Top 10 Best Cordless Drills In 2017 Reviews

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Light, handheld, and with powerful battery-driven systems that last long, cordless drills are novel accessories that are perfect for screwing and drilling applications in homes and commercial establishments such as home and or offices. Even though cheap, most models are reliable, easy to use, and have multi-functional systems with replaceable heads that you can choose to match your needs. They are also durable, ideal for use in tight spaces, and have compact and well-assembled designs and sizes that you can choose to match needs. If you are a professional contractor and or do demanding home renovation projects regularly and are shopping for a new cordless drills for everyday usage, purchase one of the 10 brands listed here in for the best experience. They are affordable, have impact resistant bodies with ergonomic handles that improve user comfort, and have premium components that last for long.

10. Makita LXFD01WSP1

Makita LXFD01WSP1

Compact and with a 4-pole Makita-built motor that generates up to 480-inch pounds of torque when in use, Makita LXFD01WSP1 is a contractors and or home renovation enthusiast’s dream, particularly when heavy duty drilling is involved. It is powerful, accommodated 1/2 –inch drill bits of various shapes and lengths, and has a convenient cordless design that operates excellently in tight spaces. The lithium ion battery pack that it draws power from is durable (18-volts), recharges fast, and does not suffer the memory effect over time. Its variable speed system (0-400 & 0-1,500 RPM) supports a range of driving and drilling applications, while its light (33.3 pounds) design lowers user fatigue without lowering power output and or compromising performance in any way. For better control, you also get an ergonomic handle and a newly redesigned rubberized grip that improves comfort and maneuverability whilst in use.

9. Kawasaki 840110

Kawasaki 840110

An officially licensed product by Kawasaki, Kawasaki 840110 is a durable battery-powered (19.2-volts) cordless drill with a portable build that does not weigh down nor lower the experience of users in any way. It is black themed, has a sturdy body made of high-grade plastic, and comes with a premium-grade drill kit tested for reliability, durability, and high quality standards. The high quality drill that buyers receive, for instance, is a durable dual-speed model with 25 torque settings that you can choose to match your job type. The keyless chuck offered eases bit changes, while is built in bubble levels helps you to drill and or drive accurately through different types of materials. With a new tool, you also get a hand storage case for keeping bits and other components well organized, assorted driver and drill bits, and two batteries and a charger

8. Black & Decker AD600

Black & Decker AD600

Designed for doing small to medium-duty driving and drilling jobs, the AD600 by Black & Decker is a low profile and battery-powered (6-volt alkaline) cordless drill with a light and portable design that is gentle on the wrist and hands when working for long hours. The high grade plastic used to make its body is durable, slip-resistant, and ergonomically built to fit comfortably in the hand for better control. It is also dent resistant, has an integrated handle with grips that lower the risk of slipping, and has a universal 1/4-inch hex and a quick connect bit system that saves users effort and or time when changing bits. Black & Decker AD600 has a 130 RPM motor that generates up to 40-inch-pounds of driving force when in use and comes backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

7. Black & Decker GC960

Black & Decker GC960

Powered by a rechargeable 9.6 volt NiCad battery pack, Black & Decker GC960 is a powerful drill and driver combo with a convenient cordless design that is perfect for working in tight spaces and or doing outside jobs. It is durable, affordable, and has a compact and light construction that saves valuable space during storage. The keyless chuck it comes with accommodates several bit types and sizes. Its 24 position clutch does not strip screws when in use, while its convenient slide pack battery is easy to handle when charging and or replacing. If power is desirable, but money a challenge, Black & Decker GC960 is a worthy accessory to purchase. It is also easier to use, does not dent nor lose its structural integrity over time, and comes with a DC plug charger.

6. Black & Decker SS12C

Black & Decker SS12C

With an ergonomic design that offers improved comfort and control and a powerful motor that handled heavy duty drilling and driving jobs well, Black & Decker SS12C is an innovative cordless accessory with a high-performance 12-volt battery pack that keeps it powered for long. Its light and portable design is perfect for working long shifts. It automated system adjusts speed and power automatically for the best experience, while its integrated two speed switch is not only easy to use, but also grants users better control of the drilling process. When working on soft materials such as wood, for instance, you can choose the low setting to save power and lower the risk of splitting and or lowering quality in any way. You also get a high torque 130-inch-pound motor, a durable metal chuck, and a comfortable handle that eases maneuvering and control.

5. DEWALT Bare-Tool DCD950B

DEWALT Bare-Tool DCD950B

Popular in top 10 best cordless drills in 2017 reviews, DEWALT Bare-Tool DCD950B is a reliable 1/2-inch XRP hammer, drill, and driver with a high grade 18-volt battery that keeps it powered optimally when in use. It is durable, has an all-metal three-speed transmission system that matches its performance to job type, and has a heavy-duty self-straightening chuck that offered superior gripping strength when doing both light and heavy duty drilling or driving jobs. The improved run time offered allows users to work for long hours without having to recharge it often. Its ergonomic design and handle lowers user fatigue, while its improved balance and therefore control ranks it among the best in its class. With an original, you get a reliable, powerful, and versatile tool that lasts.

4. Hitachi DS18DVF3

Hitachi DS18DVF3

A five star-rated 1/2-inch driver and drill by individuals and contractors worldwide, Hitachi DS18DVF3 is a dependable work accessory that has earned global acclaim for several reasons. Its cordless design, for instance, is light, convenient to use, and penetrated tight spaces better than most larger models in the market. The 18-volt NiCad battery it comes with is removable, replaceable, and keeps it powered for long at full capacity. It is also durable, does not lose its capacity over time, and boosts this drills functionality without adding unnecessary weight. If you do heavy duty personal and commercial jobs often, this drill has a class-leading 400-inch-pound motor that breezes through the toughest of jobs. The keyless chuck that buyers receive eases bit replacement, the comfortable anti-slip grip and ergonomic handle that buyers get boost its functionality. You get a 5-year limited warranty for a new one.



Compact, cordless, and with a powerful battery driven system that eliminates the hassle off drilling and driving, DEWALT DCD760KL is a fun to use 18-volt tool, designed to lower user fatigue. It is durable, has an innovative dual-speed (0-500/0-1700 rpm) system, and comes with a dependable charger and kit box that boosts its overall value further. Its compact battery eliminates the unnecessary bulk found on some poorly designed ones. Its built in LED light illuminates work spaces well, while its universal 1/2-inch chuck and 17 clutch settings ease bit replacement and protect screws from stripping respectively. Even though cheap, DEWALT DCD760KL lasts long. It is also easy to use and comes backed by a 90-day manufacturer’s guarantee and limited three-year warranty.

2. Black & Decker LDX120C

Black & Decker LDX120C

As most Black and Decker products in the market, this LDX120C drill is a commercial-grade combo model (drive and drill) perfect for drilling into soft materials such as wood and plastic and hard ones such as metal and concrete. Its compact design is lightweight, easy to use, and works well in tight spaces and or confined spaces. The 20-volt rechargeable battery pack (Li-ion) battery pack it draws power from is professional-grade, while its ergonomic handle design not only eases usage, but also lowers hand fatigue when working for long. When handling commercial projects, thus, you will be able to work faster without compromising personal safety and that of other workers. You also get an 11 position clutch for precise and better control and a variable speed system.



Topping our list, DEWALT DCD771C2 is a compact Lithium ion (20-volt) powered cordless drill with a durable and easy to use design perfect for commercial and personal use. The high performance motor (300 unit watts) offered is durable, powerful, and has a two-speed transmission system (0-450 & 1,500 rpm) that supports several drilling and fastening applications. Its rugged plastic body lasts long, while its 1/2-inch chuck is universal and has a ratcheting system that grips bits tightly. Buyers also get an ergonomic rubberized handle for better control and comfort.


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