy entertaining on? Mosaic Table Cover by Sperry Mfg is a novel 48-inch cover in a stylish Tuscan theme. Designed to work on both round and square table without physical damage and or structural issues such as bumps and wrinkles, this cover is versatile. Setup is straightforward while the durable vinyl coating that it comes with is not only easy to clean but also has a moisture-proof construction that contains spills and stains well. Mosaic Table Cover is USA-made and attainable cheap online.

1. Collections Etc. (Strawberries)

Collections Etc. (Strawberries)

Topping our list, this strawberry themed cover by Collections Etc is a stylish and fitting cover that fits round tables measuring up to 48-inches in diameter. As most high-end models, it is elasticized for easier installation and removal, has a convenient wipe clean vinyl top, and fits snugly without slipping, bunching, or wrinkling, as most poorly designed ones often do. The polyester flannel that it comes with, on the other hand, prevent it from sweating on and or scratching tables, while the plethora of size options offered benefits individuals of all cadres. Order yours today to get a top grade household and commercial product that will serve you for many years.

Do you have a round table that you use to entertain often? Do you have a difficult time choosing from among the tens of round table covers currently available in stores? One of the 10 products listed in this review will serve you best. They are durable, fitting, and have versatile designs that protect delicate tabletops without bunching and or wrinkling.


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