Top 10 Best Double Strollers In 2016 Reviews

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Taking care of kids can be hard work. However, you don’t have to feel like you’re trapped inside the house. If you’ve two infants or twins, you’re certainly bound to fall in love with the double strollers. As well, you might consider them as among the greatest inventions. Double strollers are among the most popular types of baby strollers today. Strollers that we’d consider best on the market are constantly changing as innovations and designs are created to make life easier while keeping your children comfortable.

There are numerous options of double strollers on the market to choose from. It can be a daunting task to choose one among the many available. Fortunately, for you, we’ve assessed the different baby double strollers present on the market today. We’ve dug deep into their features, capabilities, as well as reviews from other users. These reviews will be of great contribution towards your purchase of a good double stroller. Whether you’ve got a newborn babies or toddlers, getting the right double stroller can make a considerable difference in your freedom.

10. Delta Children DX City Street Side-by-Side

Delta Children DX City Street Side-by-Side

The DX Stroller is widely popular for its safety and style. This double stroller is a side-by-side version that fits through standard 30-inch wide doorways. It’s among the most functional, elegant, and handy models you can get for ultimate safety and ease. The DX Side-by-Side Stroller, made with a lightweight frame, boasts 360-degree swivel shock-absorbing front wheels that make moving two babies as easy as handling one.

The incorporated durable color fabric makes this stroller as sturdy as it’s stylish. Its 3-point harness will keep your babies strapped safely for any ride. Along the stroller, you’ll get a cup holder and two storage bags to make your walking experience fun and practical. This model is worth considering if you’re seeking a double stroller that will guarantee you safe, secure, and comfortable transport of your two loved ones.

  • Weight: 19 Pounds
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 35 Pounds Per Seat
  • Reclining Options: 2
  • Batteries Required: No

9. Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

This model won the 2016 Cribsie Award as the best double stroller. It’s also recognized and recommended by many industry experts. The Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller offers incredible versatility with seven seating configurations. It’s perfect for growing your family or keeping your twins comfortable.

There are plenty of extras to enjoy here, including a large storage basket where you can store your valuable items when traveling. It folds and auto locks quickly. This stroller will be able to handle cracks and bumps in the sidewalks with ease, thanks to the shock-absorbing rubber-coated EVA rear wheels. The 5-Point harness system will help keep your babies safe. It’s a great option if you’re looking for compatibility and top performance.

  • Weight: 38 Pounds
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 80 Pounds
  • Color Options: Laguna, Envy Green, Sand
  • Seating Options: 7
  • Batteries Required: No

8. Baby Trend Universal Snap-N-Go Double Stroller

Baby Trend Universal Snap-N-Go Double Stroller

The Universal Snap-N-Go is a compact, lightweight, and highly compatible double stroller. It’s highly recommended not just for the flexibility it offers, but more for its quality and compatibility to nearly all car seats. It’s a universal system that will fit almost all car seat brands. This stroller frame will quickly snap your infant car seats, forming a lightweight travel system. The wheels are considerably sturdy to offer ultimate support. The rear wheels come fixed in place and have parking brakes to provide extra stability.

In addition to a large storage basket, you’ll find a parent console which has two cup holders, will make you spoilt for storage options. You’ll love the Universal Snap-N-Go Double stroller for two primary reasons: safety and comfort. The added convenience and top functionality make it a model well worth the price.

  • Weight: 20.8 Pounds
  • Min Weight Recommendation: 5 Pounds
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 40 Pounds
  • Material(s): Plastic, Metal
  • Batteries Required: No

7. ZOE XL2 DELUXE Double-Xtra Stroller System

ZOE XL2 DELUXE Double-Xtra Stroller System

Are you seeking the most lightweight double stroller for your kids? The ZOE XL2 DELUXE, weighing just 16 pounds, is almost the perfect lightweight double stroller you can have. It’s easily foldable. That, added onto its compact size, makes it a perfect stroller for travel. You’ll certainly love the huge, extendable sunshade canopies which are properly designed to protect your children. Furthermore, these canopies have storage pockets where you can store your important stuff.

This double stroller offers a padded front belly bar to help hold your child. The 5-point harness feature will help keep your babies safe. You’ll also find a basket that’s large enough to carry things like baby clothes and diapers. This stroller comes along with a lifetime warranty on the wheels. You’re thus assured of durability, reliability, and efficiency with the ZOE XL2 DELUXE.

  • Weight: 16 Pounds
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 50 Pounds per Seat
  • Color Options: 20 e.g. Black, Aqua, Orange, London Navy
  • Batteries Required: No

6. Dream-On-Me Double Twin Stroller

Dream-On-Me Double Twin Stroller

Just by the name itself, this stroller guarantees that your baby will have a safe, comfy place to dream on! Selling at a relatively affordable price, this lovely innovation by Mia Moda is another amazing alternative to super expensive strollers which are fighting for everyone’s attention. It’s just as useful as other high-end strollers present on the market!

The suggested weight limit is 40 Pounds. It sports a sleek, sturdy aluminum frame. The build is pretty sturdy, yet light. Remarkable style has been packed into this convenient package. The all-terrain wheels and all-wheel suspension make for exceptional maneuverability while allowing the stroller to glide over any surface effortlessly.

The 5-position seat recline, 5-point safety harness, adjustable leg support, and a full coverage sun canopy are just but an icing on the cake itself. You can easily fold the Dream-On-Me to store or transport without any problems. It’s a super sleek option for travel, offering you incredible features.

  • Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Min Weight Recommendation: 16 Pounds
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 40 Pounds
  • Color Options: 8 e.g. Black, Dark Blue, Dark Grey

5. Delta Children LX Side-by-Side Tandem Stroller

Delta Children LX Side-by-Side Tandem Stroller

The Delta Children LX is a stylish, safe, and practical stroller for your children. Its design has proven quite impressive for many parents who’ve already purchased this model. The lightweight frame and multiple positions reclining design leave a great impression on parents. It’s conveniently foldable, hence easy to store. The 5-point harness will help keep your children safe. It features European-style canopies which will ensure proper shade from the sunshine for your babies.

A cup holder and two storage bags will be handy for carrying essential items. Among the most remarkable features of this stroller are the 360-degree shock-absorbing front wheels. They’re smooth and durable for riding on any surface. With the Delta Children LX, you can carry your kids without encountering any problems.

  • Weight: 21 Pounds
  • Min Weight Recommendation:
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 35 Pounds per Seat
  • Color Options: Green, Grey, Orange, Night Sky
  • Material: Metal

4. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

For the frame design, style, and space consumption, the Baby Trend Sit N Stand model is nearly the best double stroller you’d find on the market. The stadium-style design will please your babies. You can easily fold it for convenient storage in a small space. Both of the reclining seats feature individual canopies for your children.

Among the things you’ll find most surprising are the lockable front swivel wheels which help keep your babies safe. You can easily lock the wheels when standing in one place for a long time. This stroller, supporting an 80-pound weight, is ideal for even long distance traveling.

  • Weight: 39 Pounds
  • Min Weight Recommendation: 5 Pounds
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 80 Pounds
  • Color Options: Millennium, Carbon, Elixer
  • Material: Plastic, Nylon, Metal, Rubber, Polyester

3. BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

Although the BOB SE Duallie isn’t high on style, it’s extremely functional. It makes up for what it lacks in style with functioning. It boasts remarkable improvements to its already impressive suspension, well-designed seat backs, black fabric option, and a newly incorporated accessory adaptor. This double stroller offers a large under-seat basket that will give you enough room to stash most of your stuff. The full coverage canopies allow for ample shade for your babies.

The rare, unique fine-tuning tracking knob ensures that the wheels go straight when locked. This stroller folds and unfolds quickly. The superior suspension, maneuvering, and turning make the BOB SE Duallie among the easiest double strollers to push, whether you’re adventuring through forest trails or Target aisles.

  • Weight: 34 Pounds
  • Min Weight Recommendation: 16 Ounces
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 100 Pounds
  • Color Options: Orange

2. Graco Duo-Glider Classic Connect Stroller

Graco Duo-Glider Classic Connect Stroller

Graco was entirely correct to use the world-classic in its name because that’s what it’s. They’ve established such a reputable name for themselves as they produce top quality items at prices which are hardly going to break your bank account. With the Graco Duo-Glider Classic Stroller, they’ve provided you and your kids with everything you’d need for a comfortable ride. The stadium seating style involves a rear seat that has been slightly raised higher than the front seat to ensure that your children view the outside. It’s such a fantastic little touch, but one that your kids will love.

This model is compatible with two Graco infant seats, with each being capable of holding up to forty pounds. The one-hand standing fold mechanism will eliminate the need for bending. For the ample storage underneath the stroller’s seats and quick, easy assembly, this stroller could be priced higher and still represent real value for your money.

  • Weight: 29 Pounds
  • Min Weight Recommendation: 4 Pounds
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 40 Pounds Each
  • Color Options: Dragonfly
  • Material: Metal, Plastic, Polyester

1. Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller

Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller

The Joovy Caboose Stand-On, weighing a little 21 pounds, guarantees your kids a smooth ride, thanks to its large, converted ball-bearing wheels. You’ve got the liberty to choose between three different options: walking, standing and sitting. The canopies are made of durable 600D nylon material that ensures your kids are well protected from harmful sun rays. The top comes in various colors, including orange, brown, green, and black.

The 4-wheel suspension allows for a smooth ride. This stroller is fitted with brakes to allow for additional safety. Its lightweight design makes the stroller easier to move, fold, and store. You’ll find large side compartments where you can store valuable items. The Joovy Caboose Stand-On Stroller is ideal for outings.

  • Weight: 29.7 Pounds
  • Max Weight Recommendation: 90 Pounds
  • Reclining Options: 2
  • Material(s): Plastic Tire
  • Batteries Required: No

Tips on Using Double Baby Strollers

  1. First, remove the canopy in case the door is too small for your baby to fit in.
  2. Always unlock the wheels before starting to push the stroller.
  3. Always make use of harness points for your children’s safety.
  4. Read the instructions that come along with the stroller before cleaning it.
  5. Read the guidelines before using any new double stroller.
  6. Apply lubricate to the necessary parts regularly to avoid mechanical problems.
  7. If possible, avoid forcing the wheels over rough terrains.
  8. Inflate the tires regularly, but don’t over-inflate.

Decide on Your Budget

Among the most important things you’d need to decide first is your budget. A sincere advice would be not to keep your budget too small. That is due to matters like safety and reliability. Even so, what you’d want for your children is the best. That best implies ensuring maximum comfort and security possible. Be wise and understand that you won’t get a good stroller at cheap rates.

Also, you’re purchasing something from which you expect long time service. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ve to empty your pockets to get a good double stroller. It’s not that the most expensive strollers are the best. A good stroller is one that’s reasonably priced and affordable.

Choose a Good Double Stroller

You need to ensure that the stroller you’re going to purchase isn’t just comfortable for the children, but also for you. A double stroller will be your best companion in enhancing an enjoyable and hassle-free stroll with your adventurous kids around. Ensure to purchase a stroller that fits your heat well to avoid unnecessary pains and aches while promoting a comfortable space for your children. Choosing any of the strollers featured above will meet your needs, providing you with utmost comfort, reliability, durability and top support.


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