iWalk Extreme Trio Ultra Slim Power Bank Review

If you’re looking for a durable and long life Portable ultra slim Power Banks then this iWalk Extreme Trio Ultra Slim Power Bank Optimus Charger is the best solution for all your needs. This ultra slim portable power bank charger has a long life of 10,000 mAh which is an ideal choice and just awesome to charge multiple devices.

This portable power bank is supported with single OUTPUT slot of USB which gives Fast charge your tablet and mobile phones with the 2.4 Amp rapid charging port respectively. If you are having a lot of devices at your home, then this is the best Portable Power Bank charger to be with you in your home.

Regardless of the amount, Apple has advanced as far as iPhone battery lifetime the need of external power banks is by all accounts more prominent than at any other time. That is on account of alongside the battery limit increment, the request of force assets has just soared. iOS devices get increasingly preparing power, in this manner can stream and play superb media, go about as choice gaming stages and are your fundamental data asset.

iWalk Extreme TRIO 10000 Ultra-Slim Backup Battery Power Bank with LCD Display (Black)

This device is designed with amazing soft touch rubber finish which is in black and highlighted with black color. This portable power bank is very simple and easy to handle, and even this power bank is also easy to carry with your tablet and even mobile devices. One look at this amazing and stylish diamond pattern of iWalk Extreme Trio’s 13mm ultra slim body will make you want to pair this power bank with your mobile phone or tablet for sure.

It is incredible 10,000 mAh Li–Polymer powerful battery will charge more than three devices simultaneously and easily for that important phone calls, late night App or video session in the wood, traveling or perfectly powered for a long time or a long business trip.

Trio supports up too fast 2.4 amp charging of all your Android and Apple devices, and this power bank only requires just 3 hours to charge itself completely. So do your devices the favor on including Extreme Trio ultra slim 10000 mAh black in your jeans or backpack pocket for all day mobile and tablet power.

How Does It Work?

This portable power bank can be easily used for traveling, outings, or whenever you want power back up while you are out. This has iWalk Extreme trio technology which is a smart tech and best for protecting the life of devices battery life and charges the phones smartly and quickly.

You can use this portable power bank with almost all smartphones like iPhone, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, HTC and even compatible with all other devices. This portable power bank has high and amazing output voltage so that you can charge your iPad, tablets too.

These external batteries must be accused of the help of a PC or a divider outlet. Contingent upon their size they’re ready to store a specific number of mAh. That is an electrical charge which can be used to fuel your cell phone’s battery or some other wearable, similar to the Apple Watch. What’s incredible about them is that you can charge different devices at a similar time. External batteries like the iWalk Trio 10000 can manage up to 8-full iPhone charging cycles.

A little power button the correct side of the external battery pack turns the unit on. You’ll know it’s on and charging if the blue diamond is lit up on the front board. Straightforwardly beneath the blue diamond is the USB input port. From here you can charge most portable devices.

The main thing you need is a USB cable with an end that matches your device. For instance, to charge your iPhone, you’ll require a USB cable with an Apple 20-stick association. Fortunate for you, iWalk includes a USB to small scale USB cable and a USB to 30-stick Apple information cable.

Key Features and Benefits iWalk Extreme Trio Ultra Slim Power Bank

This ultra-thin power bank comes with a series of benefits that make it stand out from the crowd:

Above all else, its iOS arranged in light of the fact that it comes with an implicit Lightning connector. This extra you from conveying the iPhone’s charging cable, as you would need to with other standard external batteries accessible available.

More, Trio 10000 is likewise outfitted with ax Micro USB cable that you can use for charging Android devices and other non-Apple cell phones. The two connectors are pleasantly fitted on the sides of the power bank, making the unit look and feel premium.

iWalk Extreme power bank can charge to 3 savvy devices in a similar time. The two inherent cables can charge all while an iPhone, a Micro USB device. Along with this, you’ll locate a third Universal USB port in the base left corner of the device, that you can use to module a third terminal, which can be a moment iPhone or iPad. Be that as it may, for the third unit, you do require an additional lightning connector.

An accommodating smaller than expected screen set at the base of the battery pack illuminates you about the power hold accessible in your external battery, assessed charging time when filling the external battery, and additionally the device charging current.
The 3.7V Li-polymer battery encased operating at a profit, or white packaging can save to 10,000 mAH which is sufficient to charge any iPhone show no less than four times. It can likewise nearly support a full iPad charging cycle.

  • Charges up to three devices at once
  • LCD screen is a nice touch
  • Small enough and ultra slim to carry in the pocket
  • Not good for traveling
  • Bit bulkier


All things considered, Extreme Trio 10,000 is one of the best backup battery alternatives available at this point. It’s a portable battery that gives users various charging choices, and it’s appealing to boot. Simultaneous charging of three devices is a shelter for families, and the 10000 mAh limit is an extraordinary incentive at a low cost. Toss in an exceptionally valuable LCD show, and Extreme Trio 10,000 is an extraordinary alternative for iOS users searching for an additional battery.