WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

The WBM Himalayan Glow Hand is one of the biggest salt lamps around and will fill semi-obscured rooms with its enthralling delicate and mitigating gleam. It has a dimmer and sits on Neem wood, which is both extremely strong and viable in dissuading termites. The WBM Himalayan Glow is a hand cut tower of profound pink/orange immaculate shake salt with a solid and stable Neem wood base.

It comes in different sizes however this first salt lamp survey is for the 8 – 9-inch form which weighs in the vicinity of 8 and 11 pounds (mine is near 10 pounds yet as each of these is carefully assembled there will be some variety). This profound pink Himalayan salt lamp has about 8000 customer audits and 4 1/2 stars. Plainly there are something individuals like about these specific salt lamps.

WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp

What is it? As a matter of first importance, they are extraordinary esteem and frequently on special at fundamentally not as much as contending models without the great surveys. On the off chance that cost is the principle figure purchasing your gem salt lamp, it’s elusive preferable incentive over this.

All the more vitally, however, they are exceptionally well made with a strong base, satisfying characteristic shape, a profound shading (ordinarily a sign of more mineral rich shake salt) and a decent 25-watt glowing lamp connected to a 6-foot influence line with a dimmer switch. The lamp on mine hasn’t required substitution in more than eight months of steady use.

A great many people, including myself, purchased the salt lamp as a result of the medical advantages of the contrary particles it discharges and enhanced air quality. I do feel an observable distinction noticeable all around. Try not to misunderstand me, however; it’s not precisely an A-HA minute when you switch on the lamp. It’s difficult to advise the amount they work or to evaluate it experimentally.

So I attempted to examination it over fourteen days… laying down with the lamp on throughout the night for seven days, one more week with it off, then on once more. I do imagine that it assists with the clean, the air smells and feels fresher, and the room feels less stuffy.

It appears to be entirely cool as an all-normal trade for the common air purifier that, so a significant number of us need in our contaminated urban communities. The cases that the Himalayan salt lamps can mitigate respiratory issues appear to have some truth too. My significant other experiences sinus and regular sensitivities and the salt lamp has worked in facilitating his wheezing and hypersensitivities. His rest quality has enhanced, and he sees that his nose is not as congested when he gets up in the morning.

These days, the vast majority of us are always presented to a sea of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. With present day innovation, we continually have different devices running in the meantime, for example, TV, PC, cell phone, tablet, stereo and some more. While the electronic radiation and positive particles are imperceptible, the steady introduction can bring about high anxiety levels and constant exhaustion as the unevenness of the positive and negative particles can affect our prosperity and state of mind.

The Himalayan salt lamp is subsequently a wellspring of negative particles, or in another word, a wellspring of positive vitality that can stimulate and restore you. Negative particles are additionally said to advance the oxygen spill out of the lungs to the cerebrum.

WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp

That helps in keeping you ready, less inclined to drowsiness and permitting you to concentrate better. All things considered, I do feel that my vitality levels and mindset have enhanced after the expansion of the salt lamp to my work studio and having it exchanged on every minute of every day. You’ll most likely be baffled if you hope to see immediate outcomes, yet you ought to have the capacity to feel a distinction following a week or thereabouts.

When you do in the end require a substitution globule, however, recollect to use a 25-watt radiant knob made particularly for salt lamps like these. 15-watt knobs won’t be sufficient for this estimated salt lamp, and the lamp must be glowing and warmth discharging instead of low warmth CFL to work legitimately.

With everything taken into account, the Himalayan Glow pink crystal salt lamp here on Amazon is a phenomenal decision and profoundly suggested. There are even a 30-day guarantee and free conveyance if you get a couple of different things in the meantime. In case you’re searching for a medium sized salt crystal lamp, the main reason not to pick this model would be if you need to get an alternate kind of salt lamp outline.


In case you’re looking for a definitive product to improve the look of your cutting edge flat, the WBM Himalayan salt lamp would not disillusion, as it is stylishly satisfying. The main issue you’ll have with this product is nothing every one of those inquiries from your companions about what it does. The lamp can emanate a cool quieting golden shading once you turn the electrical switch on. The maker asserts the crystal salt used is mined from the Himalayan Mountains.

Once the globule inside the WBM 1004 hand cut regular crystal lamp is turned on, it will warm up the gem salt, which makes it discharge negative particles into your living quarters neutralizing the force of the positive particles before they can do any harm to your well-being. It is the correct air purifier if you possess pets and attempting to control all the dander they can make. It is likewise fit for getting out smoke, dust, and different hazardous toxins.

  • Powerful 215-watt bulb
  • Ionizes air faster than its competition
  • Natural Himalayan salts
  • Handcrafted in Pakistan
  • Not as eye-catching as its competition


Discussing the best Himalayan salt lamps in 2017, this handmade 8-9-inch show from WBM tops. Carefully assembled using regular crystals; this Pakistan-made lamp has a quieting golden sparkle that customers like. Its knob is a capable and dimmable (25-watt), while its wooden Neem base is solid. As a result of its multi-useful outline, WBM Himalayan advantages individuals from numerous points of view.

If air quality is an issue, for example, it ionizes and tidies up air quicker than most practically identical brands. It additionally battles allergens and enhances rest designs and respiratory wellbeing, if used on an everyday premise.