Microsoft Surface Book i7 Review – The Final Result!!

November 12, 2016 | Ellie Cardillo

The very first product for competing other company’s laptop Microsoft launched their Surface Laptop for making their name in the Hardware side of the computer as they succeeded in their software side such as well known Microsoft Windows.

While some of the first versions of Microsoft Surface did not succeed and failed badly. But the new Surface book took everybody’s eyes towards itself from other laptop computers.

The new Surface Book has same capability of getting remove its touch screen from the keyboard and can be easily used as the tablet. But other everything’s having been changed from previous Surface Laptops.

While the Surface Book isn’t the successor of the previous Surface Pro 4. The new Surface Book has touchy look and the design is amazingly new from the area where the Laptop attach and detach.

The latest Surface book is more practical than the Apple’s Mac book Pro in some ways. Surface book easily be converted in the Tablet mode by just detaching it, so the Stylus that comes up with Surface lets to enable the tablet into artwork, designs, notes and other works that fingers can’t point. These all things in one Laptop are great for much possibility in a single device rather than buying different devices for different purposes.

It supports the latest USB 3.0 and SD cards can also be accessed from it from its SD card slot. Whoever is in search of the best and featured Microsoft windows supported laptop the new and latest Surface book won’t disappoint them and buying it will be their great decision just because it has been improved by Microsoft from its previous version.

The biggest thing that changed in the new Surface Book is that it has improved the Battery Life this is what it can be your best choice for buying a laptop because having Tablet features, Laptop features and a great battery in a single device can benefit to your work and the performance of graphics is also improved as compared to the previous.

Microsoft Surface Book i7

Talking about only its usefulness and features cannot complete it because the design is another great story in the Surface Book.

The edges of the new Surface Book looks same as the previous but it is actually changed there is a unique curved design on the base of laptop.

While the New surface book weighs 3.62 pounds and it’s heavier than the last year’s version and it has become thicker with 13mm thick from the front and 22.8mm thick from the back.

Having it on hand feels little bit heavier but it seems to be same as the previous version so the first time user of Surface Book will not get know about this little change.

The one matter with the great Surface Book is that its new magnesium hinge that we see at the area from where we attach and detach is greatly beautiful and gives look of future effects but whenever it is closed there is a gap between the top and base.

But it is far way best than the Mac book it has two USB 3.0 Ports and Mini display port and Microsoft’s magnetic charge connector too.

If you are going to buy other laptop rather than New Surface Pro, actually you are going towards the wrong turn.

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