Top 10 Best Baby Car Seats In 2016 Reviews

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Every year, thousands of children worldwide are involved in fatal motor vehicles accidents, 68% of which are vehicle passengers. While most fatalities are a result of driver mistakes and or poor road culture, non or misuse of safety apparatus such as seat belts contribute to a high proportion of these fatalities globally. If you have a young child and have his or her well-being at heart, never make the same mistake. Purchasing an installing a premium car seat will protect him or her from debilitating injuries in the event of an accident. Most model are also highly comfortable, have seat belts and a plethora of other safety apparatus that keep babies safe on the road, and help people to drive safely by eliminating the worry of having children in backseats. For the best experience, the 10 best to buy include:

10. Safety 1st On-Board

Safety 1st On-Board

This Sail Away edition of the liked Safety 1st On-Board 35 line of car seats is an ergonomic rear-facing car seat for kids that supports between four and 35 pounds. Its lightweight base and sturdy body is easy to install on all types of cars. The in-molded heavy-duty plastic used to make its body offers superior side impact protection, while its foam-padded construction is soft and orients the body naturally to keep babies as comfortable as possible in transit. As you drive to your parents place and or your next holiday destination, therefore, you will drive in peace knowing that your child is safe and comfortable throughout your journey. Made using the latest technologies, Safety 1st On-Board exceeds all federal standards of safety. All pads are removable and washable. The adjustable five-point harness and 17% more legroom offered on the other hand work perfectly for babies all sizes.

9. Evenflo Nurture Koi

Evenflo Nurture Koi

Featuring a separate stay-in car base, a protective in-molded body, and a padded system that dissipates shock well, Evenflo Nurture Koi is a professional-grade infant car seat with a light, portable, and travel-worthy design. Installation in both compact and large vehicles is a breeze. The superior side impact protection offered keeps babies safe in the event of a side collision, while the stable five-point harness it comes with adjusts to fit and secure babies of all cadres without compromising personal comfort. With an original chair, therefore, you do not have to worry about your child flying out of the seat and injuring him or herself if you brake suddenly. Other notable features that have earned it a permanent spot in top 10 best baby car seats in 2016 reviews are is ergonomic and mom-friendly car seat handle for optimal support, removable and machine-washable pads, and a large canopy that shields kids from environmental elements (rain and UV rays).

8. Graco Classic Ride

Graco Classic Ride

A trusted brand in the car seat industry, Graco has produced several functional products over the years, with Classic Ride 50 model gaining global recognition for the following desirable attributes: its Boyton theme, for instance, is aesthetic and blends well in motor vehicles. The universal base on offer installs easily in all types of vehicles, while its carefully build and rigorously crush-tested design exceeds the set US safety standards for infant car seats. Well-installed, therefore, your bundle of joy will stay comfortable and well-protected independent of terrain and driving conditions. This convertible car seat works well in two orientations. In rear facing orientation, it supports infants weighing between 4 and 40-pounds. In front facing orientation, on the other hand, its capacity increases to between 20 (minimum) and 50 pounds (maximum). You also get a comfortable head support, latch-equipped system that is easy to install, and classic safety features including a 5-point harness.

7. Evenflo Tribute Sport

Evenflo Tribute Sport

Compact, durable, and with an innovative convertible design, Evenflo Tribute is a sports-grade infant car seat that works well in both family sized sedans, and sports utility vehicles. Although cheap, this car seat is durable, and comes with a plethora of features that boosts functionality. Its convertible design, for instance, eliminates the need for buying several car sets to accommodate your growing baby. It is also supportive, has a stable plastic and metallic frame with foam padding that protects babies for injuries, and has a comfortable four-position strap that adjusts to secure babies well during transit. You also get two crotch-buckle positions that adjust to fit your growing baby, a rear facing recline system that boosts comfort and safety further, and a well-engineered, well-tested, and well-assembled design that supports up to 40 pounds. Evenflo Tribute car seat is USA-made using quality components.

6.Disney APT

Disney APT

Designed to supports children 5-40-pounds (rear facing) and 22-40 pounds (front facing), Disney APT is a convertible Mouseketeer Minnie-themed infant car seat that retails for a few dollars online. It is durable, has soft padding for comfort, and has a well-shielded design that offers superior side impact protection when in use. Its adjustable and reclining design fits 19-inch to 43-inch babies, while the myriad of safety features (including an up-front adjusting five-point harness) make sure that your baby is comfortable and well-protect during your long-haul trips. Other notable features that parents find invaluable are it high safety rating, removable and washable pads, and its well-designed frame that never crumbles under pressure. By an original model and install it as needed for the best experience.

5. Graco SnugRide

Graco SnugRide

Graco SnugRide is a tangerine-themed 35-pound infant car seat with an advanced click-connect system that eases installation in both small sedans and large sports utility vehicles. Even though lightweight, the quality in-molded plastic and metal used to manufacture its frame is not only durable, but also absorbs shock well in the event of an accidents. This protects babies from the debilitating head and body injuries that they would have otherwise suffered when traveling without car seats. Its well-padded interior is plush comfortable, SafeSeat engineered and tested to exceed US FMVSS safety standard, and comes with a removable head support and boot for added support and comfort. You also get an adjustable five-point harness, an easy to install latch-equipped base, and a rotating canopy.

4. Maxi Cosi Mico AP

Maxi Cosi Mico AP

Are you shopping for a new infant car seat on a budget? Mico AP by Maxi Cosi is an affordable devoted black accessory with a light and premium design that works well in several types of vehicles. It is durable, has an innovative air protect system that offers superior side-impact protection, and comes with premium foam padding and fabrics that not only boost its functionality, but also comfort further. This is unlike some poorly designed models with rough fabrics that irritate delicate skin of babies. Maxi Cosi Mico AP works best for babies aged between 5 and 22 pounds. It has universal adapters that work well with mist Maxi Cosi strollers and comes with an adjustable five-point harness that secures occupants excellently in transit.

3.Chicco Keyfit

Chicco Keyfit

Ranked among the easiest car seats to install and use, this Sedona-themed Chicco Keyfit infant car seat is a high performance accessory made of durable plastic and polyester fabrics. It is durable, has soft full-body inserts that supports newborns weighing between four and 11 pounds, and has a one-handed five-point harness that is easy-to-setup when securing babies. As most products reviewed herein, Chicco Keyfit conforms to US FMVSS 213 safety standards. Its spring-assisted level foot boosts comfort further; while its integrated bubble level and novel center-pull adjustment system eases installation on both cars and compatible strollers (Cortina, Chicco Bravo, Neuvo, Cortina Together, and TRE to name a few models). For those that explore the outdoors with their babies often, this multi-functional infant car seat has an adjustable multi-position canopy that offers greater coverage.

2.Graco My Ride 65 LX

Graco My Ride 65 LX

Top on our list, Graco My Ride 65 LX is a comfortable coda-themed infant car seat with a sturdy plastic and metallic frame that boosts its functionality significantly. The materials absorb impact well. They also support colossal weight (5-60 pounds in rear facing orientation and 20-65 pounds in front facing orientation), have a compact 26 by 20.5 by 27 inch design, and come padded with and energy absorbing EPS foam that offers superior impact management. You also get an easy to install latch-equipped base, level indicator, 5-point harness, and machine washable cover.

1.Graco Nautilus 3-in-1

Graco Nautilus 3-in-1

Graco Nautilus is an advanced three-in-one infant car seat with a steel-reinforced construction that absorbs impact well without compromising comfort. It is durable, adjusts to accommodate growing babies, and has a multi-functional design that supports 20-100 pound babies approximately 27-57 inches tall. As such, you do no longer have to purchase several static car seats to accommodate your growing baby, as was the case in the past. You also get an ergonomic base with open loop for better positioning, and adjustable (one handed) headrest, and a rigorously crush tested design with an adjustable five point harness that boosts that baby’s stability.


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One thought on “Top 10 Best Baby Car Seats In 2016 Reviews”

  1. Anton Eagles

    I’ve tested 3 best products. Let me describe about it 😉

    1. UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat
    Some people are interested with this car seat. This baby car seat is made from high quality polyurethane foam and polyester fabric. The combination of those materials can make your baby feel comfortable on this car seat. It has side impact protection for improving the security feature of this car seat. Your baby can sit on top of this seat with full protection from this feature. It has hideaway canopy that is equipped with SPF 50 plus feature.

    2. RECARO ProRide Convertible Car Seat
    This car seat is specially created from high quality cotton and polyester. There are some color options that are offered by this product, including red, blue, grey, black, purple, and also blaze. Its full body side impact protection can protect all vulnerable areas of your baby, such as head, face, neck, pelvis, and also torso. It is very easy to adjust the height and position of this powerful car seat for your infant.

    3. Cosco Light ‘n Comfy Infant Seat
    When you want to buy the best infant seat for yourself, you can consider using this powerful car seat. This infant seat is specially designed with extra lightweight design for simple transport. It has some important features for protecting your infant, for example infant insert, 5 point harness, and also side impact protection. It is very easy to store this comfortable car seat in your compact storage space.

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