Top 10 Best Backpacks For Kids In 2016 Reviews

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The parents who have school-going kids well know about the inevitable kids’ backpack search that starts at the beginning of nearly every academic year. And with the 21st children getting all the more demanding and choosy and fashionable, the task can be a bit challenging. As such, if you are shopping for a sturdy, long lasting, and practical yet stylish bag for your kid to carry their learning accessories, and perhaps a lunch box and water bottle too, this is your article to read. The market today has fashionable backpacks with cool, chic styles to match the trend of the moment, and with a good pick, your kid will be inspired to learn better. But it can be challenging for a parent who is doing it for the first time to tell the best quality models apart. We got you covered, though. This article takes you around the top 10 best backpacks for kids in 2016 reviews. Just read through to discover.

10. Disney Cars Shaped Backpack

Disney Cars Shaped Backpack

The many good reviews supporting this backpack tell you one thing—it is a high quality and most desired one by parents and kids alike. Its look and quality is quite impressive. It features cute, classy Cars character. Moreover, its 3D shape is very attractive to most kids who fancy sports racing cars, which resembles such autos. As such, kids will be very interested in using this model of backpack in their day to day activities. It features great storage space to provide the best experience for your kid’s carrying of their items. It has high quality and well padded straps for added comfort. It can be the most ideal for your kids if they love racing Cars.

9. Hynes Eagle Emoji Kids’ Backpack

Hynes Eagle Emoji Kids' Backpack

One of the best rated products in this niche, the Hynes is a great, reliable and durable backpack for your kid. It features a nice, cool graphic design that is an Emoji. Most kids fancy the funny faces so much and instantly get impressed by them. Moreover, the backpack is made of 100 percent quality polyester and has a lining made of soft nylon material. It features adjustable well-padded shoulder straps. It is a comfortable backpack with a laptop sleeve which can hold up to 14-inch size laptops. In a nutshell, it is a convenient backpack and a best choice for a school backpack for kids from all over the world.

8. JiaYou Kid Girl’s Oxford Princess

JiaYou Kid Girl’s Oxford Princess

This is a suitable backpack for the kids who need to store their school essentials and other items of theirs securely. It has several beneficial features which kids will find quite useful and convenient to use. it features a durable and functional zipper closure to allow kids to easily open and/or close it. It is crafted from premium-grade Oxford material that supports kids backpacking needs for long. It is ideal for any kid who is between 5 to 10 years old. It measures approximately 43 by 30 by 18 cm, enough to allow your lovely kid to carry any of his/her favorite accessories easily.

7.J World New-York Lollipop Rolling Backpack

J World New-York Lollipop Rolling Backpack

The J World New York Lollipop Kid’s Rolling Backpack is a great choice for those fashion-forward elementary-stage kids. It is a high quality bag featuring multiple compartments for carrying notebooks and other pertinent school supplies, and also has a front pocket integrating pencil holders, a good-design key fob and a stylish mesh pocket. It has an adjustable locking handle, ensuring reduced strain as the kid rolls this backpack. It has soft padded straps and back for ensuring comfort and right posture for the kids. Its quality zip closures ensure the contents remain secure. It is a durable bag made from water resistant premium polyester.

6. JanSport T501 SuperBreak Backpack

JanSport T501 SuperBreak Backpack

Featuring a robust 600-denier polyester build and a chic, stylish exterior, this is a great backpack for the bigger kids who carry more school accessories or other items when going out or traveling. The utilitarian pack provides a single major compartment as well as a front pocket with a great organizer, offering space enough to keep 2 to 3 textbooks, three spiral notebooks, pens, calculator, pencils, an MP3 player, a bag lunch, and other favorite items conveniently. Moreover, the JanSport T501 SuperBreak is convenient and comfortable for a strain-free hopping from class to class, thanks to its straight-cut and well-padded shoulder straps as well as a 2/3-padded back panel to provide cushioning for comfort. The bag is further fitted with a quality web haul loop along its top, and it is backed by a lifelong warranty.

5. Skip Hop Zoo-Pack Kid Backpack

Skip Hop Zoo-Pack Kid Backpack

This is a high quality, adorable yet affordable backpack for kids, and one among the most popular models today. It is a unique backpack that features a great design most kids love. It is convenient and long lasting. Moreover, this backpack has a suitable main compartment for keeping books and other learning supplies. It further features a front pocket and a well insulated pouch for keeping snacks. It also has an adjustable quality mesh water bottle pocket. Even more, its shoulder straps are quite soft and simple to adjust. It is a great model of kids’ backpack every parent should consider buying for their school-going beloved little ones.

4. Wildkin Olive Kids Trains/Planes/Trucks Sidekick Backpack

Wildkin Olive Kids Trains

If you are looking to purchase a great backpack for your dear kid, this is one to consider. It is a stylish model featuring several characters that kids love, among them trains, trucks, planes, as well as dolls. It is made of high quality and durable 600-denier polyester fabric for both comfort and durability. It further features a well padded back panel for improved comfort for your kids as they carry their accessories and items in it. Its easy to adjust soft padded shoulder straps ensures no fatigue to your dear kids. It has great compartments that allow a well organized packing of their items to avoid clutter, while the zippers allow for secure storage and easy access of the items in equal measure.

3. Minecraft ThinkGeek Creeper Backpack

Minecraft ThinkGeek Creeper Backpack

The Minecraft ThinkGeek Creeper is also another great backpack for kids, a much well-known product for its cute and stylish creeper design which is quite popular among a whopping number of kids. The backpack features some very useful storage pockets for kids’ accessories and secure zip closures. Kids easily store their items easily in it. The product comes in several different color options, among them blue and green, giving different kids different taste preferences. Kids will no doubt love the look this bag brings.

2. Obersee Kid’s All-in-One Backpacks

Obersee Kid's All-in-One Backpacks

This is a very adorable and also lovable kids’ school backpack, a bestseller product that is especially designed to be fun for kids. It is a cute model with a stylish design featuring a rhinestone star which most kids have and will fall in love. It is an ideal pick for kids about 3 years up. It is made of high quality and water resistant polyester material. Moreover, the bag features a great compartment that can fit a typical school folder and a front pocket which can be used to store food box. The bag has soft padded shoulder straps that are adjustable and adjustable chest straps too for your child’s carrying comfort.

1.icci Cute Kids Backpacks

icci Cute Kids Backpacks

As the name suggests, this is a very cute backpack ideal for kids 3 years and up, great for both boys and girls. It is a great pick for school-going kids, young hikers, or traveling kids. It provides several benefits which mostly recommend it as a best choice among many. It has a very cute design that always impresses kiddos. It features a big main compartment for keeping many other kids’ items, while its padded, comfortable shoulder straps ensure comfort for the little ones even when they carry it for long hours. Moreover, this product is made of environment-friendly and durable neoprene material which is easy to wash and dries fast, making it easy to maintain and keep clean. It is undeniably the best backpack for kids available on the market today.

You will be met by other models of backpacks advertised as good for kids’ use, but do not be cheated: if you are looking for the best quality, stylish and chic design backpacks that your kids will love to use for conveniently and easily carry their school as well as travel accessories and items without getting fatigued or inconvenienced, you don’t need to look farther than the above highlighted top 10 best backpacks for kids in 2016 reviews. They are interesting and comfortable and inspiring.


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