Top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps In 2016 Reviews

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According to medical research, parents who want to raise strong and healthy children should breastfeed them for at least six months before introducing alternative solid and liquid foods. In today’s modern society where time is money, six months is a long time that most women are not willing to stay rooted at home. If you are facing a similar scenario but want your child to get the recommended quantity of nutritious breast milk, an electric breast pump can come in handy. Most models have comfortable accessories that you will enjoy using every day. They also have safe systems that will not compromise the health of your bundle of joy and have discrete and fast-acting designs that you can use worry-free at home and even in your office during breaks. For the best experience, however, consider purchasing one of the 10 breast pumps listed herein.

10. Bellema Professional Care

Bellema Professional Care

Unlike in the past when women had to spare six months of their lives actively feeding their babies at home, the advent of professional-grade breast pumps such as this model by Bellema has eased the practice. Featuring a convenient double pump design that enables you to milk both breasts at the same time, it is an excellent time saver for women with hectic schedules. The two-phase pumping action (stimulation and expression) that it employs guarantees maximum expression while maximizing comfort at the same time while the nine adjustable power levels offered (up to 320 mar) allows you to customize its performance to match your needs. Both pumps have independent controls (which allow you to control them singly or in concert). Its closed design prevents the back-flow of milk while its FDA approved components are easy to use, BPA-free, and come backed by a one-year warranty (limited).

9. Philips AVENT 2015 Version

Philips AVENT 2015 Version

This 2015 version of Philips AVENT breast pumps is a versatile dual pump accessory with a powerful electrical system that guarantees faster and safer milk expression devoid of skill levels. To stimulate optimal milk expression without irritating or harming users, the massage cushions that it comes with are soft and designed to lay comfortably on breasts. The gently stimulating motion that it generates, on the other hand, boosts comfort further while the three customizable milk expression settings that buyers get (high, medium, and low) allow you to optimize its functionality to match your needs. This electric breast pump works well with both 25mm and 19.5mm cushions, which benefits women with various breast sizes. The BPA-free components that it comes with do not contaminate milk nor put the health of babies at risk while its ease of assembly and quiet design enables you to express milk discretely in your home. Purchase this pump from Amazon to get a 2-year warranty.

8. Lansinoh Affinity

Lansinoh Affinity

If you do not have enough money to pay for the high-end breast pumps in top 10 best electric breast pumps in 2016 reviews shared on the internet, Lansinoh is a versatile double pump mode that delivers a comparable level of service. Affordable, easy to use, and with a quiet motor-driven system that allows you to express milk discretely, it is one of the best around. The BPA-free plastic used to manufacture it is safe and long lasting. Its power efficient design works well with most electrical outlets in homes while its adjustable cycle speed and vacuum strength are not only innovative but also benefits women of all cadres with their kid’s best interests at heart. Out of the box, it comes pre-assembled and ready to use. Clean up is very simple while its patented closed system prevents back flow.

7. Lansinoh Signature Pro

Lansinoh Signature Pro

An advanced version of the Lansinoh Affinity breast pump reviewed herein, Lansinoh Signature Pro is a BPA-free double pump accessory with a dependable electrical system. Even though cheap that eight adjustable suction levels that it offers allow you to customize its performance to deliver the amount of milk that you need in your desired time. It also has three customizable pumping styles that mimic natural feeding, a bright LCD screen that you can use to track time, and a padded carrying tote bag that you can use for storage at home or to transport it to your office and or your parent’s place. If optimal hygiene is a key requirement, this breast pump scores high in this category as well. Its quality construction using BPA-free materials and components, for instance, does not contaminate milk. It is also BPS-free and has a hygienic closed system that prevents milk from backing up into its motor and or tubing.

6. Evenflo Single Breast Pump

Evenflo Single Breast Pump

To express milk a breast at a time without compromising safety and or comfort, this single breast pump by Evenflo is one of the best products to use. The high-density ABS used to manufacture it is durable, BPA-free, and very easy to clean after use. Construction is ergonomic and comfortable use while its efficient power driven system guarantees fast and consistent milk expression in various settings (in the home and office, for instance). If you lack sufficient funds to spend on an expensive double pump, this model works just as well. All you need is a bit of time and three AAA batteries to enjoy the value that it offers. Evenflo Single Breast Pump measures 8.3 x 4.3 x 9.6 inches and has a diaper bag ready design that does not clutter space as its competitors.

5. The First Years Double

The First Years Double

To enjoy a quieter and better milk expression experience when preparing for work or when relaxing at home, The First Years is a convenient double pump system that ranks among the most sought-after in Amazon. However, unlike some high-end model that have earned their high status because of the endorsements that they have received over the years, this model is popular among both stay at home moms and professionals alike because of the value it offers. Its discrete and quiet system, for instance, is perfect for expression in all environments. The ergonomic pumps that it comes with, on the other hand, have soft flexi-fit shields that guarantee a comfortable and custom fit, while the eight adjustable suction settings are innovative. The First Years is affordable, has both electricity and battery (4AAA) operation modes, and comes with two 4-ounce GumDrop bottles, storage lids, slow flow nipples, and a tote bag for storing all parts.

4. Medela Freestyle

Medela Freestyle

An excellent everyday breast pump for women of all cadres, Medela Freestyle is durable, easy to use, and has a convenient double electric design that makes the process fun. Instead of driving to and from work, for instance, to satisfy your baby’s demand for milk, purchase an original Medela Freestyle to solve the problem. The lightweight motor and rechargeable battery pack that it comes with make it an excellent on the go accessory while the two Personal Fit breast shield that it comes with are not only comfortable but are also attainable in different sizes that fit different breast shapes and sizes. For easier operation, this breast pump has a digital backlit display with a built-in timer and memory button and a portable microfiber carrying bag that eases transportation of all parts.

3. Spectra Baby USA S2

Spectra Baby USA S2

This S2 breast pump from Spectra is a premium double and single accessory with a light 3.3-pound design that does not require skill to use. It is travel worthy, has a quiet motor driven design and a programmable and adjustable system that you can setup to match your body type. Manufactured in the USA using the best grade components, it is perfect for everyday use. The timer and built-in night light that buyers get enhance its value significantly, while the soothing double pumping action that it generates guarantees optimal milk expression without irritating users. As most models listed, it also has a closed design and system that prevents the flow of milk to its motor and tubing, a comfortable and low maintenance design that does not require skill to clean, and a durable hospital-grade design that you will enjoy using for many months.

2.Medela Pump in Style

Medela Pump in Style

As its name suggests, Medela is a premium breast pump that allows women to pump in style without compromising comfort. The two-phase expression technology that it employs is fast, comfortable, and improves milk flow significantly than the traditional single-phase products that women depended on in the past. Its adjustable vacuum and speed control system personalize the experience for women while its integrated one-touch let-down button allows you to switch between the two phases as needed for the best experience indoors. Medela Pump in Style is also discrete, has a super-quiet and compact motor that enables to express anywhere and at any time, and has replaceable breast shields that you can customize to match your breast size and your desired output.

1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced

Medela Pump in Style Advanced

Do you express milk several times a day? To get a powerful yet easy to use breast pump that you will enjoy using every day, this advanced Pump in Style machine from Medela is our pick of the best to use. Durable, lightweight, and with an easy to use double electric system, it is a perfect indoor and on the go accessory for parents. Its durable design and powerful motor withstand everyday abuse well while its built-in bottle holders prevent spills when expressing. You also get a spacious tote bag for easier transport with a removable cooler bag that holds up to four milk bottles.

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