GE PGP986SETSS Profile 36 Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Review

GE’s Profile PGP986SETSS is a full stride down from its full-featured high-Btu cousin, the GE. Not at all like the GE, has this gas cooktop had a somewhat square shaped appearance, however, keeps up a similar fit and wrap up? The control board takes a focal piece one-6th the measure of the cooktop toward the front. It’s a glaring difference to the GE’s awe-inspiring appearance and control board. The cooktops configuration is a consistent stainless steel with a recessed search for gold spills.

The Profile’s five-burner format has just two general-use burners, one 11,000 Btu and the other 9,500 Btu; each put on the left. There are two 5,000 Btu stewing burners and a solitary high-Btu bubbling and singing burner. With the Profile’s most smoking burner just putting out 15,000 Btu, it is the slightest effective essential burner of the products in our gas cooktop surveys, and the general normal of 9,100 Btu is the least on our lineup. On the in addition to the side, the burners are fixed, which keeps any spills from dipping under the cooktop surface, and the constant surface makes it simple to move skillet over the burners.

GE PGP986SETSS Profile 36 Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner

The handles are a durable kick the bucket cast metal, and they can go in the dishwasher alongside the overwhelming cast-press grates. The profound set dish, the control board and the stainless complete make for simple cleanup. It doesn’t have the illuminated handles, incorporated iron, kid bolt or hot surface pointer that the GE incorporates. Nonetheless, if your kitchen requires an LP cooktop, the transformation unit is incorporated. The GE Profile comes with a one-year restricted guarantee, which is normal for the basic cooktop brands. GE offers specialized help and electronic manuals if you happen to lose your paper duplicate.

The bolster group is anything but difficult to take a few to get back some composure of through live visit, telephone, and email. Product enrollment can be finished on the web, and new parts are anything but difficult to arrange through user benefit. The GE Profile PGP966SETSS is a low-value elective gas burner top to GE’s. If it is all the same to you the drop in Btu yield and lightweight features, this model is as yet an appealing and flexible gas cooktop.

The GE PGP986SETSS is an extraordinary gas cooktop with a remarkable plan, simple cleanup, and high Btu. The GE has a wide cluster of features, including substantial obligation handles, dishwasher-safe meshes, an incorporated frying pan and a kid bolt. The GE is a perceptible move up to the boxier, stripped-down cousin, the Profile. Rather, it spreads out the control board toward the front and amazes the burners for a less present day, however, more masterful outline.

Like the Profile, it has a stainless steel and dark cast-press complete; however, it includes a few features, including an enhanced essential burner. The GE’s burners normal recently under 11,000 Btu. The essential, focus burner offers the most adaptability. GE’s Tri-Ring burner has a middle layered burner and a donut molded external burner with three warmth settings. You can perform delicate stewing and a ranking 20,000 Btu on a similar burner.

The Tri-Ring Burner additionally equally warms the dish, instead of a solitary ring shape only bigger than the burner shape.
The inside burner is perfect for speedy bubbling. It additionally guarantees speedy recuperate – meaning once you add a substantial stake to the container, it will come back to temperature rapidly. The two remaining burners both keep running at a most extreme 9,100 Btu.

The right-raise burner is a committed stewing burner and is constrained to 5,000 Btu to guarantee-sensitive warmth for liquefying and stewing. The front right is a conventional 11,000 Btu. The handles have numbered stops so you can set it precisely where you need. It looks somewhat occupied on the control board, yet the additional settings help you make the exact modification. The burners on this gas burner top are divided pleasantly, so there’s little issue with skillet knocking or making larger than average dish fit.

The persistent meshes are a special starburst design that radiates from every burner area. While the control board is somewhat occupied, the handles are legitimately put and have a lovely stainless steel complete that give it a generous vibe. The handles additionally have an appealing LED blue backdrop illumination, so you know when the burners are on. The nonstop meshes take into account larger than the usual container and strange setups. They additionally are separated well so you can easily move overwhelming dish off of burners. Like different gas cooktops that do exclude downdraft, the GE requires another wellspring of ventilation, similar to a vent hood.

The cast press grates separate into areas that evacuate effectively and can go through the dishwasher. The profound well dish catches any overflow, and the consistent complete makes wiping up spills straightforward.
The GE was the main model we considered that incorporated a youngster bolt as opposed to depending entirely on the push-to-turn handles for wellbeing. One of the other champion features is an included frying pan.

The Lodge frying pan has a non-stick cast press complete that coordinates into the cooktop surface. The iron lays level and fits in with the state of the cooktop, giving you a cooking surface that gets nearer to the fire than any skillet could. On the off chance that you’d get yourself every now and again using a frying pan, it could without much of a stretch be left on, and it fits well with the style of whatever remains of the cooktop.

If your kitchen keeps running on fluid propane, GE incorporates an LP cooktop change unit. The main feature we were frustrated to lose from among the top of the line cooktop brands was a fire sensor and programmed abdication.

  • Clutter-free design
  • Cooks evenly
  • Easy to set up
  • Steeply priced


A looked for after product by intermittent and eager culinary specialists internationally, GE PGP986SETSS Profile is a business review stainless steel cooktop with five fixed and proficient burners, a low support outline, and an inventive 20,000 BTU tri-ring burner.

It is strong, simple to setup and use, and has overwhelming obligation cast press grinds that warmth quick and disseminate warm proficiently for speedier cooking. They likewise bolster enormous weight and have defensive completes that avoid rust and erosion throughout the years. With the assistance of a connector, this cooktop functions admirably with both propane and petroleum gas. It is anything but difficult to setup and comes with a tyke bolt wellbeing feature that proves to be useful.