AUKEY 30000mAh Power Bank Review

One thing that hasn’t enhanced a considerable size in the course of the most recent decade in innovation is battery limit. The pattern towards packing more into ever-more-slender skeleton sizes has constrained originators and specialists to go for new sweet spots as far as segments and weight.

AUKEY 30000mAh Power Bank

Witness the ascent of cell phones with bigger than 5-inch shows and ultrathin portable PCs with 13-inch or greater screens. Couple that with parts which request more power and it is not amazing that crisis convenient chargers, or power banks as they are normally known, have developed such a great amount in prevalence that they are even given away.

Presently a fundamental piece of the device arrangement of each agent, the power bank is turning out to be more mind boggling and, similar to the cell phone, is step by step adding more capacities to its feature list.

Key Features of AUKEY 30000mAh Power Bank

How about we begin with that limit, then. At 30,000mAh you can sensibly anticipate that around 20,000mAh will be accessible to your devices. The business standard vitality proficiency lies somewhere close to 60-and 70 percent, and Aukey makes no cases for having accomplished anything more noteworthy here. In genuine terms, that implies you could charge an iPhone 7 from zero to 100 percent ten times.

Also, you could refill a Galaxy S7 six-to-seven circumstances. If your needs are awesome, then that will sound engaging. Be that as it may, this colossal limit has two or three drawbacks. The Aukey Lightning Power Bank tips the scales at a thick 580g, and its massive 150.5x84x29mm plastic packaging will make an observable impact on your baggage. You ought to likewise consider where you’ll be using the power bank – in case you’re traveling to another country then you’ll have to check with the aircraft that it is OK with you conveying such a high-limit control bank locally available.

You ought to likewise consider where you’ll be using the power bank – in case you’re traveling to another country then you’ll have to check with the aircraft that it is OK with you conveying such a high-limit control bank locally available.

The convenient charger is shockingly little at 150 x 82 x 28mm yet sizes more than we were expecting (552g), which makes it rather weighty/thick. It’s made totally of plastic which bodes well to spare expenses and furthermore in light of the fact that that material is probably not going to harm other more costly devices when lumped together in a rucksack.

The device is molded in a way that permits you to hold it easily with one hand and is sufficiently little that you can slip it into the inside pocket of your coat or your jean’s back pocket on the off chance that you have a substantial one. The Aukey control bank accompanied one flyer and a short USB Type-C cable; there are no different cables or power connectors.

The device accompanies an entire two-year guarantee despite the fact that it is probably not going to cover the progressive drop in the limit that influences all batteries (recollect that they’re fueled by chemicals and like this debate after some time).

How Does It Work?

You can charge it using Lightning or microUSB – or charge speedier by using both in the meantime. Tragically, there’s no alternative to charging using USB Type-C, which is odd given that the packaged cable is USB-C. The main yield connectors accessible are two full-sized USB Type-A connectors, one orange, and one green. The first is a Quick Charge 3.0 port which offers an extensive variety of voltage and amperage: 3.6V-6.5V/3A, 6.5V-9V/2A, 9V-12V/1.5A in ventures of 0.2V; that permits devices to be refueled quicker – up to four circumstances speedier as indicated by Qualcomm – without risking searing any parts.

This innovation, by Qualcomm, requires a perfect device so as to work accurately – that implies using a cell phone controlled by a standard or top of the line Qualcomm processor much of the time. A QC 3.0 device will charge to half in around 30 minutes.

The second connector is appraised at 5V/2.4A, which is essentially the standard for independent chargers. Both ports bolster Aukey’s restrictive battery advances (AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology and Aukey EntireProtect) which mean to charge devices speedier and all the more securely. There’s a clever minimal white LED which can be exchanged on by long-squeezing the power button. The last swings to red to demonstrate a battery level underneath 30%, green for anything amongst that and 70%, and white for anything over 70%

Take note of that the PB-T11 will consequently kill following 15 seconds. Simply remember this is a 30Ah block which implies that even under perfect charging conditions, you can anticipate that it will require a long investment to achieve full limit. Anticipate that it will take no less than 12 hours using one port and about a large portion of that in the event that you use both the microUSB and the Lightning port. In the realm of batteries, never take numbers as outright truth.

They’re as a general rule only an unpleasant sign of what limit a device can offer in ideal, out-of-the-case circumstances. What’s more, this typically deteriorates practically promptly as the strength of the chemicals begins to blur. So don’t anticipate that a rechargeable battery will offer a similar limit after a few hundred charge/release cycles.

  • Extremely Portable and stylish design power bank
  • Features AUKEY’s advanced safety and will not overheat
  • Large capacity in a portable form factor (30,000 mAh)
  • Charges twice as fast
  • Not good for normal use
  • Issues with Quality


Picking power banks and portable chargers can be somewhat of a minefield and the most secure approach is to purchase from better known brands – in case you don’t know, check Amazon’s blockbuster rundown to get a thought of the principle players out there.

For meandering agents control banks are a blessing and the higher the limit the better. This one is no special case – it’s light for its ability, shockingly minimized and, in view of US costs, generally shabby also. We’d want to have a coordinated cable (for times of crisis) and a USB Type-C connector, however with the capacity to consequently begin conveying power when associated.

We would likewise have preferred a speedier method for charging the device itself. And keeping in mind that this device can charge most 2-in-1 convertibles (the tablet ones with separable consoles), you won’t have the capacity to charge portable laptops (aside from the new MacBook that is).