Top 10 Best Baby Floats In 2017 Reviews

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If you are among the tens of parents with babies that enjoy swimming, personal safety is a valuable attribute that you must never take lightly. Make sure that you are a good swimmer, for instance, before you plunge your baby inside a pool. You should also schedule your swimming sessions on warm and sunny days, and purchase and use one of the baby floats reviewed herein to maximize the safety of your baby. Even though cheap and with simple designs that most parents often ignore, these light flotation devices support a lot of weight. The comfortable and baby-safe materials used to manufacture them are perfect for everyday use, while their versatile designs promote interactive gameplay whenever you are spending time outdoors with your bundle of joy. Read on for an analysis of their features and some of the benefits your baby will enjoy with an original one.

10. OTOO Baby Swimming Float Boat

OTOO Baby Swimming Float Boat

Featuring a stylish, spacious, and interactive boat theme that is perfect for swimming in pools, OTOO baby float has a convenient inflatable design that is easy to transport to your local pool and back. Light, air-filled, and with an integrated sunshade canopy that protects you baby from harmful sun rays outdoors, it improves the experience of babies significantly. For babies that have just gotten into swimming, for instance, it not only cushions them but also prevents them from sinking and endangering their lives. The polyvinyl chloride fabric used to manufacture it is water and tear-proof, while its extra-wide float design is stable and designed to supports a lot of weight on water. You also get a cute finished body that babies (1-3 years old) appreciate and a smooth leg hole that allows your baby to feel the water and get into the action without compromising health and or safety. You get a free starfish water toy with each purchase.

9. Swim School Baby and Me Combo Boat

Swim School Baby and Me Combo Boat

Manufactured using a patented three-ply vinyl fabric, Baby and Me combo boat from Swim School is a versatile baby accessory with a reinforced web core that fits and secures babies well. It is 100% water resistant, built to resist tears and water damage, and has a light, compact, and portable design that you will never have trouble transporting to your local swimming pool. Once inflated, its broad design and the integrated comfort back ring maximize the stability and comfort levels of babies. The colorful play rings that it comes with, on the other hand, come 3D printed on the inside to maximize their longevity and baby safety while its affordability and ease of setup make it an ideal recreational accessory for babies aged 6-18 months. You do not have to worry about your baby drowning.

8. Intex Whale Baby Float

Intex Whale Baby Float

Manufactured in the USA using 100% baby-safe materials, this whale-themed baby float from Intex has grown in popularity all over the world mainly because of its functionality and aesthetic value. The classic blue-themed whale design that buyers get, for instance, not only appeals to babies of all cadres but also promotes active gameplay when spending time in pools. Construction is sturdy using water-resistant and leak-proof fabrics while the dual chambered system that Intex has integrated into it not only maximizes its performance but also safety. In the case of a breach in one of the air compartments, the other one will keep him or her long enough for you to access and remove him or her from the water. Intex Whale Baby Float measures 41 x 33-inches (deflated), supports up to 25 pounds, and works best for babies aged 1+ years old.

7. Swim School LIL’Skipper Baby Boat

Swim School LIL'Skipper Baby Boat

Are you gradually introducing your kid to swimming? To keep him or her safe and inspire confidence at the same time, LIL’Skipper Baby Boat from Swim School is one of the best floats to use. An acclaimed confidence building system among parents globally, this level one accessory works well. Its light and decently sized body (28″ long x 23″ Wide) has a comfortable triple-reinforced seat for optimal safety. Its water resistant and body cushioning design is perfect for outdoor use while the adjustable backrest not only supports the back well but also is also removable to offer sufficient space for your growing baby. This way, instead of purchasing several floats to suit the needs of your growing baby, you get a single versatile accessory that lasts long. With each new one you purchase, you also get a web core seat (three ply) that never gives under pressure and a fun to use accessory that benefits babies aged 6-18 months old.

6. SwimWays 11622 Baby Tug Boat

SwimWays 11622 Baby Tug Boat

By far one of the most advanced and well-built baby floats in 2017, this tug boat-themed 11622 SwimWays float is durable and has an action packed design with many innovative features that you bundle of joy will appreciate. The light, waterproof, and air-filled fabric used to manufacture it, for example, supports babies well for a safer and entertaining experience. The four position adjustable seat offered is comfortable and designed to grow with babies while the fitting UV canopy that it comes with shields babies from harmful UVA and UVB rays outdoors. To keeps babies active and well entertained on the water, the steering wheel that comes built in offered babies hours’ worth of fun. The bells and a honking horn that it comes with better the experience further while its sturdy plastic body withstands abuse well without fading, deflating, of compromising the safety of your baby over time.

5. Swim School Fish Sun Shade Baby Float

Swim School Fish Sun Shade Baby Float

Offering the value and safety that parents like the Swim School brand for this fish themed baby float and sunshade combo is a well thought out baby accessory with an extra wide, comfortable, and stable design that is perfect for introducing babies into swimming. Inflated, this one of a kind float measures approximately 36-inches. It folds compact for easier storage and transportation and has a plethora of safety features that will keep your six-18-year-old baby safe outdoors. The wide splash and play area offered, for instance, has an adjustable sunshade (UPF 50) that protects babies from harmful rays. The comfortable mesh seat offered, on the other hand, has a three-ply web core that rarely rips under pressure while its meticulous design and constructed body does not leak pool water nor tear.

4. Intex 56583EP Fish Baby Float

Intex 56583EP Fish Baby Float

Purchase a new Intex 56583EP to get a large (44-inch x 25-inch) fish-themed baby float made of 10-gauge vinyl. Its inflatable body is comfortable, has smooth and well-finished leg holes that do not irritate babies, and has three large air chambers that maximize the safety of babies outdoors. If one chamber punctures without warning, for instance, the remaining two will keep your baby afloat without any noticeable dip in performance. You also get a large and inflatable sunshade that protects babies from harsh UV rays, a lightweight, and portable baby float that you can carry effortlessly to the pool and back, and a reliable design backed by over 48 years of research. For those with a tight budget, Intex 56583EP Fish Baby Float is affordable and readily available on Amazon and other reputable stores.

3. Fred’s Swim Academy SwimTrainer

Fred's Swim Academy SwimTrainer

Valued in top 10 best baby floats in 2017 reviews, this classic red Fred’s Swim Academy swim trainer is a recommended baby float for 3-month to 4-years old in red. Lightweight, durable, and designed to support over 40 pounds, it is a perfect recreational accessory. Its sturdy and comfortable design maximizes the safety and independence of babies in the water. The lightweight PVC used to manufacture it allows babies to play unrestrained in water while the non-slip inflatable pads it comes with maximize safety and its performance further. Fred’s Swim Academy SwimTrainer is phthalate free and has a robust patent pending design that you baby will enjoy using every day.

2. Intex 59574EP My Baby Float

Intex 59574EP My Baby Float

Featuring the popular chambered design found in most Intex baby floats, 59574EP My Baby Float is a safe and functional baby accessory with a striking yellow theme that does not stain nor fade easily. Its 36-inch design (diameter) is spacious and fun to use. The backrest pillow that it comes with supports the back and body of the baby for added comfort while its smooth seat straps secure babies well to prevent them from falling over the float when over active. Routine maintenance is very simple courtesy of its water resistant design and its affordability and ability to withstand everyday abuse rank it among the best for use in different types of pools.

1. Swimways Baby Spring Float

Swimways Baby Spring Float

A perfect float center for babies that enjoy spending time on the water, Swimways Baby Spring Float tops our list. Fitted with a large and protective canopy, it is a perfect outdoor accessory. Comfort levels are admirable while the interactive play station (rattle, stacking rings, squeaker, and tether) that it comes with keeps babies busy and entertain, even as they float freely on the water. Storage and transportation are easy while the baby safe materials used to make it and support for 9-24-month-old boosts its value further.


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