Bosch NGM5655UC500 36 Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Review

Is it true that you are sick of the moderate electric cooker in your family room that costs you a considerable measure in a month to month bills? If you have chosen to redesign and an as cooktop positions high on your rundown of needs, Bosch NGM8055UC 800 is a top notch show that functions admirably for both infrequent and substantial obligation cooking. It quantifies 30-inches, made of consumption and rust proof stainless steel, and has five fixed burners with a joins vitality yield of around 49,000 BTU.

While setting up a Thanksgiving supper or sustenance for a huge family, you can make a few dishes in the meantime without trading off its wellbeing or potentially execution. Its gas fueled form is productive; while the nonstop cast press grates it comes with scattering warm well for quicker and proficient cooking. You additionally get a computerized electronic start system that dispenses with the requirement for matches and lighters, an LP transformation pack that empowers you to use both propane and flammable gas, and substantial obligation metal handle that don’t lose their usefulness after some time.

Bosch NGM5655UC500 36 Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner

For those looking for the new gas cooktop, Bosch NGM8655UC 800 is a strong product that measures around 36-inches. If you have adequate space in your kitchen for one, don’t waver to get it. Made of substantial gauge stainless steel, for example, you won’t consider purchasing another cooktop soon. This product outlasts a portion of the best cookers on Amazon. The material is additionally simple to clean and has a beguiling look that mixes well in kitchens. Despite the fact that its toughness is engaging, the five burners offered to improve its esteem. Fixed, for example, they consume hot (18,000BTU) while keeping gas use low in the meantime.

They are additionally sturdy and fitted with overwhelming obligation cast press grates (ceaseless) that withstand manhandle well. Regardless of whether you like broiling sustenance in skillet or bubble water for pasta in vast pots frequently, they will withstand such mishandle well for a considerable length of time. Bosch NGM8655UC is anything but difficult to use. With a couple of fundamental devices, you can set it up in your kitchen. It likewise has brought together controls and substantial obligation handles (metallic) that facilitate its use.

With this Bosch NGM8655UC 800, you get a stainless steel gas cooktop with a durable 30-inch plan and five fixed burners enhanced for gas effectiveness when cooking. It is 18000 BTU, has persistent solid metal meshes that bolster pots and dish well, and has helpfully brought together controls with substantial obligation metal handles that stay cozy throughout the years.

Tidy up is basic using cleanser and water. The rubber treated feet that it comes with bringing down the danger of slipping, while its consumption and rust proof plan will work well for you for quite a long time. Regardless of whether you’re redesigning your kitchen or moving into another home, finding the best gas cooktop for your house is a critical thought. All the best gas cooktops have an essential burner for brisk bubbling. The most blazing burners achieve near 20,000 Btu, which makes for quick singing and bubbling. For refined cooking, it’s imperative to have an extensive variety of Btu yield, contingent upon the sort of nourishment you are getting ready.

A few gas cooktops have more trouble keeping up low temperatures than their electric cooktop partners do, so we likewise searched for models that have a low-Btu burner for fragile cooking. A few burners in our gas cooktop surveys, similar to the Maytag Dual Stack, reach as low as 5,000 Btu. The Maytag gas cooktop has a surprisingly expansive range that achieves a 20,000 Btu yield at the top of the line.

Bosch NGM8655UC 800 is a five-burner stainless steel gas cooktop with a steady 30-inch outline, a fixed burner plan that enhances its proficiency, and a capable 18,000 BTU yield that both fledglings and expert gourmet specialists consider profitable.

The constant cast press grates it comes with bolster epic weight scatter warm well to dispense with problem areas and don’t rust nor consume after some time. The overwhelming obligation metallic handles offered keeps going long, while its rubber treated feet and support for both common and LPG gas positions it among the best in this specialty.

Buy a unique model and set it up as expected to get a significant gas cooktop that will serve you for quite a long time. Another decent feature that is not normal among gas cooktops is programmed acquiescence. One of the models that incorporate this feature is the Thermador Masterpiece. As the name suggests, if you, for instance, left for a moment time setting up a dish and the fire is smothered, this feature naturally reignites the fire, so you will keep up a notwithstanding cooking temperature.

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Impressive style 18,000
  • BTU system
  • Scratches easily


The Stainless steel cooktop from Bosch is made for overwhelming obligation use. The look is smooth with the whole cooktop being secured with a decay press flame broil in a slick work which makes it look so tasteful. Each of the five burners on the Bosch NGM5655UC500 has its committed handle for each of the burners. These handles are programmed and don’t require a lighter. The body of the cooktop is made of stainless steel which makes it simple to keep the cooktop clean and makes it longer enduring.

The way that the cooktop originates from Bosch gives it an additional preferred standpoint of having a place with a rumored kitchen machine creator and a company that has been in this business for a considerable length of time. We have had every one of the four brands tried by nearby culinary experts in our showroom kitchens, given their input and my assessment the Bosch Benchmark is the best esteem. This is altogether less that the other three offers an incredible design, as well as the energy of the burners, gives some of these different brands some opposition.

They offer the most elevated yield on their biggest focus burner of 20,000 BTU and offer a decent low temperature extend also. Bosch is reliably evaluated well, is regularly high with refund motivating forces and has conceivably everything in each classification, to truly entire an entire Bosch kitchen.