Top 10 Best Cheap Bunk Beds In 2016 Reviews

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Liked by kids and parents alike, bunk beds are comfortable household accessories with space efficient designs that do not clutter homes. Even wooden models are the commonest, with a bit of research; you can also find advanced metallic and plastic models that will serve you well for many years. Bunk beds are also affordable, have spacious designs that benefit those with many kids and or those with kids that host sleepovers on a regular basis, and allow corporation and or creativity from siblings while leads to stronger familial bonds. If you have changed homes recently and are shopping for a new bunk bed on a budget many innovative models are currently available in stores with the 10 models reviewed on this list ranking among the best budget bunk beds in the market for several reasons. Construction, for instance, is sturdy using the best quality materials. Their layered designs are spacious while their kid friendly designs are not only innovative but also perfect for everyday usage. Read on for a detailed analysis of their benefits and features.

10. Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed

Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed

Featuring a sturdy full steeper design and a stylish white lacquer finish using environment and kid-friendly paint, this twin over bunk bed by Discovery World Furniture is a CPSC and ASTM-certified household accessory that comes mattress-ready. Even though cheap, it is durable, very easy to assemble, and has a larger and kid-safe design that accommodate several mattress sizes (up to eight inches). In terms of style, its well-built and well-finished body blends well in both contemporary and traditional rooms. Setup is also simple while its integrated staircase allows your kids to access its upper bed hassle-free and safely. With a new and original model, you get a solid pine bunk bed (with medium density fingerboards at its non-structural areas) that lasts for many years.

9. Coaster Bunk Bed

Coaster Bunk Bed

Unlike what many people think, the fact that you are shopping for a budget bunk bed does not mean that you should compromise quality for savings. With this 115″L x 100″W x 50″H bed by Coaster, for instance, you get an affordable and multi-functional bunk bed with a compact and stable design that works well in kid’s rooms. It is durable, has custom and baby safe fittings that improve its function and aesthetic value, and come with a large and free tent that your boy or girl can use to host sleepovers and or sleep when bored with beds. The slide that buyers get works well. Its light and easy to assemble design does not require skill or a lot of energy to put together while the tube stainless steel used to manufacture it is durable and has a treated and well-finished design that does not rust nor corrode over time.

8. DONCO Bunk Bed

DONCO Bunk Bed

Liked by parents worldwide, this bunk bed by DONCO is an advanced twin-over accessory with a stylish twin mission style that blends well in homes. The wood used to manufacture sturdy and has a creek-free design that does not impair sleep. It has weight capacity is innovative while its removable top bank allows you to set up two beds. You also get a comfortable roll out trundle (on the bottom bunk) that comes in handy when hosting sleepovers, a stylish cappuccino finish, and a mattress ready base with slat foundations that improve its stability and its functionality further. If safety is of concern, this budget bed has a well-finished and splinter-free body that boosts safety. It also has a stable ladder with flat rungs for safety and comfort, a rigorously tested and CSPC and ASTM-approved design, and a lead-free finish that never compromises kid’s health.

7. Kings Brand Furniture Bunk Bed

Kings Brand Furniture Bunk Bed

Purchase this Kings Brand Furniture bunk bed to get a wooden walnut-finished accessory with a spacious, full-sized, and convertible design that is perfect for hosting sleepovers. It is affordable, durable, comes with a safety rail and ladder that protect children from rolling and falling and ease access to the top bed respectively. Assembly is straightforward. You can even separate its two bed to two independent ones without lowering its stability and of functionality in any way. Out of the box, this bunk bed comes mattress ready. The 14 wooden slats that it comes with distribute weight excellently for optimal support while its versatile 59″W x 79″L x 73″H design fits comfortably in tight rooms without cluttering personal space. Buy an original model on the Web to get a discounted price and a warranty.

6. DHP Twin Over

DHP Twin Over

Top rated in the kid’s accessories niche, this twin over bunk bed by DHP is a versatile and space efficient accessories that also works well in dorm rooms. It is durable, super-stable, and is made of a heavy-duty steel with an aesthetic black theme. Even though simple, this bunk bed works better than most expensive high-end models in the market. The flat and stable platforms that it comes with, for instance, optimize its user’s level of comfort for a restful and enjoyable sleep. Its well-finished joints, on the other hand, do not fail even when loaded to full capacity while its easy to assemble design eliminates that hassle of setup whenever you are changing homes. DHP Twin Over bunk bed has a high weight capacity (225 pounds for bottom bunk and 200 pounds for top bunk), a stable ladder, and a protective powder coating that resists rust and corrosion.

5. WE Furniture Twin over Twin

WE Furniture Twin over Twin

An acclaimed twin over bed in top 10 best cheap bunk beds for sale in 2016 reviews, WE Furniture is a spacious bunk bed with an attractive solid wood construction that withstands everyday abuse well. It is sturdy, has a built-in stairway that eases access to its top bank, and has an advanced safety-certified design that supports up to 250 pounds at full capacity. Assembly is simple. The cool white finish it comes with, on the other hand, is aesthetic and lack lead and other chemical irritants that might harm your kids over time.

4. King’s Brand Furniture B125H

King's Brand Furniture B125H

Durable, affordable, and with a stylish wood arched convertible design that blends well in homes, King’s Brand Furniture B125H is a top-grade bunk bed that offers value. The 65mm wooden posts used to make its frame is stable and designed to support colossal weight. Its slats (12 in number) are also stable while its stylish honey finish improves its overall value further. If safety is a major concern, this bunk bed will work well for you. Its decent height, for instance, prevents that person sleeping on the lower bunk from hitting his or her head whenever he or she wakes up. Finally, you get a stable ladder and protective rails that protect your child from falling when sleeping. This bed is affordable and is easy to assemble out of the box.

3. Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin

Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin

Featuring a powder coated tubular steel frame and a modern twin-over-twin design that you can convert into single beds. It is durable, has a clean geometric shape with full-length guardrails and a ladder for optimal safety. It is also easy to assemble, available in white and black, and has stable and comfortable beds designed to fit many types of mattresses measuring up to 9-inches thick. You will never regret buying a new one from a reputable brick and mortar or Web-based store.

2. Stork Craft Caribou

Stork Craft Caribou

Stork Craft Caribou is a stylish espresso-themed bunk bed with a comfortable full sized design that works well in kid and visitor’s bedrooms. It is durable, has a stable slat roll that distributes weight evenly on the body, and has a well-made convertible design that you can transform into two separate beds for use in the same or different rooms. If budget is of concern, this one of a kind bunk bed is affordable. Its safety certified design (both US and Canada) has a plethora of safety features (stable frame, guardrails, and a ladder) that will keep your bundle of joy safe. It is also aesthetic, easy to maintain, and comes backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s guarantee

1. Stork Craft Long Horn

Stork Craft Long Horn

Talking about the best bunk beds for sale in 2016, the Long Horn by Stock Craft tops our list of the best. Designed with the user’s safety and comfort in mind, this white themed bed is not only top grade but also has several good quality components that will improve how your kids and or visitors sleep at night. Its full sized slats, for instance, are stable and comfortable to sleep on. The solid wood used to manufacture it is also durable while its kid-friendly finishes and the unique fastening systems that it comes with rank it among the best in this niche. You get a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee for an original.

Are you shopping for a budget bunk bed for your kids? Even though several notable brands are available in stores, buy one of the 10 models listed on this list for the best experience. They are durable and attainable cheap in stores.


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