Top 10 Best Erlenmeyer Flasks In 2016 Reviews

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Get the best Erlenmeyer flasks selling online from our detailed reviews of the bestsellers on the web. These Erlenmeyer flasks will help you make quality deductions in the lab and are designed to last long and deliver high performance. It goes without saying that Erlenmeyer flasks are some of the most essential pieces of equipment you can have in a laboratory. Indeed, they are so ubiquitous that no self respecting laboratory would function without a set of them. That said, not all Erlenmeyer flasks are the same. This guide offers insightful glances at the ten most important of these glassware products available to buy online. They meet the highest quality of construction and accuracy and will be a great addition to your current laboratory collection.

10. Kimble Chase KIMAX Erlenmeyer Flask Starter Pack

Kimble Chase KIMAX Erlenmeyer Flask Starter Pack

As you begin to stock up on the requirements of a basic laboratory setup, it is great if you can find an offer which delivers variety of equipment in a kitted pack at a bargain price. This set of Erlenmeyer flasks does exactly that and has been identified by many lab technicians who have but limited requirement for this variety of glassware as being custom made to fit their needs. While it is being promoted as a starter pack, this should not be misconstrued to mean that it has limited versatility or that the materials used in making the glassware pieces is in any way or form deficient. All the five pieces (the kit includes 50, 125, 250, 500, and 1000 milliliter Erlenmeyer flask pieces) have been made from the highest class of borosilicate glass assuring you of the best clarity, heat resistance as well as ease of cleaning. For the best assurance, it is worth noting that each one of the Erlenmeyer flasks meets the industry leading standards for the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E438, Type I, Class A and in particular reference to the Standard Specification for Glass in Laboratory Apparatus clause.

9.213B2 Karter Scientific Glass Erlenmeyer Flask 5 Piece Set


213B2 Karter Scientific Glass Erlenmeyer Flask 5 Piece Set

As a conscientious laboratory researcher, it is important to keep updating your collection of lab tools as well as equipment. Perhaps this applies to laboratory glassware more than it can be said of other forms of equipment you use in every day experiments. This set of five differently sized Erlenmeyer flasks will be very essential if you are looking to replenish your stock on a strict budget. The set is made and marketed by the well known laboratory glassware brand: Karter Scientific. They come in a range of sizes: 50, 150, 250, 500, and 1000 milliliters. Each one of them has been constructed to comply to the Class A borosilicate glass standard in terms of chemical inertness as well as in their heat resistance capability. This means the Erlenmeyer flasks are also easy to clean and will always remain clear and ready for the next experiment. As a guarantee of the company’s compliance with the best international standards, the glass has been certified to comply with the ASTM Specification E960, Type I requirements for glassware laboratory equipment.

8. SEOH Erlenmeyer Flask 2000ML Borosilicate Glass

SEOH Erlenmeyer Flask 2000ML Borosilicate Glass

The SEOH brand is quickly establishing itself as one of the most prolific when it comes to basic laboratory equipment and tools. This is especially with their heat resistant, durable and chemically inert borosilicate lab glassware. This singular Erlenmeyer flask is a fine specimen standing out to show how quality conscious the company is. It features one of the best smooth tooled neck in order to facilitate pouring as well as cleaning. You can also make pretty accurate approximations of the contents inside using the printed graduations on the side of the Erlenmeyer flask. As the flask has a capacity of 2,000 milliliters or 2 liters, it is ample enough to be used for instructor demonstrations even if it may prove awkward for some basic, learner centered chemical experiments.

7. MHB 5pc Erlenmeyer Flask Set With Matching Stoppers

MHB 5pc Erlenmeyer Flask Set With Matching Stoppers

For someone in charge of stocking upon the equipment needed in a laboratory, there can be nothing quite as exasperating as having to do it all within a very limited budget. However, with this set of five Erlenmeyer flasks, you can do it with more ease than you have been made to believe possible. For a unique big discount, now you can acquire a set of quality and versatile Erlenmeyer flasks sized at 50, 125, 250, 500 and 1000 milliliters for a pittance. Each one of these flasks is made from quality borosilicate glass that has been fully tempered to increase heat resistance as well as clarity. They are also some of the most chemically inert glassware available. Indeed, they can be used to store reagents for a long time provided they are properly stoppered.

6. SEOH 2L Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask with Heavy Duty Rim 1/pk

SEOH 2L Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask with Heavy Duty Rim

The demand for robust performance, high capacity glassware for the laboratory has been on the increase over the recent past. This is equally true for functional Erlenmeyer flasks as it is for other basic experimental lab equipment. With this 2000 milliliter Erlenmeyer flask, you will be certain to ease the performance of certain experiments and laboratory set ups. Being so robust in terms of volume, it is more fitting for instructor demonstrations rather than for the individual learner experiments. The glassware piece also includes a graduated scale up the side with measurements at intervals of 200 milliliters. It may not be what you need for highly accurate readings but the scale will suffice for experiments where just an approximate value is adequate.

5.American Educational Borosilicate Glass (Bomex) 2,000mL Erlenmeyer Flask

American Educational Borosilicate Glass

If you have been in charge of taking care of a laboratory with pretty heavy educational usage, it will not have taken you too long to realize that replacement of parts and equipment can be quite a headache. However, if you are discerning enough to opt for quality, industry certified equipment; you will never have to deal with such headaches. This is the case with this set of borosilicate Erlenmeyer flasks by American Educational Products. The sizable flask has a capacity of 2,000 milliliters and has adequate graduated scale on the side for taking measurements. Whether for titration or for endothermic reactions, you could not have counted on a more capable piece of glassware for your laboratory needs. The narrow open moth with rounded edges has been designed to be used width a size #9 stopper (not included in the shipping package though).

4.LabStock 1000ml Erlenmeyer Flask, with Rubber Stopper

LabStock 1000ml Erlenmeyer Flask, with Rubber Stopper

For avid scientists, the quest for perfection does not end with representative experimental findings; it also includes the equipment and tools they use for their work. In this regard, this truism applies equally well for laboratory glassware as it does for much more complex equipment. This considerably humongous laboratory Erlenmeyer flask by Labstock fits this description rather conclusively. It is made from high grade laboratory standard glass tempered with a borosilicate compound to make it highly heat resistant and also clear enough to make proper conclusions in the midst of an experiment. With its capacity of a 1000 milliners (equivalent of one liter) this is an Erlenmeyer flask which will come in handy during some of your more complex experimental setups in the laboratory. It may not be suitable for a large array of everyday experiments but when it comes to that single all-encompassing setup, you will be glad that you invested in this robust piece of lab equipment. To further enhance its claim to versatility, it sold with a fitting No. 8 rubber stopper.

3.213G15 Karter Scientific 2000ml Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask

213G15 Karter Scientific 2000ml Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask

If you ask any scientist well acquainted with the rigors of carrying out laboratory experiments they will inform you that the results of a particular experiment are only as good as the equipment in use. It is therefore imperative that the would be scientist identifies well structured, functional equipment that can be adapted for a variety of uses. This criteria can be used to describe virtually all lab equipment produced by Karter Scientific and especially with regards to their highly respected Erlenmeyer flasks. This particular Erlenmeyer flask earns the pride of place in this classification for a number of reasons. To begin width it is very robust in construction. With an effective volume of 2,00 milliliters (two liters), it is without doubt going to be one of the most versatile glassware piece in your entire lab. Its narrow mouth neck with rounded edges is a deliberate design meant to make it easier for you to stopper the flask using ordinary cork or rubber stoppers find in the laboratory. You will also likely be delighted by the usefulness of the graduated measurements running down one side of the flask.

2.PYREX 2L Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks with Heavy Duty Rim

PYREX 2L Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks with Heavy Duty Rim

Whether you are looking for supplies for a research, medical or even teaching laboratory it is important to ensure you are well stocked in essential lab glassware for the host of experiments certain to ensue. This is a robust Erlenmeyer flask in terms of capacity, construction and the variety of uses it can be put to. With a capacity of 1000 milliliters, it can be used for demonstration as well as an essential holding implement in multi layered experimental setups. The flask is constructed from a highly optimized form of borosilicate glass, tempered to ensure it can spread heat consistently to avoid breakages even when put to the boil. On the side of the clear glass are graduations etched in the glass each after the other at intervals of 50 milliliters. These are repeated on either side of the flask to make measurements and readings even easier in actual experimental conditions.

1. Karter Scientific Glass Erlenmeyer Flask Set – 3 Sizes

Karter Scientific Glass Erlenmeyer Flask Set

Since it was established, Karter Scientific is a brand which has been a well respected name amongst scientists for many decades today. They produce high quality lab equipment and their glass Erlenmeyer flasks are a class apart for their clarity and durability. This particular set features a set of three Erlenmeyer flasks in sizes 50, 150 and 250 millimeters. Each one of them takes the classic conical shape with a flat bottom. There are also clear graduations on the side to help you with measurements as well as readings in the course of an experiment. The borosilicate glass used in the construction of these flasks has been certified to be of the highest Class A quality and in independent tests it has proven not only to be consistent in its characteristics even under heating but also robustly shatterproof. Each one of the three Erlenmeyer flasks can also be cleaned with ease ready for storage. The flasks have been certified to meet and exceed the ASTM Specification E960, Type I requirements for laboratory glassware.

As you look for great equipment to restock your laboratory, you need to consider the versatility of Erlenmeyer flasks as being among the pieces you will need to work with on a daily basis. As such, the ten examples featured above have the potential to be the most important glassware pieces you add to your inventory this year. Check them out on Amazon where they are available at big discounts.


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