Top 10 Best Above Ground Swimming Pools In 2016 Reviews

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Swimming is an interesting recreational activity that most families enjoy doing when bonding outdoors. It is also a form of relaxation and one or the most enjoyable and recommended forms of exercise for weight loss for men, women, and kids alike. Unfortunately, because of the premium amounts of money that people had to part with to own standard in-ground models, millions all over the world have sacrificed its numerous benefits for harmful indoor activities such as video gaming and movie watching. However, with the advent of technology and development of effective on-ground pools, this has improved significantly. Most modern models are affordable, manufactured using durable materials that withstand everyday abuse, and offer the realistic swimming experience that most individuals appreciate. Setup is also simple, their water efficient designs Eco-friendly, and their easy to clean and maintain designs ideal for daily use in household environments. Purchase one of these top 10 best models for the best experience.

10.Heritage YO 241252SFP

Heritage YO 241252SFP

Measuring approximately 24 feet by 12 feet by 52-inches (deep), Heritage YO 241252SFP is an innovative Yosemite-themed above ground pool with a complete and ready to use design that you can setup on your backyard hassle free. The 6-inch galvanized steel ledge that it comes with is sturdy, rust and corrosion resistance, and has a stylish painted finish that does not chip nor contaminates water when in use. The weather-resistant Perma 25 Series vinyl overlap liner used to manufacture its body is also durable, rip and tear resistant, and has a striking solid blue theme that does not fade nor stain over time even when left outdoors under the sun. This pool also resists frost and comes with a flip-up heavy-duty resin ladder that eases entry and exit and a powerful motor-driven (1HP) sand filter (16-inches) that keep the pool as clean as possible and ready to use. Buy an original model on the Web to get a 20-year warranty.

9. Summer Waves (Rectangular)

Summer Waves

Durable, stylish, and with a large 9-foot by 18 foot soft sided metallic frame, this rectangular shaped above ground swimming pool by Summer Waves is a top-grade accessory that sets up conveniently in backyards. Installation is easy. The reinforced pool bracing system it comes with improves its stability in ground, while the metal used to manufacture it is not only durable but also has well-finished edges that do not harm swimmers. You also get an advanced Skimmer plus filtration system that keeps water clean, A sturdy A frame ladder for easier entry and exit, and a pool cover that keeps contaminants out when not in use.

8.Splash Pools Slim Style Oval

Splash Pools Slim Style Oval

Purchase this oval above ground pool by Splash Pools to get a durable 30-foot by 15 foot by 52-inch accessory with a convenient slim style design that does not clutter personal space. This, however, does not mean that you sacrifice performance. The 52 inches of depth offered accommodates adults and children well. The 20-gauge all-weather vinyl liner that it comes with is durable, tear-proof, and stain-resistant while the A-frame resin ladder offered is stable and eases access to the pool without compromising the safety of users. For added safety, this pool has a built in safety barrier that prevents children (and even adults) from falling off accidentally. The 1HP and filter that it comes with keeps its interior clean and debris-free while its stable and easy to assemble design make it an ideal household accessory. This pool is cost-effective and comes backed by a return warranty.

7.Bestway 56440E Steel Pro

Bestway 56440E Steel Pro

The Steel Pro 56440E by Bestway is a top-grade 48-foot by 18 foot above ground pool with a durable steel frame and a heavy-duty three-ply polyester and PVC blend fabric with tight and waterproof seals that do not leak water nor rip over time. All metal frames are rigid and rust-resistant. The reinforced rope wraps on its bottoms keeps it in places when in use while its high water capacity (4,231 gallons) makes swimming fun for both kids and adults. With an original model, you also get a high-performance 1000-gallon capacity filter pump, an integrated flow control drain valves that ease draining when cleaning, a durable 48-inch pool ladder for easier entry and exit, and a ground cloth and pool cover that will serve you well for years.

6.Intex Ultra Frame

Intex Ultra Frame

Even though smaller than most above ground pools listed herein (24 feet by12 feet c 52-inches), this Ultra Frame pool set by Intex is a durable and well-engineered household accessory with strong, durable, and rust-resistant frames for support and a leak-proof laminated PVC walls that create an excellent swimming environment for adults and children. It is affordable, has a simple design that you can setup in just 60 minutes, and has a large capacity design that accommodates up to 8,403 gallons of water without leaking and of collapsing on itself. The Krystal Clear sand filter (2,100gph) that it comes with keeps water clear and fun to use. The ground cloth and ladder that it comes with boost its functionality further. You also get a durable debris cover for preventing contamination when not in use and a convenient drain plug that you can use to drain it conveniently using a hose.

5. Intex Ocean Reef

Intex Ocean Reef

Durable, stylish, and with a quality 10-foot by 30-foot design that benefits people with small families, Intex Ocean Reef is a top-grade accessory with a space-efficient design that you can setup conveniently in your backyard. Installation is easy. Once you have inflated it, all you need is a high-pressure hose and a water source to have a large and functional above ground pool that you can enjoy with family and or friends. The laminated PVC used to manufacture its wall is smooth and super-tough. The 330gph 110-volt filter pump that it comes with keeps water crystal clear while its convenient drain plug connects reliably to water hoses for easier emptying during routine clean-up and or during storage. Intex Ocean Reef is cost-effective, holds up to 1,018 gallons of water, and well-engineered to last long.

4.Intex Easy Set Pool

Intex Easy Set Pool

Even though this over the ground pool by Intex does not come with a filter pump, its durability, and convenient design has earned it a spot in most top 10 best above ground swimming pools in 2016 reviews. Its 2.5-foot high 10-foot by 30-foot design, for instance, is fun to use. Setup, on the other hand, is super easy while its unique fill and use design have made it a sought-after product by most individuals globally. At full capacity, this one of a kind pool holds up to 1,018 gallons of water. Drainage is easy while the maintenance DVD that it comes with eases clean-up and maintenance.

3.Intex Oval Frame Pool

Intex Oval Frame Pool

Purchase this oval framed pool by Intex to get a durable 20-foot by 12 foot by 48-inch (deep) over the ground pool that you will enjoy with friends and or family. All frames are stable, have easy to assemble tool-less snap-on joints, and have a rust-resistant coating that prevents rust and corrosion over the years. Its laminated PVC wall is durable and very easy to maintain. The 1500gph 120-volt filter pump that it comes with keeps water clear, debris, free and safe while its integrated ladder is stable, long lasting, and has a slip resistant rubber coating that lowers the risk of slipping and injury when getting into and out of your pool. Buyers also get a durable pool cover that lowers the risk of contamination, a drop cloth for protection, and has an integrated drain plug that eases drain plug using a garden hose.

2. Intex Ultra Frame Pool

Intex Ultra Frame Pool

By far one of the sturdiest and dependable over the ground pools in the market, Intex Ultra Frame is a contemporary-looking gray themed over the ground pool that measures approximately 18 feet by 52-inches. It is durable, has an easy to assemble body that does not require complicated maintenance protocols to keep operational, and comes with a free 1600gph Intex Krystal Clear filter pump that eliminates debris and dirt that often contaminate outdoor pools. The A-frame ladder it comes with is large (52-inches). The debris cover and ground cloth offered are well fitting while its integrated interior side barrier protects children when in use. An original will serve you well for years.

1. Intex Metal Frame

Intex Metal Frame

Topping our list, this Metal Frame pool by Intex is an advanced over the ground model that measures approximately 12 feet by 30 feet. Manufactured using super-tough laminated PVC; this pool lasts long. The clear cartridge Krystal filter pump that it comes with connects and cleans effectively while the ground fault circuit interrupter that it comes with cuts off electric supply to the pump in the event of a water breach. Emptying and clean up is easy courtesy of its built-in drain system while the one-year warranty offered attests its overall value.

Above ground pools are durable and fun to use recreational accessories that have minimized the demand the expensive in ground. Even though several models are available in stores, buy one of the 10 models listed herein for the best experience. They are durable and cheap to set up or maintain.

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