Selectec High Capacity External Power Bank Review

How frequently have you had that sinking feeling that your cell phone or tablet battery is just about dead right when you require it to be charged and prepared? There is positively no compelling reason to battle for the main accessible AC jack in the holding up room, airplane terminal door seating zone, passenger prepare or anyplace else. All you need is a powerful yet versatile battery charger to keep away from the AC outlet scrum out and out.

In any case, which compact battery is best for you? In case you’re both a cell phone and tablet toter, or you invest long stretches of energy far from power jacks, a battery charger pressing no less than 18,000 milliampere-hours (mAh) is the approach. With most cell phone batteries running between 1,440-3,300mAh, you’ll get no less than 6-7 full charges.

Selectec High Capacity External Power Bank

This is an extraordinary device. It’s an indistinguishable size and shape from an iPhone 6. It rushes to charge by USB and afterward when you are out on the town and running low on battery pop your charger in, and away you go — it charges your device rapidly and proficiently.

It additionally highlights a light so you can perceive how much power it has cleared out. A thickness of just 1 cm, one of the most slender power banks on the planet, compact Universal External Battery Pack, Easy to grasp and bring anyplace Grade A phones Li-Polymer guarantee the most noteworthy quality and dependability.

Select 18000mAh Actual Capacity, Charges rapidly with a contribution of 2.4A max, setting aside to almost a large portion of the charging time when contrasted with power saves money with 1A input. Use with neck strap cord, free cable and with one-year guarantee card.

This power bank is with high limit 18000mah, gives effective and stable power supply for charging your devices. Outfitted with double savvy recognize USB yield ports, it can charge two advanced devices at the most elevated speed all the while. The standard USB ports are widespread fits most computerized devices.

Key Features of Selectec High Capacity External Power Bank

The power bank looks great, and the materials have all the earmarks of being of good quality. It is extraordinarily lightweight and simple to convey. It likewise has a little plastic circle toward one side which would be a flawless place for expansion of little karabiner and customize it to your souls content.

The power bank comes in numerous hues. The one I got is white thus far no sources. 5 Integrated LED markers indicate Power status. Worked in LED electric lamp makes it less demanding oblivious. Simple to use – Power on/off Automatically when plug/unplug the USB Cable from Device.

Bolsters Over-Charged, Over-Discharged, Over-Voltage, Over-Current And Short Circuit Protections, Perfectly Protects Your Digital Devices From Charging Accident. Fits For iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Google Nexus, Moto, Sony, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry, BLU, Asus Zenfone, Padfone, Smartphone, Tablet, Digital Cameras, Game Consoles and MP3/MP4 players, Etc.

It is an incredible power bank to have in a hurry for various reasons. It’s reduced size, and low weight makes it simple to convey and fits into your pockets, totes, and totes.


The length of the 18000mAh adaptation is minimal tall, so it tends to stand out of your pockets yet it is pardonable given its simple and quick charging. It additionally has 4 LED lights to demonstrate the power is staying in the battery with each light showing 25% of the power. You are additionally given a power catch that will actuate the LED lights. It has two USB ports so you can charge various devices in the meantime.

The battery pack gloats a 3.4mAh charging thus far it has not missed the mark regarding the guarantee. I could charge my iPhone in record measure of time numerous circumstances since I got this power bank. The power bank worked similarly well with the Android devices I had a go at including Moto G, Samsung Galaxy S2. So far I’ve just needed to charge it once every week which is another “tick” in the quality box of the batteries used.


Very versatile charging technology. Tuned to bolster more advantageous battery work and quicker USB charging speeds wisely modify control yield to coordinate the one of a kind charging needs of all your USB fueled apparatus. With up to 18000mah of devoted versatile yield, your devices will each get the most secure greatest revive rate conceivable. All inclusive similarity: intended to work with all prominent USB fueled devices from iPhones to Android telephones, tablets, photography equip, Bluetooth speakers, earphones and the sky is the limit from there. Insightful wellbeing watchman technology.

Propelled hardware and implicit shields to ensure your devices against the extreme current, overheating and over charging 24 Month guarantee Higher limit battery packs likewise as a rule accompany more than one USB charging ports. Normally, more ports cost more cash, and quantity of parts you ought to go for relies on upon what number of devices you convey. The greatest preferred standpoint of extra ports is that you can charge more devices in the meantime.

The tip here is to discover the aggregate yield current of the battery pack when more than one ports are used. For instance, a battery pack with two 2A/5V ports may yield the 2A when just a single port is used. At the point when both ports are associated, the aggregate yield might be constrained to 3A, with each port getting 1.5A. There are obviously others that have an aggregate yield of 4A (so both devices can charge as quick as possible), however as you may expect, they normally come at a premium.

  • Attractive design
  • Pass-through, and fast charging
  • Large capacity
  • Inexpensive
  • Available in only 2 colors


With all the great I found a couple of things that could be enhanced. The way that it doesn’t give go through charging is somewhat of a let-down. I think this component would be an awesome expansion and increment the attractive quality of the battery pack. It could likewise have a computerized show for residual power, and finally, the surface of the battery pack itself could have a little surface/hold as the smooth surface can make it inclined to slip from hands.